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Get Organized in 2012: How to Organize Your Spice Cabinet and Linen Closet Tips!

spice cabinet organizing

Happy Wednesday everyone!   I am so happy to here today, it feels like it has been forever!  This year I have dedicated January to getting cleaned up and organized.  I don't know about you but I get the organizing fever this time of year.  Over at my blog, Ask Anna, I have been running a 14 day challenge to help all of us get 2012 started off a little cleaner and a little more … [Read more...]

Getting Organized in 2012 — Organizing Cleaning Supplies and Free Label Printables!

the cleaning closet

I really am serious about getting organized in 2012. I have never had a big desire to get organized before. I was content to stash things in closets and cupboards. Out of site = out of mind. But something changed this year and I am really wanting to simplify. Maybe it's getting older, or having my kids get older. I'm not sure. But once I started cleaning things out, I wanted to clean EVERYTHING … [Read more...]