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5 Tips to Stenciling an Outdoor Planter!

I love to stencil. And I was so thrilled when I learned that one of my VERY Favorite people in the world - Amy from Mod Podge Rocks - was coming out with her own line of Mod Podge Rocks Stencils!! And not only stencils, but repositional stencils. They are sticky and that makes all the difference when you are stenciling, PLUS you can wash them off and they stay sticky. I love that you can use them … [Read more...]

Five Stenciling Tips and Tricks!

I love to stencil pretty much anything -- from fabric, to walls, furniture and even paper. I think one of my first stenciling projects was my oldest daughter's nursery 17 years ago (I can't believe it's been so long)! The thing I love about stenciling is it allows you to create something unique and it really opens up your creativity -- the possibilities are infinite.  I've learned a lot about … [Read more...]