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Sweater Redo #2 and update on "pink and Chinese" bedroom

  Here's a fast and simple redo to update a top or sweater. I really liked this sweater, but it was a little boxy and I really prefer cardigans. So it sat in my closet, only worn a couple of times. This is a 30 minute project. Here's what you do: Take your sweater, find the center. Cut a straight line down the center. My top was a little wide, so I cut out a 2 inch section of fabric … [Read more...]

More Burlap Projects: Ruffled BurlapTablecloth

  I'm running around like crazy trying to get things done so I can go out of town for the weekend. My husband has a conference in L.A. all next week and he thought it might be fun if we got away alone for a couple of days, isn't that sweet?  But I wanted to share a little project that I made the other day. I was thinking about my Thanksgiving table, and wanted to do something with … [Read more...]