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14 Back to School Organizing Tips!

Back to School can be stressful — but getting organized doesn’t have to be! I had the fun opportunity a few weeks ago to host a Back to School Organizing event at my local Container Store in Salt Lake City. I was thrilled when they called me and asked me to come up with some ways to get organized in my home for Back to School! What a fun day getting organized! Thanks @thecontainerstore for … [Read more...]

How To Replace Sliding Closet Doors with Standard Doors (tutorial)

In my last two room makeovers, one of the biggest and most dramatic changes I've made is to replace the old sliding closet doors with regular hinged doors. The old doors weren't horrible doors -- at least they had a colonial look. But sliding doors are a little awkward to use and mine kept coming off the tracks. I love closet doors that open wide, it's so easy to see what's inside. Plus, if you … [Read more...]

Get Organized in 2012 — How to Organize Sweaters!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I'm so excited to be here again and this time I'm sharing another great organizing trick!A couple months ago I received this great question from one of my readers: "Do you have any good ideas on how to organize sweaters? I don't like to hang them up because they lose their shape and they aren't in a drawer because I don't have the space.  I currently have them folded in … [Read more...]