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Root Beer Float In A Box – Free Printable & Gift Idea!

Root Beer Float In A Box – Free Printable & Gift Idea!

Happy July, Tatertots and Jello readers! It’s Carli here today from DimplePrints sharing another fun free print idea!


With summer in full force, we thought it would be fun to share a Root Beer Float in a box idea and free printable as a fun and unique summer gift idea! The idea is simple…you need a gift box or wooden crate, some root beer, a mug, and an ice cream scoop. Use our prints to decorate the gift and even add some fun Cola Gummies to the mug for an extra treat!

Rootbeer Float in a Box with Free Printables from DimplePrints via Tatertots and Jello

We purchased the wooden crate at Michaels and decided to leave it unfinished because it kind of gives it a rustic look, but you could always stain or paint your crate…they’re only $6.99!

Rootbeer Float in a Box just add ice cream!In the box we put craft rootbeer, paper straws, an ice cream scoop, a mug (from World Market) and some cola gummies.

You can add shredded kraft paper or colored paper shreds for the crate filling.

rootbeer float in a box free printsThen you can adorn your box goodies with the free prints…there are some varieties to best fit your needs!

old fashioned rootbeer float in a box gift idea with free prints

It’s an easy idea, costs around $20 to put together and is only missing the ice cream! Depending on how far you have to deliver, you could put a small container of ice cream in the kit too. Fun, easy, and different!

You can see MORE Rootbeer Social ideas here….where we made prints for a full rootbeer social party that compliment these free prints.

Thanks again to Jen for having us and we look forward to visiting again next month with some more free prints for you!


Rootbeer Soda Wrap

Thank You Tags

Just Add Ice Cream Tags

Rootbeer Sign

Rootbeer Float Straw Tags

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 Thanks Carli! I adore all of her awesome printables and projects at Dimple Prints!


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And finally, check out the awesome Summer Party Series where fun bloggers create parties this summer with Dimple Prints party printables. I can’t wait to see all of the pictures and parties!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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  1. My husband and I make it a habit that every Thursday we would drink beer. Even if this idea is for root beer I think it would look good on beers too. It’s cool to think of carrying crates with the beer to our rooftop aside from the typical basket for a change.
    Maria G. recently posted…How to make the colored balls from remnant of a cake of soap

  2. MMMMM…cola candies (just like homer simpson)

    I love floats too. You reminded me to make one for the summer. I’m going to have one with vanilla ice cream and pepsi.

    Oh god how I miss a good float. I remember them when I was a kid.

  3. adorable. and boy does it sound good too. At 18 wks pregnant (and regularly craving rootbeer) this would be a great gift!

  4. Adorable idea- I could go for one right about now
    Gina recently posted…Glow Band Luminaries

  5. So cute! I love box gifts.
    Cristina recently posted…Lisa Frank Cupcakes and the Perfect Cream Cheese Frosting.