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My Christmas Porch #LowesCreator

I love the challenges that Lowes give us each month. It’s fun to think up projects that go along with the challenges and it gives me the push I need to get some things done around my home. This month the challenge was to create some holiday decor for our home. My front door and porch is always the first thing I decorate since it’s the first thing people see when they come to my home.

I am still putting Thanksgiving decorations away after getting home from our trip on Monday. But it feels so great to know that the front of my home is ready for the season.

This year I thought it would be fun to use real trees as topiaries on both sides of my front door. But I wondered what to use to anchor the trees? I thought about building some crates and then when I was at Lowes I spotted some big metal pails. Perfect!

I brought them home and embellished them with some vinyl circles that I cut out with my Silhouette machine. So easy! And when I’m done I can peel them off if I want to use the containers for another project. The trees came with small stands, so all I needed to do was stick the trees inside the pails and decorate them. I added big white globe lights and then red ornaments and white little snowflakes to go along with my colors this year — red and white. 

Then I spied the ceiling medallions in the lighting section. I have been wanting to make a wreath out of medallion for quite a while.

And I thought that it would be a perfect front door wreath since it would be very durable in the cold winter season.

All I did was spray it with a couple coats of Apple Red spray paint. And then once it was dry, I attached some fabric to hang the wreath and then some ribbon tied onto the fabric. The last thing I did was attach a decorative snowflake and then a plaid knob in the center.

I added a couple of pillows to the bench and voila – all ready for the season. 


I love the way the lights glow in the evening on my porch. So festive!!


Have YOU decorated your front door??

Leave a link to YOUR project in the comments — I would love to see your door and/or porch! 

Thanks to Lowes for the gift card they sent me to make this project.

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Have a HAPPY Day!! 



  1. Oh my goodness could this be any cuter?? I can’t wait until I actually have a porch to decorate :)

  2. So creative with the medallion. I love it! Where did you find the cute snowflake you used on it? And where did you find the snowflakes you used on your adorable trees? I just want white and I’m seeing a lot of red, blue and purple snowflakes. But that isn’t the color of snow. :-) Great job on your porch. I love seeing it change for the season.

    • Hi Angie!!
      Thanks for your sweet comment!! I got the snowflake from Michaels and the little snowflakes on the topiary trees are actually gift tags from Target. I think they were 10 gift tags for $2.

      Merry Christmas!!


  3. Just so festive!!!

  4. Cute and clever! I am loving your snowflake pillow, how did you cut the design out?

    • Hi Carri!!

      The snowflake is actually a felt placemat from Target. And they are on sale this week for $3. I just basted it on the pillow. So when the holidays are over, all I have to do is cute the thread and I can use the pillow for a different holiday or season :)


  5. Oh Jen….. I LOVE the Red and that bench at the front door is perfect!!!

    • Thanks my friend!!! I loved your vignette. This time of year is so fun. I love seeing all of the amazing ideas everyone comes up with!!


  6. I LOVE all these ideas Jen! you make me want to run to Lowes today! I need to get started on my holiday decor.

  7. I love this and what a pretty porch mat. Where did you find one like that or is it just an outdoor rug?

  8. LOOOOOVE the red and turquoise color. I want a medalion!

  9. Awesome! I love the polka dots on the pots! Well done:)

  10. I LOVE checking out all the other #lowescreator projects each month! I almost bought those same pails! :)
    Your porch looks GORGEOUS–I love the medallion wreath. So simple & clever! :)

    • Hi Sara!!

      Thanks for the comment, my cute friend!! I also love all of the #LowesCreator ideas. It’s so fun. I love your ideas!!


  11. Love this!!

  12. That wreath is TOO cute!! I love it!

  13. You always have such fun and creative ideas! I love the little trees in their polka-dot buckets–very cute!

  14. This looks so great! I need some mini trees in my life, I think — these are adorable! I love the way you embellished the buckets with polka dots too, because there really isn’t anything more fun than dots. :-) Thanks for sharing with us!

  15. Looks awesome! The polka dots make it so fun! :)

  16. Oh I love this!! Off to do mine! Thanks for the inspiration. xo

    • Thanks for coming by Amanda!! Will you put a link to your porch or door when you are done? I would love to see yours!


  17. That wreath is GENIUS! The trees are super cute too. I wish we had a big porch to do fun stuff like that.

  18. Cute! Love the idea of the ceiling medallion as a wreath!

  19. Love the polka dot buckets! Great idea! And that medallion, perfect!
    Monograms and Makeovers

  20. I love the toparies, are the lights just large string lights? Very pretty.

    • Hi Mel —

      Yes, the lights are called globe lights and they come in frosted, which are the ones I bought, and clear.

      (I bought them at Target)


  21. Wow, I haven’t been by in quite some time and your whole site has changed so much. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Your front door is gorgeous, too! I love everything that I’ve seen so far. Hope you are doing well!

    Have a safe and wonderfully blessed Christmas Season!

    Teresa <

    • Hi Teresa!!

      Thanks for coming by!!! And thanks for the sweet words on my site. I’m doing great — just hanging in there, working on projects and life. I hope things are going well for you too!!

      Merry Christmas!!


  22. I love it! So cheerful and fun. Love the medallion so much, you have the best ideas!

  23. Love it! I love all the bright red, it’s so happy. :)


  24. Absolutely gorgeous, Jen!! I can’t get over that medallion wreath…incredible!! My friend & I are going to add that to our “must make” lists…we’re in awe!! Our porch is simple…but I do have a Ballard monogram wreath knock-off on my door. I made it a few years ago from cardboard! :)
    Thank you for the inspiration!!

  25. SO cute! I love the polka dots tins. I haven’t even started my porch yet, but now I’m inspired! Thanks :)

    • Thanks Amy!! My porch had pumpkins on it yesterday lol. It was kind of a whirwind project. I’d love to see your porch when you are finished!!



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