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DIY Blogger House — Reveal!!

Whew!! The house is ready.

It has been a blast working on this project.

I feel like it was a once-in-a-lifetime dream and frankly, I am a little emotional about it. I couldn’t have wished for a better group of people to work with. My fun blogger friends Char, Lara, Shelley and Amy. Brian Clark is amazing — so gifted at what he does. I also found Cynthia Bee delightful and she is such a hard worker! Plus Cameron and Aly from Daybreak were fabulous.

Here is the office that I worked on.

I really wanted to incorporate built-in shelves in the office. I think there is no point in having an office unless it gets used. So it’s great to have a place to display items that you use as you work. Plus, having doors on some of the shelves lets the homeowner keep useful things in the office that might not be lovely to look at. Plus, I thought it was important to put french doors on the space. That way if you are on a phone call and your kids are running around on a sugar high, you can still get things done.

Another thing I really wanted to see happen in the office was making the space light and inviting. I painted a dark desk dark grey and added pretty porcelain knobs to make the piece a little more feminine. But the grey color also makes it masculine enough for a man to use.

The home overall has a “beachy” feel so to being that feeling into the office, I made a beachy chandelier. I spray painted the chandelier and then strung wooden balls that I had drilled as well as black gems.

Brian the designer wanted to bring in a coral color to the home, so I used painting tape to tape off a pattern on an Ikea rug and then I painted it. Since the space is so small, instead of putting regular upholstered chairs in here, we used some ghost chairs, which are acrylic chairs. I love that they are transparent and they seem to take up no space at all. Yet, they offer seating in this space. All of the quirky accessories are fun too. We punched up the space with bright birds and objects in the built in shelves. And also on the table in between the chairs. I also love that we took a traditional desk and gave the room a more modern spin with the graphic print in the rug and the modern chairs and little table. Putting unexpected elements together gives the space more personality.

Another project that was fun was we took a thrift store globe and spray painted it with chalkboard paint. Then we used chalkboard pens to write words and places on the globe.

Right across the entryway is the living room. Brian designed this space. I love how he took the Board and Batten look that is so popular right now and translated that into a ceiling treatment. This treatment is actually very affordable. The slats are all MDF and very inexpensive.

And the beachy theme continues in the living room with family tree wall art. Char took silhouette files and cut them out with her Silhouette Cutting Machine and then we attached them to metal jewelry frames from the craft store and hung them on the branches. This was Brian’s idea and I love the way it turned out!

The entire house is full of awesome ideas. The beachy wall treatment continues down the main hall with MDF boards spaced a few inches apart and then the whole wall is painted in a semi-gloss that matches the trim. The semi-gloss paint is easy to clean up too.

There’s even a barn door that pulls in the turquoise accent color that you can see throughout the house.

To see more of the home, be sure to check out the other blogs:

Shelley is sharing her gorgeous space which includes the dining room, pantry (of course!!!) and kitchen.

Char and Lara collaborated on the kids’ bedrooms and they are fab! They are both sharing those spaces.

(plus the girl’s room has a wonderful story behind it)

Amy did an awesome job on the mudroom and laundry room spaces. She took spaces that can become mundane and made them light-filled happy places.

Cynthia Bee  made the outside spaces amazing with a hanging bed swing, portable fire pit, a pretty fountain and an amazing trellis she built using old doors! And the landscaping will save the home owner 40% on water bills. Plus, Stay tuned on her blog for a DIY tutorial on how to make that hanging bed swing. I want one!!!!!!

Thanks to Bangerter Homes for taking a chance on us! They were so wonderful to work with.

And a big thanks to Brian Clark, our designer, he kept us in line, worked so hard and made the home’s design pop!!

And a HUGE thank you to the folks at Daybreak — especially Cameron and Aly. It was so fun!!!

More pictures to come. And more in-depth tutorials on the projects.

If you are local to Salt Lake, be sure to come see it, as well as the other amazing homes, in person at the Salt Lake City Parade of Homes.

The Parade begins on Friday!!


  1. Brooke Sands says:

    This place is amazing! Great inspirational ideas!

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  3. Could you please tell me name of paint color for exterior house.

  4. eric virden says:

    Beautiful house, what is the exterior color?

  5. Y’all must have had FUN on this project.
    Details and Not so Fussy.

  6. I so need some help with my dining room. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What color did you paint the kids’ bedrooms wools?

  8. Beautiful! I love the floors. :)

  9. Debb (INDIANAPOLIS) says:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Thanks for the MANY ideas….your amazing and talented.

  10. Tutorial on office light PLEASE!!!

  11. Oh my goodness. you ladies are truly amazing! I can’t even stand it! haha! BEAUTIFUL JOB!

  12. Love it! I love your addition to the chandelier, I have the same one and never even thought of doing that. It gives it such a fun look! Where is the rug from in the sitting room that Brian did?

  13. It’s all so stinkin gorgeous! Great job!

  14. Jessica Stillwell says:

    What color did you paint the outside of the house? I absolutely love it!!

  15. Beautiful…such a great result!

  16. Where did u get the curtains and balances pictured on pinterest?

  17. Theresa Edison says:

    Where r the curtains from?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  18. Gorgeous job on the house, Jen. EVERY room is to die for gorgeous!

  19. LOVE EVERY SINGLE ROOM. Your room is fantastic. Great work, by great ladies. xo, jen

  20. I really like the nursery and sign above the bed. The whole house is awesome.

  21. LOVE THIS HOUSE!!! Looks awesome. You all did an amazing job :)

  22. LOVE how it turned out! Absolutely gorgeous! Great job girls!! XO

  23. Lots of awesome going on in there! You all did a great job, I WANT THAT HOUSE!

  24. Just had the opportunity to see it today! It is amazing!! Good job ladies :)

  25. What is the taupe wall color ?

  26. It was so fun to work with you a little- I learned a lot! I love how the house turned out. I loved the rug in your space and that desk is TO DIE FOR!

    Oh- and I have parts 1 and 2 of the swing tutorial up on the Jordan Valley Home & Garden Club blog so you can build one whenever you’re ready!

  27. Love the “Family Tree” idea!!! Can’t wait to see the tutorial for that one. Great color scheme. I love how well the house flows from room to room. Wonderful job!

  28. jen,
    this is fabulous! i am currently assisting the interior designer of one of the builder homes in our local parade of homes which debuts september 8th (a new adventure for me). we are working frantically to finish up some major decor projects. i love how you teamed up with diy bloggers to make this home complete. right about now, i wish we had a team of diyers to finish up this house! maybe next year!
    now i’m off to put a wax finish on one of our pieces.

  29. What is the paint color in the office? Such a beautiful house!

  30. Angela Himes says:

    So much inspiration oozing everywhere in that house! Y’all did an amazing, beautiful job! I like how organized the shelves in the office are–and there’s definitely some personality with the little unexpected items there.
    I’ve been looking at curtains and curtain rods. I have an odd window squeezed between an interior wall and the bulky fireplace, so the curtain rod used in the office might be what I need. Can you tell me where you got it? Also, can you give me some advice on hanging curtains (how high up, how far on each side of the window, what type of fabric/pattern)?
    Thanks for sharing your creativity–I love it!

  31. I’m in love with that desk! Can you please tell me where I can find one?

  32. mzprincess1177@aol.com says:

    Several people has ask where the mirrors in the office is from and if you painted it and if so what did you used. I noticed you have not answered that question and I want to know also especially since my husband and I have been looking for that exact mirror for months now. Please do share.

    • I have seen them at my local Lowes, they are in the $50 range and Target have them in smaller ( the Clover mirror)

  33. The combination of color for wall is really well. The rooms are really looking gorgeous.
    MDF horizontal paneling is mind blowing . Such a nice job .

  34. Came by from the Inspired Room post – really awesome work! The hall/stair with the paneling and barn door was the first to catch my attention, but now that I’ve seen the simple but elegant board and batten ceiling that may stolen the show for me. Such a relatively simple project (if you forget working over your head) but a cool payoff!

    • Thanks for coming by!! It was such a wonderful project to be involved with. Really a once in a lifetime dream!


  35. Hey Jen, I had a ball going through “your” house. I could definitely see your influence there! I’m crazy about that coral rug! Oh, and I thought it was kinda hard to figure out WHICH HOUSE was the DIY Blogger House. You might want to add to your post that it is #12 “The Annabella”. {Or maybe I’m the only dumb blonde who had a hard time finding it.}

    • Michelle – you are so sweet!! Thanks so much for coming by to comment. I appreciate it so much. I hope you are having a great summer!!


  36. Lovely. What is that wall color?

  37. Nicki Ensminger says:

    What kind of floors are those? Are they real wood or laminate? I love them!

  38. Yay! What an eandeavor with great success. Many inspirational projects here. Great job! Woo-whoo! Love the porch swing and yummy pillows amongst all the other lovely things revealed. Thank you for sharing!!!

  39. The house looks great! I’m wondering if some of the furnishings, etc. will be availble to buy after the parade is over???

  40. love it I want a house

  41. It looks absoultely amazing! The whole house turned out beautiful!! Where did you purchase the mirrors in the office? Area they from Hobby Lobby and you just painted them? I have seen ones just like it at Hobby Lobby but they were black and I wanted white but because of the finish I wasn’t sure spray painting them would work. Thanks!

  42. You have out done yourself! It looks delightful! The curtains are amazing! I can’t wait for you to share details of the project and where you found all of the treasures for this room!

  43. Loved every room, but the chandelier in the office is off the charts. I may have to do a version of my own

  44. What a fun project! Spectacularly done, every one of you. That chandelier caught my eye immediately.

  45. Wow! What a gorgeous room you designed! LOVE it!

  46. Fantastic!!!!

  47. caroline ockey says:

    Good Job!!!! by the way where did you get those adorable owl bookends?

  48. The whole house looks AMAZING! Love all the bright colors and pretty little details!!!

  49. i love it! so beautiful:) good job!

  50. omg what a fabulous job, Jennifer you and your team are amazing..!!

  51. This is AMAZING! So fun!

  52. LOVE the house, everything looks so great especially the color combo and flooring. I really like seeing the shelves in the study decorated because it is always so hard to decide what to put on shelves, but yours are great! The use of 3 mirrors arranged in the way you have them on the wall is really unique and looks great in that space.

  53. Yay! You did amazing and i am so lad i met you!!!!

  54. Jen pleaseeeeeeeeee, where did you get those curtains for the office..pleaseeeeeeee?

  55. luv every inch of this office from every single detail. where did you get the desk, such a piece that sets the tone for the foom. I want one..

  56. WOW! It has been fun watching progress on the house, and you all didn’t disappoint with the end product. Sooo many amazing ideas!! Great job!

  57. I absolutely love the office. The desk was a great find…the shape is awesome.

  58. Oh my goodness! The office looks gorgeous! So does the rest of the house, I wish I were in the area so I could go see it in person.

  59. Wish I lived close so I could tour it!

  60. It’s absolutely amazing and flows beautifully from one room to another! Your space is fabulous!

  61. I don’t even know what to say about what you did to that office. EXQUISITE is the only word that rings true. You’ve got mad skills!

  62. What a stunning space! I’m in love with the ‘bed swing’ hanging from the pergola!!! Amazing! Just job well done all of you!

  63. I need those curtains in my life…………….

  64. Loved so many details in your room, Jen! The globe, lighting and storage were so beautiful! I think your room was amazing!

  65. I have to add this to my favorite blog posts list. And I will probably be adding some from the other bloggers about this house. Amazing!
    I had never considered clear acrylic chairs before.

  66. It is GORGEOUS!!! I am in love with the curtains in the office. Are you able to let me know where I can get a pair for myself? Congratulations on such an amazing project!

  67. I’m so glad I saw your office before heading to Ikea tomorrow. I gotta paint a rug! Love the whole office!

  68. Are the 3 white distressed mirrors in the office from Target?!

  69. holy crap – when dot he owners move out so I can move in – AWESOME JOB TEAM!!!!

  70. I am in love with that house! You guys did such a great job. :)

  71. very beautiful! love that board and batton on the ceiling!

  72. Holy moly! It is just amazing!!! I want to live there…every single detail is beyond comprehension…great work!

  73. Luved the dcor nd everything ,so bright nd colorful,l.

  74. Melody Christensen says:

    It is gorgeous, every room!, but your office is spectacular. The chandelier, rug and desk made the room. Grey was the perfect color for the desk. Did you all have a budget? Where did you find such cute accessories, I really need those birds! Please share as many details as you are allowed, then get ready to come to California to help me! (when I win the lottery). You are simply amazing, so happy I got to share in this, it has given me some great inspiration!

  75. Love it!

  76. It turned out AMAZING! You guys so deserved all of the incredible awards you were given. Great job!!!

  77. I absolutely love the pic of you and Char jumping off the porch it brings a smile to my face every time I see it!

  78. FABULOUS! I would totally buy this house if I could. Huge congrats to all who worked on this!

  79. Jen, this is just amazing. And what a phenomenal opportunity to help show people that they really CAN have a gorgeous, designer home. Your room is beautiful, but if I know you, you are most proud of showing others that they can do it too. Well done!

  80. amazing Jen! you guys all did a fabulous job! congrats!

  81. I want to live there!!!! Beautiful job ladies!

  82. Gorgeous Jen! You did such an amazing job! I adore that gray desk…I think it’s fab! And that rug….Oh, how I would love to paint a rug and have it turn out half as great as yours! You are so talented! Angie xo

  83. That library looks fabulous! I love the mix of traditional & classic with modern & fabulous!

  84. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love it! I can’t wait to check out all the other girls’ posts on the home!

  85. Beautiful job Jen! I so wish I lived close and could come tour that amazing house!!

  86. Will you be creating a full sources list for the office? I’ve been looking for some half-cabinet-half-shelves like what you used.
    You guys did a great job!

  87. There is NOTHING I don’t like about this house. I LOVE EVERYTHING!! You guys did a wonderful job…I WANT that desk sooo bad~ Great Job to everyone…..

  88. I am in LOVE with it all!! I am now dreaming of an office like that:)

  89. Hold the boat…chalboard PENS!?!?!? Wow, have to find them some where. Already pinned a pic where I’m getting some ideas! Really great job, guys.

  90. Beautiful!

    I love that desk in the office.

  91. Wow it looks absolutely fantastic! I absolutely love the office. You guys look like you had a ton of fun.

    rae gun ramblings


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