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Throw a Carnival Lunch Party!

Hello Tatertots and Jello fans, Jen here from CraftOManiac. As always, it’s a pleasure to be posting here today on tt&j! Thank you so much, Jen.

Today I will be sharing with you all a fun  

“Summer Survival-Carnival Lunch” 

Summer can be a little bit difficult to get through with a house full of kids, and hearing the words…. “I am bored.”

So I wanted to make my children’s mundane and boring lunch they have every day…

And read on to find out how inexpensive it was …

So that is where the Carnival Lunch theme came in to play. I was at Walmart and found a bunch of cute one-dollar items in the party section. They were all carnival themed. I spent around 24 bucks to throw this party. Anything else I used or needed, including the food, I had at home.

I had my kids put on a movie in their room and all stay in there until I had the table and the food all set up and prepared. Once it was all done I told them to come out. The looks on their faces as I pretended to be a carnival announcer holding a fake mustache wand and all was… “PRICELESS!”

WE DINED ON GRILLED CHEESE, CRINKLE FRIES, DIET ROOT BEER AND SOME TREATS! not the healthiest but it sure was tasty and fun!
Thanks again jen for letting me visit here today, its a pleasure being one of your Contributors. 
You call can see more fun happenings onCraft-O-Maniac!
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Thanks, Jen!
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Have a great week!


  1. Oh my heck I love this! I am so going to need to do this for my littles!

  2. Thanks jen, I luv ya… see you soon