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Make Spring Chocolate Party Bowls!!

Hi there! My name is Aarean (pronounced Arial but with an “N” on the end) from The Color Issue and I am a color enthusiast (if there is such a thing?!)
I am passionate about using colors that compliment one another. Whether it be in your wardrobe, your home, your garden, even on your dinner plate…color is essential to life! There is just nothing like a good blend of beautiful undertones and contrasts, to me it makes a perfect palette.

Today I want to share a delicious way to celebrate Spring — DIY Spring Party Bowls!!

All you need is (found all my items at wall-mart)
balloons, candy melts, sprinkles, & of course ice cream :-)
Melt you chocolates until nice and smooooooth…
Take four balloons and blow them up so they fit nicely in your hand…
Then dip the bottom half in the choclatey goodness…


place on wax paper (on a 9×13 pan) to let dry.
Once they are dry…its time to POP those balloons! (make sure the chocolate is totally hard)


Next, carefully peel your balloons out of the balloons (make sure not to poke a hole in your bowls!)


and here they are…so pretty and pink :-)


Now, if you want to add sprinkles, simply dip the edges of the bowls in water and roll the edges like this:


Lastly, for the best part…add your choice of ice cream and enjoy EVERY LAST BITE (literally!)
Aarean – those are just so fun and festive!! I can’t wait to make some with my kids!!
Chocolate Party Bowls
You will love The Color Issue – it is full of beautiful, COLORFUL ideas!!
Be sure to head over and say hi to Aerean at  The Color Issue – you will LOVE all of her ideas!
Have a Happy Friday!!
PS — tonight is The Weekend Wrap Up Party!! I love this time of the week. It’s time to show off YOUR ideas and get featured! I hope you can stop by. The party starts at 6 pm MST.


  1. hi !
    i love this idea and want to do this for a dinner party later in the spring.

    Do you think i could make a bunch of these in advance and store them in the freezer ?

  2. Loved this idea so much I featured it on my blog today. I can’t wait to give these a try (and eat them! : )

  3. Thanks…….

  4. Those look so cute and fun to make!!

  5. Omagosh, so FUN!!

  6. Those are awesome!!!

  7. I had to rush over to see the confetti eggs. Too cute!

  8. What a beautiful post!! I love all of the colors!

  9. Question: Will the chocolate bowls melt in your hand as you eat the icecream? they seem like they might be messy.

  10. Great idea…so fun and my granddaughters will love the pink. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Oh, I’ve seen these with real chocolate, but never with candy melts! SO FUN!!!

  12. Have a most blessed Easter holiday! LOVD tidings, Lilly

  13. So cute! Looking forward to trying it. Great idea.

  14. Kristan(Crazy4Christ) says:

    Very cool ideas!! I love the chocolate bowls!! Everything looks so yummy!!

  15. Hello Jen,
    Thanks for having Aarean stop by and visit us on your blog. Her colorful chocolate ice bowls are super cute. I know my ten year old would love to make them for our next party. Happy Easter!
    Smiles, Paula

  16. What a cute idea for parties! Just change the colors up (dark chocolate and maybe gold sprinkles) and this would work for a grown-up occasion, too!