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Make a 10-Minute Charging Station!!


I’ve been working hard on a big DIY room redo for my daughter.

It’s almost done and I am so excited to share it. In the meantime, here’s a quick little project I made for her room to hold all of her electronic gear. It’s a Electronic Charging Station made out of a $9.99 Silverware Caddy from Target. And the best part?? It’s a 10-minute project!

$9.99 Silverware Caddy from Target

All you have to do to change a silverware caddy into a charging station is drill a few holes. I bought some Porter Cable drill bits from Lowe’s and used one to drill the holes.

If you want all three compartments to be able to charge items, you can either drill three holes in the outside of the caddy, or drill holes in the middle compartments, linking all compartments together. The metal is quite soft, so drilling the holes is easy.

Once the hole is drilled, take a file and file down the rough edges. And if you want to make it look even better, there are rubber rings you can buy that fit over the hole, but leave a space for the cords to go in.

Update — I had a reader on my TT&J Facebook page tell me that magnets should not be used around electronics. I did not think about that!! So if you make this project, use poster putty to hang the pictures OR, pick a caddy that isn’t metal just to be safe. A plastic caddy would work just as well and you won’t run the risk of any damage to your electronics :)

She loves it. And I love that it was a 10-minute project!!

Plus, this project would work as a family charging station too.

Be sure to head over to Lowe’s to get inspired :)


PS — The whole room reveal is coming up soon!!

Have a Wonderful Day!

And if you are in the SLC area, be sure to stop by the amazing Queen Bee Market this weekend. It is going to be amazing!! I hope to see you there.


  1. This is perfect I am going to make this!

  2. Love this idea for reducing nightstand clutter. I have a hatbox this exact shape that would be perfect for my daughter’s room. Can’t wait to try this project! I’m linking you in my blog as today’s inspiration.

  3. Lindy@ItsyBitsyPaper says:

    Jen, I love this! I have seen some great homemade charging stations but none as quick and simple as this. Love that Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine! So many fun suggestions and ideas.


  4. Jen this is such a cute idea! I need something like that for mine and my hubby’s phones. Right now they just sit on the counter in our kitchen to charge and the cords drive me crazy!

  5. How cool. And I love the idea of adding magnets.

  6. Oh, very cute! My daughter would Love this!

  7. This is DARLING!! You always have such fun ideas! I just made plans to attend Thr Queen Bee Market a SNAP on Friday night. See you there dear friend!! xoxoxo

  8. I just had someone on the TT&J facebook site mention that magnets shouldn’t be used around electronics. There is a layer of plastic that lines the caddy, but just to be safe you might want to use poster putty to hold pictures on the caddy instead of magnets. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s electronics.

    Or maybe choose a caddy that isn’t metal.


    • I was reasonably sure when Jen had me assist with this project that the magnets were OK for things like cell phones and Kindles — the storage in those shouldn’t be affected. I did some Internet research and that appears to be true. As always, you might want to check with your own sources, but your cell phone should be fine.

      You can also coil or wrap the excess cord for the charger *inside* the caddy, so the charger cord can’t fall back out of the hole.

  9. Great, quick project! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Nice! This will come in very handy for my daughter as well!

  11. This is a really cute idea that I may have to borrow. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Can’t wait to see the reaveal!! The charger station is really cute.

  13. Thanks for the tip I need a drill

  14. I use office binder clips also to hold the cords up from falling down. Like I have a cord by my bed for my phone if you use a medium clip you loop the cord through the squeeze part and it clips to the edge of things like a lamp shade or in this case the side of the bucket and it stays. It would work perfect to hold your daughters cords and you wouldn’t have to dig down into the bucket to find the end.

  15. Great idea!

  16. I have this exact same caddy from Target. I loved it so much that I went back and got a second one. So many ideas for these little jewels. : ) Love the charging station idea.


    • aren’t they fun?? I want to go back and get a couple more too. And I love all of the colors that they come in! I can’t wait to see what you do with yours Kristin!


  17. This project is really cute! Also, Hobby Lobby has 80% off Easter decor. There were a ton of metal buckets at my local. You could use leftover cardboard to section it off. You may end up spending about 2 bucks on it. :)

  18. great idea!

  19. I love this idea and I love the idea of a family charging port!! We are a techno family and have chords EVERYWHERE!! I also love that it’s magnetic. Cool Beans!

  20. Kelly Brown says:

    Oh my goodness! I love this; did you buy the caddies online or in the store? Do you think they are available online? If you can give me some more details about it, I would appreciate it. (Maker of caddy, item number) that way I could try to find them before going to the different Target’s in my area.

    Thanks again!

  21. nice idea! Thanx!

  22. I am most definitely going to do this, we need something like this so badly. and i will remember this for our new apartment this fall. thanks for sharing, it’s kinda genius! :]


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