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Vintage Door Spring Mantel 2012!

Who’s ready for SPRING??? Check out this vintage door spring mantel!

I am!!! The weather is getting warmer and I am getting excited for capris, flip flops and picnics!In the meantime, I thought maybe if I decorated my mantel for Spring, that might help it get here sooner LOL.

I found a beautiful old door at a local architectural salvage yard. I LOVED the bright green/teal color that it had been painted many moons ago. Someone had tried painting over the teal with some white paint later, so I sanded off as much of the white as I could with my handy little mouse sander.

Then once it was clean, I applied some vinyl with one of my favorite Spring quotes from Emily Dickinson. I love it!

I also spray painted a couple frames (from Cut It Out Frames) in bright, Spring colors.

The next thing I did was recover some canvases with bright fabric.And then I covered a letter with moss.

And then I added my Spring Paper Wreath. (A tutorial on that coming up tomorrow).

I took an old doorknob I’ve had sitting in a bowl for a few years and it fit perfectly in the door!!!

I hung the wreath from the doorknob with some pretty YELLOW ribbon.

And then I added my Chevron Pendants that I made last year.

I love the POP of color the door brings to the room. It’s so bright and CHEERY!!!

Amd it goes so well with my new pillows and throw from Target (I love that place).

Have you decorated for Spring?? What have you made for your home?

Leave me a link to YOUR idea – I would love to see it!!

Happy Spring!!!



  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi Jen – what paint colors did you use in your living room and kitchen? It’s a beautiful gray.

    • Hi Jennifer!!

      It’s called Sharkey Grey by Martha Stewart’s paint line at Home Depot. It’s a very warm grey. I really love it!


  2. Jen, your house is so bright and cheery! I love all the pops of color with white. The blue sectional is so bold but is genius! I know I can always find creative ideas on your site. Thanks for sharing your talent and home with us. Glad I popped by today. Have a beautiful day! Happy Spring!

  3. where did u get the zigzag canvas?

  4. susan townley says:

    where r u getting the zigzag canvas?

  5. Stacey Zilz says:

    I love it all!! Where did you find a turquoise slip cover for you couch??

  6. I LOVE this! I wish I had a spot for a big door – I love the colors and every little thing you added – AMAZING!!

  7. Love the door and all you did for your mantel! Beautimous! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. This is adorable I love old doors! The teal blue looks beautiful and is a nice complement to the rest of the color in your family room:) so pretty grat idea!

  9. Oh my goodness!! This is absolutely GORGEOUS, the whole thing!! Where in the world did you get those lovely turquoise couches from?

  10. love this! where is your little yellow birdcage from?

  11. Oh, Jen, I love it!!! It’s so you. :) I just love all the pops of color in your home. :)

  12. How come everything in your house is so wonderful?? You are one seriously crafty lady!!

  13. I love the eclectic style of the mantle! Oh and I absolutely love the colors! I just painted my kitchen this beautiful turquoise color. It’s so bright and happy. :)

  14. Can we switch houses??? You have a beautiful home, and you’re so creative which makes it so unique! I love it!

  15. W-O-W. really. The way you put all this together, with the colors, and the textures, and ALL of it – love, love, LOVE it. I’ve had my eye out for an arched window pane to lean above my mantel, but now I’ll be looking for an old door, too! I’m pinning this for Spring : )

  16. I LOVE it Jen!! I have been hunting for an old door, but haven’t had any luck yet. It looks great with the frames and of course I love the color!

  17. wow that looks great. i got to get hopping and get my easter stuff out.

  18. I’m sure you get asked all the time but where is your couch from? Thanks!!!

  19. Wow! That looks really amazing!! Sadly, I have done NOTHING to decorate yet. I got my box out of stuff for Easter and it’s still sitting on my dining table. Maybe I’ll just wait till after next weekend and go Spring crazy :o)
    Can’t wait for the wreath tutorial. It’s gorgeous!

  20. OMG I am so in love! This is so cute and cheery. So creative. You did a great job…..Now can you just bring it over to my house ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Jen, I just LOVE the colors in your home! This mantel is so bright and fun!!! All I’ve made so far is an easter egg bouquet centerpiece that I haven’t posted yet… But I will! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. It’s so cheerful! The colors are so fresh and springy! Beautiful as always!!

  23. I love your creativity.

  24. So CUTE! We have started decorating for Spring too- mostly outside though.

  25. Jen that is adorable as usual! I love that you hung the wreath from the old doorknob! Those colors are so fun and spring like! I need to get a few spring things up in my house too!

  26. That is SOO cute!

  27. Oh!! I love this. What a creative idea!!

  28. I love the idea of using a door. Such a fun and cheery mantel. I love all the wonderful colors and textures.

  29. I love the colors! It adds so much! I am using that same color combo in my little girl’s room.

  30. I’m so jealous of you big mantle! It’s beautiful, just like the rest of your home! I love all of the colors! Thanks so much for sharing, I love it!

  31. I love this!!! All of the colors are so bright and cheerful. I can’t wait to see the spring wreath tutorial. : )


  32. Jen, it is beautiful!! You and I are vibrant color soul sisters, I think. :)

  33. I love it! The details are amazing! Can’t wait to see the wreath tutorial. I need to figure out what a mouse sander is…so going to google that now.

    Beyond gorgeous!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  34. Jen, oh how I love that wreath!!!! It looks so cool with the door and other decor. Love the home shots with all the bright colors. Nicely done :)

  35. I love the room! It looks so warm and airy.

  36. It looks beautiful! Funny enough, you have the moss “H”, and the wreath looks like an “O” … my eye kept wanting to find a “P” and “E” to finish off the word to match the quote! :)

    • Julie, RN @ http:www.craftyimaginings.blogspot.com says:

      I thought the same thing…looked for the rest of the word too! ;^)

      • I keep thinking that if you turned the last chevron piece sideways, it’d look like an “E”. now just for a “P” somewhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. Your mantel looks great! The quote you used is one of my very favorite quotes and I’m actually working on something for spring with that very quote. :)

  38. Love!! Is your sectional slipcovered?? I LOVE it!!

  39. Can you come decorate my house next? I will be pinning this on my spring board AND Where Women Create. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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