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Weekend Wrap Up Party — And Project Life Giveaway!!

Welcome to the Weekend Wrap UP Party!!!

It’s a new year — a fresh start. How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along??

My main resolution is to get organized in 2012. And that includes my pictures.

UPDATE — Winner has been announced!!

Congratulations Kristine of The Foley Family!!

An email has been sent :)

Are photos on the top of your resolution list?

If you haven’t noticed there is a LOT of buzz on the internet about Project Life – My newest favorite thing!!

Project Life simplifies how you document life and preserve memories. 

With this easier-than-ever scrapbooking system, simply pair your photos and journaling with pre-designed title cards and journaling cards. Your photos, these cards, and even your memorabilia slip into the Photo Pocket Pages and that’s it. The result is a stylish masterpiece that represents your life or whatever occasion you choose to record.

With Project Life’s beautifully simple format, deciding what supplies to use or how to design layouts becomes obsolete, leaving you more time to experience life!

I love that Project Life is simple enough that my kids can put their own pages together. It’s a fun activity for us to do together!!

Color choices for all tastes are available!  Beautiful choices, the only problem you are going to have is picking which color?

5. Save time. Save stress.

4. No more guilt.

3. Improve your skills.

2. Incredible value.

1. It’s therapeutic.

Whether you add pictures and stories to your Project Life album on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even sporadic basis, you will inevitably find yourself more keenly aware of your blessings and priorities.

I’m so excited to announce that You can win this Project Life starter KIT!

Becky Higgins is pleased to be offering TT&J readers a chance to win one of her Project Life binders, the coordinating core kit, and any 5 packages of the Photo Pocket Pages that are currently available.

If a Photo Pocket Pages is out of stock and you will receive a substitute.

The winner needs to be a U.S. resident.

Just think of the history you can record daily!!!

Here’s how YOU can win:

  • Leave me a comment on how you plan to record your history (with your name and state).

for additional entries:

  • Visit Becky Higgins LLC and leave me a comment letting me know which Project Life Edition you will pick if you win!
  • Share this giveaway — let me know how you shared it. one entry per shared; leave me a comment for each.

A couple other things:

<a href="http://tatertotsandjello.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://tatertotsandjello.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/978446890_7b2ZN-O2.png" alt="" /></a>

  • Please link up the Wrap Up button– a text link is great if you would rather do that – Tatertots & Jello. So everyone can join in the fun!
  • Please comment on TWO posts above you and TWO posts below you — in addition to any others that you want to visit.{we all love comments!}

Have fun!!!

I’ll start going through the links tonight.

I can’t wait to see YOUR Great Ideas!



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  2. visited the FB page

  3. I visited Becky’s site and Love the turquoise set!

  4. I love to document this year as my son enters the military.
    Valerie – Utah

  5. I posted to Becky on Facebook! She is such an inspiration! I am crossing my fingers to win and then can spread the word of how great it is (and your site too!)

  6. Love the Amber kit! Perfect for scrapbooking my family in CO!

  7. Mika Anderson says:

    Love the amber collection. Made sure I said Hi and like her page. Hope I win!

  8. Dawn Bricker says:

    Hi I am Dawn, from SIoux City, Iowa. I would love this kit. I have been trying to get my scrapbooks started, and keep procrastinating, have 10 years of pictures of kids to scrapbook. This would help me start now and keep current, and get the older pictures started.

  9. I love the Clementine edition! It is super hard to pick I wish I could just mesh them all because I love certain aspects of them all.

  10. I love the initial idea of capturing the small moments of the day to day but how over and over they stress that it doesn’t have to be daily but weekly so you don’t feel the pressure.

  11. I visited Becky’s facebook page and said hello.

  12. I think I would pick the Amber edition if I won.

  13. So far all I have done is organize photos in photo boxes and had each kid put together 2 small photo albums together of their favorite pics. I think my daughters would love to use these instead. Judy from PA.

  14. And I shared it on my facebook page! Annie Fredrick Bidia

  15. I commented on Becky’s facebook page…Annie Fredrick Bidia

  16. I love the Clementine collection. Super Cute!

  17. I’m already planning on doing my own version of Project Life with supplies I already have. It’s been a real inspiration, and I’d love to win it!

  18. I would LOVE to win this! I have coveted Project Life for so long, but just never bought a kit! Love Love Love!

  19. Shawnee H says:

    Visited Becky’s site. I love the Clementine edition.

  20. Shawnee H says:

    I’d record my baby’s first year!

  21. Tweeted and facebooked.

  22. I love the amber collection…I also like the classic white binder with the silver label holder.

  23. Liked and said hello to her on facebook.

  24. Ooh! I’m entering this one! Just discovered project life via Pinterest this week and when I saw your giveaway post on facebook, I scurried on over here. LOVE this whole concept. I shared on my personal facebook and my sis already purchased her kit. Loved her video and her heartwarming story. Every three months, I would go through my favorite photos and organize them in journal fashion…with sweet little notes to each of my children.

  25. Jennifer Clark says:

    I just said “hi” on Becky’s facebook.

  26. Jennifer Clark says:

    I just visited Becky Higgins website. I just bought the Amber set, so I would probably want Turquoise next.

  27. Jennifer Clark says:

    I want to do an album with one picture a day of ordinary events.

    North Carolina

  28. Visited Becky’s page and my favorite is the Clementine Edition. Thanks!

  29. Said Hi! to Becky and liked her page:)

  30. Michele N says:

    I visited Becky Higgins on facebook.

  31. Hello! I was an avid scrapbooker for years. I think I have 8-10 large scrapbooks filled to the brim. But, after my 4th baby 4 years ago, it became almost impossible to find the time to keep it up. Then as more time went by, it became so overwhelming to even think about it. I miss it more than anything……. It really was the 1 thing that I did for myself. I think about scrapbooking all the time and would love to get back into. My top priority for 2012 is to make time for myself at least once a week and I would LOVE to spend that time doing Project Life. This is exactly the kind of thing I need to get back into it. I don’t have the time anymore for elaborate scrapbook pages. I love that Project Life is simple AND beautiful! I know this post isn’t about how I will spend my time recording my history…..I haven’t really thought that far to be honest. I just know that I miss scrapbooking greatly and want to start doing it again. Jen O from Florida.

    • Hi! I am in love with her system. My goal this year is to become organized too. We move around quite a bit and I just have boxes of photos. I don’t really have the time to do my cute little scrapbook anymore they just sit in those boxes. I need to do this before we move again at the end of this year!! Thanks for sharing! Tori – California

      I also love her clementine collection and I visited her on FB!

  32. Trying to keep our history through a blog. However I have some updating needing to be done. :) thanks for the chance to win!

    Lyndi in Wyoming

  33. Michele N says:

    I would want the turquoise edition, but it looks like everyone wants that one, it’s out of stock currently. :( I guess I missed one part of the requirement for the first option, My name is Michele and I’m from Idaho.

  34. Michele N says:

    Maybe winning a Project Life kit would actually convince me to print some of these thousands of pictures sitting on my computer & do something with them.

  35. Visited Beck on Facebook! :)

  36. I would love the turquoise edition!

  37. I need to get organized too! This would be a GREAT way to get started and stop feeling guilty!
    Mindy, South Dakota

  38. Suzie Hurst says:

    I shared on facebook!

    Suzie H., Kansas

  39. Suzie Hurst says:

    This would be amazing to win because I have had a scrapbook “in the works” for almost 5 years now, but I have very little time to work on it! This would totally simplify my life. =) I can finally get my first baby’s scrapbook finished and move on to my 2nd!

    Suzie H., Kansas

  40. Heather M. says:

    Love the amber edition :)

  41. Jill Hubbs WA says:

    I shared the link with my sister

  42. Jill Hubbs WA says:

    I love the clementine edition!

  43. Michelle T says:

    I am torn between amber and clementine! Both are super cute!

  44. Michelle T says:

    I would love to win this kit! I have been dreaming about one for months now. I need to be doing a better job at documenting the days of my daughters lives. I love the week at a glance technique! Kansas.

  45. I would record my kids because they are growing up so very quickly and I have not been doing a very good job documenting them. Leah in OK

  46. Already like Becky on FB!!!!

  47. Totally loving the amber set!

  48. I’d record my kids because they are growing up too fast!!!!

  49. I love Becky’s website & lOve the tangerine project life

  50. samala5793 says:

    Visited Becky on FB and liked the page :)

  51. samala5793 says:

    I shared on FB.

  52. samala5793 says:

    I would choose the turquoise set because I LOVE the colors in that one. I would record my family and my sons first year of college.

  53. Shannon A says:

    Visited Becky on FB. Love PL!

  54. Shannon A says:

    Visited Becky’s site & I love the Clementine PL!

  55. Shannon A says:

    I would love to use PL to document the weekly happenings throughout 2012!

  56. I have a new granddaughter and would love to begin recording family times for her! I live in Louisiana. This is such a great product. All the colors are beautiful but I love the turquoise.

  57. Jennifer Christman says:

    I would LOVE the cobalt! Thanks for the chance! LOVE Becky on FB! Shared on FB too!

  58. My plan is start blogging! I just started a blog to document my history! I’ve already made a few posts and I’m really excited! I can’t wait to start sharing my thoughts and crafts and my life!! Come check it out: allthingsconsideredgoode.blogspot{dot}com

  59. Saw all the cute combo’s and would love the Amber edition

  60. I have a new baby on the way and want to start out right and record our new families history.

    Natalie Utah

  61. Liked and connected with Becky on FB :)


  62. I would LOVE the Amber edition


  63. I would love to win this to record our everyday life :)


  64. I would love to start this with my first baby that is due this year! Anne (Missouri)

  65. i like the Clementine. I would use this to document our new beginning. Pat in South Carolina

  66. I would pick the classic black binders and the turquoise theme box! If I don’t win I will be buying this directly. It’s already sitting in my Amazon cart!

    Julianne from Oklahoma.
    (I forgot to put that on my comment below, darn it.)

  67. This is a perfect cure for my procrastination! The box is cute enough to leave out so we can grab cards and record moments as they happen!

  68. Love this idea! I have so much to do this would really de-stress and simplify my project! I would love to win any of them, but I do love Clemintine the best!

  69. I have five years and two more children to catch up on- haven’t put a photo in an album since moving from IN to NYC in 2006!

  70. Nicole Dupont says:

    I went to Becky’s facebook to say hi! I’ve been following her for a while!
    -Nicole from Arizona

  71. Nicole Dupont says:

    I love the Clementine collection and would choose that if I win! Thanks for the opportunity!
    -Nicole from Arizona

  72. Nicole Dupont says:

    I plan to record my history using my traditional scrapbooks in addition to project life. I am so excited to use project life for 2012, as well as backtracking a little for the last couple of years!
    -Nicole Dupont from Arizona

  73. I like Becky’s page on FB and said hello!

  74. I really love the Clementine edition! Leah from TX

  75. I’d love to record our family history through project life!
    Rebekah in TX

  76. I’m hoping to learn some new photoshop skills and keep a digital scrapbook this year! ~Leah from Texas

  77. I would start PRINTING out all my photographs and start organizing by month/year. I havent printed out pictures in years! It would be so nice to see them all organized!
    Stefanie Ann – MA

  78. I would LOVE the Turquoise Edition. It is so pretty!
    Stefanie Ann – MA

  79. How I would love one of the Clemintine or Turquoise sets!! I love scrapping during the cold months in Minnesota!

  80. I would get the Clementine edition! So pretty!

  81. Just discovered this blog and LOVE IT.
    I am in NH and with this winter it is a great time for me to organize too!
    Just found a bunch of pics and this would be a great way to scrap them FAST
    Thanks for the great ideas
    Oh and I am now following you on my google reader!

  82. Hi Jen! I love this. I am planning on organizing my photos for my kids. I have all of our family photos and ones from grandparents but I want them to have a book for themselves to remember their childhood. Also, I said hi to becky on fb.

  83. Tashia, Nebraska
    I love to keep memories by scrapbooking!

  84. Susan Baker says:

    I said “Hi” on becky’s facebook page and linked Tatertots and Jello there, too.

  85. Susan Baker says:

    I don’t see my comments on here, but LOVE this Project Life giveaway. What a great way to organize and document the nearly three thousand photos and documents I have collected in my family heritage research!! I love the Clementine Edition and hope to beautifully display and organize my heritage photos so that my children and grandchildren can enjoy learning about their ancestors, too. Thanks, Susan from Georgia

  86. Ohhh Im liking the Amber collection! Great giveaway thanks(:
    Erica in CA

  87. Looks like a lot of fun. I would love to use it to record each and every day of my families life for a year!btw, I’m in CA.

  88. Looks like a lot of fun. I would love to use it to record each and every day of my families life for a year!

  89. Renee Godsey says:

    I would love, love, love to be able to do project life! It’s so amazing.

    Renee in CA

  90. I have looked at Becky’s ideas on her website several times and had decided this was the way I could get my pictures organized & documented. I think I would love to have the amber. I’m in Idaho.

  91. michaela hoenigman says:

    I posted this giveaway on my facebooK!

  92. michaela hoenigman says:

    I stopped by Beckys facebook page and said HI!

  93. michaela hoenigman says:

    I would love to have ANY of the colors! But I do love the AMber edition!

  94. michaela hoenigman says:

    I would love to document the history of my personal journey as a mother. This is a great giveaway!

  95. I posted about this giveaway on my facebook.

  96. I dropped by Becky Higgins on facebook. I “liked” her page and also let a comment.

  97. I think if I were to win I would totally choose the Amber edition. It is bright and totally fits my style.

  98. Jessica Ozburn says:

    I really like the turquoise edition!!

  99. Jessica Ozburn says:

    I really want to stick to taking a picture a day this year. I’ve tried it before, but I always give up!
    Pocatello, ID

  100. I’ve seen the video that Becky has discussing organizing photos and I would really like to learn an easy way to get the pictures in a book and the memories journaled. Right now it seems too much of a project and it continues to go undone. My oldest is now 29 so you can imagine the number of pictures I have..such a big task that I get stressed out and do nothing.. Help!

  101. I would love this system. It takes recording memories to a whole other level. I’m in Ohio.

  102. If I were to win I’d be torn between the Clementine and the Turquoise editions.

  103. Right now I plan to record our memories through my calendars, photos and emails. But I’d LOVE to organize everything with the Project Life kit!

  104. I love the Clementine! Thanks!

  105. I plan to record history through digital scrapbooking as well as a daily journaling project that I have am going to try this year. . . Unless of course I win the Project life!

  106. Love the choices of books on Becky’s site, especially turquoise… so cute!

  107. I want to start Project Life to document my little man’s first year (he’s 9 months old). I take way too many pictures and this would be such a neat way to display them! (in NC)

  108. I would like cobalt for little mans book

  109. I would do baby’s first year since I have a baby book for him yet it is empty (he is 16months) and we have another little one on the way here in good ole Virginia.

  110. I’d choose Clementine…

  111. I’m going make a Project Life book for each of my kids baby/ early years. They’re 15, 13 & 10. I love how I can get their photos in an album with journalling, etc. I also want to do a current Project Life for 2012, documenting a week at a time.

  112. I visited Becky on Facebook and told her you sent me. I just love this new way of scrapbooking!!

  113. I have been married for almost 4 years now and to this day all of our pictures just get shoved in a box that is not dated and the pictures are unorganized and not labeled. With the project life kit, I will be able to label and organize pictures so I can remember where and when we took them. I hope I win the giveaway cause this would help me out tremendously.

  114. I am torn between the Clementine and the Amber sets on Becky Higgins site. they are great!

  115. I would love to use this a way to show our journey through foster/adoption of our 8 year old daughter. I am Angel in South Louisiana!

  116. Sent some Facebook love. Thanks again for offering this up!

  117. I love the Amber edition over on her site. Thanks!!!

  118. I would love to plan my history through Project Life! Thanks for offering up a chance to receive this great product. I live in Elgin, IL. Thanks!

  119. I liked and left her a comment!

  120. It’s such a tough choice between Amber and Clementine! I LOVE them both!..but I think I’ll decide on Amber! :)

  121. I’ve been trying really hard to keep a “journal” via my blog, evernote, and Oh Life! And I take a ton of pictures and try to caption them so I can go back and remember what I was trying to document! I’ve been seeing Project Life everywhere and I SOOOO want to try it!!! Crystal from Virginia!

  122. marilyn s. says:

    I would love to win the amber edition of project life. Thanks for the chance.

  123. marilyn s. says:

    I plan on taking time out every day before I go to bed to work on project life. Marilyn from NJ.

  124. Shared on facebook as well!!

  125. Shared this on pinterest!

  126. I shared this giveaway on my blog!

  127. I like Becy on Facebook

  128. I love the turquoise edition set!

  129. one of the ways that I record my history is my blog, I like the idea that when my non existant at the moment children, are older, they can see what we were doing when we were newly married.

    Texas – Jessica W.

  130. I totally posted on Becky’s facebook page — and holy cow was that intimidating!!! So many people with such great ideas!! I would normally have just read the posts and never commented! Glad for the extra push I needed!

  131. If I win or if I don’t win the Amber set is calling my name!! Love it!

  132. Oh my!! I would love to use this to make a diary of our life for the year! Forget all those pictures that NEED to be dealt with and just concentrate on our life RIGHT NOW! Sometimes I feel life gets ahead of me and I forget to cherish the every day moments I have with my family–this would make me stay focused on my greatest blessings!! So excited about this chance to win!! Jaimi (Kansas)

  133. I love the amber set

  134. I would love to catch up on organizing my pics. Danielle TN

  135. I would love to catc hup on organizing my pics. Danielle TN

  136. I would love the AMBER album if I win. { and love the Turqouise papers}

  137. Love the Project Life! I would use it as the “family Album” I do an album for each of my 4 kids also so they will have there own when they have their own home. {I am waaaaaaaay behind just to let you know} It seemed like a good idea way back when. I do have to say that I have had much enjoyment watching them lay on the floor with the albums spread out between them going through the ” remember whens”. Thanks for the give away.
    Cyndi from Utah

  138. Amparo Florida!
    I like this because I want to start a day by day photography project and this is a great inspiration to start doing it!!!


  139. I love, love, love Becky Higgins and all of her wonderful ideas. I’m working on scrapbooks about my two grandmothers based on her family history book. I’m even photographing moments from them and including recipes and letters. I would love to use her scrapbook to record my daughter’s art work and daily lives. Such a fun and easy (low pressure) way to be your family’s historian!!

    Fingers are crossed. Thank you for the opportunity.


  140. I would loooove the Clementine Edition!

    Mariko from Oregon

  141. I have been wanting to start a photo album, and this system would be perfect!

    Mariko from Oregon

  142. Almost a year ago, I lost my Mother to an accident that could have been prevented. I tried to sort through a box of photos that she had collected from our childhood, but most were torn or worn to pieces. I never was able to get to know my Mother like a daughter should, I was hoping the photos would allow me to get an insight on what I was missing out on. It wasn’t until then that I noticed photos were such a large part of a persons life and catching each moment could mean the world to someone else, someone who may have never known you. I plan on being very cautious with my photos and writing as much as I can about them for my children and family to come. I don’t want anyone to forget who I was or what I did. – Madison Mehalko, Florida.

    -Shared on my Facebook account.
    -Liked Becky Higgins LLC on Facebook and sent a sweet message to her wall.
    -I have fallen completely in love with the Clementine Edition.

  143. Christie Henderson says:

    I LIKE Becky Higgins on Facebook and mentioned you.

  144. Christie Henderson says:

    Woops, forgot to say I’m from California. :)

  145. Christie Henderson says:

    I love the Cobalt Edition.

  146. Christie Henderson says:

    I have been doing traditional scrapbooking for years and a busy life has taken over, so now I feel overwhelmed with all of the pictures I need to do. I think Project life will help me overcome this.

  147. I would choose the Amber edition. Thanks!

    Elise from Idaho

  148. I said hello to Becky on FB. Thanks!

    Elise from Idaho

  149. I would love to use this as a family scrapbook. Scrapbooking is so intimidating to me, and this looks fabulous!

    Elise from Idaho

  150. Erin Wyder says:

    Would love to give Project Life a try. Haven’t been much of a scrapbooker. I like it but not really enough time to devote. I think this is such a great way to journel document and scrapbook all in one.

  151. Lindsay Hiller says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! My name is Lindsay and i’m from Michigan. I would love to win the project life kit to document our first year of marriage 😀 So fun!

  152. I love the Clementine edition. The color is so vibrant and fun.

  153. I’d use Project Life to chronicle my daughters first years of life. I need to get crackin’. I’m Nicole H. from Iowa.

  154. Would love to use Project Life to document a year in our household. The big things, the little things… thanks for the giveaway.

  155. The Clementine version makes me grin! It would make me want to document our everyday life just to look at those fun cards every day!

  156. Jessica Grosmick says:

    I shared this awesome giveaway on Twitter (:

  157. Jessica Grosmick says:

    I commented on Becky Higgins’ FB and let her know you sent me. Thanks for the chance to win! (:

  158. Jessica Grosmick says:

    I think I would choose the Clementine Edition, so cute! (: Thanks for the chance to win!

  159. I would love the Amber edition! Such great colors!

  160. Jessica Grosmick says:

    Hello, thanks for this AWESOME giveaway! I’m Jessica G. and I’m from Oregon. I plan to use Project Life to record my first year of marriage! I would LOVE to win! (:

  161. I would love to have me supply the pictures, and my husband supply the words for each day!!

  162. I would love the Clementine edition!

  163. I would LOVE to win a Project Life kit to start recording more random day-to-day moments!

    Stephanie in FL

  164. christina says:

    if i won this i would fill it and give it to my mom- she needs a little help getting all her pictures together 😉

  165. christina says:

    i would love the Project Life: Clementine

  166. I left comment on FB and liked Becky.


  167. I would love the Project Life Turquoise.

  168. I would love to use this for my sons senior year in high school.

    Lisa from Virginia

  169. Clementine for me please.

    Mandy from Arizona.

  170. I am going to find a way to document life with baby #4 expected this week.

  171. I like Becky Higgins on FB

  172. I really like the cobalt!

  173. I’d love to get caught up with my pics Holly from Michigan

  174. I’d love to have the Cobalt set!

  175. I’m hoping to do a picture a day!

  176. Heather K Miller says:

    I record our history with our family blog and my journal. Heather from Arizona!

  177. I would definitely do a “first year” book for my 3 kiddos, and then would probably do a chronological one by month for the whole family. This looks like such a fun product!! I love your blog, thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  178. I like Becky Higgins on Facebook

  179. I love the Clementine edition!!

  180. I am going to use Project Life to stay on top of scrapbooking this year instead of getting behind like I have in the past. I’m excited about the simple approach!!
    Amanda in Texas

  181. I’d love to document our first year of marriage.

    Ashleigh from Utah.

  182. Shannon – Salt Lake City, Utah. I am really excited about doing a week by week break down of the year!

  183. I am in love with Clementine! This is my first year doing Project Life and I am stoked!

  184. I record my history mostly with photos, but want to start adding in text and written stories. LM from USA.

  185. I plan on using Project Life to complete my baby’s first year of life.


  186. I’d love to use the Project Life as a baby book – our first is due in June. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  187. I love the cobalt edition

  188. I would love to use this to document our daily life

  189. With as many pictures as possible!

    Laura from Indiana

  190. Project life binder – amber :)

  191. Oh I really need this! Right now I have 50,000 photos on my external hard drive waiting to be put in these albums!

  192. Also mentioned you here: https://www.facebook.com/SimplySaneOrganization

    :) Christy

  193. Mentioned you in my “mini” blog … Here: http://simplysaneorganization.blogspot.com/2012/01/terrific-giveaway-from-one-of-my.html

    Thanks for another wonderful Weekend Wrap Up! Look at these ideas!! :)

    Christy from Illinois

  194. Shared this giveaway on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/robertap/inspiring-art/
    Raleigh, NC

  195. Shared/tweeted this giveaway: https://twitter.com/#!/rlphilbr13
    Roberta, Raleigh, NC

  196. Stopped by and visited with Becky a spell on her FB site and thanked her for this giveaway and PL in general ;}
    Raleigh, NC

  197. I love the new class binders and the Style A photo page protectors. The core kit and papers for Clementine are my favorite design and colors.
    Roberta, Raleigh, NC

  198. Shared this on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=1222723325

    Roberta from Raliegh, NC

  199. This year I am also doing PL and I’m so excited with all the new kits and colors. After completing A Week in the Life with Ali Edwards last year and doing One Little Word as well with Ali, I think I’m ready for the challenge of a year long PL album. Thanks for a fantastic giveaway ;}

  200. Shared on Twitter!! {@gijoeswifeblog}

  201. Well I plan to record things through scrapbooking, but I haven’t done too much lately. I need to get back in the rythm of doing that more often! I love this Project Life pack! I tried to get one last year and it was sold out.
    Kathy from Connecticut =)

  202. I visited Becky’s facebook page and left a comment about how great the simple approach of Project Life is for documenting your family story.

    Audrey in North Carolina

  203. I would love to use Project Life as a baby book to document my son’s first year.

    Audrey from North Carolina

  204. I follow Becky’s blog and would love to use the Turquoise edition as my son’s baby book for his first year of life.

    Audrey from North Carolina

  205. I love the Clementine edition!

  206. Jess, Kansas
    I would use PL to document my sons first year.

  207. I make photo books from winkflash, but this looks like a fun kit to do with the kids.

  208. I think I would pick the turquoise. Amy, UTah

  209. I did project 365 last year and loved it. I would love to record another year in the life. Amy Mitchell, Utah

  210. Checked out Becky on Facebook!

  211. I love the celmentine edition

  212. Suzanne, Utah

    I would love project life to have some place to put all my pictures. I think I would break it down by month.

  213. I stopped by her facebook page and left a little TT&J love!

  214. I would pick the turquoise edition!

  215. I want to keep up on this year’s photos and memories. I also plan to use the digital kits for catching up on years past.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!
    Jenny, Virginia

  216. I would chose the Turquoise Edition.

  217. I gave you a tweet about the giveaway!

  218. I would choose the turquoise edition.

  219. Project life would be a great help in documenting the new baby! (especially since I still haven’t started on the 2 yr old’s scrapbook yet!)

  220. Judy from Montgomery, AL
    Would love to start this while my kids are still under the age of three before the organization gets out of control! Would love to get it all organized with such a brilliant system :)

  221. I think I would get teh Clemintine kit…loooks fast, easy and fun.

  222. YOWZA, I have about year of photos to catch up on… this looks like it mighj make the project fun again.

  223. I have piles of pictures – both in boxes and on my computer that need to be filed and recorded in albums. I would love to have an easy way to do it and preserve what memories I still have of the pictures. Jen, Oregon

  224. I love the Clementine Edition the best!

  225. Rebekah {All Thingz Related} says:

    I like Becky Higgins on FB!

  226. I would love a project life kit to help me catch up on all those pictures I am finally going to print! I would like to do it on a weekly basis, since some days I don’t take any pics and other days I take more than one. I love how flexible the system is!

    Melanie from Arizona

  227. Rebekah {All Thingz Related} says:

    I like the COBALT edition!

  228. Rebekah {All Thingz Related} says:

    I’m trying to do better at capturing everyday memories!!
    Rebekah in Western Kentucky

  229. I love Project Life and would love to get started with a free set!! I would use it to do a picture a day type format and write down all the funny things my kids did and said. :)
    I’m Katie from Utah.

  230. I just left a comment on Becky’s FB post about this giveaway!

  231. I would want the white binder and the clementine filler!

  232. I visited Becky’s site and I would love the clementine edition of Project Life!

  233. I am Tirzah in Utah and and I plan on doing Project Life on a daily basis.

  234. I’ve been recording my history via a family blog.
    Michaela in Texas

  235. I visited Becky’s Facebook page and let her know you sent me! Thanks so much for the chance to win PL!!!

  236. I shared this giveaway on Twitter.


  237. I visted Becky Higgins facebook page. I like it and left her a comment!

  238. I would get the Clemintine Edition. Love it!!!

  239. I am going to be recording my history this year with Project Life and also on my blog. I’m from Dallas, Texas!!

  240. I just shared on my blog – here’s the link http://www.daydreambelievers.net/2012/01/3-things-to-know-today_14.html

    Have a great day! :)
    {Daydream Believers}

  241. Left a comment

  242. I am a new FB fan of Becky’s and told her you sent me :)

  243. My fav is the popular Turquoise!

  244. Love the Amber Edition

  245. I am on the instagram train right now but would love a Project Life!

  246. The Clementine Project Life kit is my favorite!

  247. I plan to record more of my family’s daily life by keeping a daily journal and taking more everyday pictures, but if I win Project Life then of course, I will have the tools to record even more! Thanks so much for the chance!
    Nitasha in Texas!

  248. I would love to record the history of my daughter with all the fun little things she collects along the way.

  249. I would choose the Amber Edition! LOVE it! :)

    Michelle N.
    daydreambelievershop {at} gmail {dot} com

  250. ooh! I was just looking into purchasing a “project life” binder for 2012! I would use it to document my family’s year on a monthly basis with photos, notes, and “momentos” from the month. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  251. I love the suggestion of doing a page a month. That is totally doable and would capture so many memories!

  252. amanda from utah says:

    I really like the Cobolt Kit. And the Amber kit. And the Turquoise kit. It would be hard to choose a color if I won. But, I am sure I could figure something out!

  253. amanda from utah says:

    I plan on taking more pictures this year and having the children write something each month. Then I want to combine everything together in a book to give to grandparents at Christmas. Kinda ambitious for me, but I hope I can do it!

  254. Visited on Facebook!

  255. I have all the stuff to scrapbook my family history, but I also like to collect letters from relatives. Emily M. in Iowa

  256. I would love the clementine– might just have to order it on Amazon. So cute and would get rid of this stress of getting all our scrapbooks, Done!

  257. I plan to start with 2011 and work backwards.

  258. Oops! Sorry, I linked up for the first time and instead of naming the project, I put MY name. Sorry, I’m new at this! Love all these ideas!

  259. Antoinette Naude says:

    I would really like the Amber album and kit. Love those color combinations. Makes my heart beat a little faster!

  260. I loved this giveaway so much I tweeted about it, posted it to my facebook, said hello(and liked) Becky Higgins LLC on facebook, followed you on You tube and twitter, signed up for your email blast, and I even pinned it to Pinterest! Once again, thanks for this super deal!

  261. I also visited Becky on FB and tried to leave a message for her on her LLC, not sure if it worked, but I tried 3 times! Thanks for the opportunity!

  262. Becky, this is an amazing party and a great giveaway! Thank you so much for hosting! I have kept my history through pictures, blogs, and crafts but would love the opportunity to start keeping my history with project life! The clementine edition is fabulous!

  263. I am way behind with our photos and project life would help me catch up so much faster!!


  264. Went and said hi to Becky on Facebook!

  265. I’d choose the Amber edition!

  266. It would be cool to record a Project 365 with different photos and stuff that happened over the year. When I looked back on 2011, I realized that I had way more wonderful things that happened than I had even thought! It would be great to do a little book with that, or even family pictures!

  267. This looks awesome! I love scrap booking but it is a major undertaking! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  268. I love turquoise, but think amber might work better for me :)

  269. I shared this by liking it on FB

  270. I left Becky a msg about this on FB (Jen Gerwig-Dively)

  271. I tweeted this: @jengd1

  272. I thought I’d go cobalt but I think turquoise would be more versatile for me.

  273. I’d love to use this just to record more of the daily life around our house.

  274. I would love to ditch the complicated scrapbooking in favor of this easy, git ‘er done format of Project Life! I may actually be able to get photos in albums! This is how I’d like to preserve our memories! Mindi of California!

  275. I really like the turquoise collection best, but with three boys – Cobalt would have to be my runner up!

  276. I said hello and liked her on Facebook!

  277. Oh, I really need to win this! 5 years behind on 4 kids! My son was diagnosed with cancer at 19 months old and that is when I stopped scrapbooking. I would probably start by documenting all the details of that journey, then go back and do everything else!

  278. Melinda Davies says:

    I would get the Turquoise Edition. It is beautiful!

  279. Melinda Davies says:

    I just had a baby and am trying to compile a first year book for her using the old scrapbooking method and it has become a bigger project than I can keep up with. I have been blogging to keep all of my thoughts about her first year and hopefully will get the scrapbook done too. I also used Shutterfly to make 2 Project Life books about the past 2 years of life because I knew I would never get around to scrapbooking those pictures.

  280. elizabeth c says:

    i visited becky’s fb page :)

  281. elizabeth c says:

    i think i would pick the turquoise edition.

  282. elizabeth c says:

    i’ve been overwhelmed by the idea of recording everything … but i very much want to. this looks like a very do-able way to keep records, i would love to win!

    Elizabeth c. in ohio

  283. I would get the Clementine Binder and core set. The color scheme is great!

  284. I liked Becky on FB and said hi. (Julie Espy)

  285. I love the idea of scrapbooking, but I don’t have the time or the energy at the end of the day (when I finally get some “me” time). Project Life looks perfect for me. I can’t wait to put my photos and journal pages with stories together so that my family can look back on our life and remember the great times and stories.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    Julie Espy from Arizona

  286. Makala Clark says:

    I left a message on Becky’s page letting her know how much I am in love with her products!

  287. Sally Anderseon says:

    said hi on facebook!

  288. Makala Clark says:

    I really like Clementine! It would go perfectly with my little girls first year of life!! So much fun!

  289. I would love the turquoise edition!

  290. Said hello on facebook!

  291. Love the Amber edition!

  292. I would love to catch up on my boys’ baby books and start recording our families lives this year. I love the concept of Project Life, so simple and easy!

  293. Makala Clark says:

    I am in love with the idea of Project Life. I have been wondering how I was going to record my daughters life, with very little time for scrap booking! This would be the best way to keep up with her life and create a beautiful memory for years to come! Makala (North Dakota)

  294. Sally Anderseon says:

    I would love to have the Clementine collection from project life…such great fun bright colors

  295. I keep my history by journaling and blogging. But my boys love looking at photos and Project Life would be a perfect way for my boys to see all of our photos without taking to much time.

  296. Sally Anderseon says:

    I can’t think of a better way to document my little ladies lives than Project Life! Just another item on the list of things I love from Becky Higgins…

  297. I am linking up my valentine’s day projects.. thanks for the chance!

  298. Jennifer C says:

    My favorite is Clementine! I love Becky Higgins blog and her FB page! Thanks!

  299. Antoinette Naude says:

    This concept is so awesome to use for catching up my 5yr old’s last 5 yrs. She often wants to look at the photos on my computer, thus if I can print and use this Project Life formula, I can get it done fast and still make a beautliful album for her to keep :)
    Antoinette – Washington

  300. I also Like Becky Higgins on Facebook!

  301. Liked Becky on FB and said hi! :)

  302. I love both the turquoise and the clementine! It would be hard to choose between them!

  303. My husband will be deploying soon and I’d love to use Project Life to record all those day to day things that he’ll miss when he’s gone.

    Amanda from Colorado! :)

  304. Jennifer S. says:

    I am already a fan of Becky’s on Facebook, so I left a thank you comment on her post about your giveaway.

  305. I would like to use the project life kit to start preserving memories of my travels. I have boxes of photos going back to 2002. This would surely help me get jump started, especially on a cold snowy day like today in Kalamazoo, Michigan!

  306. used to be a pretty good scrapbooker – but not so much anymore – I want to be better this year.


  307. Jennifer S. says:

    Hard to choose one collection….but I think I would go with Cobalt. Turquoise is also pretty….but not in stock!

  308. Jennifer S. says:

    I would definitely do weekly so that I can manage it more consistently. My son just turned 6so I can still manage to capture life for him. Great giveaway!, From Florida….and just a bit cold today!!

  309. I shared it on Twitter @ASouthernLadysR

  310. I liked Becky higgins on FB and Left a comment

  311. I love the Clementine Edition It is my favorite

  312. I would love to document my life with this kit I have been eyeing them for a while now I love the idea of just documenting everyday life. because it flies by.

  313. I’ve got to get our pictures organized too! Thanks!
    Laurel from Colorado

  314. Destiny Hisey says:

    Liked Becky on Facebook and told her hi.

  315. Destiny Hisey says:

    I think the Cobalt Blue edition might be my favorite, and maybe my hubby would help with it since it’s not too girly. :)

  316. I left a comment on Becky’s facebook page

  317. Destiny Hisey says:

    I think I’ll just begin by trying to record something from my life monthly. I’d love to do more, but figure I better set a realistic goal!

  318. I love the colors of the Cobalt Edition, thanks for the giveaway!

  319. I have a 8 month old and would love to have Project Life to document his first year, thanks for the giveaway!

  320. Thanks for hosting the giveaway and link up! I have so many pictures on my computer, that I’m always saying I want to print out, organize, display, scrapbook. My goal is to actually do something about that this year :).

  321. I’m going to actually print photos this year!

  322. It is shared on Facebook.

  323. I visited Becky of Facebook!

  324. Although all the collections are great, I would have to choose Turquoise. I just hope it gets back in stock soon!

  325. I’m usually a scrapbooker, but I am doing Project 365 and would love to record those pictures using Project Life.

  326. Shared on facebook!

  327. I would love to win the Amber edition! Making a big move across country and what a great way to document it!

  328. Haley W (Cranberry Twp) says:

    I would pick the turquoise edition! Love project life!

  329. Visited Becky on FB and said Hello :)

  330. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    Visited Becky on Facebook to say hello
    Sharlene Piscitelli—Connecticut

  331. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    I have so many pictures and bits of memorabilia that to have some place to organize so much would be terrific! Scrapbooking small pieces of family history sounds like it would be so doable!
    Sharlene Piscitelli from Connecticut

  332. the clementine kit!

  333. Thanks for a killer party! I can’t believe how big your link parties are! I love to browse through everyone’s creativity. So much fun on a Saturday morning.
    I linked up my Pickling Jalapeno Peppers. Hope you enjoy!

  334. Alison (Tennessee) says:

    I visited Becky’s website and I would definitely choose the Amber edition. LOVE the sunny yellow:-)

  335. Alison (Tennessee) says:

    I liked Becky on Facebook

  336. Alison (Tennessee) I plan to use the Project Life to document my daughter’s first 2 years. I know I’m not but I feel like a bad mom because I have no scrapbooks of her yet!!!!

  337. Paige Woody says:

    I stopped by Becky’s Facebook page. So many wonderful ideas!!

  338. Paige Woody says:

    If I won I would get the Amber edition.

  339. Paige Woody says:

    We have 3 girls and I always have trouble remembering why I took a photo. Project Life would help me remember all those little details in life.

  340. I think for this year I would use a classic black or white binder with colorful pages…

  341. I’m from MA and am not sure exactly how I would record this year…but I’m getting married in May so it would be a good one to record :)

  342. I shared the giveaway over on my FB (A Home Made by Kiki)

  343. I’m already a fan of Becky on FB, but I stopped by to say “hi”. :)

  344. Shared on facebook

  345. I would LOVE the Clementine Kit!

  346. I shared this on Pinterest.

  347. I am already working on PL for 2012, but I also want to start putting together baby books and school books for both of my girls using the same process. LOVE Project Life and I would love to win this to help with my school books!
    Kristina, from Virginia

  348. I visited Becky on facebook.

  349. I would love to win the Amber Edition.

  350. I like the Clementine kit and the orange binder! So fresh and fun!!

  351. Forgot my name and state. Laurie and New York. Preserving family history by scrapbooking.

  352. I have been scrapbooking for a very long time now and have been since before it became popular. My scrapbooks are testament to that. You can see how they have evolved. I scrapbook every week with my BFF. That is our I preserve our family history and will continue to do so.

  353. Love Project Life! I plan to do a week to week memory – I want to include photos but also everyday bits of life like receipts, pictures and notes from my kids, etc.

  354. libbywilko says:

    Visited Becky and I’m in so love with the Clementine collection for Andrea in VA

    • libbywilko says:

      oops it posted twice I also left love on Becky’s fb page so I’m guessing that the double up can count as that !

  355. libbywilko says:

    I’m in love with the Clementine collection for Andrea in VA

  356. I would love to get my photos organized and keep a record of my family’s history. It’s one of those projects that is on the back burner and needs to get done! Suzanne from New Hampshire

  357. Looked through Becky’s site…I can’t decide which I like better, turquoise or clementine!

    Chris in Idaho

  358. Up until life got crazy, I made my own scrapbooks with business binders and clear 8×11 sheet protectors. I love the idea of a simple way that is put together for me. I have about 6 years to catch up!

  359. I use to spend up to $25 bucks and 5 to 6 hours on ONE page of my daughters scrapbook! I haven’t even made it to her 1st birthday… and she is SIX! I would LOVE something simpler, so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. Plus these are just too darn cute!

  360. libbywilko says:

    Thank you so much for this it is so lovely and generous of you !

    I’ve been using a digital for project 365 wildblueberry ink’s templates ( similar to project life) last year but I think this year I really want to include all the Stuff of daily life so I’ve been starting to collect it all and hope to order some of PL plastics to use with it ! Just have to organise some week folders so I can put it all in one place!

    Thank you for the chance to win this and send it to my friend Andrea in VA.

  361. Is it bad luck that I let Becky know my fingers are crossed for the drawing?

  362. It’s hard to choose just one, they’re all great. But if I must I think I would go with the Amber Collection.

  363. From MI…I would play catch up to my overdue scrapbooking. I think I would start with our wedding album.

  364. I’d like to capture my family and take a photo everyday

  365. I follow Becky on FB and I left a comment on her TT&J post saying hi!

  366. I would pick the Amber kit

  367. I record my history through blog books right now but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to start Project Life too!

  368. Honestlt I didnt understand how we can use that :) maybe if i will have it i will get it lol Rasha from California

  369. Said Hi on Facebook

  370. I like all the choices at Becky Higgins. So I think I would choose the Turqoise this year.

  371. I stopped by and said Hello to Becky

  372. I would choose the Turquoise Edition

  373. I would love to have all the pictures I’ve taken of my son organized.

  374. I am going to try out Project Life this year on a weekly basis. Would love to win a bundle. Thanks. From Utah.

  375. Good evening.
    My name is Anna. I live in Minnesota
    I love scrapbooking but have no time to do layouts because of three kids and homeschooling.
    This is my second year watching and searching people do PL. PL will be great way to document my three little ones
    Thank you for the chance :)

  376. I would LOVE to use this system to record my boys lives. It looks so simple! I’m in California, thanks!!

  377. I would like to catch up, over the past couple of years I have taken TONS of photos but stop scraping them. I wont take the day to day or week to week approach with porject life I am going to document what ever I am in the mood to scrap that day. Project Lifes simplicity will help me get those memories in a album and still have some creative outlet by adding embelishments and my own little touches where I want and when I want. The whole thing is BRILLIANT!!

  378. My daughter just turned 6 last week and I’ve yet to scrapbook her birth and first year! Seriously need to get on that – and this system seems like it would be perfect!
    Olympia, WA


  379. I said hi to Becky on Facebook!

  380. i would absolutely choose the Amber kit. Love those colors!

  381. Put the Project Life giveaway up on Balancing Home’s facebook page.

  382. Since I have two small kids, I would love to record memories of them, mostly of the funny things they do/say at this age. I’m in AZ!

  383. Tweeted about the giveaway!

  384. I would choose the Project Life Binder – Clementine Edition

  385. I would get the clementine edition if I win!

  386. Stopped by Becky on facebook and gave her the good old thumbs up!

  387. I’m a California girl born and raised and currently stationed in Texas :)

    This would be awesome to finally have a place to share my photos and snippets that coordinate with the photos. I have tons of photos in boxes and I have all my photos stored on my external hard drive. I have no time for scrapbooking and so this would be a better option :)

  388. I said hi from you on Facebook!

  389. I would go with the Clementine editions, but really they are all so gorgeous!

  390. I’m from Kentucky and I’d do a picture a day!

  391. I just tweeted the giveaway! @cherbeartoo

  392. Planning to record our history by doing a series of monthly interviews with the two of us. It would be great to put my journalism background to work as a way to preserve our memories!

    Summer, Idaho

  393. I feel so guilty about how little have documented and written down. I have stuff all over the place! It isn’t too late. They are only 8 months and three!

  394. I stopped by and said Hello to Becky on her FB page! I like her now too! :)

  395. Clementine most definitely! So cute and fresh!

  396. dropped by Becky’s FB and said hello! Really thinking about starting PL this year, but I need a push!

  397. If I won, I would pick the Clementine Collection! I love all the colors!

  398. Hi, I am Cherie, currently residing in Minnesota. How would I record my history? Well if I won this, I would take lots of pictures of my nephews! I am here visiting until summer where I will be then be moving to Hawaii. With my husband in the military we are ALWAYS on the go, and really never know where we might be. It would be so much fun to record what we do each week as a reminder of how life was before we have kids. Then we can look back several years down the road and try to remember this time we had! What a fun and fantastic system this looks like!! :)

  399. Renea Pike says:

    I love the Amber Edition!
    Renea Pike, Nevada :) I forgot to put my state in my last ciomment!

  400. what a fabulous giveaway! with a baby on the way this year, I’d use it to document our new journey into parenthood :) this would be a perfect! thanks so much for the chance to enter :)

  401. I always mean to start a scrapbook and this would help me finally do it!

    Lindsey, Massachusetts

  402. Renea Pike says:

    I would record our big family move and life since we’ve been here! Also my babies 2nd and 4th years of life :)

  403. If I win, I would pick the Cobalt set.

  404. I’m from WA state. I would use this to document our family life. But I need many more kits to catch up on my back-log of photos. =D

  405. If I won, I’d pick the Clementine set – love those colors and patterns!

  406. My three boys] are teens now and I want to make sure I record all their little moments before they leave home.

    Nicole from Utah

  407. I would love Clementine. Actually, I’d probably purchase the new black binder and get the Clementine core kit. I’m a little OCD that way…..All the binders will have to be the same. :)

  408. Hey there! I’m about ready to jump on board with Project Life. I just have to get these pics off the computer! Digital is great, but we still love albums to flip through!

  409. Kimberly Loxtercamp says:

    I would go with cobalt edition.

  410. Kimberly Loxtercamp says:

    I am from MN and would use this to document the little things each week.

  411. Holly Dixon says:

    I left a comment on Becky’s Facebook page saying that you sent me!

  412. Holly Dixon says:

    I would pick the turquoise edition book because I have two boys and it is adorable!

  413. Melinda T says:

    I posted on my fb page! Thanks, again!


  414. Holly Dixon says:

    I would love to have one of these. I have two boys 4 & almost 6 and I dont have any scrapbooks for them and thousands of pictures. I dont have a very good memory so I take lots of pictures to remind myself of every moment but they are all disorganized. With my third one on the way, I would love something like this to get me on track to organizing all my pictures and to give them something that they will cherish forever.

  415. Melinda T says:

    I visited Becky on fb and left her a comment.

  416. Melinda T says:

    The Cobalt kit looks amazing! Thats what I’d pick for us this year!

  417. Melinda T says:

    Melinda, Wisconsin

    Project Life is the perfect way for our busy family to reconnect, share and document the details of our everyday! I want to remember the simple and ordinary things as well as reflect back on the seasons of our lives. Project Life is what we’ll make it to be and I’m seeking simplicity! I’m not going to worry about paper and embellishments, I’m going to focus on capturing us and journaling our days, thoughts and feelings. Thanks TT&J and Becky! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, I sure would love to win this for me and my family!

  418. i love this idea! i do believe i would start with the moment my husband and i met and then chronicle everything from our proposal to the wedding to now…great times

  419. Visited Becky’s site – I would pick the Cobalt Project Life

  420. This seems like a great way to keep our 2012 memories without too much time invested. Time is precious with 2 boys running around :)

  421. I liked the binders in turquoise & clementine.

  422. I used to be so diligent about scrapbooking but now I’m so behind it’s frustrating. Still love my photos. I’d love to use this system to get caught up. Sonya, Oklahoma

  423. The Turqoiuse edition is SO cute … not that the others don’t follow right behind!! I have quite a few friends who are on their second & third years of Project Life … so jelly of their beautiful accomplishments! Would love to begin and get my little guy’s first year marked before #2 comes along!! Thanks for offering this amazing giveaway!
    :) Christy from Illinois

  424. I would record all of my first years of marriage!

  425. Visited Becky’s site! I just love this idea. Especially since I’m so far behind!!

    Megan from Kansas!

  426. I said hey to Becky!

  427. I love PL! I hope to go digital again this year with the new shutterfly option Becky has out! Although my kids would love the manual one. I would love to win this and give it to my best friend to use!

  428. I would pick Turquoise Edition because I have 4 boys. Can’t have anything too girly for them. :)

  429. I would LOVE to do daily. Probably wouldn’t take pictures daily, but just a few brief statements here and there. I’m 3 kids and 7 years behind. So this would be perfect and a lot less stressful!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this!
    Megan from Kansas!

  430. I like the Amber Edition the best.

  431. I would love this to make sure I record my 2nd baby’s first year. We took a bazillion photos of our first, and it is harder to take as many with the second! Alexis from Colorado

  432. I like the clementine edition. So pretty!

  433. Quite a while ago I attempted to start tracing my family tree. It’s a lot of work and I discovered I had notes and photos scattered all over. Something like this product might help me get motivated and organized to continue with my research. As my children become older, they are taking more of a interest in their heritage. Would make a nice keepsake for them.
    Nancy in NV

  434. I like the Amber edition.

  435. I love the amber edition – i would use it to record the little every day moments of our lives – so many things I want to remember about how the kids are right now.

  436. I would record just the important moments that we want to remember.

  437. visited becky on fb!

  438. I would choose the Clementine edition, it is so adorable!

  439. I visited Becky’s fb page!

  440. Project Life looks so fabulous! I am currently a scrapbooker and love preserving our memories this way, but with 4 girls I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of preserving I want to do :) i think this method of scrapbooking would really work for me!

  441. I’d pick the Turquoise Edition kit too!

  442. I love the Turquoise Edition!!! My favorite color! Very cool looking product!

  443. I plan to make some beautiful pages of my new baby #8!

    Sherah, OR

  444. Stephanie says:

    Can’t wait to use Project Life this year to record family memories. Just waiting on the photo pocket pages!!!
    Stephanie in Texas

  445. I’d pick the Turquoise Edition kit. :-)

  446. I have completely gotten out of the habit of recording life and this simple version of recording tidbits and photos has definitely inspired me. I am going to try to take a picture a day for the rest of January and see how it feels.

    • Oops – forgot to mention my name & state. I’m Carrie in California and I can’t wait to get back into the habit of recording daily moments, big & small

  447. I have been very bad at recording the milestones of my 20 months. Angela from Wisconsin

  448. I’d love to do the picture a day way, but that is too ambitious for me! So I’d probably do a year in review with highlights from each month. Kelly from VA.

  449. I’ve been thinking about getting a PL kit… maybe now is the time? :-) I’d use PL to replace my traditional scrapbooking of my family.

  450. I love your weekend wrap-up linky parties! I always get so many fabulous ideas from it!
    And I totally love the idea of the Project Life Kit. I’d be thrilled to have any of them! I want them all!
    Kindest regards,

  451. I left a comment on her FB page.
    I also forgot to mention that I live in Utah.
    Thank you!

  452. They’re all so cute but I think the Amber edition is my favorite! Thanks!

  453. Said hello to Becky on facebook :)

    Michelle in maryland

  454. Hi Jen! Thanks for hosting! And what a great giveaway! I would so love to win! I’ve been really bad about scrapbooking lately (uh..like the last few years!) and would love to try give Project Life a try!

  455. I would start with the birth of my youngest daughter and go back in time to catch up.

  456. Love them all especially Clementine :)

  457. I will pick the amber edition if I win!


  458. So hard to pick one, but my favorite is Clementine :)
    Michelle in Maryland

  459. Hi there! I would do the picture a day way. Fun way to see the year!
    michelle in Maryland

  460. I would record all of the details of my upcoming wedding.


  461. ruth tacoma says:

    I would definitely choose the Clementine Kit! :)

    Ruth in Michigan

  462. ruth tacoma says:

    Well I’m a scrapbooker, so I record our events, but I love the idea of Project Life to record the everyday stuff.

    Ruth in Michigan

  463. I love scrap booking but have blocks because it is a lot if work. This would be a perfect solution! Emily- Iowa

  464. I shared a link on my FB page.

  465. I left a comment on her FB page.

  466. I just shared the giveaway on my FB wall: http://www.facebook.com/GallamoreWest
    Have a great weekend!
    Laurie @ Gallamore West
    (Laurie Gallamore, CA)

  467. I would Love to record my trip to Australia to see my mom. I live in New York.

  468. I left a comment on Becky Higgin’s facebook bage.

  469. What a great giveaway! Just seems to easy not to have thought of it myself. I am so bad with photo albums meaning I have none. :(

    Thanks for letting me party at your place today…

  470. I like the Amber edition.

  471. Love the Clementine!

  472. I plan on preserving my memories by journaling and taking photos and keeping them together
    in one place 😉 PL is the perfect answer.

  473. I’m about 8 years behind! I would record everything by year.


  474. This year, I’m recording each day and trying to document it with photos.

  475. I LOVE the project life kit! I have several friends who do this and it looks SOO easy, and much more doable than scrapbooking.

  476. I live in Hawaii and I’m going to do Project Life this year along with my personal journal.

  477. I like Becky on FB!

  478. I would pick the amber edition!

  479. I “liked” her page on Facebook and left a comment there. I’d be so excited to win this!
    Laurie @ Gallamore West
    (Laurie Gallamore, CA)

  480. I’d really like this to be the year I start organizing photos. sigh.
    What a great kit!

  481. I visited Becky’s website. It’s all gorgeous- the Clementine collection is my favorite!
    Laurie @ Gallamore West
    (Laurie Gallamore, CA)

  482. I would LOVE to start Project Life to keep on top of our photos. I’m REALLY good at taking lots of photos, but I rarely even print any pictures anymore.
    Laurie @ Gallamore West
    (Laurie Gallamore, CA)

  483. You must be reading my mind! I have a cabinet full of photos that I’ve been avoiding. This would be a great system for organizing them quickly and beautifully!

  484. Kathy Ammons says:

    I “liked” Becky Higgins on Facebook and left a comment. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  485. I’d love to win this! I do digital scrapbooks, but I’ve seen these before and they look so fun! I really like how my daughter could help me with the books.

  486. Melinda Wilson says:

    I posted on Becky’s FB Wall!
    Melinda, Pinson, AL

  487. Thank you so very much for hosting!

  488. Jennie Henry says:

    I can’t wait to start 2012 with project life. Ipthe hardest part seems to be choosing the design. all are so great! My goal is record our life weekly…three little ones provide many memorable moments, but not many moments to spend recording those moments :)

  489. Melinda Wilson says:

    I love the turquoise set because I love the combo of turquoise and the green color but looks like some of it is out of stock so my next choice would be Cobalt.

  490. Melinda Wilson says:

    Right now I am keeping my history up-to-date through pictures that are on my computer. I record these but there are many things that I miss. Melinda from Pinson, AL

  491. Yi Huang Nance says:

    I shared the giveaway on FB.

  492. I already follow Becky on FB and visit all the time. :) LOVE her! :)

  493. Melinda Wilson says:

    Right now I am keeping my history up-to-date through pictures that are on my computer. I record these but there are many things that I miss.

  494. I like all the kits, but I think Clementine is my favorite.

  495. One of my goals this year is to get organized too (pics included)! I am waaaayyy behind and think Project Life is a perfect way tackle it. Looking forward to your posts about PL…well, and all the others too actually! LOL! :) Thank you for a chance to win. Jen, CA

  496. i thanked becky for an upcoming tutorial :)

  497. Samantha C. says:

    Love the Turquoise Edition!

  498. amanda mcnamara says:

    I have been thinking about ordering and using Project Life, winning this giveaway would really jumpstart my plan to organize my son’s photos! I love the idea of scrap booking, but I think this approach is a more realistic starting point for me! I’m from IL! Thanks!!

  499. Samantha C. says:

    This would be great for a daily photograph project!
    Sam from Illinois

  500. oh i am most absolutely a turquoise girl (which of course is unavailable)

  501. Yi Huang Nance says:

    I visited Becky on FB.

  502. groovy….i’ve done PL for the past 2 years, and i do it weekly, starting with monday – and would do it that way again this year

  503. I like the turquoise!

  504. Yi Huang Nance says:

    I love the Turquoise edition. They are perfect for my project.

  505. I LINKED! :)

  506. Kathy Ammons says:

    I love the colors of the Clementine collection. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  507. Michelle Smith says:

    I love the turquoise edition.


  508. I would use it to record my (hopefully) successful attempt at taking a picture everyday for a year! Sara from Georgia

  509. Elizabeth D says:

    I love this! I would use this to capture and save the memories of my new baby boy who will be born march 16th!!! :)

  510. Michelle Smith says:

    I would love to start keeping a book for my son. Elburn, IL


  511. I like her Amber addition. Cute. California

  512. I want the clementine edition – love the colors!

  513. Yi Huang Nance says:

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway. I just recently heard amour the Project Life and is very excited about this wonderful product. I would love to win so I will be able to work on my kids’ photos. I’ve wanted to scrapbook their story sine they are born. But did not have the time to scrapbook every single moments. Project Life is perfect solution for me to do that. I wish I will be able to win the giveaway.

    Yihuang Nance , Texas

  514. Thank you for hosting! Have a fantastic week!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  515. Kathy Ammons says:

    I would record my family’s every day and special memories with pictures and words. I’m in Georgia.

  516. posted to Becky’s FB :)

  517. I plan starting to out the last 10 years of my marriage in a book… yes. 10 years of no photo books… yikes!

  518. I visited Becky on FB!

    -Missa Lee

  519. mariellen says:

    I would like to start keeping a record of my two girls. It would be nice to get them out of the camera and computer.
    Mariellen, VA

  520. Thanks for always hosting the wrap up party so we can each be spotlighted! Love your blog Jen!!
    xoxo Janean @http://howikeepsane.blogspot.com/

  521. shared on FB! :)

  522. I love the clementine edition! What great colors!

    -Missa Lee, AZ

  523. Michelle S says:

    I went and visited Becky on FB

  524. mariellen says:

    What a great giveaway!! I love the turquoise kit…I’ve been waiting for it to become available again.

  525. Michelle S says:

    Thanks for the chance to win…I would love to do either one of the colors and I would do it daily.

  526. I shared this on pinterest!
    -Missa Lee

  527. I shared this on twitter!

    -Missa Lee, AZ

  528. I’ve been coveting this kit for a while…what a great way to stay on track for an everyday-life-family album.
    :) Lisa (in VA)

  529. I shared this on FB!

    Missa Lee, AZ

  530. Shared the giveaway via Twitter! {@gijoeswifeblog}

  531. mariellen says:

    I have recently been looking into this!! I love the turquoise kit…sad that it is not available.

  532. I have 3 decades of photos that I made the promise to archive this year. I need this soooo bad!

    Missa Lee, AZ

  533. Went over to Becky on FB and liked her! Plus I love some of the layouts she has posted.

  534. I love the turquoise kit, bit it is no longer available. So, the Clementine is a close second.

  535. Stopped by the FB page and said hello!

  536. I LOVE the Amber Edition! Fresh and cute. =)

  537. Aimee from Georgia says:

    Love the entire Project Life line and would be thrilled to win one to help catch up my 5 kids’ photos.

  538. Love this idea ! Would start off scrapping all those photos of our 7 grandkids which have been stored ina special box in my craft room. Looking at them one by one just isn’t the same as leafing through an album ,captions and all!

  539. Michele ALmeida says:

    I shared the giveaway on FB

  540. I would record my history by telling the little day to day stories. I am a teacher and there are so many amazing happenings I get to witness everyday and I would like to remember them. I would also like to keep a record of family memories for my niece and nephew to have when they grow up. I live in Oregon so I would definitely have to record family memories of going to the beach, and the mountains!

  541. This is such a great giveaway! I would use the starter kit to document my childhood of my kids so I don’t live in fear of how mad they’ll be at me when they get older and I can’t find pictures of them from when they were younger! Kristina from Minnesota

  542. I’ve really been thinking about doing a Project Life album recently! A friend introduced me to the idea, and I can’t get it out of my head. I LOVE to scrapbook, but it takes SO much time and effort. If I get to be the lucky winner {fingers and toes crossed!} I think I’d do a 365 album. Our baby girl is due to be here in April and I know I’ll want to document every little thing! And it’d be nice not to have to sit down for hours at a time just to do so!

    Sarah K.

  543. I visited Becky on Facebook and left her a note 😉

  544. Michele ALmeida says:

    Clementine for me too! :)

  545. Christi Parker says:

    I like the clementine edition….the colors are so me!


  546. Christi Parker says:

    Ive been looking into project life lately and think I wanna start one on my 30th birthday that’s coming up this year.


  547. Michele ALmeida says:

    Visited Becky’s FB page and said Hello :)

  548. I would love the Clementine core kit and the new black signature binder!

  549. I would love the cobalt kit! It’d be perfect to document the adventures of my little men.

  550. Michele ALmeida says:

    I would use Project Life to catch up with the 18,000 photos I have!! I always want to scrapbook, but the time just isn’t there right now! This would be a great way to get going with out all the “thinking” :) Michele Almeida-Washington state

  551. Omgosh what an exciting giveaway!! I really want to do Project Life this year and have been taking pictures daily and notes as well. I would really love to do our binder in a weekly format. Thanks for the chance!!! :) XX, Monica from California

  552. I tweeted!

  553. I shared on my Facebook page!

    allinadayblog AT gmail DOT com

  554. I’ve been looking for an easier way to scrapbook, but feel so lost with all the cool things about there. This looks like it’s all contained, love it!

  555. Thanks so much for hosting! Have a great weekend,

  556. Jen,
    I just added your button & info on this giveaway to the end of my blogpost for TOMORROW. (Sat 1/14) ~Sally

  557. I shared on Twitter!

    allinadayblog AT gmail DOT com

  558. Elizabeth Houge says:

    I’d pick clementine

  559. Michelle C. says:

    I would definitely try to record the past three years. I haven’t had the chance to scrapbook them at all! (Illinois)

  560. I left a facebook message. ameliab555 [at] gmail [dot] com

  561. I love the Amber edition. ameliab555 [at] gmail [dot] com

  562. My mom would love this and so would I for cataloging college memories (since I always forget to take photos let alone scrapbook them). Amelia-Ohio

  563. I stopped by and said hi to Becky on FB!

    allinadayblog AT gmail DOT com

  564. Thanks for the fab party Jen!!

  565. I liked Becky on FB and left her a note.

  566. I would LOVE the turquoise edition, but would totally be ok with the clementine edition too!

    allinadayblog AT gmail DOT com

  567. Such a great giveaway!! I almost bought the PL kit the other day, but didn’t (not sure why….I think I got distracted). I would love to win! I would love to keep track of my one year old’s “firsts”, as well as other family events here in sunny Florida!

  568. I would document our New Years weekend in the mountain of North Carolina. My name is Chessa and I live in Ohio.

  569. Stopped by and said hi to Becky on Facebook!

  570. Thanks for hosting…….I’d love to win this great scrapbook I would record our family vacations, birthdays and holidays here in MS…U.S.A….I’d like to invite you to my first linky party starts tonight at 9 central over @CountryMommaCooks Have a great weekend……Sincerely Deana

  571. I would take those photos out of boxes and get them into that amazing binder!
    Kelly – NJ

  572. Elizabeth Houge says:

    I need a simple scrabooking system since my time is limited. Tennessee.

  573. Would finally start the infant portions of my now 6 and 8 year olds!

    Renee from WI

  574. I liked on FB!

  575. I would choose clementine!

  576. Love the clementine edition!

  577. I think I would pick the Clementine edition!

  578. Thanks so much for hosting! Best. Party. Ever!

  579. I would choose the celementine addition. Jamie NM

  580. My choice would be the Amber collection.

  581. I would use project life to get my photo’s of my son in order!!! I am a mess!

  582. My poor second child always looks so sad when his big sister looks at all her albums…I need this to catch up his books and record our current family adventures here in good ole South Carolina!! 😉

  583. I would choose the celementine addition

  584. I spent a big chunk of this afternoon looking through all of Becky’s webpage and blog, and I’m so excited to start a book for 2012. I have so many photos held hostage on my computer, and I would love to get them out where we can look at them more often.

  585. I visited her FB page and said hello!

  586. I have done a 365 album w/ Project Life, and I’m planning a Disney one as well. I would love to catch up on the past couple years in photos this way as well!

  587. If I WIN, I would choose the Amber Edition… the yellow just makes me smile :)

  588. I would pick the Clementine edition! NC

  589. I’m currently not doing anything about preserving memories. I have a couple of scrapbooks in progress and did one of these a couple of years ago. If I were to start preserving again… I would definitely do PL.

    Kelly in Missouri

  590. My son just lost his first tooth. I’d like to be able to capture those little things using this system.

  591. I would love to be able to do Project Life I have been thinking about it for a while I would love to do a Layout a month with my sisters!

  592. I would start with my daughter’s Minnie Bday party! Thanks for an awesome giveaway! NC

  593. Shared on live.laugh.rowe FB page :)

  594. I would love to win this! I honestly think I’d do a book full of pictures from my phone—the only camera I usually have with me!! I’m in Nashville, TN.

  595. Left a comment for Becky on fb. Told her I learned about her from Tatertots and Jello. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  596. Lisa Anthony says:

    I went to both sites and would pick Life white. And shared. Thank you

  597. This is a really cute giveaway. I hardly ever print out pictures anymore but this might get me to start. :) Diana – NY

  598. I would love the cobalt edition!

  599. I love the turquoise addition!!

  600. I think I’d want the Amber addition if I was lucky enough to win.

  601. Thanks for hosting and for the giveaway.

    I’d love something like this to organize our memories. Looks like a lot of cool tools there. Much better than my post it note system :)


  602. I’ve been scrapbooking for a decade now, and I’m looking for a more streamlined approach. I’m thinking of moving to photo books (from Shutterfly), but thanks for sharing Becky’s system. I never heard of it before!! (From Ohio!)

  603. I really like Becky Higgins’ stuff. I’d love to get this and organize our family photos. I live in Ohio.

  604. Hi Jen,

    What a great giveaway! I like the idea of simplifying the scrapbook process. The old way was so overwhelming and time consuming. I got discouraged and stopped. Now my supplies sit there unused.
    Thanks for hosting. I like the turquoise edition. I live in Massachusetts!

  605. Thanks Jen for the party! I saw this scrapbook box somewhere this week, babble? I can’t remember but I DO remember thinking I need one of those!!!!

  606. Thanks for hosting Jen! I’ve linked up my projects from this week :)

    I plan to record our history with lots of pictures and journals I keep for the kids.

  607. Thanks JEN for your amazing party!!! ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND. winks, jen

  608. I would choose the Turquoise edition. I am in Lafayette, IN too

  609. I just checked out Becky’s site, and I would pick the turquoise edition. So pretty!

  610. Today is the first day I have heard or Project Life! What a great and simple idea! I love it. I plan to preserve memories with pictures and journals :-)

  611. the turquoise one is my favorite but really, they would all work just grand! Super idea Becky!!

  612. This California mama plans on blogging, scrapbooking, project life-ing. April.

  613. thanks for the party, jen.

    this is so weird, one of my bffs & i were just talking about project life & becky higgins minutes ago.

    have a super weekend.

  614. I do a family planner journal to record our history but this would be grand!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  615. Just tweeted! :)

  616. What an awesome giveaway!!! I love to scrapbook but I am about 2 years behind now!!! Project Life sounds like it would be a lot easier to keep up with:-) Thank you so much for hosting!!!

  617. I love the turquoise and cobalt versions!

  618. Tweeted it!

  619. Left a comment on her FB!

  620. I like the Amber edition. :)

  621. Hi, Jen! Thank you for hosting. This is such a cool Giveaway. I plan on recording our history with words and photos…whether it’s in albums or scrapbooks. :) I live in Virginia!

  622. Thanks for hosting, Jen! I would absolutely love to win. Becky is amazing!!

  623. What a great giveaway! I would love to do a Project Life album–I think I’d do a layout for each week! So fun!


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