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Getting Organized in 2012 — Organizing Cleaning Supplies and Free Label Printables!

I really am serious about getting organized in 2012.

I have never had a big desire to get organized before. I was content to stash things in closets and cupboards. Out of site = out of mind. But something changed this year and I am really wanting to simplify. Maybe it’s getting older, or having my kids get older. I’m not sure. But once I started cleaning things out, I wanted to clean EVERYTHING out. And it’s addicting. I can’t stop!!  So I guess 2012 is the year of THE PURGE.

The first cleaning project of the year = under the kitchen sink. I don’t think this sink space has been properly cleaned out in the almost 10 years we have lived here — gasp! And it feels SO good!!!!

And I’m keeping it real and showing the actual before picture.

I made some lables (that match my island — eeek!) to organize this space. I also got a laminator for $15 and I have been going crazy using it everywhere!

Here are some things I did to optimize this space. I added some bins to the inside of one side of the cabinet doors. I attached them with mounting strips from the Dollar Store.

Then I mounted a little bar to the other side of the cabinet. It’s the perfect place to hang rubber gloves (of course they have to be cute!) and washcloths.

I also bought an inexpensive platter to corral the Detergent and Dish Soap. Plus, I bought some plastic containers and put the sprays in one, the Magic Erasers (I love those) in another, the Counter Cleaners, The Scouring Agents and a Pottery Bin to keep the scrubbers.

I feel so organized!!

I moved on to a coat closet by our garage door. I transformed this closet  into a cleaning closet. I took out the metal clothes rod and hung a big hook to hang the tubing for our vacuum. Then I bought some metal shelving to hold cleaning supplies. The bottom two shelves hold the cleaning totes. I have one for each floor in our house. And inside are things needed like — Glass Cleaner, a squeegee, toilet cleaner and a scrubber, bathroom foam cleaner and a duster. That way the kids can grab the tote and clean their bathrooms with everything they need.

Other things in the shelves are a bin of all of the sprays, and one of the cleansers. And then on the shelf above the bins, cleaning tools, extra cleaning supplies and bulk sized bottles of supplies. Plus the rags.

And on the inside of the door I have the kids Chore Chart that is laminated so they can use dry erase marker and mark off their chores as they get them done.

I also have a bin where I corralled all of the mops and vacuum parts.

And I made some labels in case you want to use them to organize YOUR kitchen and/or cleaning supply space.

I am excited to work on each part of my home this year — let’s hear it for a More Organized 2012!!!

Have a Beautiful Day!!


Be sure to check out Marian’s post on Growing Your Blog — Photography today :)



Here are the labels if you want to download any.

And I made one blank so you can fill it in with whatever you want!! I used Aimee from Sprik Space’s freebie backgrounds for the background pattern. Be sure to check out her freebies – they are amazing!!

Kitchen and Cleaning Labels


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  2. I would love to know where your kitchen shade came from! I love it!

  3. Lovely, Jen! I noticed you have a vacuum like we do. Could you please let me know where you got the large L “hooks” that the vacuum is resting on? Thanks!

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  5. So many yucky chemicals! Why do you need all of that? You can do almost all of your cleaning with a spray bottle filled with vinegar and water along with some essential oils added in for antibacterial properties. The plain vinegar/water cleans mirrors/windows perfectly. For scouring, baking soda. If that doesn’t do the job, may add some salt. We just use Castille in place of soap and wash floors with it as well. We have one bottle of bleach that we’ve had sitting unopened for years, in the event that we have some serious need. So far, we have not.

    • I know this is super old, but in the bathrooms and kitchen the ONLY two things I use are a piece of melamine foam soaked in vinegar with citrus EOs added :) it smells for a day because I don’t dilute the vinegar unless I’m wiping down walls, but damn if my house isn’t clean! And SPARKLY!!!!

  6. Regina Sanchez says:

    Great ideas! I need to do this! Where did you get the steel bins with holes to mount on the inside of the cupboard drawer? Thank you!

  7. wow, you rock in the organization department. Everything looks fantastic!!
    Peace and Rae Health,

  8. Marilyn Nelson says:

    Great ideas…..I also need to get organized this year……thanks so much for the help.

  9. Ashleigh says:

    Jen, love the projects shown! I have a question! I noticed your central vacuum “sock”. Did you make it or buy it? Can you tell me how or where for whichever is your answer? Thanks so much! 😉

  10. These are great ideas! My husband and I are hoping to buy our first home this year and I will be printing off these labels and getting items for organization to start right in our new place!

    Where did you get those adorable rubber gloves!?!?!

  11. Such great tips! And I LOVE the rug by your sink. Where did you get it? Thanks!

  12. Hi Jen,
    I absolutely love your kitchen and cleaning labels. I was trying to download them from scribd but they are requesting access to my Facebook. I really don’t want them to access it. Is there another way around so I can get the labels. Sorry I am just getting into the DIY crafts and still have plenty to learn.

  13. I need to do that to my kitchen sink… but after the remodel (there comes that procrastination again!)

  14. Kim Clyde says:

    Love Love Love your organizational tips! Will be putting them to use this weekend. This is going to sound like an odd question…but the picture under what appears to your kitchen sink. I LOVE the rug that is on the floor in there. Could you happen to tell me where you got that if you remember? I know this sounds odd but I am in a mad search for a rug.

  15. Love your organization! Great job!

    I would love it if you shared this post with my readers on my organizing link party. I think they’ll enjoy it too: http://thriftmeblog.com/lets-organize-2012-kitchen-cabinets-recap-link-party/

  16. awesome job! love the way your organized and the labels!!


  17. Just wanted to let you know I was so inspired by this project, that I organized under my sink, labeling everything like you did too! I made sure to link back to this project :)

    If you want, you can check out how mine turned out here!

    Thanks for always sharing AMAZING projects :)

  18. Thanks for the pics and labels love them!!!

  19. Jen, I LOVE this! I love how you turned my simple pattern pieces into something so cute and functional! I’m sharing this on the Sprik Space FB page today. :)

  20. Loved the ideas you have given me… I am ‘terrified’ of my under-sink cabinet… it is scary in there. Thanks for sharing..

  21. I love it!

  22. your “bin” for mops,etc. looks like it would be the perfect fit for my laundry room lint can! where can i get it?? (i LOVE the color and the modern shape).

  23. I feel like the space under the kitchen sink is so awful, but you made yours look awesome! I featured this on my “Show Off Saturday”. Hope you check it out!

  24. Great job!!! I love this inside of cabinet doors!. For the ribbon around the mops/brooms you might want to consider a bungee cord. Screw an eye hook to the wall and hook each end of bungee on there. Works great!!! Again, great job and kudos to you for already getting this done this year.

  25. alli willard says:

    this is great!! Can’t wait to see more tips! Thanks for the printables also.

  26. I love this Jen! Labels are one of my favorite things ever…and these are adorable. I am totally using these! xo

  27. Those labels are adorable!! I love, love, love my laminator!! It’s one of those things that I wondered if I really needed but now that I have it, I find reason to use it all the time! Flash cards for the kids, organizing, tons of stuff!! I’m so jealous of you having a whole closet for your cleaning stuff!! We are closet deprived in our house so I have most of my stuff on shelves above the washer and dryer.

  28. Jen- this post rocks. I love how you organized everything! Those labels are awesome. And we have twin laminators. 😉 Yay for new year cleaning! xo

  29. I’ve been needing to do this for a while and now you’ve inspired me to actually do it!

  30. Love it! I wish I was HALF this organized :) Where did you get the rug by your kitchen sink? I love it!!

  31. It looks great!! Of course I have a non related question..lol. Where did you get the rug in front of the sink? I LOVE it :) You love of aqua has rubbed off on me and I’m starting to bring it into my kitchen.

  32. you have done the impossible… INSPIRED me to organize the boring and yucky. thanks for the swift kick 😉

  33. Two thumbs up for you! I’m working on Organization this month too–I love this time of year. :) I feel so accomplished when I get an organizing project done!

  34. at the hardware store you can find cool hooks (in the closet organization/heavy duty shelving aisle) that are designed to hold ladders and rakes on the wall. They also work for mops! It is so easy to just lift the mops and brooms from the wall, and they won’t be all over the place. Plus, if you’re like me, the easier it is to get to them and put them away, the more likely they will be used. It will also free up more floor space. My other “under the cabinet trick” is to store a large glass vase. I shove all my plastic walmart sacks in it. It’s pretty and keeps them contained…and it holds a LOT of bags. Once that sucker is full, I know I’ve either been shopping too much, or I don’t need to keep any more bags!
    Keep us posted how well the adhesive strips hold up those cute containers up on the doors. I’m worried that it is too humid here (especially under my sink) to do that…but I LOVE the idea!

    When I was a newlywed, the wife of a more established family at church was purging all of her cleaning closets and supplies and she have me a big bag of bottles and sponges and what-would-be-considered gross and useless to some people, since a lot of the products only had 1/3 of the bottle left. I was STOKED! She was thrilled to have her cabinets emptied and I was happy to not have to buy any cleaning supplies for about a year. She even had 4 kinds of shampoo that she’d tried once and didn’t like in there. Maybe a little strange to get a bunch of used stuff, but whatev! It was awesome. If you can’t decide whether or not to keep something, try to think of someone else who’s day would be made over getting an unexpected bag of “surplus”.
    happy organizing!

    PS-my laminator is my BFF. Love it.

  35. Love the labels!

  36. yes, where did you get your laminator? Organizing must be in the air! I’m dying to get things organized. Thanks for the reminders and kick in the pants! I’m so excited to get things organized!

  37. I have been thinking of purchasing a laminator. Do you like the Scotch TL901? Do you think the laminated documents are durable? I have been using contact paper and that doesn’t hold up very well, or look very nice! I love your blog!!

  38. LOVE all the organization! I really need to tackle the cabinet under my kitchen sink too… ugh.. not looking forward to it 😉

  39. You’re speaking my language. Love simplified and organized!

  40. So inspiring!! Thanks!

  41. Jen! I love this! I think this year is an organization year for so many! I will be posting my blogs about getting my garage/craft storage and my personal closet organized soon! Plus I was just looking in my baking cabinet and thinking wow this is a wreck! I should feature this on my blog and maybe it would inspire me to organize and label! Can’t wait to get a Cameo one day! So much help!

  42. Thanks a bunch for the labels! My cleaning cupboard is detined for “cuteness.” Love the idea of mounting the containers and gloves.

  43. Brovo! I’m cleaning and organizing as Christmas gets tucked away and then I’m tackling the garage! Thanks for the labels too.

  44. Looks great! I have so much cleaning and organizing to do! You have inspired me. I will clean out and organize something today!

  45. Oh wow! Want to come to my house and organize for me?

  46. Love these tips! I need to organize under my bathroom and kitchen sinks!

  47. Wow, that looks so fabulous!

  48. Beautiful!!

  49. Wow! Everything looks terrific! I really need to add the bins and rod to my under sink doors. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  50. I TOTALLY need to do both of these. Under the kitchen sink & create a cleaning pantry of sorts. I don’t have a pantry for this, so I’m really considering building a movable closet type thing that has a wide tall space for mops & vacuum, plus shelves for cleaning supplies. It’s on my list for this year!

  51. It looks so clean and organized. I love the labels and now I want a laminator.

  52. Melinda T says:

    Very inspiring! I’ve been needing to organize my cleaning supplies, will have to do it sometime this weekend to get it over with!

  53. Where in the world did you find a laminator for $15?

    This is such a rewarding project!

  54. Looks great! I love the labels–now I better get busy…

  55. These labels are great. I feel like the cabinet under our sink is constantly in disarray. Maybe if I make some labels I will actually go straighten it :)

  56. These spaces look wonderful! I’m halfway through my first two closets and can’t wait to have some finished spaces that look like yours :)

  57. I have been super busy all week long purging and organizing our home. Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas. Smiles, Paula


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