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Make a Holiday Felt Flower Wreath {Christmas Tutorial}!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope you are having a wonderful day with your loved ones!! Today I am thankful for so many things, including this wonderful blog world.

One of the biggest blessings in my life — my sister Ashley is here to share her Felt Holiday Wreath with us!!

Here’s how you make the wreath:


1 ball of yarn – I used a super bulky size 6 yarn. This makes it easier to wrap the wreath and makes it look cozier :) With the one ball of yarn I was able to make 2 wreaths.
Felt – I picked a cardinal red, gray and cream colorscheme.
Embellishments (pearls, beads, broaches, jewels)
Wreath form – 10 inch –
  • Start by wrapping your wreath form with the yarn. Keep it tight and even. The bulkier the yarn, the faster this step will be.
  • Take your felt and make some felt flowers. I searched “felt flower tutorial”on pinterest and came up with an amazing selection of tutorials to make all sorts of flowers, from simple to uber-complex. My favorite came from A Pumpkin and a Princess (A Pumpkin and Princess

These flowers were so simple to make that I am making them as bows for all my Christmas presents this year! 

  • I embellished the flowers with the gray pearls and rhinestones to add some Christmas bling.
  • The next step is to hot glue the flowers onto your yarn wreath! Simply place pin them in place to figure out the arrangement and then glue in place.
  • I added a little glitter cardinal bird left over from my Advent Calendar. This project is great because you can add little embellishments that are left over from other projects.
  • Hang your wreath with a ribbon and you are all set!

A simple, but impressive Cozy Felt Christmas Wreath!

HINT – Since the placement of the felt flowers makes this wreath lopsided, I used a leftover Command Strip to hold the wreath straight on my door. I just placed it at the bottom point of the wreath, between the back of the wreath and the door!

Thanks Ashley!!! 

Check out these other fun wreaths Ashley has made lately:

Felt Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Butterfly Wreath

 {isn’t her little boy the cutest?}

And if you are in the Bay Area – check out Ashley’s BoutiqueFlaunt in Danville, CA.

It is the ultimate in casual cool.

Tell her I sent you!!!

 Have a Happy and Thankful Day! 

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  1. Appx. how much did this cost to make?

  2. infarrantlycreative01 says:

    Love the wreath! The colors and the felt flowers!

  3. This is gorgeous! I’m new to this though…have you or could you post how you make the felt flowers?

  4. Just made a version of this wreath! LOVE IT!!! Thank you for the inspiration! <3

  5. I enjoy following your blog…you’ve always got something fun going on :o) The wreaths are awesome. I will definitely have to branch out and try to make one!

  6. Very creative and modern! I will definitely give it a try! I shared some Christmas DIY ideas on my blog but haven’t thought of any kind of wreaths I could make… Thanks for the inspiration! <3

  7. Hi, I just found you blog through your gorgeous wreath! Love that! I can see making a few of these myself for different occasions!!

  8. Great job! I love how diversitve the flowers are, yet you have kept simplicity in the materials and colors.not too much though, just the right amount of variety in colors. Beautiful!

  9. soooo beautiful – I made a wool-wrap bangle, very different but wearable!


    if you get a chance, I’d love a little love, maybe you could help me reach 20 followers… LOL!

  10. I love the way she embellished the flowers!

  11. These are beautiful!! I can’t wait to start my decorating!!!

  12. Hope you had a great day!

  13. I love the felt embeliishments. Great idea to make them for gifts!

  14. I’ve been wanting to make a yarn wreath! Thank you for sharing.

  15. I love the grey, white, and red together. I might copy those colors for my wreath:) Happy Thanksgiving.

  16. Wow! That wreath is gorgeous! I love the red, white, cream and grey, and the flowers are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

  17. I love this wreath, I only wish she had showed us how she made some of those flowers (mainly the more complicated looking ones…)

  18. This is so cute! Those felt flowers are just gorgeous – I can picture them on headbands, hats, all kinds of things. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

  19. This is beautiful, a really elegant take on the traditional wreath. The flowers are gorgeous!

  20. Beautiful Jen! I think I need to make those gorgeous felt flowers for christmas gifts, too. LOVE!

  21. AK'S & OBSUN says:

    Jen has more than16,000 members to ” follow me”?
    AK’S is the name of the game andNYE got COUGHT!
    So,COMSOR and COMSTUL, all you IRA PEDOPHILES are featured in our movie: ” KANSAS KINGS”.
    Don’t worry, we’ll throw you a wreath.


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