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HomeGoods Giveaway!! {$50 to 2 Winners}

I am so excited about a bonus giveaway this week from one of my favorite stores — Home Goods!!

Do you know HomeGoods? It’s a fabulous store where you can find almost anything for 20-60% off retail & department store prices —  pillows, bedding, lamps, wall art, dishes, pots and pans, picture frames and even furniture.

It’s really One-Stop Shopping for Home Decor!!

I was so excited when HomeGoods came to my town. And then a few months ago another HomeGoods opened, so now there are TWO near me!! If I am looking for a home accessories — Home Goods is the first place I check! Here are the two locations in Salt Lake City:

You can find YOUR nearest HomeGoods location here:

I recently scored a couple beautiful lamps for my living room:

And HomeGoods sent me a gift card for a mini-shopping spree. So much fun!! I ended up getting a BEAUTIFUL clock for my family room:

And a really cool adjustable stool for my kitchen desk area! So fun!!

Home Goods is giving TWO Tatertots & Jello readers $50 gift cards!!

Just think of the beautiful things you can get for YOUR home!

Here are several different ways you can enter to WIN:

  • Leave a comment here with what you would buy if you win. one entry.

for more entries:

  • Tweet me — @jenjentrixie on Twitter and let me know what home décor item you might buy like “@jenjentrixie – I would buy new _____________  from @homegoods! #giveaway”. one entry.
  • Share this giveaway on Facebook or your blog. one entry each.

This giveaway will end on 10/20/2011.

PS It snowed here in Utah last week and it got me thinking about Snowflake Crafts.

I love that each snowflake is beautiful and unique! I am sharing 14 of my favorite Snowflake Crafts at The New Home Ec today.

Get inspired for Winter!!


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  1. yup, like you, I would use it towards that clock! :)

  2. kim smith says:

    I would buy new decor for my living room.

  3. Amy@Serving Pink Lemonade says:

    I love Home Goods . . . and have spent way to much money there lately. If I won a gift card I’d get some decor for my kitchen.

  4. Wendie Sanders says:

    I love Home Goods!… And I would buy some lovely new Christmas decor. Mine needs a refresh.

  5. I like Home Goods on FB too. :)

  6. charlotte says:

    i liked home goods on fb

  7. charlotte says:

    i would buy a chair i saw the other day…

  8. I’d have to buy some new decor for my kitchen, which is getting a makeover very, very soon!

  9. I would use my GC for some fabulous frames & throw pillows.

  10. oh, i think i would buy new glassware, and maybe some new sheets!

  11. Tweeted :) @gknupp! And…thanks for the fun giveaway :)

  12. Shared on Facebook :)

  13. Following Homegoods on Twitter: @gknupp

  14. I like Homegoods on FB!

  15. Oooh…just saw some really cute glass cake stands there today!! I’d definitely buy those :)

  16. following HomeGoods on Facebook

  17. I would use the gift cards for something decorative for my home – holiday or seasonal decorations. I love to change up my toss pillows with covers or seasonal themes, so maybe some new pillows too. :)

  18. frances hunt says:

    I would buy accessories for this years holiday party.

  19. frances hunt says:

    I would buy accessories for my holiday celebration this year.

  20. Mirrors! you can never have enough!

  21. I follow HomeGoods on Facebook!

    How I would love to find a new round mirror for my bedroom!! :)

  22. Love HomeGoods!!!! I would buy some fun new pillows for my family room!

  23. I like Home Goods on Facebook!

  24. I follow homegoods on twitter!

  25. I need some wall decor for my bedroom!

  26. I Facebooked about this: REdiscovervintagegoods and kaleighreyes.

  27. I tweeted you — but I would totally buy all new knobs for my newlywed kitchen (OK, OK, my kitchen is not a newlywed, but I AM!!!) My kitchen desperately needs a make-over.


  28. I follow HomeGoods on Twitter!


  29. I liked HomeGoods on FB.

  30. I like HomeGoods on Facebook

  31. If I were to win the Home Goods contest I would probably buy the hutch I’ve had my eyes on for quite a while! :)

  32. I follow HomeGoods on Twitter (@MDShade)

  33. I “like” HomeGoods on Facebook.

  34. I would buy lamps … or furniture … decisions, decisions!

  35. I am in need of some lamps… and they have the best lamps EVER! That is what I would buy with the gift card!
    Please pick me!

  36. I liked home goods on facebook!

  37. Gabrielle Jensen says:

    I would buy some drapes for my kitchen window that is naked!

  38. I shared this contest on Facebook! Thanks!

  39. I “liked” HomeGoods on Facebook!

  40. I LOVE HomeGoods! I am decorating my bedroom, and we need everything. It is always such a treasure hunt there, so I would be excited to check out their lamps and bedside tables and wall decor and design the room around my favorite find.

  41. joanna waddoups says:

    also new shower curtain:)

  42. joanna waddoups says:

    i like home good on fb:)

  43. I shared this on my FB wall.

  44. I’m following @HomeGoods on twitter (CottageHillQ)

  45. I liked HomeGoods on FB

  46. I tweeted what I want too.

  47. If I win the gift card I will use it to buy holiday decorations.

  48. I always find cool dishes or serving dishes and would most likely buy more of that

  49. Anna Garlick says:

    I would buy Christmas decorations

  50. Melinda H. says:

    I tweeted you what I wanted on Twitter!

  51. Melinda H. says:

    I would buy a pretty cake stand. All I have is my travel container!

  52. I would definitely get some Christmas decorations!! I tweeted you, follow HomeGoods on Twitter & am a fan of HomeGoods on Facebook!

  53. I want to win one. My house could use some color!

    jdzjane at hotmail dot com

  54. My husband and I are newly weds so most of my decor right now is pretty simple. But!!! My FAVORITE piece of decor we have right now came from HOME GOODS!!! Love that store :) If I won a gift card, I would buy wall art to hang on our rather blank walls.

  55. I liked them on facebook!

  56. I could have lots of fun at Homegoods. I would love some new towels
    or something from their accessory selection.

  57. Shared on my blog!

  58. I follow HG on Twitter (@osueep).

  59. I like Homegoods on Facebook

  60. I would buy some new platters to host my in-laws for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  61. I want to redo our master bedroom so bad! So I would buy decorations for the room!

  62. liked HomeGoods on fb

  63. Shared on FB!

  64. Following Home Goods on Twitter!

  65. Tweeted! (@fleurdelove)

  66. If I won, I would buy a GIANT full-length mirror!

  67. I liked Home Goods on FB!

  68. I liked HomeGoods on FB!!

  69. I like Home Goods on Facebook

  70. Leigh Ann Gates says:

    I would use the gift card to spruce up my living room, it needs it bad!!!!!!

  71. Leigh Ann Gates says:

    I would definately use the gift card to spruce up my living room from blah to amazing!!!

  72. They have great furniture, I’d buy something with a vintage industrial vibe.

  73. I would love to be able to replace my bath towels and my dark little apartment could definitely use some more lighting. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome giveaway. :)

  74. Ashley Stair says:

    I like HomeGoods on Facebook. I would buy a fabulous mirror for my bedroom that I’m working on remodeling!

  75. I **heart** Homegoods!!! I liked them on FB, and I shared it there as well! **crosses fingers**

  76. Christina says:

    I’d definitely get some throw pillows for our living room.

  77. Mary Gray says:

    i liked homegoods on fb

  78. Mary Gray says:

    i would buy something to help with organization.

  79. Sourkraut says:

    I love the stuff they get for Halloween and Christmas every year. I’d buy something cute and seasonal.

  80. Shared on facebook

  81. Like HomeGoods on facebook…

  82. I would definitely buy something fun for the home. It’s been a while since I’ve been there to have a specific item in mind.

  83. I “like” Home goods on FB and what would I do with the GC…in need of some kitchen stuff and artwork for my walls (new house).

  84. I like HomeGoods on FB!

  85. I love to buy dishes at HomeGoods, I would love to win this GC!

  86. Marsa McCool-Solis of Ourazfamily says:

    I like Home Goods on Facebook, my personal account Marsa McCool-Solis

  87. Marsa McCool-Solis of Ourazfamily says:

    I follow Home Goods on Twitter Ourazfamily

  88. Marsa McCool-Solis of Ourazfamily says:

    If I were to win, I would buy some new towels for the guest bathroom before the Holidays. My oldest is coming home from Univ and bringing the young woman who will probably be my new Daughter in law when he finishes Grad School. :)

  89. This Is my favorite store this would be awesome!!! I have my whole master bedroom that needs some loving!!! Plus it’s me birthday today this would be awesome to win;)!!!!!

  90. I like homegoods on Facebook!

  91. I follow HomeGoods on Twitter!

  92. I liked homegood on FB

  93. I would love to purchase some new lamps for my bedroom!

  94. I “Like” Home Goods on FB!

  95. What would I buy with a gift card…? I think I’d first look for a gift for my son and daughter-in-law for their 1st Anniversary. Home Goods is perfect for gift shopping!

  96. We are building a new house and it is very close to being complete! We need so many new things, but I would probably use the gift card for some new sheets or towels. Maybe a new lamp or two!!

  97. Stacy Reynolds says:

    I like Homegoods on Facebook

  98. Stacy Reynolds says:

    Following @homegoods on twitter

  99. Stacy Reynolds says:

    Tweeted as @clutterkeeper

  100. Stacy Reynolds says:

    I would get some more holiday goodies from Homegoods if I win

  101. Melinda Wilson says:

    I am needing a new table centerpiece for Thanksgiving so this would be what I would buy first.

  102. If I won I would first by some throw pillows for my couches! We bought a new house back in May, but have no money to decorate it!!! There are so many things I could use this giftcard for…wall hangings, vases, end table! Ahh…I would be in heaven. I love Home Goods!

  103. I’d buy some lamps and maybe an end table for our sad little living room! It has two hand-me-down couches that my dog lays on…so maybe the lamps would make things look more sad…I’d get some throw pillows!

  104. I like HomeGoods on Facebook.

  105. My master bedroom is in need of some HELP! I’d definitely use the gift card for some cute lamps or decor for my room!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. I like HomeGoods on facebook!


  107. I follow HomeGoods on twitter (@mrsh0123)


  108. I would buy some holiday decorations!


  109. Tammie Baker says:

    liked on facebook

  110. Tammie Baker says:

    followed on twitter

  111. Tammie Baker says:

    shared on twitter

  112. Tammie Baker says:

    I would buy stackable display pedastals/cake stands, upholstery fabrics and mid-century modern style accessories from homegoods.

  113. Kailynn Cooper says:

    Ooooh, I love Home Goods! I would get some Christmas ornaments since this will be the first year that we actually get to set up a tree and decorate it!

  114. There isn’t a Home Goods near me, but I have visited one where my daughter lives. Wow! fifty dollars could go towards so many things — especially new lamps or items for bookcase shelves. I want to get rid of all the decor I’ve had for 30 years and start over with fresh items, plus keep it simple.

  115. oooooh I love Home Goods! I would put it towards new bedding for me and my husband. A simple treat just for us.

  116. Janice Cooper says:
  117. Janice Cooper says:

    I “like” Home Goods on facebook. FB name Jan Peoples

  118. Janice Cooper says:

    I follow @homegoods on Twitter @disneyfan40

  119. Janice Cooper says:
  120. Janice Cooper says:

    I love Home Goods. I would love to get some home accessories. I just love their different pieces for the home. I would love to take my mother-in-law shopping at Home Goods. She’s loves Home Goods and she’s been ill; so this would be a nice pick me up.

  121. My husband and I are moving back to the states from southeast Asia. Before we left we sold everything sooooo there is not anything in Homegoods that I could not use! Would love a gift card to get me started!

  122. I also liked Homegoods on facebook

  123. I love Homegoods!!! I desperately need some new lamps!

  124. What wouldn’t I buy!? I would love a new rug or lamps! I liked on Facebook

  125. MrsLawrence says:

    I’ve heard good things about Home Goods but have never been. A friend told me to check them out for lamps for my Master bedroom, so that is what i would buy.

  126. I would buy a new clock or some new area rugs for our entry. I love Home Goods!

  127. What wouldn’t I buy????

  128. My husband and I are moving into our own space. We’ve been living with his brother for the last 3 years. So we are needed to get everything for the house, but I know what I would do I want to finally put up our wedding pictures. I already bought house numbers to put our wedding date centered under a big wedding picture in the center of the wall and around it I want to collage pictures of our engagement, wedding, and all the other steps of our life together. So I would buy picture frames.

  129. I love Home Goods, since I’m moving into a much larger space at the end of this month, I can’t even count the things that I want to buy; wall accessories, a new set of dishes (since all I have right now are plastic ones), a table for the craft room, those are just a few I could think of.

  130. Christina I. says:

    I love Homegoods and I would probably get anything kitchen related because I love kitchen stuff. Maybe through in a lamp for the living room as well.

  131. I now follow Homegoods on Twitter

  132. I tweeted you, Jen! :)

  133. I would buy new accents for my living room

  134. I LOVE Home Goods. I would buy some new fall decor for my kitchen. I love fall. What better way to decorate than with some Home Goods magic!

  135. Liked Home Goods on Facebook

  136. Following Home Goods on Twitter

  137. I’ve never been to Home Goods so I’m not sure what I would buy, but I know I am needing corner shelves.

  138. I follow homegoods on twitter

  139. I tweeted you on twitter.

  140. I would buy a new lamp for my room. I love home goods. It would be amazing to win.

  141. I could definitely use some new lamps for my living room! Or maybe some Christmas decorations…

  142. I’d like to find a storage bench in black leather to replace an old cedar chest that totally doesn’t match my decor.

  143. I would love to find a fabulous sofa table. there’s one at Rod works but sadly, we don’t have one of those here :( so maybe I could score something at Home Goods?

    Here’s to hoping!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  144. I love Home Goods! I need something new and exciting for the entry way.

  145. Lena Williams says:

    I would buy a settee for a little corner of my bedroom that I want to set up as my reading area.

  146. I would use it towards buying a large area rug!

  147. I would love some bold graphic designed throw pillows for the couch.

  148. WOW!!!! 2 HomeGoods in your area…. If I win I would purchase items for my front room…. Good Luck to everyone…..

  149. I tweeted you about the wall art/Christmas decor! (@lateyoungfamily)

  150. Home goods is so great. I love just perusing through the clearance section and finding some great deals! I am looking for a lamp and of course anything that would fit perfectly in my house.

  151. I liked Home Goods on Facebook as well!!!

  152. I am now following @HomeGoods on Twitter! (@lateyoungfamily)

  153. I would love to get some more wall art and/or Christmas decor from Home Goods!

  154. I love Homegoods! I wish they were closer (4 hour drive) but it’s worth it every once in a while. I have been on a search for a new shower curtain and rugs as well as some new lamps. A gift card there would come in handy!

  155. I love Homegoods’ seasonal items so I would have to buy some more Halloween or Christmas decorations!

  156. Simply Sara says:
  157. Simply Sara says:
  158. Simply Sara says:

    Fan of home goods on Facebook

    Sara Haga Gore

  159. Simply Sara says:

    I follow home goods on twitter!

  160. Simply Sara says:

    I would get a new lamp for our living room!!

  161. oooh, a home goods just opened by my house, i would love to win this. I think I would buy a rug

  162. Home Goods is the best! I would buy new towels for our master bath.

  163. follow HomeGoods on twitter

  164. follow HomeGoods on facebook

  165. I would buy a new lamp for my living room.

  166. LOVE home goods!!! I would probably pick up some more fall decor cuz I could use some more!! Or that clock that you got!! that thing is so stinkin cute:)

  167. Love Home Goods!! Moving into a new house in a month…definitely an excuse to get some great new furniture.

  168. I love Home Goods. I would definately like some sort of fall decor for my living room. I haven’t been in lately though. :)

  169. I need some unique bedside tables and it looks like I can find them at Home Goods! But all of your holiday decorations look amazing, too!

  170. i would buy christmas dinnerware, and ornaments! hope I win this time!

  171. I love HomeGoods! I would probably get a fabulous table lamp or a few amazing throw pillows for my living room!

  172. Love, love Homegoods. What did we all do before it existed? Is it by far my number one destination when I have an hour to myself.

  173. I liked HomeGoods on Facebook, too!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  174. I would get a rug, chair or throw pillows!!! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  175. I’m following @HomeGoods on Twitter now! 😉

  176. I tweeted you about the pillows that I would love to buy with this!


  177. I love HomeGoods! I’ve purchased things from them several times – good quality, but affordable, which is PERFECT for me!

    I would probably look into getting some pillows for our couches – we’re certainly going to be in need of some decorative touches for our new apartment! 😉

  178. Love HomeGoods! I’d put that $ to use feeding my holiday entertaining habit. Thanks for hosting this terrific giveaway!

  179. I love Home Goods! I would buy lots and lots of pillows.

  180. I “like”, no I “LOVE” Home Goods on Facebook!

  181. So many choices I don’t even know where to start although I would probably put it toward a fun chair for our bedroom or some cute Christmas decorations!

  182. I already like homegoods on FB

  183. this is my favorite store, I would buy more pillows

  184. I’d buy a new rug

  185. Iliked home goods on facebook

  186. I would buy some artwork for my dining room…it’s in desperate need of new decor!!

  187. I would either get some artwork for my dining room or some baskets to organize stuff.

  188. Love HomeGoods! I would buy some art for my living room.

  189. I “Like” HomeGoods on Facebook

  190. I Follow @homegoods on Twitter

  191. I would love to buy more holiday decor like throw blankets, a tree skirt, stockings. We are newly married and have nothing to decorate with.

  192. Also “liked” on Facebook.

  193. “Like” HomeGoods on Facebook (mp phaiah)

  194. Follow @homegoods on Twitter @mehort

  195. I would but some cute decorations for my sons nursery.
    Quietct at gmail dot com

  196. I love Homegoods! They have a dog bed that I would looooove to buy!

  197. Liked them on Facebook :)

  198. I’d put that money towards a rug! I LOVE homegoods!

  199. Love, Love Home Goods. At least half my house has been decorated by that store. Can always use more gorgeous stuff! Thanks for the giveaway.

  200. I love HomeGoods. I check out their accessories constantly as it’s next to my grocery store. I recently got a great quilt on clearance and am currently eyeing side tables for my bedroom.

  201. Shared on Twitter

  202. Shared on FB :)

  203. I love Home Goods for… well, for everything! But, I collect blue and white china in my kitchen and they always seem to have a great assortment of plates and vases so I’d probably spend my gift card that way!

  204. Shared on FB.

  205. I Tweeted.

  206. Following on Twitter!

  207. I like on facebook.

  208. I want new pillows or maybe a lamp, its hard to pick since they have so many great things!

  209. I’d buy some outdoor decor for my porch! Great giveaway!

  210. I’d buy some outdoor decor for my porch. Great giveaway!

  211. I just liked them on Facebook!

  212. I love Home Goods! I would buy some new bath towels!

  213. I live Home Goods! If I win I’m going to buy a new lamp for my family room!

  214. I liked homegoods on facebook.

  215. I want to update our master bedroom. I’d love to find some curtains.

  216. I posted it on my facebook………can’t wait!

  217. I love Home goods its 45 minutes away from us but I LOVE it posting on Twitter right now

  218. I have been wanting to go to Homegoods for a while, but never have a chance. I think I’d be wandering around the store trying to make up my mind! Maybe something cute to go in my kitchen…hmmm…pick me, please!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  219. I would probably buy frames…they always have a cute variety! I’m also going to share this giveaway on my facebook page & my blog which is loveofhomes.blogspot.com. Thanks!!

  220. Jennifer R says:

    I shared this giveaway on Facebook

  221. Jennifer R says:

    I liked HomeGoods on FB

  222. Jennifer R says:

    If I won the GC I would buy some dishes and picture frames.

  223. Shared on FB!

  224. I would love a few new kitchen gadgets or a clock! Love Homegoods.

  225. I LIKE Homegoods on FB!

  226. I love bright artwork – especially of birds – and have found so many great pictures at Homegoods!! It is my go-to store for everything!! I buy pillows and can totally make over a room inexpensively and with great effect!

  227. I like Home Goods on FB!

  228. If i win, I will probably try to find some fun throw pillows for our couch. Thanks for the chance!

  229. Becky Pelletier says:

    I would like new mirrors for different projects.

  230. marilyn s. says:

    I would buy christmas decorations for my home. Home goods is awesome!

  231. Heather Murray says:

    I would like to buy some new pillows and living room accessories.

  232. Melanie Woolard says:

    I would buy something w/ a funky twist for my 8 yo’s new room we are working on.

  233. kelly anderson says:

    i’ve never wanted to win a giveaway soooo bad!! :) i am crossing my fingers!! i would love, love, love to get a lamp for my front room or maybe a rug? oh the possibilities!


  234. I fell in love with an apothecary bathroom set at Home Goods :) I’d definitely have to put a giftcard toward my dream bathroom!

  235. Love Home Goods! I would love a gift card to buy a big mirror, or some cute lamps i just saw there yesterday!

  236. I would buy holiday decor. They have such cute stuff and I so rarely splurge on decorations that are only out for a few weeks a year.

    PS – I have a Home Goods within walking distance of my house. Love it!

  237. April was in CT now CA says:

    I’ve been searching for a kitchen rug so this would certainly help! It would also help justify the hour drive to get to my nearest HomeGoods. I’ve been planning a trip and a gift card would certainly be the icing on the cake!

  238. I would love to get a piece of art for my living room. But the possibilities are endless!

  239. I love HomeGoods! I really need to pick up a mirror

  240. I love Home Goods. I need some lamps!

  241. Following @HomeGoods on Twitter, too…

  242. I love Home Goods! I recently bought some lamps and mirrors there, but am in search of a clock and ottoman!

  243. LOVE homegoods! i would def buy that clock that you scored… it would go perfectly in our sunroom!! (im also a sucker for pillows and frames)

  244. I love Home Goods! I’dprobably look for some new pillows.

  245. Love Home Goods! I need to add to my Christmas decor!

  246. I would buy frames and mirrors. Lots of possibilities there!

  247. Oh man I am a Home Goods addict!! I could spend all day there. I would buy new pillows for my couch!

  248. love their seasonal decor!!!! i drain my wallet there.

  249. “liked” Homegoods on fb :)

  250. Great giveaway! I {heart} Home Goods! I would buy lamps. I love their lamps!

  251. Awesome giveaway! With a little boy who loves to destroy my throw pillows, I’m always looking for new ones.

  252. Ooohh! I can think of so many ways to spend money at Home Goods! New towels would be a good start. Then sheets, maybe a lamp or shower curtains or a rug…. They have a lot of good stuff!

  253. Myesha Jones says:

    Like on Facebook – Check; Follow on Twitter – Check; Send a message to jenjentrixie – Check ; Plus I posted on my Google+ feed.

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

  254. I really need a clock in my dining/living room and your post reminded me that there are some cute ones out there. Thanks for the giveaway!

  255. I like Home Goods on Facebook!

  256. I follow Home Goods on Twitter! (@melissastamps)

  257. I would put it towards some furniture! We desperately need a console table. Thanks!

  258. I love home goods! So happy to have one 1.3 miles from my house!

  259. I like HomeGoods on FB!

  260. Love HomeGoods! I would buy some lamps for my bedroom.

  261. Myesha Jones says:

    I am looking for an awesome gift for my parent’s anniversary. I would definitely visit to find a mirror or a frame that I can customize.

  262. I “liked” HomeGoods on Facebook.


  263. I’d go for some lamps. I’ve always been so conservative with them- I’m ready for something fun. =) Thanks!

  264. I would put my $50 towards a new butchers block! Love HomeGoods!!


  265. would totally buy the christmas village that i have my eye on!

  266. LOVE Homegoods! If I won, I’d do a happy dance and then I’d put the money toward this amazing dresser I’ve been drooling over for a week! http://ow.ly/6XyYS

  267. “liked” Home Goods on fb — love it IRL!

  268. connie tacazon says:

    I really need pillows and throws right now. This place is most likely fantastic for this. Thanks.

  269. I have been searching for a new quilt for my sons bed when he gets out of his crib soon. Home Goods always has good quilts!

  270. I would buy some lamps for my living room!

  271. I just found out we had a Home Goods store that is a half hour away from me. I went a couple of weeks ago and OMG….this is my new favorite store, I found so many pretty things. We are moving in three weeks so I would use the gift card for some new bathroom decor. This house has an additional bathroom that I need to decorate :)

  272. If I won, I would get a jumpstart on my Christmas list. How awesome that would be!!!

  273. I adore HomeGoods! I recently purchased an amazing bench there, which I am still giddy about!

  274. I am addicted to Home Goods! And my home needs sprucing up in a few places; I had already planned to go, and sure find something beautiful!

  275. Erica Best says:

    following HomeGoods @purplelover04

  276. Erica Best says:

    “Like” HomeGoods on Facebook.

  277. Erica Best says:
  278. Erica Best says:

    i would buy a new rug

  279. I would pick out some bedding for our baby’s room!

  280. Maria McClure says:

    I SOOOO need to make a trip to HG. The lamps in our family room truly need to be replaced!
    Thanks for an opportunity to win!

  281. Oh the things I would by at Home Goods….but for now I would probably buy some curtains for the apartment, or wall art for the bedroom!

  282. I like them on FB:)

  283. I am obsessed with Home Goods! I would buy some accessories or put it toward new chairs for my living room!

  284. Trying to redecorate my bathroom and i’m betting Homegoods would be a GREAT help!!!!!!

  285. I need a rug for my living room. So $50 would totally help!!

  286. oh, i would by a mirror or print!

  287. I would definitely buy a mirror for my dining room with the HomeGoods gift card!!! I like HomeGoods on facebook too!

  288. I would love a new clock for my living room (I love the one you got!)

  289. I “like” HomeGoods on FB!

  290. LOVE HomeGoods!! I’m always in seach of new dessert plates to change up my white place settings for the season.

  291. I would love to use the gift card to buy some new artwork for my walls-still looking for the right piece!

  292. I like Homegoods on FB

  293. Like them on facebook as well!

  294. following them on twitter!

  295. I would buy some new lamps!

  296. I’d love to get a mirror, or maybe some frames. Possibilities are endless!

  297. I love love Home Goods! We recently moved to MN, and I FINALLY have a store within 15 minutes!!

  298. Samantha C. says:

    We definitely need more frames in my house. This would be a great start!

  299. Ashley M. says:

    Following @homegoods on Twitter too!

  300. Ashley M. says:

    I love Home Goods! I am in search of new mirrors for our house so this gift card would be great.

  301. Anonymous says:

    I would buy a small accessory table for my family room!

  302. Jessica Abito says:

    i love to throw parties and always looking for serveware, or i would get halloween decorations since it’s my son’s 2nd halloween without any :(

  303. I love Home Goods!

  304. Honestly, not much fun, but I need a new set of towels…..I’ll get plush ones!

  305. Jennifer White says:

    I’m now a HG FB fan!

  306. Jennifer White says:

    I would buy Holiday Decor!

  307. I like them on FB! Thank you for the chance to win!

  308. I would probably buy some serving dishes! I have none and the holiday season is fast aproaching! Thank you for the chance to win!

  309. i think i would have to treat myself to some new pillows for my bed!

  310. I already LIKE (love) HomeGoods on Facebook :)

  311. I LOVE Home Goods!! I would probably buy some storage containers to assist with GETTING ORGANIZED, although you never know what will catch your eye once through their doors 😉

  312. Heather D. says:

    I would love to find a cute coat rack/shoe bin combo piece.

  313. I would love to win! I have been searching for some bedding for my master bedroom makeover. Thanks for the chance to win,

  314. I mentioned this giveaway on my Facebook page, too.

  315. I “LIKED Home Goods on Facebook!! .

  316. Gosh, a gift certificate to Home Goods would be like and early Christmas present! I’m sure I would spend it on Holiday decorations…

  317. Stephanie Foster says:

    I am redecorating my bedroom so I’d definitely use it on some new bedding and pillows. Also love the white lamp you bought!

  318. Kathie Mennetti says:

    New bed pillows.

  319. I love, love, love homegoods. I could use new lamps for my son’s room.

  320. A new lamp is on my list and is probably what I would buy. But there’s always something in the decorative glass that I fall in love with so it will be a toss up.

  321. I love that clock! I need one like that, and also a large mirror for the family room :)

  322. I <3 Homegoods and one just opened near us so I don't have to drive 40 miles (which of course I did!) We just bought our first home and we literally need everything, I don't know where to begin! Probably some new lamps, they always have amazing choices!

  323. I would love to have place setting and table cloth for my new dining set.

  324. Melissa R. says:

    I would love some cute lamps like the ones you got. LOVE them! 😀

  325. Following homegoods on twitter!

  326. Tweet!!

  327. I need a mirror for my dinning room!! Thanks!!

  328. Reggie Lim says:

    Also Liked HomeGoods on Facebook:
    Reggie Lim

  329. Reggie Lim says:

    I Follow @homegoods on Twitter – @ReggieCLim

  330. Reggie Lim says:

    I would buy a rug for my office

  331. I have several pieces that I need frames for so I’d probably buy some frames if i win.

  332. I follow HomeGoods on Facebook!

  333. I have a HomeGoods obsession…so I would get WAY too much! Last year I got sent there to look for a turkey platter, and came out with a full cart. I would look for new pillows and sheets though. :)

  334. Lamps! Need to replace some dated ones.

  335. Jessica Sotier says:

    we’re moving and need some new storage items.. maybe some baskets and cute boxes.

  336. “Liked” on Facebook! I LOVE HomeGoods!!! Best kitchenwares and lamps EVER.

  337. I could always find dishes, table linens, or a new mirror to pick out at Home Goods. Thanks for the giveaway!

  338. I like HG on Facebook.

  339. I would buy some decor for the living room :)

  340. I love Home Goods. I would surely buy pillows or accessories for my formal living room redo!

  341. shawna White says:

    I would love curtains!!!!

  342. shawna White says:

    I would love some curtains!!! I love Home goods

  343. Oh I love Homegoods!
    I’d buy kitchen/party ware stuff :)

  344. I would love to get a jump start on some holiday decor for Christmas!!

  345. I liked HG on FB!

  346. Tweeted about giveaway.

  347. Shared giveaway on FB

  348. Liked on FB

  349. Following on Twitter

  350. I like HomeGoods on FB!

  351. I would get new accent chairs.

  352. I would love some new throw pillows for our couch, but I’m sure I’ll find much more than that…. HomeGoods is dangerous~!!

  353. I liked (LOVED) HomeGoods on FB! :)

  354. I now follow them on Twitter!!

  355. I now like them on FB!!

  356. I tweeted about it!! :)

  357. Lamps, lamps, lamps! And a rug. I need a new area rug, too. I LOVE me some HomeGoods. :)

  358. oh I LOVE HomeGoods!!! I would really love to get some new throw pillows if I won this :)

  359. I liked HomeGoods on FB

  360. It would be hard to choose… but I would probably gravitate to lamps or comforters/duvets.

  361. I’d love to get some updated Christmas decorations for this year!

  362. I coud use some new lamps, and glass canisters, definitely!

  363. What fun to have a gift card for some easy shopping- I think I would be on the ‘hunt’ for a great rug for the nursery!!

  364. Lisa Humpton says:

    Just moved into a new house so it would be awesome to be able to buy some cool pictures to decorate my living room!! I love their selection of mirrors and Lamps too. I could fill 3 carts every time I go in there if budget would allow.

  365. I follow HomeGoods on Twitter

  366. I like HG on FB

  367. I would totally buy some new artwork for my walls! Love their selection.

  368. I love HomeGoods, too! I would probably buy some tea cup sets; I love these! I have picked several up over the years to give as gifts (along with some tea, of course!). You can always find such unique things in their plates/china/glassware section. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  369. I love to win! I’m sure I could find something. It’s not hard to do.

  370. my guest bedroom/office is in serious need of a re-do!

  371. I liked Home Goods on Facebook.

  372. ooooh! i love that adjustable stool! or some new towels! or some closet organizers! or wall shelves! or….you get the picture! 😉

  373. I follow HomeGoods on Twitter @TheNestEffect.

  374. I am dying for a sunburst mirror for my little basement apartment. It’d make it feel bigger and reflect the little natural light that we get down here!

  375. I want to buy some Thanksgiving decor for my dinning table & kitchen!

  376. I like HomeGoods on FB.

  377. I would buy some storage items — baskets, buckets, etc.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  378. Mentioned on FB!

  379. Like HG on FB!

  380. Molly Doughty says:

    I would buy some decorations for my new nursery!

  381. Follow HG on Twitter!

  382. Tweeted you!

  383. I’d love to buy lamps (soon-to-be new living room has no overhead fixture) and am on the hunt for a shower curtain to unify our orange-and-blue bathroom!

  384. I would love a new duvet cover or some new pillows!!!

  385. Laura Crowe says:

    I would buy frames for my house – I can never get enough.

  386. I need a new clock for my study!

  387. I follow HomeGoods on twitter.

  388. Tweeted

  389. I would go nuts in the Christmas decor section! :-)

  390. I’m torn between a dining room rug and some new bedding.

  391. Liked Home Goods on Facebook! =)

  392. Followed Home Goods on Twitter. =)

  393. If I won a gift card to Home Goods, I would buy a small nightstand and lamp. I currently have my alarm clock on the floor and have to do all my bedtime reading in the living room because the ceiling light in my bedroom is too faint. This would be awesome!

  394. I love it all at Home Goods but I would buy some new window treatments or bedding for my bedroom.

  395. Our walls are bare…I would love to win and fix that!!

  396. Janice Cooper says:

    Shared giveaway on facebook. FB name Jan Peoples

  397. Janice Cooper says:

    I “like” Homegoods on facebook. FB name Jan Peoples

  398. Janice Cooper says:

    I follow Homegoods on twitter @disneyfan40

  399. Janice Cooper says:
  400. I shared on Facebook.

  401. Janice Cooper says:

    I would buy some home accessories for the living room

  402. I need a new quilt for my bed.

  403. I have been wanting a new mirror for our powder room. We still have the builder grade mirror.

  404. I liked Home Goods on Facebook! Great giveaway! I’m redecorating my room and love getting great ideas at Home Goods!

  405. I like Homegoods on FB.

  406. Heather G. says:

    I’d buy something for the nursery

  407. I am following homegoods on Twitter.

  408. I tweeted! (@willowwhimsy)

  409. I would buy some accessories for my bathroom if I won :)

  410. Also liked on FB!

  411. I am on the search for lamps too!

  412. Melissa Tilley says:


  413. Melissa Tilley says:

    awesome giveaway! I would get some kind of framed art for my room. its a little bear!

  414. I’m a FB fan (Mari Doug)

  415. I’d get a new duvet.

  416. I might as well just sign my retirement check over to Home Goods! If I win I will probably get something for the granddaughters.

  417. My bed is screaming for some home good decorative pillows!

  418. Kristi Ritter says:

    I would love to buy some new bedroom decor for my daughters room, since she wants a more “grown up” bedroom!!! She would love that!

  419. I “liked” Homegoods on Facebook!

  420. I would buy one of their BIG clocks and a stool similar to the one you found!! My favorite store!!

  421. I “liked” them on FB. Yay!!!

  422. I have been stalking Homegoods for some cream colored plates to hang on my Dining room wall. That is definitely what I would get!!

  423. I was in there just this week! we are remodeling our kitchen now, and putting in open shelving, So I would get some beautiful white dishes. They have a ton of selection.

  424. Lauren F. says:

    Oh I love HomeGoods! Right now I would buy Christmas decor, but I am seriously there at least once a week!

  425. I would buy a small writing desk I can keep my laptop and other things organzied downstairs.

  426. Not sure exactly what I would get if I win, but I would love to re-do my laundry room and/or 1/2 bath so they would be on my mind when I shop.

  427. Oh yes! We bought the most perfect mirror for our master bath from HomeGoods. In fact, Tucson just got a new one this summer. Plan to go back again and again and again!

  428. I like them on FB! More like love though 😉 Seriously I’m obsessed with HG!

    Pamela @ pbjstories.blogspot.com

  429. I @’d you on Twitter with what I’d buy!

    Pamela @ pbjstories.blogspot.com

  430. I have had my eye on a couple different chairs for my new desk in my room…. what’s stopping me? Their price tag so this would be so helpful!!

    Pamela @pbjstories.blogspot.com

  431. Leslie F. says:

    I “like” -ed HomeGoods on FB!

  432. Diane Poff says:

    I posted on FB about the giveaway!!!

  433. I would buy a perfect nightstand! I NEED a more beautiful nightstand!!

  434. Leslie F. says:

    I would look for a new rug for my living room! What a great giveaway! Thank you!

  435. Diane Poff says:

    I like Home Goods on FB.

  436. I like HomeGoods on FB!

  437. I would buy some towels and a shower curtain for my bathroom. It’s so blah!

  438. I’m a fan of Homegoods on Fb!

  439. I LOVE Homegoods! I would buy lots of kitchen stuff :)

  440. Diane Poff says:

    I now follow Home Goods on Twitter!!!

  441. Diane Poff says:

    I tweeted you on Twitter.

  442. Diane Poff says:

    What would I get?? hhmmm, I really love that clock you got, or maybe something pretty for my living room, I know you will all be shocked, but I haven’t been to a Home Goods store yet, they just opened one up about 45 minutes from me, and I am dieing to go.

  443. Lots of holiday decor to further annoy my husband.
    Side Note: He is not annoyed by holiday decorating, but by having to find new places to store all my holiday decor ; )

  444. Home Goods is my FAV store! I would put it towards a new rug for our master!

  445. I like Home Goods on facebook!

  446. We are expecting our first baby- a girl before Christmas. I plan to do a pink Christmas this year and I am sure that HG could really help me out! I would buy some girly Christmas decorations!

  447. I never go into homegoods with anything in particular in mind, the hunt is half the fun! But if i won some credit, i’d probably have to splurge on some goodies for my new little pupster…

  448. I like them on Facebook!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  449. I follow them on twitter!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  450. Welp. There is a little something I need for the Holidays. I hope I get it.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  451. I would buy some new Autumn throw pillows for the family room. And a darling Thanksgiving platter I have had my eye on at Homegoods 😉

  452. Oh man I am in love with that white clock. I know just the place to put it


  453. I would buy a rug.

  454. I would buy some new lamps!

  455. Oh my! I have no clue what little jem I would find, but at homegoods there is always something to buy!!!

  456. I shared this giveaway on Facebook :)

  457. I “Liked” HomeGoods on Facebook.

  458. I followed @homegoods on Twitter :)

  459. I would buy some throw pillows for our bedroom.

  460. Tweeted you on twitter :)

  461. I would love to buy some new pillows!!

  462. yes! I went there today-Cincinnati has 2 stores that I stalk-a nice associate was able to help me find a LARGE Calphalon pan & match up 8 super cute side plates for the holiday!

  463. I would buy some new items for my bedroom that desperately needs to be redecorated!

  464. Fun Halloween stuff!!!!

  465. Ohhh I love Home Goods!! I would buy white serveware for Thanksgiving and Christmas!
    Thanks for the chance to win such a great giveaway!!

  466. I am looking for a great lamp and maybe some Christmas decorations. Thanks!

  467. Liked HomeGoods on FB!

  468. New fall decorations!

  469. I just went to Homegoods today. I left lots of Christmas goodies at the store that I would LOVE to go back for! Love Homegoods!

  470. Dishes!!!!

  471. HomeGoods is THE place. I’ve been five times this week for various bedding, bath, gift, and storage needs. I SHOULD say that I’d buy the lamp we need for my husband’s office with the winning, but I think we all know the truth: A fun end table.

  472. I would buy a new shower curtain or bedspread for our guest room/bathroom redo! Home Goods is my favorite place to shop, I can spend hours in one just browsing..

  473. I would love to get some new throw blankets for the living room!

  474. I would love to get some new throw blankets for the living room and a new area rug for our den!

  475. LOVE the lamp idea! Great giveaway!

  476. I need a mirror for my entry way or maybe some new bedding for my master bedroom. :)

  477. Brooke Cone says:

    I love everything at Home Goods so it would be hard to decide but I think it would be between curtains for my bedroom (still don’t have any) or a rug to warm up my feet on my cold tile floor.

  478. I would get new fluffy towels after 13 years its time for new ones!

  479. A cute new cake plate! :)

  480. Need a new clock for my sunroom and need to start decorating a baby girl’s room for our new arrival in Feb!

  481. Peggy in TN says:

    Dishes or glasses because I am an addict.

  482. Liked HomeGoods on FB!

  483. Oh goodness… there is so much to choose from there… maybe a new duvet!!

  484. I liked Home Goods on Facebook!

  485. We need Christmas decor!!



  486. I follow Home Goods on Twitter

  487. I would buy some new glasses! Ours keep getting broken!!

  488. Kattrinka says:

    I would buy my new daughter in law a gift for her FIRST child! My new grandchild! <3

  489. We just moved, so there’s so much we need! I think lamps are at the top of the list.

  490. I would love a quilt for my bed!

  491. I would buy some new towels/bathmat for our bathroom- ours are so old! And maybe some kitchen stuff with whatever is left over ! Thanks! I also follow you on Twitter, Facebook and I shared this on my wall :)

  492. Bedding for our bedroom :)

  493. Nicole R. says:

    Decor for my bedroom!

  494. I need lamps. Badly.

  495. I am looking for the perfect rug. I have no doubt that I could find it at Home Goods.

  496. I love HomeGoods, sadly, mine is 30 minutes away. I have to really think about it before I go. I am in need of mirrors myself, and would use the GC for that, because they have the absolute best selection on mirrors.

  497. I liked Home Goods on FB, too!

  498. Like” HomeGoods on Facebook

  499. Some pillows and throws!

  500. I want to buy a chair for my office

  501. I think I’d buy a cozy throw for the living room and a random seasonal decoration that I wouldn’t normally buy just because!

  502. Some new decor for my kitchen!

  503. A nice frame for mom.

  504. Following on twitter

  505. Like homegoods on facebook

  506. I love homegoods! I would buy some decorative mirrors or a floor lamp :)

  507. Love me some Homegoods! I would love to win–birthday gift for me! 😉

  508. Manette Gutterman says:

    If I won I would look for a beautiful piece to start off the bedroom makeover that is years overdue. Maybe a starburst mirror would be great or a beautiful piece of art!

  509. Liked them on FB – btw “Storage stuff” doesn’t really explain what I was looking at… I was looking at the shelving/drawers…

  510. Since our kids are finishing college and moving on, I am redoing bedrooms. I would buy accessories.

  511. Cia Kersten says:

    I l.o.v.e. Home Goods! From seasonal decorations to mirrors and back to the home accessories–they are the best!

  512. I love your blog! I would buy some new throw pillows and a new lamp! I was just at HomeGoods last night browsing. I also like them on fb. Thank You!

  513. love home goods!!!! i would start buying some fab xmas decor! xoxo!!

  514. And I like Homegoods on the FB!

  515. I follow Homegoods on the twitter :)

  516. I would buy Christmas decor, my collection is in dire need of sprucing up!

  517. I wouldn’t buy anything but rather give the gift card to my sister who LOVES this store and especially deserves to treat herself right now!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  518. I’m doing a give a-way today too….but mine isn’t nearly as exciting as yours! If I won I would get some storage stuff. My tubs are toppling again!

  519. I liked HomeGoods on FB!

  520. Pillows, Pillows, Pillows…I would love to buy some pillows to jazz up the shabby ones we have now :)

  521. I like Home Goods on Facebook.

  522. I follow Home Goods on Twitter.

  523. This would give us a FABULOUS reason to visit my husband’s father in Salt Lake (we live in Nebraska).

  524. Ooh, the wish list is long. A living room rug, tablecloths and place mats, a mirror for my bedroom, lamps, and on and on…

  525. twinstimestwoplusone says:

    In my loudest cheering, chanting voice “HOMEGOODS, HOMEGOODS, HOMEGOODS!!” lol :)

  526. I just moved to your area and didn’t know there was a Home Goods nearby. I have so missed my Home Goods in Texas. I have no idea what I would buy–that’s the best thing about Home Goods is that they have a little of everything, and it’s always new and changing.

  527. bridgette says:

    i follow homegoods on twitter @rutzyb

  528. Kylie Bond says:

    I desperately need some lamps and something above my bed. I love HomeGoods!

  529. I would get some dishes. I have a cute plate rack that needs three more dishes (the one on there is actually from Home Goods!). And I can always find other dishes for display when I’m there.

  530. Jennifer B says:

    Following on Twitter

  531. Jennifer B says:

    I follow them on Facebook

  532. Jennifer B says:

    I would love to find anything for my family room(s). Or my house in general :)

  533. bridgette says:

    i would buy a new bedspread, or some amazing pillows!

  534. I liked HG on FB.

  535. I follow HG on Twitter.

  536. I liked HomeGoods on Facebook

  537. Amanda Davault says:

    I would most likely buy Holiday Decor but almost always end up with something from each section of the store on my trips so who knows!!!

  538. Items for our new home office :) Thumbs up for Home Goods!

  539. I would get some thing to accessorize the guest room that I recently painted.

  540. Carrie Regan says:

    I linked your giveaway to my FB!

  541. I just liked HomeGoods on FB. Really, I am like a kid in a candy store at HG. So, I would just find something that spoke to me on my shopping spree:)


  542. Wow. I love home goods! I just spotted a gorgeous chair for my family room last week but decided not to get it. With the extra gift card I would definitely go back for it!

  543. Carrie Regan says:

    I liked Homegoods on FB!!

  544. Carrie Regan says:

    The gift card would be awesome to decorate the nursery for the twins I’m having!

  545. I would get some new bedding! Yay!

  546. Like HG on facebook!

  547. i follow on twitter

  548. Following HG on twitter

  549. I love home goods… I would get a new area rug!!

  550. My local Home Goods has a great selection of discounted Le Crueset. I’d love to purchase my first piece!

  551. I LOVE HomeGoods!!! I should get new lamps for the bedroom, but…… I always fall in love with pillows

  552. I need a new lamp for the living room. Just moved around furniture and now I need a lamp.

  553. Charisse Medico says:

    I have never been to the Home Goods store, but it looks like a fabulous shopping adventure!

  554. I’m on the lookout for new bedside tables!

  555. Shelley Johannes says:

    I would either buy a lamp, a rug or a pretty organizational bulletin board…

  556. I would look into some mongo curtains! I need to lose my vertical blinds, STAT!

  557. Cristin Russon says:

    I would love to win this giveaway! I would definitely get a beautiful clock just like yours!

  558. Wow, I visit your page today for the first time because “Tidy Mom” had you on her blog link party back in March. You have some great ideas here! And there are some wonderful things at Home Goods! Thanks for the giveaway!

  559. I am following them on Twitter too! I twitter love Home Goods!

  560. totally just liked them on Facebook!! Thanks for a fabulous give away!!!

  561. Just liked Homegoods on Facebook, I didnt even know they had a page! Thanks!

  562. I SO LOVE that place! I desperately need some new throw rugs, mine are discussing (sick and wrong)! But I know that I will also be drawn to their holiday section and kitchen area too! Got to LOVE it!!

  563. Holiday decor, what else!!!!

  564. Actually I would give it to my brother as a wedding gift. Times are tough and I know he would love it for their new home !!

  565. I need a new cute kitchen clock!

  566. I need new lamps for my livingroom, so if I win that is what I would buy…cause I love the white lamps you got!!

  567. Lindsay K. says:

    I like HomeGoods on FB

  568. I liked HomeGoods on FB.

  569. Lindsay K. says:

    Awesome giveaway. I tell my husband he ought to just hand over his paycheck to HomeGoods each payday 😉

  570. I would get new lamps for my bedroom. Thanks for the chance to win.

  571. Ours is opening on Oct. 23rd – the (women) of our whole town are very excited! Thanks for the giveaway!

  572. I’d love to find final touches for my three month old’s room!

  573. I was already a facebook fan of HG !!

  574. Oh, I would totally buy some decor the baby’s room!! I’m expecting our first, this would be perfect :)

  575. The question should be: who doesn’t know Home Goods ??? LOL I’m boring though…I’d get $50 worth of new colorful printed towels and washcloths! Maybe Christmas themed ones….

  576. christi in ma says:

    I would buy new lamps and throw pillows for my living room. We are in the process of redecorating/updating that space.

  577. christi in ma says:

    I like you on FB

  578. I would get a new winter coat I have had my eye on. Thanks for the giveaway!

  579. I would buy a small table and little chairs for my daughters play room I’m redoing!

  580. I would buy some new cloth napkins to go with a kitchen redo that I just finished, and maybe some other wall decor for the new kitchen!

  581. oh nice! I really need a blanket for the guest bed. (I recently snagged that blanket for my own bed!)

  582. I don’t tweet, so I can’t do those, but…

    I like HomeGoods on FB! :)

  583. Chrissy huffman says:

    Love the store:) would buy. Would buy new sheets!!

  584. What would I buy??? Hum… so many possibilities! Maybe some wall art!

  585. I’d probably buy some holiday decor!

  586. Anonymous says:

    I saw the most gorgeous throw pillows there this season- ok every season they’re pretty gorgeous. This is what I’d pick up. And a lamp. And bedding. Oh and kitchen items. This list could go on and on.

  587. I would buy new bedding for our bedroom. I just realized we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary and we have the SAME duvet!!!

  588. I love home goods. They have cookware I would buy!!

  589. I like HomeGoods on facebook!

  590. OMG, I looove Home Goods! But it is such a dangerous store for me, just ask my husband!!! :)
    Liked on FB!

  591. I follow @homegoods on Twitter!

  592. I would love to purchase some new throw pillows for a redo in my living room. . .

  593. i liked HG on FB!

  594. Oh, I love HomeGoods! I bought so much stuff for our house last year when we moved in! I’d use it for a lamp, or some new sheets for our bed.

  595. I would buy a new comforter for our guest bedroom. Thanks for the opportunity! HomeGoods is one of my favorite stores!

  596. I like HomeGoods on fb…=)

  597. I love HomeGoods! I would buy some fun accessories for my family room…it’s ready for change!

  598. I love Home Goods! My biggest weakness is their throw pillows!

  599. I shared this giveaway on FB!

  600. I like HomeGoods on FB!

  601. I would be looking for curtains, lamps or a new mirror for sure!

  602. Jessie C. says:
  603. Jessie C. says:
  604. This looks like a great give away. Thanks for the early chance to get a treat.

  605. Jessie C. says:

    “Like” HomeGoods on Facebook.
    Jessie c.

  606. Jessie C. says:

    Follow @homegoods on Twitter. @tcarolinep

  607. Jessie C. says:
  608. Jessie C. says:

    I’d probably get dinnerware or flatware for holiday parties.

  609. Brianna Sheldon says:

    I would buy pillows!

  610. Oh yes, I’ve been shopping at HomeGoods for a couple of years and I absolutely love it.
    Most recently, I purchase some new table runners with gorgeous leaves just in time for fall.
    What would I buy with $50.00? Well, we are getting ready to remodel the master bathroom. I’m certain most of the new decor will come from HomeGoods.
    Thanks for the consideration! I’m glad you found a store near you.

  611. I would buy a mercury lamp that I’ve been eyeing!

  612. Haley Hill says:

    I would probably buy a lot more than $50 worth…but I would start with lamps! There is also a Homegoods in Farmington now too FYI! Woo hoo!

  613. Haley Hill says:

    I just posted about the giveaway on my fb page. I hope I win!

  614. Haley Hill says:

    I like Homegoods on facebook!

  615. Erin Young says:

    i like homegoods on fb. :)

  616. An awesome new rug for my living room!

  617. Erin Young says:

    i am following homegoods on twitter. :)

  618. Erin Young says:

    i tweeted you that i want to buy PILLOWS!!!

  619. LOVE Home Goods!! If I caught my husband on a good day, I’d put it towards one of their awesome chairs… I need a fun accent chair!

  620. Erin Young says:

    i would love to buy some new accessories and pillows for my family room – trying to lighten the look. :)

  621. I have never been to Homegoods but now I need too! I have been looking for an adjustable chair!

  622. shellybelly says:

    Pillows — Pillows — Lamps — Lamps — OH YEAH

  623. Come on baby! Momma needs a new rug!

  624. Did the facebook thing!

  625. Oh how I loooove Home Goods. I would buy an upholstered bench for my entry or some holiday decor! thank you!

  626. I “liked” home goods on facebook!

  627. kristin m. says:

    homegoods twitter follower! (@imsimplykristin) – kristinmik at gmail

  628. There are so many things I could buy at Home Goods right now, but a nice big floor lamp for my living room is probably the first thing I would get.

  629. kristin m. says:

    i “like” homegoods on fb – kristinmik at gmail

  630. I would love some new bedding in my room. I know I could find something amazing at Home Goods!

  631. Ive had my eye on this cool chips and dip bowl and also a super cute wall hanging that I die for!


  632. kristin m. says:

    i could use some fancy new throw pillows! kristinmik at gmail

  633. Heather M. says:

    Liked Home Goods on FB.

  634. Without a doubt I would buy new everyday dishes. Ours are ruined and need to be replaced desperately.

  635. Liked Homegoods on Facebook!!!

  636. I would love to buy some new colorful pillows for my living room!! Its time to spruce it up!

  637. TWEETED away….

  638. I would love to buy a new rug for my kitchen and bedding for my youngest daughter’s room.

  639. Liked Homegoods on Twitter!!!

  640. Ummm what would I NOT get!! PILLOWS for sure though…I have a thing for them:0)

  641. I would definately get a pair of new lamps!!

  642. shared giveaway on FB!

  643. I liked HomeGoods on facebook! :)

  644. Heather M. says:

    I am always looking for awesome home accessories from Home Goods so that is what I would buy. It’s my favorite home store.

  645. Liked them on FB!

  646. I would buy a few cute picture frames! They have such a great selection!

  647. Samantha P says:

    I would love to win!! I would buy decor for my living room and dining room. We moved into a new house almost a year ago and I’m still trying to decorate.

  648. Patricia McArdle says:

    I’d get a round tufted hassock I saw in my local Home Goods yesterday :)

  649. I would buy a floor lamp for my living room…our last one was finished off my an overly-enthusiastic (small) houseguest.

  650. Melissa B. says:

    I would love to get some new baking dishes and fall decorating stuff.
    Possibly, a new comforter for my king size bed too.
    So many possibilities!!

  651. Kim Makechnie says:

    A lamp!

  652. Melissa B. says:

    I “liked” Homegoods on Facebook

  653. I would probably buy a large painting – the space above my husband’s desk is just blank & could use some livening up!

  654. I would love to buy something for our dinning room that I just painted, organizing things for our office, and pillows for our bed! Thanks for the giveaway.

  655. I want some of their great pillows…but I should probably get stuff to change my daughter from a crib to a twin bed.

  656. I just recently discovered HomeGoods, and I think I’d go for some serving pieces for the table, or some nice square-edged baskets for pretty storage, or…If I were to win, I know that I’d have fun picking out something pretty for our home. Thank you for the giveaway, and for your amazing, inspirational blog! :-)

  657. I would buy some new lamps!

  658. I would buy some entertaining serving pieces…I can always use more of that!

  659. I like homegoods on fb

  660. i follow homgoods on twitter CarrieAn13

  661. Love homeGoods…need a rug :)

  662. Baskets, baskets and more baskets. I am on an organizing kick right now:)

  663. I like Homegoods on Facebook.

  664. Anna Vollmer says:

    Like them on facebook!

  665. The $50 would contribute towards 1,000 thread count sheets I’m coveting.

  666. Anna Vollmer says:

    Some fun accessories! I’m so excited that homegoods is opening a store 2 miles from my house! this could be dangerous!

  667. I love Homegoods! If I won, I would raid the kitchen section!

  668. I would get some fun storage for my office.

  669. Let’s be honest…it would be more like $50 off! ;p How can you just spend $50 there! I could really use some pillows for the guest bedroom bed & I was kinda lusting after the lamps you got too…I’m sure I could find a spot for them. And the entertaining dishes…oh my…love their selection!

  670. Melissa Ford says:

    Shared on FB! :)

  671. Melissa Ford says:

    I like HomeGoods on FB!

  672. I would most likely purchase something for either the second bath or my master bed room. I am one of those who browse and buy, so I can’t say with certainty what I would purchase until it is in my van and on the way home. I do love the adorable home decor items they have. Thanks for a fun giveaway.

  673. Tricia Rice says:

    I need an armchair for my foyer!

  674. Melissa Ford says:

    I really some holiday decor. And bath room essentials! New lamps could be in order too Oh and KITCHEN supplies!

  675. Oh so many wonderful thing at home goods! But I would probably get some home decor or frames 😉 but I also love their kitchen items!

  676. I would buy a new throw for my couch! Fun giveaway!

  677. Oh. My. I love home goods!!! I would buy a set of matching lamps and a beautiful tablecloth for autumn. But, if I saw the ottoman made out of leather and brown tweed (that I missed out on a couple months ago from there) I would definitely get that.

  678. Jessica Glenn says:

    I would probably buy some lamps or throw pillows!

  679. kristina bradley says:

    I would buy new bedding for our daughter. She has grown up to be such an amazing, loving, patient and dedicated young lady and all she wants for her birthday is a big girl room :)

  680. I would buy new lamps or mabe some new pans or new art, oh so much to choose from!

  681. Michelle Carter says:

    I shared about the giveaway on my FB

  682. I would get a new lamp or an ottoman of some sort for my living room! love home goods!

  683. pretty sure i’d copy and buy that clock.

  684. Ohhh goodness I LOVE home goods! I know you asked what would I buy but really I have to say what wouldn’t I want to buy?!?!? I go in there regularly and NEVER leave empty handed! Butttt if I had to guess I would say that I would love to have a new lamp!!!! :o)
    Great giveaway!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  685. Michelle Carter says:

    I like Home Goods on FB

  686. pretty sure i would buy a clock just like yours….heart it.

  687. Michelle Carter says:

    I follow @homegoods on Twitter (my name is @chelbs)

  688. Shared on FB :)

  689. Michelle Carter says:

    I’d buy some holiday decor–we’ve lived in apartments until now and I had nowhere to store it so I never bought any. Though I love those lamps you got!

  690. I would definitely buy a new lamp–they have the best, most affordable selection of stylish lamps!

  691. Following on Twitter :)

  692. I love Homegoods… there are so many fantastic things there!

  693. We need a new lamp to help brighten up our room!

  694. Homegoods is my decorating go-to! I never leave empty handed, that’s for sure!

  695. pillows, pillows, oh! pillows for sure;)

  696. Anything for my half finished bedroom!!

  697. Katie Brown says:

    I’m decorating for our baby thats due in January…just think of the possibilities!

  698. I am finishing my dining room! Some cool plants would look great hanging on the wall!

  699. Just one thing?!? I love Homegooods! I really need some new bedding…

  700. Bonnie Cousins says:

    I follow homegoods on twitter!

  701. Fun new Clock

  702. Bonnie Cousins says:

    I like homegoods on facebook

  703. I would love to get some new pillows for our couch… I’m seriously in need of more decorations!

  704. I would buy a lamp!

  705. New bedding!! :-)

  706. i liked them on fb. thanks so much for offering this!

  707. bonnie cousins says:
  708. bonnie cousins says:

    I would buy new end tables!

  709. i love me some homegoods! i just bought some new curtains there, but i am still looking for a patterned option. this just means another trip to a different store, since the selection is so varied.

  710. I so love Home Goods..it is right next to my food store, so of course I have to stop in! I just got a Owl dish for my livingroom and a candle holder! I will be shopping there for christmas decorations!

  711. I am looking for a Christmas runner for my buffet table.

  712. I follow them on twitter!

  713. I shared on FB!

  714. I tweeted!

  715. Beth Frazier says:

    My fav store! Thanks for the opportunity!

  716. I always say that Homegood’s is my happy place! lol…Knowing me, I’d go nuts on Christmas gifts and/or decor! 😉

  717. I liked them on FaceBook and there are some pretty great posts!

  718. I love home goods!!! I would definitely buy holiday decor. They always have such fun stuff!

  719. I would buy some kind of decorative storage solution. But then again, it’s Home Goods sho who knows what treasures I’d find?

  720. christina eubanks says:

    Ohhhhh momma needs new sheets!!

  721. It’s so hard to narrow down what I would buy in that store! Currently I am on the lookout for a floor lamp!!


  723. Mindy Carlson says:

    I shared the link on FB!

  724. debbie Moseley says:

    My FAVORITE store, I’d buy, lamps, pillows, Christmas and fall decorations, table runners, and Christmas gifts to hide from my daughter!

  725. I could really use the giftcard to spruce up my living room. It’s still barren from the move.

  726. Following HomeGoods on facebook!

  727. Mindy Carlson says:

    I liked Home Goods on FB.

  728. I love, love HomeGoods. I’m looking for a new entry way table. I bet I could find something fabulous there!!

  729. I (@momslrb) followed homegoods on twitter.

  730. I tweeted about what I would like…which are side chairs for my home office which REALLY needs the help.

  731. I’m HomeGoods obsessed. I’d buy holiday decorations or holiday serving trays

  732. Mindy Carlson says:

    I would buy new fall/Thanksgiving decor! My stuff now is a little sad!

  733. I need home accessories something bad!

  734. I love Home Goods–I just need one closer to me! New bedding is on my radar :)

  735. Michelle Davidson says:

    I would buy some new picture frames for pics of beautiful poppies I took when I visted Georgetown, CO. I’m revamping my bedroom and want it to be a more happy place!

  736. I would start looking for some holiday goodies!!!

  737. I love that store! I could do a lot of damage in there :) I really need a cute lamp for my garage-laundry area, so that would be on my list :)

  738. I just shared the giveaway on Facebook!

  739. I “like” HomeGoods on Facebook

  740. If I won, I’d be buying lamps, pillows, and new bath towels. I love HomeGoods!

  741. cassandra knepshield says:
  742. We are finally furnishung our living room and ordered a couch this weekend so I would look into putting $50 towards a coffee table or ottoman.

  743. Tweeted about this giveaway!

  744. Jacqueline says:

    Hmmm…I’m not even sure off the top of my head. If I had $50 to splurge with, I’d first wander around the store a bunch of times and then pick out a couple of fun smaller items like a lunch bag.

  745. I’d probably go planning to buy lamps, but end up with something that caught my eye and I just had to have!

  746. I LOVE Home Goods. If only I had no budget restrictions so I could decorate this new house of ours. I would really love to get some lamps for the nightstands next to our bed. I found some I like there, but they are a little out of my price range for right now. Now I feel another trip to Home Goods coming on…

  747. I like HomeGoods on Facebook!

  748. I would get something to put on our walls. We’re in a temporary apartment right now and couldn’t bring very much with us so the place looks pretty bare!

  749. Krista Bolton says:

    I adore HL… Would probably get more Christmas decor as I am currently revamping the Christmas decor… :)

  750. I would love bar stools for the kitchen!

  751. just liked on fb!

  752. i’m following them on twitter (my twitter is shakajamee)

  753. Kelley Wendt says:

    I would love some new lamps!

  754. oh my gosh i was just there yesterday for the first time ever and i am obsessed!!! i would definitely buy some pillows for my couch and a clock for my living room :)

  755. I love Homegoods! There are too many things to list. I would like new bedding, and end table for our family room, a new clock, some picture frames and more.

  756. A food processor or maybe some holiday decor.

  757. I Love the pillow selection! More pillows for the couches!

  758. cassandra knepshield says:
  759. Diane Durfee says:

    Shared the give away on FB!

  760. Diane Durfee says:

    Liked them on FB!

  761. I’m so excited for this giveaway! Our Home Goods opens this Sunday, cannot wait!!! I would love to put it toward a sideboard for our dining room or a pair or curtains also for our dining room.

  762. I “liked” HomeGoods on FB.

  763. Diane Durfee says:

    Oh how I LOVE Home Goods! I was just there yesterday! I bought two baskets to help with my craft closet organizing! There are always fun things to buy there! I’d probably buy some kind of Christmas gift with the extra $50! Christmas is coming fast!

  764. I would love to win! I have been looking for new bar stools for my kitchen island. I just recently found out we have a Home Goods 45 min from me but have not had the chance to stop in yet.

  765. I like HomeGoods on facebook!

  766. Oh what would I buy if I was lucky enough to win? Boy hard choice as there is so much wonderful stuff. I think I’d look for new desk and organizational pieces. I’m always struggling to get and keep organized.

  767. cassandra knepshield says:

    I follow Homegoods on twitter!

  768. cassandra knepshield says:

    I like Homegoods on facebook!

  769. LIked Home Goods on Facebook.

  770. cassandra knepshield says:

    I would LOVE to get the adjustable stool from HomeGoods!

  771. I would probably by holiday items for hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas, maybe even a few pot shelf items for my bedroom.

  772. stacia whiting says:

    I like Home Goods on FB

  773. stacia whiting says:

    I would buy new end tables at Home Goods!

  774. Karen Urias says:

    My son just moved out and I now have an extra room. I would love to decorate this as a guest bedroom, so a miror, a picture, some lamps….pretty much anything.

  775. I would love some new lamps for our family room. Also, I need a few large hinged easels to display some of my grandparents’ and parents’ wedding china in our dining room. We are finally at the ready-to-decorate stage. Thanks, Jen and HomeGoods!

  776. Such cute stuff! We don’t have a Home Goods store near us. Like the Hobby Lobby! BOO!

  777. HomeGoods always has the best lamps! I would love to get new lamps for our master bedroom! Thanks so much! :)

  778. Just liked them on Facebook!

  779. After living in my house for over 2 years…I STILL have a few blank walls that could use some decor!

  780. Danielle D. says:

    I would probably end up buying things for the dining table and/or kitchen. I’m a sucker for pretty table settings.

  781. Crysal Jones says:

    Holiday decor :)

  782. Christie Wright says:

    I would LOVE to get two lamps for my new apartment! Plus, I live a block away from a Homegoods, SO much fun :)

  783. Liked them on fb.

  784. Gift card – new bed linens

  785. What wouldn’t I buy? FIrst on my list would be a dutch oven, an end table for my 4 year old’s bedroom, an extra lamp, oh the list goes on!!!

  786. I’d probably get some holiday decor. Or a cool wedding gift for my sis-in-law.

  787. I would choose a rug for my livingroom so that when my husband and son ignore the “no eating in the livingroom” rule, their spills won’t ruin the carpet.

  788. I’d get some serving dishes & utensils. Can you believe I don’t own ANY?! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  789. Oh I LOVE HomeGoods! I could spend hours in there! I could really use some new stuff for my kitchen though, or a new rug!

  790. I would buy 2 lamps for my husband and I’s bedside tables, because nightime has gotten really dark since I repurposed the old ones :)

    I am now following @homegoods on Twitter, I have liked them on FB, and I tweeted you my my ideas! I have also posted on my blog today about the giveaway!

    Anything else? :)

  791. Amber Darbutt says:

    I have an entryway begging for something to be put in it! I can’t imagine NOT finding SOMETHING beautiful at Home Goods!

  792. I posted the giveaway on FB. http://www.facebook.com/ashersjane

  793. Some fun decor!

  794. A lamp!

  795. I tweeted :)

  796. I would buy some new art to hang above my fireplace!

  797. I like Home Goods on Facebook!

  798. I follow homegoods on twitter.

  799. I like Homegoods on FB.

  800. I would love to buy a bench for the end of my bed or maybe a few fun mirrors for a mirror wall in my living room!!

  801. I liked Home Goods on FB.

  802. I tweeted you. My twitter is ashersjane.

  803. I “like” HomeGoods on facebook!

  804. I would buy some new mirrors!

  805. I posted about this giveaway on my facebook!

  806. Ohhhhh….I saw this little pink chair there last week that would be perfect for my daughter’s room.

  807. Liked HomeGoods on FB!

  808. Following @HomeGoods!

  809. OOOhhh… what WOULDN’T I want to buy at HomeGoods. I’m thinking I might first look at lighting options– our current lamp situation is LAME-O. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  810. I tweeted! @ErinVerHines

  811. I liked Homegoods on facebook!

  812. I also “liked” HomeGoods on facebook :)

  813. Ohhh! I’d love this! I’d buy some decor for my newest project- my closet/laundry room.

  814. If I were to win the HomeGoods gift card, I would buy some throw pillows, and some cute accent pieces.

  815. I’m following @homegoods on twitter!

  816. I liked Hg on Facebook.

  817. I’m following Home Goods on FB!

  818. #3: I “like” Home Goods on FB! :)

  819. I would buy some type of Fall decor for the home!

  820. I tweeted you!

  821. Following on Facebook!

  822. I follow HomeGoods on Twitter!

  823. I love HomeGoods. Like go to three in one day to find matching lamps kind of love. If I won, I’d buy a new bench for the end of my new bed!

  824. I would love to buy some seasonal decorations for my home!

  825. I would buy more tasteful Halloween decor. Hmmm…the possibilities!

  826. I like HomeGoods on Facebook!

  827. #2: Shared this on my FB page. :)

  828. I like homegoods on FB!

  829. I like HomeGoods on FB

  830. I really really need some art or wall decor for my house! Love Home Goods!

  831. If I won, I would buy some wall decor. I have a HUGE wall in my living room that I have no idea what to do with!

  832. Oh I love Home Goods, perhaps a little too much. There’s always something there that would be just perfect in my home.

  833. Hmmm, what would I get!? I think I’d like to look at lamps for my living room, or pillows for my bed. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  834. I follow HomeGoods on twitter

  835. My home is in desperate need of home decor!! Would love to win a gift certificate!

  836. Oh I just lovelovelove Home Goods. I already “like” them on Facebook, does that count? I just found out last night that my oldest son FINALLY proposed to his wonderful girlfriend. I would love to get them a special engagement gift from HG!

  837. I follow Home Goods on Facebook!

  838. Oh, Jen what a great giveaway! I need some lamps that match for our front room or den – time to get ride of the mismatched wonders that make the room look blah. Thanks for the chance to spiff my nest! I’ve never been to HG and would love to check it out!

  839. ANYTHING!!!! I love Homegoods!

  840. I would love a new picture for my sitting room.! HomeGoods is my favorite store!!

  841. Ooooooh!!! I love, love, love Home Goods! I would definitely get a larged framed print for my living room. There is this beautiful blue and white one that I want so bad–unfortunately it’s out of my price range, the gift card would get it into my price range!!!

  842. Patty Williams says:

    Following them on Twitter !

  843. I like HomeGoods on facebook.

  844. susan@pocacosa says:

    I like HG on fb!

  845. I “like” homegoods on facebook! :)

  846. I think I would buy an area rug for my family room.

  847. susan@pocacosa says:

    LOVE home goods-I shop HG all the time for client accessories & fun cool pieces!

  848. Patty Williams says:

    Liked Home Goods on Facebook !

  849. We’re getting ready to redecorate our bedroom, so I would use the gift card for that

  850. I would buy a rug or lamps!

  851. count me in, please. we could really use a new rug in our living room.

  852. I would buy some pillows and curtains.

  853. I LOVE Homegoods!! I would definitely stock up on their Holiday decorations, or revamp our bathrooms!

  854. load up on gifts for Pokeno!

  855. I’m following HomeGoods on Twitter :)

  856. Omgosh I ADORE Home Goods! I would buy some new vases or cake stands for sure!! ;o)

  857. tweeted you on what i would buy

  858. Patty Williams says:

    I’m not sure what I would buy ! Depends on what they have in stock at the time . Something for the house, maybe a garden statue and some baking pans or whatever funky stuff I can find! We have one not too far from us, so I would love to be able to shop!

    btw… tatertots and jello — every time I see this name.. it makes me Smile !

    Thanks for the chance!

  859. I liked them on FB!

  860. Laura Gloor says:

    Pumpkins, Pumpkins and more Pumpkins!! Possibly a much needed new bedspread…but most likely fall/halloween decor will win over my heart before I even make it to the bedding section :)

  861. following homegoods on twitter now

  862. I would buy some new lamps for the living room!

  863. I tweeted this giveaway with what I would buy with my HG giftcard 😉

  864. I would buy frames or some new wall art from homegoods

  865. I liked them on facebook. I do not have twitter though : (
    I would really like to buy one of there awesome humongous mirrors to go above my fireplace. This would be just in time for Christmas!
    Deena in idaho

  866. I follow Home Goods on Twitter!

  867. Liked Homegoods on FB

  868. Missy French says:

    If I won… lamps or pillows for my living room, maybe bedding for my daughters big girl bed!!

  869. I desperately need a rug for my family room, new throw pillows, kitchen towels and accessories.

  870. I like Home Goods on FB!

  871. I love new bedsheets! and i love Home Goods!!

  872. If I won, I’d buy Some organizational stuff, I am in the organizing mode!:-)

  873. I tweeted about this giveaway (CreativeGator)

  874. I would buy some new pillows for the living room- the ones I have now are flat!

  875. Missy French says:

    If I won… lamps, pillows and kitchen accessories are always on my list of things to check out at Home Goods!! Love the place!

  876. “Like” on Facebook!!

  877. I follow HomeGoods on Twitter.

  878. I like HomeGoods on Facebook.

  879. Dishes! I love dishes all shapes, colors, and styles. You can never have to many dishes.

  880. I’m helping my mom re-decorate one of her bedroom’s. I would love to use the gift card to help buy some things to spruce it up! :)

  881. I would probably buy pumpkins. I have a small, but ever-growing pumpkin collection and Home Goods always has cute ones. Or, I’m in desperate need of some new potholders, so that would definitely be on my list too.

  882. Home goods is my all time fav store! We just moved and I desperately want this little white hutch that my home goods has right now! Oh pick me!

    & thanks for the giveaway!

  883. I would LOVE to buy guest towels for the hall bath with the gift card to HomeGoods!

  884. Following Homegoods on Twitter

  885. Michelle Perry says:

    I liked Home Goods on FB.

  886. We could really use some lamps for our living room or a tall lamp for our den.

  887. Tweeted You

  888. halloween decorations!

  889. I LIKE HomeGoods on Facebook! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  890. I would love to buy a new entertainment stand or some endtables at Homegoods, or a REALLY cool clock

  891. Tweeted! ♥

  892. Following @Homegoods on Twitter!

  893. Michelle Perry says:

    Free gift card = things for the kitchen. Gadgets mostly. I am such a gadget queen.

  894. Stephanie E. says:

    I would buy some end tables to match the new sofa a friend gave us. The cardboard boxes just don’t go with the rest of the room anymore!

  895. Jennifer M says:

    I would buy more fall decor!

  896. I “liked” on Facebook!

  897. Tweeted about the giveaway! I need some cool guest towels for the hall bath!!

  898. I liked Home Goods on Facebook. :)

  899. If I won I would buy some Christmas decor because other than ornaments I really dont have any!

    Holly Dixon

  900. I follow Home Goods on twitter!

  901. I liked them on F/B

  902. I love Homegoods! If I got. Gift card there I would buy bedside lamps for my husband and I!

  903. I would love a new clock!
    We just got one out by us, i’m so excited to have one so close.

  904. I would look for something awesome for my mantle!!

  905. HomeGoods Is SUCH a fun store to go to! I would like to be some cute pillows for my bare couches!

  906. stephanie Soltero says:

    I tweeted and followed and liked!! yahooooooooooooo

  907. I could use some new lamps! I love HomeGoods!

  908. I would buy a fabulous chair. They have the most amazing one of a kind looking chairs!

  909. I really want a nice down comforter for my bed to keep my comfy and warm during Winter

  910. I am following @homegoods on twitter

  911. I “liked” them on fb!

  912. If I won, I would probably buy some fall decor stuff! :)

  913. I need some festive fall stuff! I don’t have any and would love it.

  914. Just did all three! Woohoo! I need some new lamps :)

  915. Alicia Martin says:

    I live in a small town and there are no Home Goods stores. :( I dream about going there so I can finish decorating my master bedroom. Happily, I can shop online. :)

  916. I like them on FB!

  917. I tweeted about this giveawway

  918. I tweeted! @jennaer

  919. I would surely buy bathroom decorations as our basement bathroom is in serious need of some love.

  920. I would buy something for Christmas decorating, they have the best stuff!

  921. I would get some lamps!

  922. Love HomeGoods! Don’t know where to start I need so much…side table, rugs, bedding….

  923. I liked them on FB

  924. I would buy matching silverware, our mix and match look isn’t working for me.

  925. I would buy new kitchen goodies! They always have the BEST stuff!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  926. My fiance and I close on our first home together right before Thanksgiving. I would use the giftcard to purchase something wonderful for our new home!

  927. I love it! I could really use some cute lamps.

  928. Corinne Kurzmann says:

    I like Homegoods on facebook!

  929. I liked Home Goods on FB

  930. I liked HomeGoods on Facebook!

  931. I liked them on Facebook.

  932. I love HomeGoods! I would get more decorations for my sister in law’s Winter Wonderland baby shower coming up!

  933. Homegoods is my favorite store!! I’m looking for a great accent chair for my living room!

  934. I absolutely love Home Goods! I would get some fun fall decor.

  935. Corinne Kurzmann says:

    I would love to find a rug for my den..This is a great store..thanks for showing me, I had never been and there are several in my area!!
    corky on gfc

  936. Lindsey Laudie says:

    I would buy some baskets – in desperate need of some organization in my home! And they always have such a great selection!

  937. I NEED lamps in my family room….its like a cave! I would love this!

  938. I’m looking for cute things for my girls’ playroom so I would definitely spend it on something cute & fun for their room! Maybe a shelf or artwork…you never know what fabulous item you will find when you head to Homegoods!


  939. i liked Home Goods on facebook

  940. I need new towels for 2 of my bathrooms that I am getting ready to paint!

  941. HomeGoods is amazing, and we have one right down the street from us! I’d probably buy pillows if I win. That or use it toward a rug for our living room depending on what they have available.

  942. I would buy a wall clock for the living room. The toddler has discovered the clock on the side table. So wish they would open a store in Seattle. Guess I’ll just have to make a trip to Portland.

  943. I like Homegoods on Facebook :)


  944. I would buy a rug! I am in desperate need of one! :)

  945. Would love to win! I also really need some cute lamps! Love the store!

  946. I like HomeGoods on fb!

  947. We just moved to Utah from Idaho so I’m looking to do some redecorating! This gift card would be perfect for that! I need something to hang on the wall in my bathroom and I’m pretty sure I could find it at Home Goods!

  948. I’ve been wanting to change up the accent colors in my living room, from brown & blue to orange & gray…. $50 at homegoods would get me well on my way!!

  949. I “like” Home Goods on Facebook!

  950. I follow Home Goods on Twitter! @allisonkmiller

  951. I liked HomeGoods on the Facebook!

  952. I have been going to HomeGoods all summer to update our lakehouse. I still need to finsh one bedroom. So I would need some lamps and fall colored bedding. Maybe even a dresser.

  953. I would buy some placemats and/or some fun dishes for when I photograph my recipes!

  954. Autumn Dark says:

    Liked them on FB

  955. I love their serving pieces! I would upgrade my holiday pieces.

  956. Autumn Dark says:

    I would buy organizational items for our new house! :)

  957. I would buy home decor for my living room :)

  958. I’ve been looking for a pair of accent chairs or maybe a new rug!

  959. I LOVE homegoods! I would probably buy…a lamp or mirror…or some bedding ha ha!

  960. I am looking for new bed linens to winterize!

  961. Tracy Napper says:

    I love HomeGoods! I’d probably look for new bedding for the master bedroom.

  962. Laurie Seeno says:

    I love Home Goods. I would use the gift card to buy a new serving piece for the Holidays.

  963. I like Homegoods on FB!

  964. I follow Homegoods on Twitter!

  965. I have 2 empty end tables that are desperate for lamps. That’s what I would buy. :)

  966. tara mcdonald says:

    I would love to win this. I would buy a rug or decor for my baby’s room. She is due in march. :-)

  967. I would have to say that I’d love to get some wall hangings. We recently moved and our walls are so blank!

  968. cake stands? mirrors? wall art? So much to choose from!

  969. I love love love Home Goods! I would buy a new funky side table for the living room.

  970. I ADORE HomeGoods!!!! I would buy some fabulous new decorative pillows for my home or a beautiful piece of art to hang over my bed!

  971. Annette J says:

    I would love to go shopping!! Maybe a new rug for the livingroom, or some new lamps for my bedroom! Love the giveaway!

  972. I love their lamps.

  973. New lamps ….I love their lamps!

  974. I just “liked” HG on FB!

  975. I have never been to a homegoods but I want to!!

  976. FB fan

    Marisa Meme

  977. This is one of my favorite stores! Scored the best decor for my mantle their recently. I would probably grb some more candlesticks.

  978. Oh boy, I don’t know what I’d pick if I won. I’d definitely have to browse the store and see what amazing things they have. They always have a new selection of amazing stuff! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  979. Jen,
    What a great idea to do this giveaway! EVERYONE loves HomeGoods! I hope someone wins the giveaway that can really use it! I know I would be in heaven with a $50 gift card from HG’s!
    I tweeted about your give away, I follow Homegoods on Twitter and I “like” their FB page! I love Homegoods so much that I blogged about them a few months ago! http://bit.ly/r4khLA (yes, I really, really love that store!!!)
    As always, I love dropping by your inspiring blog!
    Have a great day!

  980. I like home goods on facebook

  981. liked HG on facebook :)

  982. I tweeted you!

  983. I would buy something to put on my empty walls.

  984. I like HomeGoods on fb.

  985. I would either buy a lamp/lamps or some great kitchen gear. I love Home Goods.

  986. I follow HomeGoods on Twitter.

  987. I follow homegoods on twitter

  988. I would get a new bathroom rug and some bath towels for my downstairs bathroom, it needs some attention in the decor department and I LOVE Home Goods!!

  989. I love their mirrors!

  990. Pillows!!!! I love their pillows! I liked them on Facebook!

  991. I tweeted this!

  992. I would buy a rug. Need a rug badly. Love Home Goods!

  993. I would buy some lamps…now just where they would go would depend on which ones I decided upon!

  994. Following Home Goods on Twitter.

  995. I follow homegoods on twitter

  996. what couldn’t I buy at home goods! LOVE that store and didn’t know they had come into Utah! ya! so going there this weekend!

  997. Fingers crossed for a gift card to score some items for my newly made over master bedroom!

  998. They just opened a Home Goods a reasonable distance from me and I’ve heard so many good things I can’t wait to check it out! I would probably start with getting a new lamp, and some new wall art.

  999. I am following Home Goods on twitter

  1000. My house is sorely lacking decor, so I would get frames or some lamps!

  1001. I would buy a new clock or new pillows for my couch. I love HomeGoods!

  1002. I would buy wall decor when I win my $50.00 gift card!

  1003. Emilee K. says:

    I would buy some lamps for my bedroom!

  1004. I’ve been dying to get some candlesticks to make my own cake stand!

  1005. I would love to win this. I would buy new lamps,rugs and pillows

  1006. I would buy new lamps. I love their selection of lamps and kitchen items.

  1007. i would buy pillows for my sofa!

  1008. Shanna S. says:

    I would love to buy some new pillows at Home Goods. Fingers crossed!

  1009. What wouldn’t I buy?? But I’d probably get some more Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations.

  1010. I’m not sure what I’d buy but we’re buying a house so I’m sure there will be some new things to buy in the very new future!

  1011. I really need some new things for our kitchen!!!

  1012. My mom looooves Home Goods- I’d like to gift this to her!
    inalak at msn dot com

  1013. Anonymous says:

    BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!!!! I am like a kid in a candy store in Home Goods! I spied a big sun burst mirror there the other day that I would love for our living room!

  1014. I would love to buy a funky new lamp for my living room!

  1015. I would buy tons of stuff if I had some extra cash. One thing I would purchase would be a new chair for my entry way.

  1016. I would buy some of those cool looking lamps!

  1017. I like Home Goods on FB.

  1018. I’m about to turn my daughter’s nursery into a “big girl” room for her 2nd birthday (to move crib across hall for new baby’s nursery!). I have been looking for a cute & cheap lamp to put by her bed, as well as some wall decor.

  1019. Gosh, what would I buy? I need some accessories for my new color scheme in my bedroom.

  1020. I found a couple of chairs there that I absolutely love. I would really like to add some coordinating pieces to my dining room table.

  1021. Ashley B. says:

    I follow home goods on twitter!

  1022. I “like” Homegoods on fb.

  1023. We just moved a couple of days ago, so we’re in serious need of a good Home Good trip! Bedding, rug, pillows, accessories!!

  1024. Ashley B. says:

    We just moved into a new house and there are sooo many things I need – new rugs, bar stools, organizing baskets/bins. The possibilities are endless at Home Goods!

  1025. We’re moving soon and I would use it to get some new bedding for our first guest room ever!

  1026. So many things to choose from, I have always enjoyed shopping at Home Goods. Right now I need some lamps. I am sure I could find something I like there.

  1027. I would really love to purchase an adorable lamp like yours!

  1028. I would love some new lamps for my living room!

  1029. I would love some new bedding and/or accessories for our master bedroom.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  1030. Love HomeGoods – it’s one of my favorite stores! If I won I’d get something new for my bedroom – maybe a new comforter!

  1031. It would be hard to choose one thing! Home Goods has amazing things!! I would probably buy some Christmas decorations since the season is quickly sneaking up on me!