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Double-Sided Fall/Halloween Painted Pillows {tutorial}

Hello Tatertot & Jello readers! I’m Katie from Sew Woodsy, and I can not express how excited I am to be visiting and sharing my latest craft project with all of you.

Sew Woodsy is a “husband and wife craft team”. We create Home/DIY projects along with some sewing projects in the mix. “Mr. Woodsy” is a home renovations expert and hobby wood worker. I love to show off his work (I can do that–I’m his proud wife)! I love to inexpensively decorate our home and I love just about all crafts. Both of us LOVE decorating the inside and outside of our home for Halloween. We have made some pretty cool and inexpensive props in the past few years.

I’m so excited to share my double sided pillow that I dreamed up one evening. This pillow is dual purpose… you can use it in September and November, and flip it over during the month of October to acknowledge and celebrate Halloween!


Drop Cloth, Scissors, Painters Tape, Parchment Paper, Craft Tweezers

Sewing Machine, White Thread. 14″ zipper

Stencils, black tulle, gemstone sticker

Martha Stewart Crafts™ 2oz Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint – Carrot

Martha Stewart Crafts™ 2oz Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint – Beetle Black

Martha Stewart Crafts™ 6oz Tintable Fabric Medium

Martha Stewart Crafts™ Arabesque Laser-Cut Stencils

Martha Stewart Crafts™ Roller Tops

First, we will start on the large Pillow. I made this pillow a traditional envelope style pillow since it is not a double sided pillow. I cut the 3 pieces of drop cloth fabric to match the size of my pillow. My pillow is 20 x 20, so I cut one large square 21 x 21 (for extra room for seam allowance), and then the two envelope pieces 10 inches and 14 inches. I mixed up my acrylic paint and my paint medium. Placed my stencil on the 21 x 21 pieces of drop cloth and began rolling on the paint.

Keep painting and moving your stencil as you go. This is a tedious process–make sure you take your time. If you take your time it will show in the end product! I let the pillow dry for 24 hours then heat-set it according to the directions on the fabric medium bottle. Lastly, I sewed the fabric pieces together.

Next, we will make the double sided pillow. Cut two pieces of drop cloth to match the size of the pillow you want to cover. I believe my pillow was 14 x 20, so I cut my covering an inch up from the size to allow for my seam allowance.

Once your drop cloth is cut you can begin to paint each side of the pillow. I used my cricut and cut out the word “Harvest” using heavy card-stock for my fall side of the pillow. I taped the cut-out to the pillow. I also folded a small pieces of tape and adhered the small cut-outs to the “a” and “e” in the word “Harvest”. I used a long sheet of parchment paper to line my table so that no painted bled on to my table. Side fact: I hate touching newspaper, so I try to use parchment paper when it’s available… its inexpensive and keeps the paint from getting on to your surface.

I mixed up my acrylic paint and fabric medium, and began to carefully roll the paint on to the stencil and drop cloth. Make sure you evenly coat your stencil.

Luckily, none of the paint seeped through the card-stock!

This is what it looked like once I pulled the card-stock off the drop cloth. You’ll notice the “a” and “e” are still on the drop cloth.

Using craft tweezers carefully pull up the “a” and “e” leftover pieces.

Next, we can begin on the Halloween side of the pillow. I cut out a phrase using my cricut. Then placed to straight lines of painters tape to “frame” the “beware” phrase.

Mix up the acrylic paint and fabric medium per the instructions on the bottle.

Begin to roll the paint carefully on to your drop cloth.

Once you’ve finished painting the drop cloth and stencil; carefully remove the stencil with craft tweezers.

Then, carefully remove the tape.

I wanted to add a raven to my pillow, so I taped it in place. I used a rhinestone 3-dimensional sticker for the eye to ensure that it wouldn’t move while I was painting the raven.

Once the raven is painted, remove the stencil. Let both pillows dry for 24 hours. Then remove the rhinestone sticker from the raven’s eye. Heat set your pillows  according to the directions on the fabric medium bottle.

Once I heat-set my pillow I cut a double-sided 8-inch wide piece of black tulle (double the length of my pillow). I pinned the tulle on both ends, and began to gather and sew. I wanted it to have a pleated/ruffle look. It was much easier for me to gather as I sewed… if you have a better way of doing this, by all means do it!

This is what it looked like after the tulle was sewn on. In this picture I was trying to decide whether or not I wanted to keep the tulle out and free flowing or tuck it in and have the tulle sewn in. I like the left side better, so that’s what I did!

Next, you’ll want to sew on your zipper. It had probably been 6 months since the last time I had sewn a zipper onto something. I hate sewing zippers… they give me anxiety. I know they shouldn’t. To be honest they are really easy to sew, but for some reason I avoid them like the plague. Now, that I’ve told you about my current phobia I’ll try to explain how to sew a zipper on. Place your Harvest painted cover face up, then the zipper face down, and then the “Beware” fabric right side facing down. Pin your zipper in place and line up the three edges.

Using a zipper foot, start at one end of the pillow and sew down the edge of your zipper and fabric. You will want to stitch closer to the zipper foot and teeth. Repeat on the Harvest side of fabric.

This is what the final product should look like. Don’t worry if the end of the zipper goes past where the pillow is. We will sew that zipper in place once we close the pillow.

Next, pin the rest of the pillow together. Make sure that your tulle is laying flat since you will be sewing it into the pillow. *You also want to make sure that your zipper is half open. That way you can turn the pillow inside out without any problems.

Next, sew the three sides together using a straight stitch.

This is how your pillow should look once it’s been sewn together.

Cut off any excess drop cloth and tulle from the pillow. Then turn right-side out.

Now your pillows are ready to be covered and displayed! Take a look at the before and after!!!

I’m in love with this pillow! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. I love my Zombie Planted Hands in the background, too!

Look at the detail!!!

Now, turn over your pillow and you now have a Fall pillow! (Don’t mind the zombie hands in the background!)

I added a fabric rosette broach pin that can be removed prior to being washed. I also added a few fall leaves purchased at the dollar store. I also pinned those on the pillow cover so I can remove them when I go to wash the pillow covers.

I love the added detail of the fabric rosettes and the fall leaves.

You can only tell from the side that this pillow is double sided! Hides pretty well!

I hope you enjoyed my project, and will join me over at Sew Woodsy and follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

Wow Katie – those pillows are beautiful!!

Thank you for sharing them with us. I love that they are 2-sided. What a great idea!!

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You will be glad you did!!


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at The New Home Ec today!

PS — It’s Friday!!

My favorite day of the week. I am excited to see what YOU have been working on!! Come link up YOUR ideas at The Weekend Wrap Up Party. The party starts at 6 pm MST. I hope you can come!!


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  1. Wow! Love these, I hope my crafting skills are good enough as I’d love to make these!

  2. That orange one takes a certain kind of patience that I’m not sure I possess! LOL! Super cool! 😀

  3. These pillows turned out great! Where do you get your inspiration from? Placing them on a bench outside is a cool idea!”

  4. Katie, these are FABULOUS! I love the black tulle. I can’t wait to try this project myself. {I need more hours in my day!}

  5. love the beware pillow..the tulle just makes it pop! it’s AWESOME! great job!

  6. Love your pillows Sew Woodsy! THanks for sharing!

  7. Wow, it looks like you have been busy! I really like that the pillows are reversible. The beware pillow is very unique. Did you make the flowers that’s on your harvest pillow? The table runner is a neat idea too:) I just might have to try something like that out sometime.

  8. first off thanks, I was looking for an excuse to buy Martha’s stencils. Second, congrats those are awesome pillows. I love the tulle detail and the flowers on the Harvest side.

  9. Love the Halloween/Fall pillows. What a great idea to make 2 in one. Space savers are always a plus!

  10. Wow! I don’t think I could love this pillows more. They’re fantastic.

    Thanks so much for the fabulous tutorial.

  11. Great idea! I’m definitely going to make that orange patterned pillow. You know, some places would charge over $50 for a pillow that awesome. Great work!

  12. These are wonderful! Such great ideas for us to put on our to-do list!

  13. Double-sided is SO my style! I’m all about multipurpose for the holidays. Fabulous job, Katie!! Absolutely adorable pillows!

  14. Great Job, Katie. I love all the projects you’ve done around your home!

  15. Omg, what awesome paint. I love the paint roller on the bottle. Have to go check it out at Michaels. Thanks so much for sharing. Great ideas always at TT&J.

  16. Thanks Jen, for having me over!!!

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