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Weekend Wrap Up Party — and Lily Gene Prints Giveaway!!

UPDATE — Winner is #1 Viv from The V Spot!! 
Welcome to the party!! 
 This week’s giveaway is from a super cute shop — LILY Gene Prints!

Tracy from Lily Gene Prints makes the sweetest typography prints and very fun prints with locations!

There are so many amazing prints to choose from!

You can have a custom print made with the location of your home on the USA map.

Or your location within your state. I love this idea!!


Or how about an awesome Subway Art Playroom Rules print?

 Plus, Tracy just added postcards, custom invitations and handmade afghans to her shop!!

And check this out! 

A personalized family history subway art CANVAS with information like your grandparents names and where they met, locations that are special to you and your family.  

This is something that will want to keep forever! 

And Tracy is giving one of these
Personalized Family Art Prints
to one of you!!! {$129 value}
SO exciting!!! 
Here’s how you can win:
  • Head over to Lily Gene Prints What is The Name of your favorite item? one entry.
  • “Like” Lily Gene Prints on Facebook – where you can find out about her sales and giveaways. one entry. 
  • Link up to the Weekend Wrap Up Party. One link = one entry.
A couple other things:
Join us Saturdays at tatertotsandjello.com for  the weekend wrap up party!
Please link up the Wrap Up button {a text link is great too — Tatertots & Jello}
so everyone can join in the fun!
Please comment on TWO posts above you and TWO posts below you — in addition to any others that you want to visit. 
{That way everyone gets some comments — we all love comments}
Have fun!!!

I’ll start going through the links tonight.
I can’t wait to see what YOU have been doing! 



  1. thomas family says:

    LOVE the custom baby or graduation map and stamp also love the vintage save the date postcards. thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Great stuff ! Love the subway art canvas!!

  3. I like the head shoulders knees and toes art

  4. Allikaye's Mama says:

    I love all the prints! My favorite is the "Oh, The Places You Go. Tram Roll. Bus Scroll. Personalized by you."

  5. whitney says:

    je t'aime!!!! favorite!

  6. The Modern Family Tree is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this site.

  7. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I liked the LilyGene facebook page.

  8. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I love the custom Home is where the heart is prints and the subway art on Lily Gene

  9. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I'm following Lily Gene's blog.

  10. about the young mr. and mrs. says:

    Love the "You make me happy" print. So cute!

  11. Jessica says:

    fan of lily gene on fb!


  12. Jessica says:

    i really like the Playroom Rules Subway Art Canvas!


  13. Serendipity says:

    "like" them on facebook!

  14. Serendipity says:

    I love the "you make me happy" print. So sweet, comes from one of my favorite songs AND the colors perfectly match my living room!

  15. I love the "oh the places you go" sign and the "Your home is where your heart is" for PA!! Looks like I found some wedding gift ideas:)

  16. Erica Wyatt says:

    left a comment on lilygene blog

  17. Erica Wyatt says:

    like lilygene on facebook

  18. Erica Wyatt says:

    I would love a temple print

  19. [love, kati] says:

    i love the je t'aime 'I Love You' silhouette print.
    this is how my room is decorated and it would look perfect!! so cute.
    love, Kati

  20. MyMothersDaughter says:

    PS- I'm likin this on FB!

  21. MyMothersDaughter says:

    Thanks for the giveaway- it's great! I love the You are my sunshine print!

  22. I love the "You are my sunshine" print!

  23. Martha Carolyn says:

    I love the Customize Your Home is Where the Heart Is World or USA 11 x 14 print.

  24. Lindsey says:

    I liked LilyGene on Facebook!

  25. Lindsey says:

    Oh, It's so hard to choose. I like the Texas "Home is where the heart is" but I also like the Vintage World Canvas. SO many choices, everything looks great!

  26. Jenny @ DIY Newlyweds says:

    I'm following the Lily Gene blog!

  27. Jenny @ DIY Newlyweds says:

    I linked up to the party!

  28. Jenny @ DIY Newlyweds says:

    I love the customized whole world print with heart. It's so cute!

  29. I like LilyGene on facebook and love their custom colors – ABC & 123 pictures with the orange, lime, green, and blue…it would go perfect in my son's room!

  30. Posted some love on the Lily Gene blog!

  31. I liked Lily Gene on FB!

  32. Oh my, I love SO many! What a wonderful shop! You are my sunshine is my favorite (of many), it holds such a significance in my family.

  33. Cozycomfycouch says:

    Following the blog and I left a comment! 😀

  34. Cozycomfycouch says:

    I liked on Facebook! 😀

  35. Cozycomfycouch says:

    oh how wonderful!!!!!!
    I love love love
    The Customize your birth poster! Love to put that in my little girls room! 😀

    oh ya and I've never seen so many linkys before! WOW!

  36. I linked up too!

  37. I left a comment over at lily gene's blog

  38. I like them on fb!

  39. I love the A Vintage World Canvas 16 x 20!

  40. Following her blog. She has some insanely cute stuff.

  41. Liked her on FB!

  42. A Vintage World.

  43. katie@tulsadetails says:

    I love her home is where the heart is prints. So cute and clever!

  44. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    LOVE "The Places We Go" subway art. I think that is a fantastic idea!

  45. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    Thanks for hosting! I linked up my upcycled summer banner.

  46. Kristin says:

    I love the I am a Child of God print and the playroom subway art!

  47. mama bear says:

    I'm a follower of the LilyGene blog and love it!

  48. mama bear says:

    I "like" them on fb!

  49. mama bear says:

    Love the three little birds!

  50. Natalie says:

    I think the Playroom Rules is just the cutest thing ever!

  51. justamomtothreeboys says:

    Home is where the heart is print!! Georgia on my mind!

  52. I would def do the Abbey Road sign (our son's middle name is Jude.. named after The Beatles)


    The outlined state of MN with the heart.

    Absolutely adorable!!

    Pamela @ pbjstories.blogspot.com

  53. Mindy1024 says:

    I am torn I love the you make me happy sign and the 3 little birds sign!!

  54. Jessica says:

    I love love love the california print. Been wanting one for awhile now– I even have the perfect spot for one! 😉

  55. Jessica says:

    My FIRST link-up EVER!! Eeek!

  56. Mike and Katie says:

    love the "oh the places you will go

  57. Nancy D. says:

    left a comment on her blog too.

  58. Nancy D. says:

    I "like" Lily Gene Prints on FB.

  59. Nancy D. says:

    I really like the You make me Happy! I used to sing that to my daughter when she was in my belly and a baby. Now she's 15 and screams when I sing it to her. lol

  60. The One Stop Baby Shop says:

    Hey again Jennifer:)I LOVE your blog! Great job! I'm following! and I've linked up 2 projects I hope you like them! Yay! I'd love for you to visit me on my blog:

    Can't wait for my spotlight on CSI, thanks again and look forward to it 😉


  61. I love the family subway art — but I am also a huge fan of the 'I am feeling lucky' sign. Cute!

  62. I love the custom birth story and the usa heart. What a cute shop!

  63. i LOVE the vintage world canvas print! <3

  64. Sarah E. says:

    Follow LilyGene on Blogger :)

  65. Sarah E. says:

    Like LilyGene on FB

  66. Sarah E. says:

    I love the "You are my sunshine" print as well as the customized birth "announcements" – I could definitely see the three (sunshine in the middle) sitting on a bookshelf in my home!

  67. Sarah E. says:

    I linked up :) #656

  68. Zach and Shawn says:

    I love the I am a child of god print I would love it for my little boys room!

  69. Julie {CalleLillyCafe} says:

    I linked up to party! If you like cupcakes, take a peek! =)

  70. Julie {CalleLillyCafe} says:

    I linked up to party! If you like cupcakes, take a peek! =)

  71. This is my 1st time to link up! LOVE it!

  72. Julie {CalleLillyCafe} says:

    Left some comment love on Lily Gene's blog! I'm loving her prints!

  73. Julie {CalleLillyCafe} says:

    Liked Lily Gene Prints on FB! I'm liking all of these as the perfect gift!

  74. Julie {CalleLillyCafe} says:

    Wow! too many to list! A new fave: Customize Your Home is Where the Heart Is International 5 x 7! =)

  75. I LOVE the "Wheels on the Bus" print! My kid loves a good school bus :)


  76. i linked up the faux chenille blanket, i am joining the party a day late…hope i am still good!

  77. Playroom Rules Subway Art Canvas, LOVE IT!

  78. Melissa Soeltz says:

    I linked up – thanks for providing a place for all these awesome ideas! http://www.polka-dot.productions.com

  79. Sandra Adams says:

    I love the three little birds!

  80. all those prints on her site at teriffic! i think the Custom Baby or Graduation Map and Stamp is a great idea!