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“Summer Social” Guest Project — Free Fourth of July Party Printables!! {tutorial}

Hi TT&J Readers! I’m thrilled to be a guest today as part of Jen’s Summer Social Series, while she lives it up in London. I love Jen, and I hope she’s enjoying herself!I’m Kami, and I run the blog: NoBiggie.

It’s a lifestyle blog that includes all my favorites: craftscookingthrifting and my family.

I’m a big fan of the 4th of July, and today I thought it would be fun to share with you a free printable that can help make the 4th more festive. Here’s what the free download looks like when you print it out.
Here’s what you’ll need to get started: – scissors – some sort of 4 inch circle cutter (paper craft punch, cutting dies or scissors will work too) – a paper slicer for straight lines (scissors can work here too, if that is all you have) – a low temp hot glue gun (this speeds up the process) – a stapler – cellophane bags – red, white and blue candy

Step 1. Gather all your supplies to start Step Step 2. Use your paper slicer to cut the turquoise strips Step Step 3. Use your circle cutter to cut the 4 inch circle – I used a big craft punch from Michaels Step Step 4. Use your scissors to cut out the tiny flag

To make the Paper Medallion:

Step 1. To make one paper medallion – use two turquoise strips Step 2. Accordian fold the strips: back and forth folds Step 3. Adhere the two strips together making one long strip and then adhere again forming a circle Step 4. Add a big spot of hot glue to the center
Next – hot glue all three pieces together.
Here’s the fun part: the candy! I found all these red, white and blue candies in the bulk food section of my local grocery stores. (Winco and Maceys…if you live in Utah)
Now add a few of each type of candy to each bag. For fun, you can also add something fun for the 4th like a party popper. Once everything is in the bag, fold over the top and staple it closed.
I love that you can really make this printable paper craft your own. As you can see, out of the 4 that I made, they are all different. The one below is my favorite. :)
You could also stick one on a giant lollipop OR you could add a toothpick, and make them cupcakes toppers.
Get creative and have fun!
If you make these, I would to see it! You can upload it to the NoBiggie Facebook page.

Happy 4th!
Thanks Kami — those are so fun for the Fourth!!! 

Thanks for being my Summer Social guest! 

Kami is one of my very favorite people in blogland and in real life.

I love her ideas!! 

{Check out the cute Train Party she threw for her little guy this Summer}

{I love this Make Stuff art that she made for her craft room}

{And Kami turned her living room into her craft room – I love that!!}

I could go on and on, but let me just leave it at this — she is wonderful!!!
Be sure to check out No Biggie and say hi!!!

PS — We went to the museums yesterday  – they were amazing! And I brought some crafting things with me to make a little journal of our trip. I have been working on it every night. I just can’t stop crafting – lol

Have a great day!!


  1. Ok. I can't get the printables to print right on my page. I tried adjusting margins, etc. and the two bottom circles print cut off. Is there anyway she can email me the file with the circles a little closer together or just moved up on the page? These are just too cute.

  2. Thanks Jen for featuring her blog. Now I can get some free printables for my party!! YAY!

  3. The Miller Five says:

    Thank you! We'll be on vacation over the 4th, so most things I see, I won't be able to do. But these, I can make and store in my bag until that morning! These are soooo cute!

  4. This craft is going to be perfect for the superhero party I'm planning. Thanks Kami & Jen. I love that you are crafting o vacation, I would expect nothing less!

  5. So cute! Love those 4th of July printables! I just made a wreath for 4th of July and got the idea from your blog!

  6. These are so creative… you can feel the joy in the pretty photos! Must try this project, thanks so much!

  7. So cute! Love the lollipop idea!

  8. Michelle L. says:

    Great guest post – I love the name of Kami's blog! have fun way over the pond – great picture of you crafting in the hotel. I do that and my husband thinks it's nuts.

  9. Kelly @ Run With Glitter says:

    These are just awesome! I love all the printable's here lately! Thank you for sharing!!!

  10. Love this little craft. Kami is sooo talented with paper crafting!!!


  11. Free Pretty Things For You says:

    SO Awesome! LOVE!!

  12. Colleen Babcock says:

    Is that the plaster cast room at the V&A I see there? You went to my favourite room. So glad you did. And I am glad that someone else creates little craft stations in hotel rooms – I do it all the time!

  13. Lil Mama Stuart says:

    haha I can't believe your craft station in a hotel room!

  14. Super fun ideas! I really like the big 4th of July gumballs and other fillers she used.

  15. kami @ nobiggie.net says:

    Thank you Jen, for having me today!

    It's a BiGGie Day for NoBiggie! YAY!

    ps. I love how Linda (above) referred to me as "the one woman" tee-hee! …"that one woman is having the best day ever!" :)

  16. Linda B says:

    Those are very cute and inspirational. I love that the one woman turned her living room into her crafting room. My dining room is half of my bead storage and design workshop.

  17. Kadbury says:

    Too cute! I would love to make the little bags to hand out on the Fourth. Now I have to go get some ink for my printer lol


  18. Whatever Dee-Dee wants says:

    These are so cute Kami. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I love when a great project is easy, too! Thanks for sharing this.

  20. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    What cute printables!! I love color coordinated favors like that. Too much fun. :)

    Jen, I am so envious of your trip. Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself!

  21. Minnie Kitchen says:

    What a fun blog! so much inspiration and information!

  22. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    Such cute printables! I love the pop of turquoise mixed in with the red, white, and blue!

  23. Party Box Design says:

    oh my gosh, wow those are ooc cute!

  24. Mr. Goodwill Hunting says:

    How creative!
    So glad you are having fun!!!!



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