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Guest Project — Make Embellished Sihouette Wall Art!!

Hello to all of you fabulously creative Tatertots & Jello readers out there!
I’m Sierra from Blue Robin Cottage and I am truly honored to share my Embellished Silhouette wall art tutorial with you! Thank you Jen for giving me this wonderful opportunity! :)
I’m a stay at home mother of one adorable daughter and wife to my wonderful rockstar hubby. I’m still fairly new to all of this crafting business but I have enjoyed creating my whole life. I started Blue Robin Cottage because I wanted other woman to be inspired and feel happy and excited about crafting the way that I do! :)
I was inspired to create this project when I realized that my poor daughter had no artwork in her room and I just couldn’t have that! So I decided to make my own! 
Here’s what you will need for this project:
*4 different fabric pieces (enough to fit whatever picture frame you are using- I found some that matched      my daughter’s room)
*Enough Pellon to cover the back of each of your fabric pieces (I used about 1 1/2 yards)
*Black card stock
*Embellishments (ribbons, trim, buttons…use what ever you have on hand)
*Small alphabet letter stamp set and black ink pad 
*Hot glue gun (a small tipped glue gun works perfectly for this project)
*Stencils of silhouettes or a Cricut and “A Child’s Year” cartridge
*Triangle template for mini bunting
First, cut out your stencils. If you don’t have a electronic cutting machine, you can print out template silhouettes on the computer, place them overtop your card stock and cut them out by hand. I printed out little girls doing seasonal activities using my “A Child’s Year” cartridge, to go along with my seasons of the year theme. 
Now, measure and cut out the Pellon and piece of fabric to fit the size of your frame (I used the glass in the frame as my template):
Now its time to iron on the Pellon to your fabric. Pellon is a great fabric stiffener. If you didn’t want to use Pellon, you could always glue your fabric to a piece of cardboard or cardstock. I just like to use it because it takes away that translucent look of the fabric.
Iron the Pellon to the fabric by sticking the shiny side of the Pellon facing the back of your piece of fabric. Iron overtop of the right side of the fabric by starting in the middle and ironing out making sure the fabric and Pellon have bonded well. 
Next, hot glue your silhouette onto your fabric piece:
Now its time for the fun part…embellishing your silhouette! This was my favorite part of the project because I could really get creative! :)
Think cute details. :) I gave some of the silhouette girls earrings and headbands. Use whatever you have on hand.
To make your mini bunting for this project… make a triangle template using lightweight cardboard. Trace your template on top of your fabric piece and cut out enough triangles to spell out the name of the season:
Use your small stamps to stamp the letters on your bunting triangles:
Then, hot glue ribbon or string across the top of your lovely work of art. Hot glue the mini bunting triangles on top of your ribbon/string.
Here’s an example of the different types of mini bunting I did for each season:
And there you have it! Beautiful artwork that you made and can hang in your child’s room.
I know my daughter is pretty stoked about them. 
You can also make them a little more personal by putting your child’s name on the bunting. I think they would make great gifts don’t you? :)
Thanks again for having me! :) 
Happy crafting! 
Absolutely darling!!
Thanks for the fun tutorial, Sierra!!
Be sure to check out Blue Robin Cottage for more cute ideas, like: 
And so much more!! 
Be sure to head over to Blue Robin Cottage and say hello to Sierra!! 

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  1. I was wondering where the blog went! Sorry to hear that :(

  2. Sierra @ Blue Robin Cottage says:

    Hi Everyone, this is Sierra from Blue Robin Cottage. I apologize that the link to my blog is down the tutorial pics are gone. I was changing my email addresses on google and blogger accidentally closed my blogger accounts!!! I am trying to get my blog account back so I can start to try to rebuild blue robin cottage but I have lost years of posts on my personal blog. :( I hope everyone can figure out a a way to back up theirs blogs in case anything likes this happens. Such a bummer! Happy Crafting. Love, Sierra.

  3. those are really cute, very vintage looking with a cute twist!

  4. Dave Nicholas says:

    Glad you were able to share a talented craftsperson’s talents with us. Thanks, D. Nicholas

  5. Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top says:

    Ohhh, these are so adorable! I love them all! Fun!

  6. What a sweet set of pictures! I love how you glammed up the girls. I just bought some chalkboard paint because of you … :)
    Steph @ anythingvirtuous.blogspot.com

  7. Dawn (Bee and Rose) says:

    What a delightful idea! Thanks for giving me another reason to start using my Cricut machine again! It's been calling my name for weeks!

  8. Rachel רחלי גזית says:

    great tutorial and i have to say- you are soo pretty

  9. V. Furnas says:

    Those are adorable. I love the pennants.

  10. those are darling. time to make a trip to michaels!

  11. These are so charming! Absolute sweetness!!