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Guest Project — Four Last Minute Valentine Ideas!!

Crafty readers @ Tatertots and Jello!
I am Hani, from Craftionary
I have a wonderful Husband whom I’m married for 2 years and together we have
the most adorable bundle of joy; our baby boy
I love to craft and enjoy other people’s wonderful ideas too. Just keeping things organized and
knowing my own creativity; led me to blogging. Since my boy is young and hyper active
I work on projects that are safe, as he grows so will we grow @ Craftionary

Thanks Jen for having me here, I am so excited to share a few last minute valentine
gift ideas that make it all special and charming. So, lets get started

  • Just as I saw these simple candles; an idea struck me and I suddenly bought them. I searched for romantic and love quotes on Google and found one wonderful quote that well suited my candles. I then simply printed and transferred the quote to each candle with vinyl sheet and there don’t they look lovely now? : )
  • These candles are a very romantic gift for Valentine’s Day.

  • I wanted to make a magnet for quite a long time and it just suddenly happened that on my last visit to Wal-Mart I just randomly bought magnets. Now I was surfing through my stuff and thought of making something with foam and there the magnet heart came to my mind.
  • This is the simplest thing to make. Just cut and glue the stack of hearts together. You can use any color and any number of hearts depending upon how thick you want it. I used 3 hearts. Then glue the magnet and beads on the back and front and leave it to dry. I used white glue as it dries transparent.
  • I made 2 hearts. One saying “I love you” and the other has our names on it. Both the hearts look great together. : )
  • Make an easy and instant bookmark for your book worm Valentine. A bookmark is something that will last forever if your valentine loves to read books. Whenever he/she will be reading a book, the bookmark will remind them of you.
  • Draw a template on a piece of paper like the one on the right and cut it. Now trace the half piece on both sides. In this way you will have equal sides.
  • Now cut some hearts from a patterned paper and glue them over. You can use hearts and red color papers. There is a whole lot of paper variety to choose from everywhere these days.
  • Make a simple braid three parts with colors of your choice. I have used red, orange and off-white. Punch a hole at the top of the bookmark and pass it through.
  • Finally make boundaries using thread in the shape of hearts and your bookmark is ready. Give your heart-mark on Valentines. : )

  • Finally the greeting card that is made with love tags. Cut cards into any shape you like. Here I have cut black and red cards into tag shape. Cut a pattern that you like from a paper and glue it over the card.
  • For the out-line use golden ribbon and glue it at the back of the tags to reveal just a thin layer.

  • I crafted the “L” with buttons, the “O” thread and hearts inside, “V” with nylon net ( just cut scraps of nylon net and glue the ends to the card, the shape will automatically be formed) and “E” is simply card that is glued over.
  • A complete buttoned card looks like this. If you wanna give it a try.
  • Finally decorate it with ribbon flowers, cut-out hearts, buttons and any accessory you like.
  • Glue the tags over the greeting card.
  • Here are two different looks of the Tag-Card. Which one do you like better? : )
  • Finally write all that you want inside; it would be a great idea to write your journey with him in the form of a poem, or a quote that defines your relationship.
Hope you had fun with me and these simple last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day.
Have an awesome week!
Thanks Jen
Thanks Hani – what super ideas!! 
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  1. super cute ideas! now, if i could just find the time this week!!! 😉

  2. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    Such cute projects! I love the heart bookmark!

  3. Dan.Eliot says:

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    – California produces 60% of the US roses but most are imported for this Day..
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  4. Love the Heart-Mark idea! It's a great one to use in my classroom this week – thanks!

  5. Katie's Nesting Spot says:

    These are fabulous projects that don't look too hard but look fantastic! Love the candles and heart magnets.

  6. Jayna Rae says:

    That bookmark is way cute!

  7. I really love the tag card! I'm going to make one of these myself. :)

    And the pink stockings flower looks really fun!

    Thanks for sharing! ☺

  8. Very cute things!

  9. Did you say where you got the candles? I love it!

  10. Hani@Craftionary says:

    Thanks Jen!

  11. The candles are great. What a lovely gift they would be.
    I really like that you used the decorated tags to make that card. Such a great idea.

    Thanks for sharing.