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An invitation and some winners!

{You are invited to a Cookie Exchange at my house}
I hope you can come! Next Tuesday!!!

You can find out how messy my craft room really is – lol!
Seriously, it’s going to be fun. And only for 1 hour.I know how busy everyone is!!We each bring 4 dozen cookies (it’s 2x a normal recipe). Have some snacks and exchange cookies. We all go home with 4 dozen assorted cookies to use this month. I freeze mine so they stay fresh until Christmas and then get some out whenever I need some for guests or parties.

So – if you do want to come — email me and I will send you my address!! jennifer @tatertotsandjello.com or leave a comment with your email.
{aren’t the invitations cute??}
Ellie G a.k.a. Lara from Less Cake {More Frosting} made them!!  
She’s coming :) And some other fun bloggers like Shelley from House of Smith’s might be coming too.
Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
**** And now some winners! ****
 #84Denissa! Congratulations!!!
#5TJ & Amy
{free shipping until Dec.24th!!!}
#47 — Camelia Andrasescu (no blog)
#187 — Rachael @ Little Birdie Baby Shop
#103 — Michelle @ Our Tru Family
#232 –  Holly @ Domestic DorkLove 2 Embellish

#23 — April in CT
Thank you to these fantastic shops for such fun giveaways!! Please keep handmade in mind as you shop this holiday season!!



  1. Sarah@AlpinePoppy says:

    Oh I love the invitation!
    I am kind of slow seeing it, sorry! Looking forward to Tuesday!

  2. OH YAY! I've been such a crazy pants mad woman today. I finally just sat down, and WHEW. There's that cute little grey invite. I bought my cookie cutters yesterday. I can't wait. See you there. (PS….thanks for the nice mention….see how you're so good to me! Luv yer guts!)

  3. This sounds like fun! I just might wrangle up a babysitter and head on over.

  4. Man… I SO wish I lived in Utah near all you guys to join in on the fun!

  5. Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top says:

    Too bad I live too far away otherwise I'd come. I love cookie exchange parties. :)

  6. If it weren't our ward's annual Relief Society Progressive Dinner & Bake-off I would totally come! I've always wanted to attend a cookie exchange party. Of course, being in your home and seeing all your cute, crafty things might create some envy on my part, so maybe it's better I can't come. Repenting is so not fun! 😉

  7. Emily @ LaForce Be With You says:

    That sounds so fun!! Wish you lived in NC :)

  8. Haley Hill says:

    I didn't know you lived in Sandy! I'm so bummed I can't come (we will be on a Caribbean cruise so I'm not that sad!). I would totally come and I would love to meet you if I were here! Have fun :)

  9. My daughter would LOVE to come with me – she follows you and her high school friends always ask her what the lastest is with TT&J! FUN! And we're just in Draper too! Woul love to stop in :)


  10. I'd be there with bells on if I lived near you! :)

  11. again-i wish i lived closer :)

  12. Camelia Andrasescu says:

    Thank you so much for the oportunity to win this giveaway.It's amazing.

  13. JC's Loft says:

    I didn't know you live in Sandy, I used to live in Draper and my n laws actually still live there!

    Have a fun party!


  14. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    If I were just one state closer, I would be the first one on your doorstep. I can only imagine that types of cookies a bunch of craft bloggers would have. Take pictures, PLEASE!!!

  15. April in CT says:

    How much FUN will that be!? And oh what I'd give for a craft room to have messy! lol Have a wonderful time at the cookie exchange! And congrats to the winners (yay, I'm so excited I won!!)!

  16. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Well, don't I wish I could hop on a plane to Utah?!!! :) Have a great time, Jen! The invite is adorable!

  17. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    Cookie exchanges are so much fun! I love the invite! I hope you have a great time:) And Congrats to all the winner!!

  18. Admitted Fabricaholic says:

    You are so brave and sweet to invite 7,000+ of your closest friends! I wish I lived close enough to come! Enjoy :)

  19. Simply LKJ says:

    The party sounds like so much fun…wish I lived in your area!!

  20. Hi Jen! I just checked my calendar and I would love to come. It will be so fun to meet you and others in real life and I can't pass up yummy cookies.

  21. Home and Heart says:

    How SWEET of you! WISH I was closer!!!

  22. OH, I wish I could come! That would be so much fun!
    PS – A messy craft room is a sure sign of a brilliant mind!

  23. Yum! I'm going to a cookie exchange here in Austin on Thursday. I'll eat an oreo ball in your honor! :)

  24. Sounds like so much fun! I'd love to meet you in person! And of course homemade cookies are always a bonus. :)

  25. Free Pretty Things For You says:

    aww! i wish i lived close to join the fun!!