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Guest Project: Chicken Wire Frame Tutorial & Clutch Giveaway!

Good morning! I have a treat for you today. I would like to introduce you to a really fun girl — my friend Jen from Dangerously Domestic! Seriously, how cool is that logo? Jen is a really upbeat, creative girl full of fun ideas. She is here to share a fun tutorial AND she is having a fantastic giveaway too! Take it away Jen!!!
Hi there Tatertots & Jello fans. I’m Jen of Dangerously Domestic. 
I kind of feel like I snuck in here because I certainly don’t belong . 
OH but I’m super happy to be here. 
I adore Jen , she is not only super talented but just a very generous and kind gal.
Thanks for having me today young lady!
Alright just let me finish my lunch and then lets get to the Tutorial!
It was a rainy , rainy day today just want to put that out there in defense of my pictures!
I’ve been dreaming of using some chicken wire in one of my projects ever since we put some over our square foot garden to keep the neighbor cats out of it.
Here’s what I came up with.
I’ve had this frame layin around for awhile and it was already white so I thought voila!
I just took the mat board out and the glass. You can save them for a different project . Ok, don’t know the technical name for it but you know the thing that holds all the pictures in on the back. You know! Well, that is what you are going to be attaching everything to. I knew that I would be adding some width to the sides of it so I just took some sharp scissors and cut a bit off the edges.
I measured the back thingy and then out to the garage I went to cut my chicken wire. You can buy chicken wire at places like Home Depot or Lowes. Using some wire cutters I cut the wire just about a half square bigger then the back board.
Spray painted it black. Put something under it or you will have a neat faux finish on your garage floor. The hubby won’t appreciate your handywork.
Pick out a great piece of fabric and like the wire cut it about 1/2 inch to an inch bigger all the way around. I went with gingham . Something about gingham & chicken wire.
I used to hate gingham – no I really hated it. Now I’m in love with it. This was a bit bright for where I wanted to put it.
No biggie! I just dipped it in a little bath of Tan Rit Dye and I had the color I was after.
You don’t have to do this step but I think it makes it look nicer. I added a layer of warm & white . Just hot glue it on or use any adhesive of your choice.
Next, I wrapped the fabric around and glued it to the back. It looks sloppy but I swear I neatened it up a bit. No one will see it .
Now this part was a bit tricky but only because the wire wants to curl up. I just held it flat with one hand and stapled it with the other. A regular old stapler did the trick just fine.
Now just pop it into the frame and secure it with a bit of hot glue at the corners.
Now just make your favorite fabric flower and embellish it.
If you would like to know how I made my fabric flowers hop over to my blog &  I will be glad to show you!
Again, sorry about the pics !
Here are a couple of my past projects.
Pear Shaped Book
T-shirt makeover

Just for fun I thought i would have a little giveaway for Jen’s readers. I’m giving away one of these clutches. Do you recognize this pattern? Noodlehead has the pattern for these over on her blog. http://noodleheads.blogspot.com/
Come over to my blog & find out how to enter.

Thanks for listening to me go on & on! Thanks again Jen. This was fun!

Smiles & Big Big Love,

Thanks Jen! What a happy project. I love it and the flowers are so cute! That picture of you eating the tatertots and jello is cracking me up!!!

Feel free to take this button for sharing your tutorial with us. 

And thanks for having such a great giveaway too — I will be over in a minute to enter!

Also, be sure to stop by Beth @ Stories of A to Z’s Vignette party today and see all of the loveliness!



  1. Nicole says:

    Such cute things! Yeah, I want a clutch really bad.

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    Aww, this is such a great idea, I love it! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

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    oh how lovely! this would look just beautiful near a vanity to hold earring, don't you think?

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  11. Pins + Paper says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this wonderful tutorial and giveaway – I'm off to enter! Be back soon :)

    ~ Kristen

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    A cute project – I like it! Love the lunch picture. LOL Headed over to Jen's blog to follow her. Sounds fun! :)

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    I'm friends with the other Jen but your blog sure is cute so many great ideas.

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    Thanks ladies.

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    I just got that you were eating tater tots and jello. I thought it was maybe fried shrimp and cocktail sauce. Who knew.

    Very cool that everyone is all guest bloggy today. I need a guest on my blog….somebody with some great crafting ideas. I'm in a rut.

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  48. love these little clutches!

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    Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately…just haven't had the time. With school winding down in a month, I have so much on my plate…not to mention trying to sell our house! This is such a fun and unique idea! I will definintely sign up for her giveaway…have a blessed day!:)