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My 15 Minutes of Fame… well, actually about 6 minutes – lol…

Today was the day! I have been looking forward/dreading it for about 6 weeks. I woke up so nervous, but was excited at the same time. It ended up being a wonderful experience – I am so glad I didn’t chicken out!

My mom went with me which was great. Between the two of us, we cannot find out way anywhere! Of course we got lost in the parking garage! We ended up wandering around until we found a security guy who took pity on us and showed us where to go.

I meet Brooke and Darin – they are so nice!!

And the segment went really well. I forgot what to say a few times, but — what can you do? I am really glad I did it! And I get to do it again next week! Now I am excited rather than terrified. Yay!

I did find a wonderful tool that I am going to ask for when my birthday rolls around — The Big Shot!!! I borrowed it from my friend Jenifer — she’s a Stampin’ Up Rep. It is the coolest thing. I didn’t realize that it can cut fabric — like 8 layers at a time. So fun!

So I made a few new burlap Spring wreaths using it. I love it! The flower shapes are so cute! If you want to make one, the tutorial is HERE.

And now back to real life. Your probably wondering if I’m going to make any more projects… Yes! I have a really fun one I am going to work on this weekend. I think you’re going to love it!
And don’t forget, the Bobbity Boo Children’s Clothing giveaway ends Friday night at midnight. And the Weekend Wrap Up Party starts on Saturday — with a Gorilla Glue Giveaway for those that enter. There were some fabulous projects last week that I am going to spotlight – can’t wait!!



  1. Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam says:

    Ok, I did not go through and read the comments, but look at that first picture of you and the TV lady. You could be sisters. Same exact smile, facial structure, different color hair, but really, I though it was your sister at first.

    GREAT JOB! So thrilled for you.

  2. ~Audrey ~ says:

    And how much is "the big slice"? I couldn't find it on your friend Jenifer's website. That is a cool tool!

  3. ~Audrey ~ says:

    Super Cute…. but where do you find burlap?

  4. Shelley says:

    You are so stinkin' cute! :) Thanks for sharing the video! :) I was hoping you would post it! 😉 -Shelley {HowDoesShe.com}

  5. Girly Stuff says:

    Good for you Jen!!!

    How fun!

    Your craftiness needed airtime!

    I still read…just not as much as I would like!

  6. Lacie @ Creative Attempts says:

    you totally deserve this I am so excited for you!!

  7. Brassy Apple says:

    Jen you did GREAT!!! it was fun to "see" you in person! congrats!

    who was your "photographer" on set? your mom? pics are fabulous!!!


  8. Magic Brush says:

    New to your blog! I can't watch the video… what were you on tv for? How exciting! Jennifer at The Magic Brush

  9. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (That's me at my computer and squealing like a teenage girl who just saw a Jonas Brother.)
    That is AWESOME!!! How did I not know you were going to do this!? How did this come about!? This is fantastic and you. did. great!!!!

  10. WOW~~ How fabulous!! And you look incredible~! Love these pictures.

  11. Kathy's Red Door Welcome says:

    I'm visiting you via your mother's blog. She is so proud of you and with good reason. You did a great job and I love your wreaths! I have to tell you I loved the shirt you wore on the show…very cute!

  12. ~Lavender Dreamer~ says:

    How fabulous! I am so proud of you and I'm back looking at the video again. You really looked great and made the project look simple and fun! ♥

  13. Candy Bello says:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful project! Its great to see you on tv!! I want to make one too!!

  14. I'm going to make that wreath.. it's really unique!

  15. How fun. Congrats on becoming famous=)

  16. when it came up. . .i'm linking this to my friday favs, i said, i sure hope this is tatertots and jello!!


    you look fantastic on camera!! awesome job!

  17. Jen – you always inspire me. I'm sure you've received this award before, but I wanted to pass on the Kreativ Blogger award to you. I think you have so much creativity and I always leave your blog with a new idea to try!!

    Check it out!

  18. your adorable! good job.

  19. You did an awesome job Jen!! Congrats :) I have to admit that I wasn't too sure about tackling the wreath, but now I think that I can do it!

  20. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Wow!!! What a neat experience. :) Isn't great the doors that blogging can open? :) Congratulations!

  21. Lil' Woman says:

    That is awesome. You did great girl! :)

  22. Sue (Someone's Mom) says:

    I think it is great they featured you. You deserve it, I love the things you do!

  23. I'm sad I missed you on T.V. this week, but I'll definitely be watching next week! How exciting! I love the new wreaths!!!!

  24. Wow Jen, that is fantastic! Those pictures of you are wonderful :) I love your top.

    How fun that you got to share your creations on TV! I tried looking for it but couldn't find any video…

  25. The Blonde Duck says:

    I'm so excited to see all the attention you're getting!

  26. DreamKween says:

    You look awesome! I love those wreaths. I love the slicey thing too but for $100, I'll cut them out. Only because I would only use them for that basically.

    Thanks for a great idea and congrats on the tv spot!

  27. I've been looking for something to cut through fabric like that! thanks!, BTW you looked amazing

  28. Oh, my goodness, Jen…you're a CELEBRITY!!! May I have your autograph? :) You did a phenomenal job of telling how to make the wreath and you came across cool as a cucumber! How neat it was to finally hear your voice! I am so proud of you…keep it up!

  29. Jen! You did a fantastic job! You were a total natural. Now it's time to have you come on The DIY Dish. :)

  30. Tiffany Marie Jones says:

    That is awesome!!! Love your blog….definitely ny favorite!

  31. I never watch that show, but I saw a preview of it and was like, Tater tots and Jello! I totally follow her blog! So I watched it and you did such a good job! Congrats!

  32. Campos Family says:

    Someone told me you have great wreaths and boy were they right! I love your wreath ideas! :)

  33. L@Craftaholics Anonymous says:

    Way to go! Can't believe I'm bloggy friends with someone FAMOUS!! you go girl!
    PS brooke and I went to hs together.

  34. michelle@somedaycrafts says:

    congrads! You look great and did very well!

  35. Sarah Jane says:

    I absolutely love your blog and have been following it now for a few months! You always have such great ideas. I actually made a burlap wreath for St. Patty's day the other night and LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing all your creativity with the rest of us! Oh yeah, and great job on studio 5!

  36. Jenglamgirl says:

    Way to go Jen~ You did great! I loved getting to hear your voice and putting it to your face. YOUR A DOLL!!!!! I am totally loving the new burlap wreaths. Question where do you get the burlap? I assume JoAnn's! I am going to make it a goal to make a burlap wreath this weekend. P.S. did my blog get in a little feature… on the news… WAY COOL! HUGS, LUVS~ JGG


    Congrats! love the wreaths

  38. Miller Racing Family says:

    Wow, what a treat. You look gorgeous! I wish I could have seen the TV show!
    Have a Fabulous Friday!

  39. Kim @ Frostmeblog.blogspot.com says:

    Congrats! How fun!

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
    party inspiration

  40. That is so wonderful!!!! I am so amazed. I hope my blog is as famous someday! :O) Congratulations!

  41. You ARE a star! I love the Big Shot, I hope you get it because you will love it.

  42. I had so much fun watching you on TV!!!!!! How cool!! Thank you so much for sharing your segment with us- you better share next week's as well!!


  43. You were awesome girl! Now, I think I need to have your autograph! :)

  44. Jen, thanks so much for sharing your segment!!! You did an awesome job! Your wreath is on my list of things to make this spring ;o)

  45. Tammy@InStitches says:

    Yay, how exciting ! You did great and I love that cutting machine.

  46. Congrats and you look great! I don't live in Utah, but seem to keep hearing about Studio 5. Will have to go to KSL online to try and check it out :) Best of luck next week!

  47. Sonja @ Craft-Werk says:

    wow – neat. Well done on the studio presentation. And the wreaths look really good. Wish I had one of those machines!!!

  48. Jaime @ Our Journey says:

    Really nice job!!! I recently bought the Sizzix Big Shot and use it exclusively for cutting fabric … I am addicted! Have fun with your Sizzix when you get it … you'll LOVE it!! :o)

  49. The wreath is so pretty, you are a genius! Either 15 min or 6 min, fame is fame, congratulations!

  50. Frenchy chick says:

    Congrats.!!! I watch the show all the time!!!

  51. LOok at you there with your momma – I see where you get all your beauty from and your sense of style! She's a darling MOM! YOu were amazing!

  52. Wow, that was so neat! You did a great job. You looked and sounded great.

  53. You're amazing, again! I want to make one of your wreaths soon! I wish that we could get Studio 5 around here! I am so glad for the internet!

  54. you were so poised and didn't look nervous at all…could this be a start to something bigger? you did an awesome job…you should be so proud!

  55. Shortcake and Company says:

    I just watched you as I TiVoed it…you were awesome!! I really want to make a wreath for spring. Adorable projects and adorable you! I {heart} your blog!

  56. Julie Harward says:

    WOWZA…that was great! I'm so proud of you and I'm not even your mom! You did great and you looked so pretty! Way to go…maybe your 15 min. of fame will get bigger! 😀

  57. Connie Weiss says:

    It was so excited to see you on TV! And you'll be back next week? When?

  58. Liz @ Sugarplum Creations says:

    Oh my goodness, Jen! How wonderful! You looked great, and you can't tell you were nervous at all. So exciting!!!

  59. Candace@craftysisters-nc says:

    Good for you! I'm sure you were great!

    I have never heard of The Big Slice! Imagine all the possibilities if it cuts into eight layers of fabric!!! I really want one! Thanks for the tip.

  60. Pam @ bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful says:

    Yay Jen! That was so neat! You did a great job presenting. I love the wreaths and it was so great to hear your voice.

    I had to laugh when you said you and your mom get lost a lot- my mom and I are the same way. As she says- I didn't get the "map gene" from my dad.

  61. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    How fun, Jen! I'll bet it was exciting and terrifying all at once!

  62. I was so excited to watch your segment on Studio 5 today! You did great!!

  63. Too Cool! :-)


  64. That is so cool! You did a great job, I would have been way nervous! In fact, I wouldn't have done it. WooHoo!

  65. Jenn Miyamoto says:

    So awesome! Congrats…you did a beautiful job! :)

  66. I'm pretty sure I posted a comment a few weeks ago when I found your blog for the first time, it was actually because my friend had this wreath tutorial on her site. Your stuff is amazing! In case I didn't comment earlier. Anyways, you did great today! I went to HS with Brooke and love her! You looked great and did an awesome job!

  67. ♥Amber Filkins♥ says:

    Jen, I am so happy for you!! And you *LOOK* fabulous! All of those wreaths are super cute!

  68. Enchantresses Three says:

    JEN!!!!!!! Oh my glory! Your famous!!!! And so beautiful!! You amaze me woman!!!

  69. Natalie Catherine says:

    wow that is awesome!! congrats! you're famous!! hehe. what a fun experience.

  70. Coming from someone with a background in TV – you did an awesome job!!!!! You should be very proud of yourself. What an awesome feature – definitely deserved recognition.

    Jen @ Noting Grace

  71. -*$1.00 Baby Bows*- says:

    You were great!!! Congratulations!


  72. How wonderful! Congratulations! You did a great job–you're a natural!

  73. Jen you did awesome!!!! I'm so proud of you my friend! I loved hearing your voice! You should do more video tutorials…your great at it.
    I love the black and white wreath…it's my favorite. The pictures and video are awesome! It was so nice of your mom to go too. Two beautiful, wonderful ladies. What are you doing when you go back?? That is so cool they wanted you to come back so soon and she is a follower of your blog.

    I love ya Jen!

  74. The Candlands says:

    Somehow I stumbled upon your blog and I am so glad I did! I have been trying to find a wreath that is stylish, but not cutesy. You have finally made the wait worth it! I will be making one tomorrow! Thank you!

  75. Miss Mustard Seed says:

    Good for you! How exciting. You did a great job.

  76. Jen! you did so great! It was so fun to see you on tv! What a fun thing! so cool!

  77. Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence says:

    Congrats–that is wonderful. Way to go!

  78. 1 Funky Woman says:

    You did a great job, way to go!

  79. well that's great! you and your Mom look great. I made your dollar store trays today! I need to get handles for them though and feet for the bottom. They are almost done and it was easy.

  80. K'sKronicles says:

    Good for you, Jen!! You look marvelous..!!! Great job on the wreaths.

  81. Let me try that again! Great job! Glad you enjoyed it! Love your blog and your creativity.

  82. OH, man! I have been so busy and away from blogging for a few days…only to go in and find that you are a STAR!! Very proud of you, Jen!! Congratulations!!! And you have always been a star to those of us who follow your beautiful blog! ~Linda

  83. I have this Tivo'd! Will watch tonight! Can't wait! And I love the tool you spotlighted!

  84. oh how great! so proud of you!


  85. Your 15 minutes of fame….my 10 seconds. When they showed your blog page I was all, "oh, oh look, there's my stuff!" You were adorable by the way.

  86. Blog Stalker says:

    Can't believe you are a celebrity! Yay for you!

    Have a great day!

  87. Oh that's so exciting!!! so happy to hear you did it and it went great!!

  88. You were adorable!
    Are you gonna have a permanent segment on it??!!

  89. YOU did amazing!!you should be so proud of yourself…
    congrats and those projects coming…


  90. Congrats! You did great!

  91. Girl…you did GREAT!!!!! I feel special because you were my very first follower EVER. That is great that you were showcased there! What project are you going to do next week?

  92. the thrifty ba says:

    im glad i started following you before the rest of the world found you! i feel special!

  93. That's awesome! Yay for you!

  94. THat is so awesome and you look wonderful! You deserve a little fame time!