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More Burlap Projects: Burlap Bracelets!

This is what I did last night when I was supposed to be getting stuff ready for the boutique :)
I bought these bracelets yesterday at the Target’s Dollar section, and I was so excited to see what I could make with them.
If you would like to make some, here’s the tutorial!
  • Measure the width of your bracelet and the length.
  • Cut your burlap to twice the width of the bracelet and to a little bit longer than the length.
  • Arrange your burlap in front of you. Stand the bracelet up in the center of the burlap strip. 
  • Do this step quickly: run a line of hot glue along one side of the inside of the bracelet.  Put the bracelet back in the same position as before and quickly take the burlap edges of that side of the bracelet and bring them toward the center of the bracelet. Roll the bracelet down the length of burlap as you go so that the bracelet stays in the center of the strip. This will help your burlap stay centered and keep the material from bunching up.  Continue until you come to the starting point.
  • Do the same thing on the other side of the bracelet. Pull taught as you go.
  • Trim the edges where the bulap meets. Then glue down this area. Don’t worry too much if it doesn’t look perfect. You will be gluing the embellishment over this area.
  • One the bracelet is completely covered in burlap, cut a length of ribbon that is longer than the circumference of the bracelet. So it’s not itchy!!
  • Run a squiggly line of hot glue down the center of the inside of the bracelet. Quickly take your ribbon and press it against the burlap. Do this all the way around the inside of the bracelet. Trim the edges where the two ends meet and glue that center down.
  • Now you can make the embellishment. There are many different embellishments you can make using fabric, beads and brooches. I found some brooches on clearance at Michael’s Crafts in the beading section a while ago. But you can also just use fabric and buttons.
  • Glue your embellishments down and you are done!
  • Note: this is a tricky project. It might take a few tries to get it right. And try not to burn your fingers with the hot glue. I used a popsicle stick to press the glue down onto the ribbon.
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 Have a Wonderful Wednesday!