DIY Rustic Planked Ceiling

How To Install a Rustic Planked Ceiling!

How to DIY a Rustic-Planked Ceiling.

I’ve just finished stage ONE of a HUGE, top to bottom kitchen remodel. It’s just part of an even bigger remodeling project that I’ll tell you more about soon, I promise! Remodeling takes so much longer than you think it will. I was hoping to have the cabinets in and have a subway tile tutorial for this month, but we ran into some plumbing and electrical problems and are still waiting to get the drywall on.

So for now, I want to show you how I finished this important piece of the kitchen remodel, with a rustic planked ceiling, and show you some things you’ll want to make sure you do — and some things to make sure you don’t do — if you ever decide to try it!

I’ve done some planking projects before, like this multicolored, planked wall in my nautical-themed teenager room makeover:

(Here’s the tutorial for that nautical planked wall.)

And I loved those thinner wall planks I used vertically in the bedroom so much that I tried something similar with wider planks — horizontally this time — in my guest room makeover:

(This pic is from the post where I tell you how to make the nifty shower curtain duvet, and you can see the wall well in other posts about the room, like this one where I show you how to replace sliding doors with real, grown-up doors.

I loved how that wall turned out … so I decided my next big project would be to create a planked ceiling from the same, wider planks I used for the guest room wall.

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