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Valentine ♥ Kisses Gift Idea (tutorial)!!

Good Morning Tatertots & Jello and friends! How is everyone doing today? This is Desirée from The 36th AVENUE and I am SUPER EXCITED to be HERE with you all sharing my little Valentine Gift for my Hubby... I am giving him this year a bunch of kisses ;) For this project you'll need very few materials: 1/4 of a Yard of Clear Plastic Vinyl. { You can find this at any fabric Store or even … [Read more...]

Guest Project — "Rock of Love" Valentine Play Party!!

Hello~ We are Amy and Bri, of The Savvy Moms Guide.  {Two average moms who enjoy making the EveryDay SAVVY}We have found that Spray Paint, Scrapbook Paper and Fabric can give anything a face lift.The Dollar Bin at Target is better than a Sale Rack at Nordstrom's (well maybe not, but that is what we tell our husbands). Pictures of family are Priceless compared to Framed Art (and cheaper). And … [Read more...]