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Make a $4 Halloween T-Shirt Wreath {Dollar Store tutorial}

I have had this project done for over a month and keep forgetting to post about it - LOL. I love the Gothic Glam of the black fabric and silver glitter!! And all the materials came from Dollar Tree -- so this is a VERY affordable project. I found some $1 T-shirts at my local Dollar Tree and decided they might make a spooky Halloween wreath. I bought the largest size I could find -- … [Read more...]

Make a Ruffly Pillow Cover out of an Old Bedskirt

When do you create?  For me, my creative time hits in the dead of night. Once I get my kids in bed I start thinking about making projects. I know you guys are probably so tired of me talking about my never-ending bedroom redo. I am having a huge decorating dilemma with my bedroom redo -- why am I having such a hard time with it?!? One specific problem is -- there's a little bench at … [Read more...]