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DIY Felt Birthday Banner Tutorial!!

Hello! I am excited to be here today at Tatertots and Jello to show you how to make an easy DIY Felt Birthday Banner.

DIY Felt Birthday Banner - Kenarry.com
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I thoroughly enjoy celebrating birthdays at our house — cake, balloons, banners, streamers. I love it all. At first, I had a paper banner that I displayed for birthdays. But after years of use, it was ripped, wrinkled and ready to be retired. I needed a new banner and wanted to make something that was reusable and could be personalized with the birthday person’s name. That’s when I came up with this easy DIY Felt Birthday Banner.

DIY Felt Birthday Banner - Kenarry.com

At the time, I didn’t have a sewing machine, so I made the DIY Felt Birthday Banner by hand while I was watching TV at night after the kids were in bed. I chose bright primary colors for our banner, but the DIY Felt Birthday Banner could be made in any color scheme you want. For each letter, I layered a background piece of felt, a white piece of felt and a felt letter. I then attached ribbon loops to hang the letter and finally adorned the letter with assorted buttons.

How to Make a DIY Felt Birthday Banner

What you need:

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