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Winner of the “Before They Were Bloggers Contest”

jennifer childhood

Oh my -- wasn't that blogger contest SO funny yesterday??? I have been laughing about those pictures all day. You don't think you are that awkward when you are going through those growing-up years, but when you look back on it -- they are hilarious!! I had a super awkward adolescence. I was mistaken for a boy when I was 12 and it has traumatized me ever since :) There were so many people … [Read more...]

{Christmas} Giveaway!


{Giveaway closed -- winner is #155 Heather @ The Farm Princess}  Happy Thanksgiving!!!  I am off to bake some pies, but first -- I have a fun Christmas giveaway from lilsteinstyles for you!! … [Read more...]

Ooey Gooey Fall Goodness


Growing up in Michigan, one of my favorite childhood memories is going for long drives as a family to see the Fall leaves. We would drive into the Amish Country and stop at a huge barn where we would buy hot steaming sugared doughnuts and fresh hot apple cider. Those hot doughnuts were so heavenly. And for some reason sugared donuts always remind me of those wonderful Fall excursions. So to … [Read more...]

Childhood Flashback


There's something about being on a schoolbus that brings back vivid childhood memories for me. Maybe it's the smell - a mixture of old PB&J's and bananas. Or the sites - sitting up high you have a different vantage point. Or the feeling - being squashed in with about 100 other hot, sweaty bodies while bouncing around. Or the sound - of a hundred kids talking and laughing. Some of my best … [Read more...]

Friend Makin’ Mondays: Favorite Childhood Toys


Amber at {ae Filkins} is hosting Friend Makin' Mondays this week. If you don't know Amber, she is an amazing girl. She is so creative, funny and a really good friend. ++++++++++++++++++++ This week the question is what are the 5 games that remind you of your childhood? Well, my childhood was kind of old school. BarbieOne year my dad made an incredible barbie house for us. It was three stories … [Read more...]