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I tried the Square Cash App and This is What Happened…

Life seems to get busier the older your kids get. As a mom of millennials, teenagers and tweens there are many schedules happening and places everyone wants to be all at once! Some of my kids live in apartments in different cities, some live at home. So it's tricky coordinating money. One of the things that I have been looking for is an easy way to transfer small amounts of money to my kids when … [Read more...]

Encourage Kindness in Kids – North Pole Ninjas Christmas Tradition!

Encourage Kindness in Kids -- North Pole Ninjas Christmas Tradition It's easy for kids to get caught up in the receiving element of the holidays. I love the idea of showing my kids that Christmas is all about GIVING too. That's why I was excited to hear about a new holiday tradition that shows kids at an early age how to be kind and help others - North Pole Ninjas. You may not know … [Read more...]

Teen Room Photo Display Ideas

I've partnered with CVS Pharmacy for this post. Enjoy!  Teen Room Photo Display Ideas Metal Printed photos are a fun way to blow up a memory or photo of a loved one in a teen room. Also create an easy hanging photo display that can be changed throughout the year! Photos are a wonderful way to personalize a room and fill it with memories and the images of those we love. This is … [Read more...]

12 Ways to Help Your Child Conquer Night Time Fears

Hi TT&J readers! My name is Meredith, and I'm back with some ideas to help you help your kids conquer their night time fears. I blog over at Perfection Pending where I enjoy helping other mothers realize they don't have to be perfect, they just have to be the mom they were meant to be -- A REAL one. In our house, we've been struggling with night time fears for a while. With three kids 10 … [Read more...]

Jungle Leaf Party Garland and free template

Jungle Leaf Party Garland and free templates. We are excited to see the new movie The Wild Life. It's an adorable story reimaging Robinson Crusoe from the animals point-of-view. On the world's wildest island, the film teaches us that friends come in all sizes.When Lionsgate asked us to make a project based on the new movie which comes out September  9th, we loved the idea of a Jungle … [Read more...]

Back To School Printable Interviews (K-12th Grade)

Hello, everyone! SO happy to be back this month with another really fun free printable (or 26!) for you. I'm Kiki from Kiki and Company and am so excited to be here. It is Back to School time. Can you believe it?! My kids are SO excited to start school and when I thought about the changes they have made over the last few years, I thought it was about time to design something up to show that … [Read more...]

Summer Lemonade Stand Free Printables!!

 It's just not summer without a lemonade stand, right?? Summer Lemonade Stand Free Printable Signs. Print off these free Lemonade Stand bunting and sign printables for an easy Lemonade Stand! We made a lemonade stand for the kids out of scrap wood. and some spray paint. And even if you don't have a stand, you can make a lemonade stand with a table and this free printable! Here's a shot … [Read more...]

DIY Outdoor Gravel Pit Play Area

Hi! I'm Meredith, and I blog over at Perfection Pending and I'm back with a fun idea for an outdoor gravel pit play area. I'm not much of a DIY'er and definitely am better at parenting tips, and fun essays on parenting, but I'm super excited about this idea my husband and I had for an outdoor gravel pit play area for our kids. Last fall, my husband was building a new gate and fence for … [Read more...]

How to Build a Little Free Library – Information and Ideas

How to Build a Little Free Library - Information and Ideas! How to Build a Little Free Library - Information and Ideas. Have you ever heard of Little Free Libraries? It's an awesome way to share the love of learning and books. I really wanted to build one in front of the 1905 cottage. I was hoping to make one that was a miniature of the cottage and I thought since the cottage sat … [Read more...]

How to Help your Kids Willingly Get Rid of Toys They Never Play With.

Hi guys! I'm Meredith and I blog over at Perfectionpending.net where I write about my life with 3 kids and all the imperfections that go along with being a mom. My blog is full of funny memes, parenting humor and tips, and essays to inspire the mom that doesn't feel like she is quite measuring up. (Don't worry....you are!) One of the things that I struggle with most as a parent is keeping up … [Read more...]