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Make a DIY Pumpkin Garland!!

Hello Friends I want to share my pumpkin garland!

This is Desirée from The 36th AVENUE.


As always I am honored to be here visiting with our beautiful Jen and you wonderful people.

Summer days are almost officially behind us and Fall is literally around the corner.





Screw Driver.

Bobby Pin.

Acrylic Black Paint and brush.

Small Pumpkins.

{I found these little ones at my local Wal-Mart and the box came with 10 small pumpkins.

Perfect amount for this project. }



The first thing you want to do is paint the stems of the pumpkins.

If you want to change the ribbon and use the same pumpkins for Thanksgiving then don’t even worry about painting them.


You can even get creative.

Add polka dots, stripes… Have fun with it.


After they dry you are ready to make the holes in each pumpkin.

Because these are foam pumpkins the screw driver will go right through it with not much effort.



Now it is time to thread the ribbon through the holes.

I used a bobby pin to help me hold the ribbon and make this step easier.

Keep in mind the order that you want the pumpkins in.


Before you know you are going to be done.



The last thing I did was to tie a bow at each end.

It looks cute and you can use the loop of the bow to hang your garland.


You are done my friend.

Hang it and enjoy it!

I used my garland to decorate an old window that it is in my kitchen.


I hope you have a minute and visit with me over at The 36th AVENUE and take a look

of my finished old window and our New Halloween Kitchen Décor.

It is so fun!

See you there!

Jen, THANK YOU SO MUCH for having me.

You know how much I love you, your readers and your blog!

Wishing you all a Happy Thursday!



The 36th AVENUE


Desirée — I think you are amazing!!

Thanks for sharing your Pumpkin Garland — so cute!!

Here are a few more AMAZING ideas from The 36th AVENUE:

How cute are these DIY Poison Bottles??

Have you seen Desiree’s Laundry Room Makeover?? Amazing Amazingness!!

And what a cute Halloween idea — Glitter Slime!

Be sure to put The 36th AVENUE on your list of must-read blogs!!


Have a Happy Day!!


  1. Love this simple yet brilliant idea,i will use this to decorate for the party next month.

  2. Love the gigantic pompom trim, can you tell me the name of the manufacturer….i want to put it on my curtains but the smaller pompoms look whimpy. Can you tell me where you purchased the gigantic pompom? please help?

  3. a very pretty idea!
    I linked to the tutorial on my blog – thanks for sharing!

    doro K.

  4. Screendoorgirl 3 says:

    Love that garland! Pom pom trim is my fave! Thanks, I am going now to pin it…

    • where can i find the gigantic pompom trim? do you know where she purchased it or who the manufacturer is???????

  5. After reading this post, I visited my local Goodwill where I found brand new boxes of the same pumpkins for $1.00 – now I can give this a try!! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. her projects are always adorable. she has such a fun style!

  7. I knew this was Desiree when I saw it on pinterest 😉 She definitely has a style. Super cute project and stringing the pumpkins is darling!

  8. How cute, have been looking for some fall decor ideas! Love the tip about using the bobby pin to push the ribbon through!

  9. Such fun ideas, thank you!

  10. This is adorable!!!

  11. Wonderful!


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