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Weekend Wrap Up Party — and Piggy Paint giveaway {$64.99 value}


T   G   I   F  !!
It’s time to party!! 
This week’s giveaway is from Piggy Paint

Say good-bye to harsh, smelly chemicals and hello to Piggy Paint…it’s as Natural as Mud®!
Do you ever wonder what’s in the nail polish you put on your little girls nails? Melanie, the founder of Piggy Paint didn’t until she was painting her daughter’s nails and a glob fell on a foam plate and ate through the plate! She decided then that nail polish that ate through foam was unacceptable to put on her girls’ hands {which would end up in their mouths). And through that experience Piggy Paints was born!
Piggy Paints is water-based polish that is specially formulated of natural ingredients.
It is free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates,
biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone… and made in the USA.
I was so excited when I learned about Piggy Paints. I have often wondered how safe traditional polishes were. But I also wondered how well water-based polish would hold up. Piggy Paints sent me a couple bottles of their polish. I can tell you that my girls love it.
Even my 15 year old got excited about the polish when she saw the cool BLUE color! 
And not only is there Piggy Paints for kids, but they have Refined — a more sophisticated line for adults too! 
I love the colors!

To add even more wear time to their polish, Piggy Paint also has a cool topcoat and primecoat.

And, they even have polish for your PUPPY!! Puppy Paint is made for dogs and comes in fun colors too!

**Piggy Paint is offering 10% off ANYTHING in their store for TT&J readers while this giveaway lasts. Use code – tatertotsandjello10 for online orders.
Piggy Paint is giving away a 
Color Me Happy Gift Set
{$64.99 value}
8 Piggy Paint colors plus chemical-free nail polish remover!! 

Here’s how YOU can win: 

  • Head over to Piggy Paint – what is The Name of your favorite color polish? one entry.
  • “Like” Piggy Paints on Facebook – where you can keep up with their new colors, products and giveaways. one entry.
  • Link up YOUR ideas. one entry for each project linked up :) 
A couple other things:
Join us Saturdays at tatertotsandjello.com for
the weekend wrap up party!



Please link up the Wrap Up button {a text link is great too — Tatertots and Jello}
so everyone can join in the fun!
Please comment on TWO posts above you and TWO posts below you — in addition to any others that you want to visit. 


{That way everyone gets some comments — we all love comments}
Have fun!!!
I’ll be writing a feature post in the morning – I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!!

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  2. Familia_Henderson says:

    My daughter told me I should put her favorite color- which is midnight pansy.
    queen_whitney (at)hotmail (dot) com

  3. Familia_Henderson says:

    Totally liked them on FB!!
    queen_whitney (at)hotmail (dot) com

  4. I like candy coated.


  5. SapphireGyrl says:

    I like the Mac n Cheese!

  6. Liked on facebook.

  7. Forever fancy is my favorite color. We are big Piggy Paint fans in this house!

  8. Sierra @ The Blue Robin Cottage says:

    I like Piggy Paint on FB!

  9. Sierra @ The Blue Robin Cottage says:

    So many cute colors to choose from but I think my fav is the Sea-quin! Love!

  10. With Autumn almost here I'm loving the dark Sleepover. Great polish!

  11. I LOVE "In the Flesh!"

  12. Sweet Coconut Lime says:

    Thanks for hosting the party! I designed some new Fall & Halloween printables and just added them to the link party- I was out of town yesterday when the party started. :)
    Thanks again! I always love your link parties!
    Melissa :)

  13. Momma on the Run says:

    My favorite Piggy Paint color is Sweetpea – I think my daughter would be adorable with her little toes that color:-)

  14. Momma on the Run says:

    I liked Piggy Paint on Facebook!

  15. AirForceWife08 says:

    Sweet Pea is my favorite color.

  16. How Merlot Can You Go is my fave!

  17. I liked Piggy Paint on FB

  18. I think Forever Fancy is my favorite for an all purpose color, but Ice Cream Dream looks like a fun spring/summer time color for toes!

  19. Way too hard to pick just one! So I'm going with the Halloween themed sets. Candy Corn and Ghouls just wanna have fun. These are adorable!


  20. Well, *I* like the Fairy Fabulous but my lil one would pick the Sometimes Sweet!

  21. Shared my needle felted apple and tea cup.

  22. Liked them on Facebook.

  23. Love Forever Fancy (and Sweetpea). So hard to choose just one.

  24. I like the Candy Coated color

  25. I like Piggy Paints on FB!

  26. Just posted my sky jello! Thanks for hosting :)

  27. I have linked up the Pepperoni Pasta salad! Thanks so much for hosting. Have a great holiday weekend. :)

  28. Michelle J. says:

    I like Piggy Paints on Facebook!

  29. Michelle J. says:

    I like Angel Kisses!

  30. I "liked" them on fb.

  31. I love the forever fancy because it's pink! 😉

  32. Another wonderful party! Thanks for hosting – found some pics & posts to pin!

    xo Lynda

  33. mom22girls16 says:

    I like Piggy Paint on FB!

  34. mom22girls16 says:

    My favorite is Sea-quin!

  35. Sea-quin is my favorite color!

  36. My favorite color is Sweetpea.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  37. Nan @ Playful Decor says:

    Thank you for introducing us to Piggy Paint! I'm switching to organic foods & skin care and haven't researched nail polish yet – now I don't have to! Heading over to check out her site! Thank you for hosting!

  38. I already like Piggy Paint on Facebook. =)

  39. All of the colors are WAY CUTE, it's hard to pick just one. I really like the Dandelion Dance and Tea Party for Two since those are our school colors. I think it would be fun to paint the girls' nails for "Spirit Day". =)

  40. I am LOVING the Mac n Cheese! I think my little girl would love these!-and I would feel great about letting her use them!

  41. liked piggy paint on facebook

  42. My 7 year old likes Fairy Fabulous… because anything with the word Fairy has to be great!

  43. I like Sea-Quin piggy paint.


  44. I also linked #702, my couchbound craft, the bird nest pendant.

  45. I linked up #701, the newlyweds' sign.

  46. I like them on fb!

  47. I just love the coffee talk one!

  48. I'm always on the lookout for non-toxic items. I love the Midnight Pansy in the Refined colors.

  49. I like sweet pea!

  50. Nicole Maki says:

    I love the Tails of Royalty doggy polish. My big mean looking mutt could be totally punk. *grin*

  51. Nicole Maki says:

    I linked up my Abstract Watercolor Kids Craft that adults like too :-)

  52. glamourpuss says:

    My sweet lil girl would love the Forever Fancy pink!

  53. glamourpuss says:

    I linked up my toddler craft: Noah's Ark!

  54. I have 3 daughters so I think the "drama" color suits us just fine :)

  55. I linked up #677.

  56. I like Piggy Paints on FB.

  57. I love the forever fancy and twinkle toes colors! So cute. I need these for my little one who loves every thing girly but can't keep her hands out of her mouth.

  58. also, I linked up my cookie dough brownies


  59. my favorite is All That Razz from the refined collection.

  60. i liked them on fb:)

  61. Mindie Hilton says:

    This is mindie from Bacon Time with the Hungry Hungry Hypo, I don't know how I didn't know about this product piggies being my thing and all. I love the sweet pea color, thankfs for the chance to win.

  62. I like Piggy Paint on FB!

  63. Love the Coffee Talk color in the Refined collection :)

  64. Oh, my daughter would love the Candy Coated color!

  65. Love the Girls Rule color! I don't do my daughter's fingernails b/c of the chemicals (only her toes). This is a great product!

  66. I like Coffee Talk, but I think my daughter would like Forever Fancy.

  67. Thanks for hosting, Jen. I really like the forever fancy nail polish. Groovy grape is fun too, though!

  68. And I linked up (#621)! Thanks for hosting again!

    The Late, Young Family


  69. My daughter and I love Girls Rule! Thanks for posting information on on this great product!!!

    The Late, Young Family

  70. I love coffee talk!

    Thanks for hosting and for the giveaway!!


  71. Liked on FB, too. :)

  72. Love Girls Rule!

  73. I linked up Nr. 613

  74. liked Piggy Paint

  75. We both love Angel kiss color

  76. Alicia @ littlesprinklesoffun says:

    My daughter LOVES her PIGGY PAINT! I like the color Forever Fancy!

  77. Desi @ Wee Share says:

    piggy paint fb fan- desiree glaze


  78. Desi @ Wee Share says:

    linked up project- sprinkle and swirl cookies


  79. Desi @ Wee Share says:

    we love fairy fabulous!


  80. While I'd get coffee talk for myself, my daughter (5) said Clouds of Candy "is the prettiest color in the entire universe!"
    So there you have it!

  81. anna and matt says:

    I like sometimes sweet.
    acs0427 (at) yahoo.com

  82. Two Dollars says:

    I liked PP on FB :)

  83. Two Dollars says:

    I think my fav color would be Tea for Two

  84. I LOVE piggy paint! I like the "forever fancy" and "candy" one! Thank you for the chance to win!

  85. Madilyns Place says:

    Like piggy paint on facebook!

  86. Madilyns Place says:

    Love sometimes sweet!

  87. Mommy of 2 says:

    I like piggy paints on facebook :)
    Renea Pike

  88. Mommy of 2 says:

    favorite piggy paint colors (I couldn't pick one!)
    Sometimes Sweet
    ice cream dream
    mac n cheese
    Renea Pike

  89. I "liked" Piggy Paints on Facebook!

  90. Sooo many to love but I'd have to say either Sometimes Sweet or Ice Cream Dream. Adorable! And safe, awesome.

  91. my little girl just turned 18 months and I was thinking about painting her piggies, but was totally thinking about how I didn't like the idea of putting all those chemicals on her. I would love to use this great polish! My favorite color is the Angel Kisses. Thanks!

  92. Lynda @ Uber Savvy Buzzword says:

    Thanks for hosting. Lynda @ ubersavvy

  93. my favorite color is forever fancy

  94. Love Piggy Paint!!!! Forever Fancy is my fave color :)

  95. Love love the sea quinn color!! Thanks!!

  96. Carrie Ann says:

    I would have to say that 'Fairy Fabulous' is my fav!
    Love the light purple trend :) also really like the seamfoamy 'Sea-quin'.

  97. LaVonne @ Long Wait says:

    I linked up this week!

  98. I love the color sea quin. Great names!

  99. I liked piggy paint on fb! So glad to have found them! Looks amazing!

  100. LaVonne @ Long Wait says:

    I am already a FB fan of Piggy Paint.

  101. LaVonne @ Long Wait says:

    I love this idea! I like Ice Cream Dream.

  102. I never knew such a paint existed!
    Thanks for introducing :)
    I love the All that Razz color in the Refined Line!

  103. cooperkelly4 says:

    those colors are super cute! coffee talk is my favorite

  104. I like Piggy Paints on fb!!

  105. I love all the colors, and if I have to pick one it'd be Dragon Tears!

  106. Izzy's mom says:

    I like Piggy Paint on Facebook!

  107. Izzy's mom says:

    I love Piggy Paint! My favorite is Sweet Pea!

  108. I linked up my Stenciled Boo! Sign :)

  109. I "like" Piggy Paint on facebook

  110. We love Piggy Paint! My favorite is Sweet Pea

  111. kristen mcashan says:

    i linked up my fabric magnets! (accidently put my actual name for the title though) oops 😉

  112. kristen mcashan says:

    i linked up my earrings organizer too! thanks!!

  113. kristen mcashan says:

    hi! i linked up my vintage flower vases! :)

  114. I like the Coffee Talk…am so ready for fall and that color screams it! I have a little girl that would just love the products! Have a great weekend!

  115. You always have the best projects linked up! I finally made something that I wanted to link up too!

  116. I liked them on FB.

  117. Abby is so into nail polish right now! My favorite color is Fairy Fabulous.

  118. kristen mcashan says:

    i like piggy paint on facebook! :)

  119. kristen mcashan says:

    hi!! i'm loving Forever Fancy!! :) so cute!

  120. Laney - Chris says:

    I've been wanting to try this. I love the ice cream dream. Thanks for the chance at the give away!

  121. First this is so cool!! It is about time someone thought of safe polish. My favorite color is candy coated. Pink has kind of worn on me since I have 3 girls. Lorie

  122. Janice@GypsyFarmGirl says:

    Thank you for letting me party with you! I appreciate you letting me link up my project! Have a wonderful weekend!

  123. I love Ice Cream Dream!

  124. Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day says:

    I follow Piggy Paint on FB :)

  125. jennieo1024 says:

    Kind of in love with Forever Fancy!

  126. I am a FB fan!!!

  127. My 22 month old loves having her toes painted. I really like Forever Fancy!

  128. Love the fairy fabulous color and the idea of no chemicals.

  129. Hello, I'm Laura says:

    Piggy paint is a great idea. Lovely colors. Thank you for hosting and have a happy labor day!

  130. Erin {Lavender and Lemon Drops} says:

    Thanks for hosting! Have a great Labor Day weekend :)

  131. Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day says:

    I love the Dragon Tears. I'd love some piggy paint for my little girl!

  132. Megan -n- Lexi says:

    Liked on facebook!
    miqk26 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  133. Megan -n- Lexi says:

    Sea-quin was our favorite

  134. Victoria ObSEUSSed says:

    I love the Sea-Quin color.

  135. Monica @ CreativeGator says:

    I like Piggy Paints on Facebook.

  136. Monica @ CreativeGator says:

    Mac and Cheese Please!

  137. Liked Piggy Paint on FB…..

  138. Candy coated is our fav pick~ anything pink!

  139. Girl's Rule! Great invention and I especially love the puppy nail polish.

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  140. Love Candy Coated

  141. Piggy Paint FB fan

    Marisa Meme

  142. Thanks for hosting again!!

  143. Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft says:

    You don't have to include me in the giveaway. Just came over to tell you that I included you in my most recent blog post. :)


  144. Now a FB fan :)

  145. Forever Fancy for my pink loving daughter….she would love this!

  146. I like the Sea-quin..very nice color…

  147. Kerry Rossow says:

    "TGIF" is right! I have two girls that practically bathe in fingernail polish! Thank you for the polish tip!
    Thanks so much for being the hostess with the mostest!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  148. Michelle L. says:

    My fave is Dragon Tears. Cool giveaway, and thanks for the party, Jen!

  149. My favorite is Forever Fancy!

  150. Angela @ A Mama's Two Cents Worth... says:

    Link up my giveaway
    nscrofan at rogers dot com

  151. Angela @ A Mama's Two Cents Worth... says:

    I am AAF on them on FB
    nscrofan at rogers dot com

  152. Angela @ A Mama's Two Cents Worth... says:

    I love "Sweetpea"
    nscrofan at rogers dot com

  153. The Clayburn Family says:

    I like Piggy Paints on facebook!

  154. The Clayburn Family says:

    Favorite color is tea party for two – which is KENTUCKY BLUE!! Woot woot from this Kentucky gal!

  155. I linked up my Florida Gators ribbon wreath!

    allinadayblog AT gmail DOT com

  156. I linked up my Sleeping Baby Sign project!

    allinadayblog AT gmail DOT com

  157. I linked up my Vintage Mirror Makeover project!

    allinadayblog AT gmail DOT com

  158. I like Piggy Paint on Facebook!

    allinadayblog AT gmail DOT com

  159. Thanks for hosting. I love your "rule" for checking 2 above and 2 below at least. Thanks again! – Jess at OlyMomma

  160. OMG! I am so excited about this giveaway! I have been wanting to try Piggy Paint on my little girl! I'm in love with the "Forever Fancy" color!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    allinadayblog AT gmail DOT com

  161. Maggie @ Midwestern {Sewing} Girl says:

    Thanks so much for hosting, Jen!!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  162. Not your mama's mauve!

  163. Love the ice cream dream!

  164. i love the forever fancy color

  165. i liked piggy paint on facebook

  166. I like the Mac and Cheese!

  167. I would paint my nails with Candy Coated, then add Coffee Talk on the tips!

  168. My daughter loves to have "colors" on her toes! What a great giveaway! Thank You!

    I have now "liked" Piggy Paint on Facebook. The "Ice Cream Dream" color looks pretty SWEET.

  169. Forever Fancy is adorable!

  170. OMG now I'm just embarrassed.

  171. HAHA! Can you tell I'm new to the party? My project isn't named "Jacinda". What a rookie!

  172. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Thank you so much for hosting, Jen! I was excited to have something to link up this week. :)

  173. I like the tea party for two, awesome blue color. So fun!

  174. I like Piggy Paint on Facebook.


  175. I love Fairy Talk. So cute!


  176. Nick & Meg Smith says:

    Candy Coated – too sweet!

  177. I like them!

  178. Sweetpea is darling :)

  179. I like Piggy Paints on Facebook and I can't wait to get my girls some polish.

  180. My favorite color is Girls Rule! Love pink!

  181. I'd love the Forever Fancy color for my girls…so cute and makes me feel better about painting their nails without chemicals and toxic fumes!

  182. The Remodeled Life says:

    Thanks for hosting the link up party and giveaway! I love all of the Piggy Paint colors but I think my favorite is Forever Fancy – I love hot pink nail polish :).

  183. Candy Coated would be my daughters favorite!

  184. .~*Catrina*~. says:

    I linked up with my Zucchini Fruit Snacks. :)

  185. .~*Catrina*~. says:

    I liked Piggy Paint on Facebook :)

  186. .~*Catrina*~. says:

    I love the Mac-n-cheese please color! It'd be awesome to use for my toenails! :)

  187. I liked Piggy Paint on FB.

  188. I love Fairy Fabulous

  189. I like Piggy Paint on FB.

  190. Love the Dandelion Dance color!

  191. Love the idea of a non-toxic nailpolish. My two year old loves to get her toes painted and I never thought about how stinky nail polish was until I started putting it on her. Love the sweet pea color!

  192. I love Forever Fancy! What a fun product!

  193. happylittlewonders says:

    I have been looking for a water based polish since my girls have gotten into polishing their nails. So glad you posted these!

    I LOVE Dragon Tears and am adding this to my kids Christmas Lists right now!

  194. I linked up my birthday cake cakeballs!

  195. Angel Kisses! My daughter would love that pink, although I would choose Mac-n-Cheese Please for myself!

  196. I like Not Your Mama's Mauve.

  197. I just posted my first link of a craft I did. Woohoo! Thanks for doing this. Love seeing all of the different projects!

  198. Laura Sessions says:

    My daughter's favorite would be Tea party for Two. These are so cute! I have two little girls who would love these.

  199. I love the "Angel Kisses" color. Such a pretty pink.

  200. Life In The Thrifty Lane says:

    Thanks for hosting! I like the Forever Fancy color :)

  201. Rosenbergh Fam says:

    I linked a cute craft I did with the nephews :)

  202. Rosenbergh Fam says:

    I liked piggy paint on FB :)

  203. Rosenbergh Fam says:

    My fav color is fairy fabulous!

  204. I like piggy paint on FB
    Donna O'Neil

  205. Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} says:

    Thanks so much for hosting the party Jen!!! It's my fave and I love to see all the fun projects!

    happy long weekend!

  206. I like coffee talk!

  207. Vanessa at Rescued Goods says:

    Oh PS-I liked them on facebook too!

  208. Vanessa at Rescued Goods says:

    How Merlot can you go or Fairy Fabulous-all the colors are great! The Merlot would have to be my first choice!

  209. I like Piggy Paints on facebook!

  210. I love Tea Party for Two

  211. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says:

    thank you so much for hosting! so excited to finally have a project worth linking up! :)

  212. I love the idea of Piggy Paint. My toddler always wants her toes to match Mommy's, but I'm leary of putting my polish on her. This would be perfect. My favorite color would be Clouds of Candy – it matches my daughter's eyes. Thanks for the chance to win!

  213. Jen@thecraftingfiend says:

    liked piggy paint on facebook

  214. Jen@thecraftingfiend says:

    I love the forever fancy color! I sooo want this paint for my little girl!

  215. In the Flesh is my favorite; I love the concept. I can't stand the polish fumes.

  216. Madigan at madiganmade says:

    Love this big ol' party you throw every Friday, Jen! (and boy is it big…hoped I'd be in the top 50! Oh well)
    Thanks for hosting every week!

  217. A Pretty Life in the Suburbs says:

    Thank you again so much for hosting! I am always amazed how fast everyone links up here! 😉

  218. My favorite color is Candy Coated. This would look so cute on my daughter since she loves anything pink!

  219. Tricia @ SweeterThanSweets says:

    Thanks for letting us link up once again! I always rush to my computer by 8pm (EST) to link and check out what everyone else is up to!