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"Summer Social" Guest Project — Make Friendship Bracelet Kits {with free printable}

Jennifer, Jamie and Jodie here from the blog eighteen25!!
We are so happy Jen invited us to participate in her Summer Social event.
We have a fun project to share with you today and it would also make a really cute gift for all the girlies in your life.

friendship bracelet kits

back in june, we took a trip to the craft store to pick up the stuff for friendship bracelet kits and since then, the girls have spent several hours making colorful knotted bracelets for everyone they know. 

to make a kit to keep or give as a gift, you’ll need:

  • a DMC craft organizer (ours came with plastic floss bobbins)
  • a pack or two of embroidery floss
  • a small clipboard (6×9)
  • large elastic (to wrap around the box)
  • tag download

we covered our clipboard with some patterned paper and the friendship bracelet kit tag.

and in case you were wondering what the clipboards were for…
they hold your thread while your knotting.

so whether you have a little time left before school starts or you’ve already sent the kids back…

 get your kids hooked on making these and they can give friendship bracelets to all their new school friends!!
 {if you’re new to making friendship bracelets… this website will help get you started.}

Thanks girls — what a fun idea!! 
If you don’t know the girls at eighteen25, head over there ASAP. 
Their site is full of deliciousness, like: 
Back to School Party — and printable.
And speaking of printables, eighteen25 has tons of amazing printables. Like this Birthday Subway Art.
 And great craft ideas like this Birthday Box.
And they love Halloween as much as I do!! Stay tuned for their Halloween Spooktacular Series — full of fabulous spooky ideas. I’m so excited to participate again this year!! 
Be sure to hop over to eighteen25 and see all of the awesome ideas!! 


  1. Man, I thought I came up with an original idea when I did this for my daughter’s 7th birthday this past May. I did mini clipboards and the same embroidery floss organizer, but I hot glued the clipboard to the box, left the board plain and spraypainted the metal clips in the girls’ favorite colors. I love how you decorated your boards and how you attached them to the boxes with an elastic band. If I do them again, I will sttach them the same way you did. :)

  2. This is such a sweet idea!! Love it!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Country Mouse says:

    My dd and her friends started making these…this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Tanya Anurag says:

    Nice idea… I am sure it's gonna be used widely.

  5. Krista S. says:

    Making a kit today for a 7 year old. Wondering how you adhered the paper and label to the clipboard? Thanks!!

  6. Johanna V. says:

    Love this. Perfect for my little girl and her friends.

  7. Oh my gosh, these bracelets bring back such memories. They were all the rage at Girls Camp. EVERYONE was making them on the bus ride up. Love them.

  8. My friends and I used to make these as kids! So sweet that they are making a comeback! : ) I want to make these with my girls!

  9. These look exactly like the ones I used to make when I was little. Love friendship bracelets! So fun!!!

  10. Jedi Mama says:

    Well, I feel like I grew up in the olden days, because we just TAPED our friendship bracelets to the table while we made them. How out-dated is that?! The clipboard is a fantastic idea!

  11. Amy {The Idea Room} says:

    I remember making these in Jr. High school and wearing them all up your forearm ;)! My girls will love this!

  12. Molly Smith says:

    I love seeing these made in this fashion. So happy to see the kiddoes wearing craftiness and it coming back. Thanks! :)

  13. Rebekah★All Thingz Related★ says:

    What an amazing idea! I'm definitely remembering these for my daughter's friends for Christmas!!

  14. stefanie.ann says:

    Hey Jen, I am a new follower, love your blog!

    Best, Stefanie

  15. The Yarbrough Clan says:

    Hey Jen,

    I love these ideas and I know that they come from some other websites too, but I wanted to ask your permission to pin them on pinterest. Love all your posts and would like to share the b day subway art and friendship kit E-mal me at mirissaluck@hotmail.com if that is okay with you!! Thanks!!

  16. All Things Favord says:

    I always loved making these. Now that they are back in my daughter asks me all the time to make some for her and her friends. Great gift idea!

  17. It's so hard to believe that they are back. My girls have their arms loaded.

  18. Lil Mama Stuart says:

    I used to safety pin them to the knee of my pants!

  19. what a great idea! my 11 year old has been making friendship bracelets like crazy the past 2 weeks-we had looked it up online-she just told me that her cousin used a clip board-we've been using tape. love this for a gift!

  20. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    What a cute idea! I had something similar when I was in 6th grade and friendship bracelets were all the rage. It was not, however, nearly as cute as this!!


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