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Guest Project — Make a Kitchen Garden Wall!!

Hi friends!! I’m Michelle, from Ten June. I’ve got a big smile on my face today. Why? Well, first of all, I’m really excited to be stopping by over here at Tatertots and Jello today- Jen is one of the most creative gals around and she features so many amazing projects! Whenever I click over to Tatertots and Jello, I leave with at least four new bookmarks in my “inspiration” folder!

I’m also all smiles because SPRING is finally here! Hell-ooo sunshine, flowers and Easter candy! In honor of spring’s arrival, I thought I’d share a fun project that I just did in my breakfast room– a garden wall! It’s fresh, it’s fun and it’s eas-y! A few weekends ago, I saw a little contraption at Ikea that I just fell in love with.
 It’s a metal tin that hangs on the wall and can be used to hold anything- utensils, plants, pens, etc. I absolutely loved the concept as soon as I saw the tins and I knew I had to recreate this somewhere at my house. Luckily, my mom recently gave me a bag of our wedding decor that she found in her attic. Part of that loot included some metal tins that we had used to line the chairs at our wedding ceremony with hydrangea stems. Aw, sweet memories. My little love buckets!!

 I decided to put my little love buckets back to good use.

With the help of a few picture hangers, my love buckets and the garden section at Home Depot, I’ve got myself a garden wall! I am sure that there are allll kinds of green thumb no-no’s about putting plants on a wall like this, but I don’t care. I’m a rebel like that! Each of these are house plants that cooperate well with the indoors. Also, my breakfast room gets a lot of light… hopefully they will survive!

 I am absolutely loving the fun, fresh color it brings into my kitchen and breakfast area. It’s the perfect way to bring spring indoors, but without the pollen which is currently all over my backyard! Ah, spring in the south.

In addition to a few basic house plants, I threw in a few of our favorite fresh herbs. That basil smells DE-LISH! Can’t wait to fix up my favorite- caprese salad- with some!

 Before the garden wall, I had some colorful plates hanging on the wall, but they never really looked like they fit just right. I’m not sure if it was the size or the plates themselves, but the love bucket garden wall works so much better! It really makes such a difference in the room.

While I was in the gardening section, I also found this adorable little succulent. I couldn’t resist! He’s sitting in a tiny little watering can on my kitchen windowsill :)


So that’s my breakfast room/kitchen garden wall! And for the record, it’s been a couple of weeks and my plants are still alive! Just call me Green Thumbs Michelle : )

 Thanks so much for having me, Jen!
Thanks Michelle! 
 I love the idea of having an herb garden in my kitchen. Brillant!! 
Michelle has amazing style. I love her striped office walls:
And check out this Bamboo Sunburst Mirror that Michelle made:
Be sure to check out the creativity going on at Ten June!!
 PS — Check out Shelley’s GroopDealz today. I love this Dry Erase vinyl – so cool!!
And, it’s Friday!!!
Time for another fun par-tay!!!
I can’t wait to see YOUR projects! The Weekend Wrap Up Party starts at 6 pm {MST}.


  1. Hi! I know this was posted a few years ago but just came across this and still love the idea. How did it work out for you? Having a hard time finding buckets that have a flat back so they sit more flush on the wall, curious if anyone tried regular round pails and it worked out ok as well?

    Or if anyone could point me in the direction of pails w a flat back!

    thx in advance!

    • kim » I found similar flat buckets at Hobby Lobby … I had to bend the handle, but they’re small, flat-ish galvanized buckets. I haven’t looked for these at Ikea for a long time!

  2. Kristin says:

    Hi there! I really want to try this, but I'm not sure if my kitchen gets enough light? It's on the south side, but with only one small-ish window. The wall that would work for this is opposite that window. How have your herbs been doing lately on the wall?

  3. Fata Sabrina says:

    Bella Idea !

  4. Craft Report says:

    It's very cute. I linked about your idea in our blog http://www.craftreport.blogspot.com

  5. Jennifer says:

    I have a ton of these Ikea buckets! How cute is this idea? Soooo cute! I am doing this this weekend and I was just gonna put fake green folaige in them! (Did I spell that right?) LOL! I don't have alot of light in my dining room anyways and I think it would be almost as cute (and less work in the long run)! I found this blog trough Our Best Bites, and am super happy I did! Thank you so much. Your newest reader, Jennifer

  6. OMG This has GOT to be one of the best ideas ive ever seen. I have a black thumb! I will try anything to get my herbs to start growing and for me to be reminded to take care of them :)

  7. LambAround says:

    Oh, I so love everything about this post! I need a garden wall…and a striped office…and a sunburst mirror :)

    Stop by if you get a chance – I'm giving away a Shabby Apple dress and having a blog hop tomorrow! :)

  8. Lil Mama Stuart says:

    ha, I'm totally with you on leaving with 5 more inspiration bookmarks. my bookmarks are overflowing with ideas!

    love the addition of the herbs :)

  9. that is an awesome idea! i always plant too much of one thing, but this keeps it in check and is so close at hand- you don't forget to snip. i would be a little owrried about the condensation from the pails againt the wall though (?)

  10. Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle says:

    Oh wow, I LOVE this! Such a great idea!

  11. Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya says:

    LOVE IT!
    So great!!!

  12. what a great idea! I could totally see my cats jumping up and trying to knock them down to eat the plants though. But very cute!

  13. Two Sides of the Rainbow says:

    I see those and love them every time I go to Ikea, but don't have any room in my kitchen to hang them…grrr! I was think about my back porch, though. Hmmm…

  14. Sooo stealing this idea! Thanks! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the overall look of your dining room. I just pointed out the beautiful simplicity of it to my husband and told him that is what I want our next house to look like. He said, "Oh, thank God!" :)

  15. Ann @ I blog, therefore I am. says:

    This makes me want to drive to Ikea and it is over an hour away! I'll have to look for something similar elsewhere. Love it!

  16. Michelle @ Ten June says:

    Hi there!! Thanks so much for having me today! I'm excited to share my garden wall with your readers, Jen!

    Jennifer- You just have to be careful when watering the plants as they're hanging on the wall. The tins are actually made for potting, so they don't have any leaks or holes. It's definitely not too difficult if even I can keep up with it! :)

  17. Such an unusual idea for little tins. I don't have the wall space for it, but maybe for pens in the office.

  18. what a cute project…looks like she's got a fun blog going on over there…i better go have a better look :)

  19. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    How much do I love this?
    I a whole heck of a ton!!!

    *One question though, how do you prevent water leakage on the wall? Any tips??

  20. I like so much this garden on de wall, i want one like this!

  21. Almalu's Place says:

    this is such a cute idea!easy and impressive!


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