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Guest Project — Make a Valentine Tree of Love!!

Hello Everyone!

I am Angie from Echoes of Laughter…a stay-at-home mom of 2 who loves crafting!

I want to thank Jenn for the pleasure and honour of being a guest here on Tatertots and Jello.
 I am just super peachy happy to be able to share this with you!
Here is a tutorial for a very simple ‘tree of love’ 
for Valentine’s Day.

I had 3 goals for this project.
I wanted to make something pretty, 
 something affordable,
and something that could be made in under an hour…. 
because we are all busy women with so much to do!
For this project, you will need:
a small flower pot or bowl
a block of floral foam
some branches about 12″ to 14″ high
 {I snapped these brances from a tree in my yard…when it is -30 outside…it sure is easy to snap something!}
black letter stickers
cinnamon hearts
white school glue
miniature clothespins
A handful of pictures.
I chose these mini portrait pictures of my children where they were little.
  • First add the word ‘love’ with the black letter stickers to the pot.
  • Cut floral foam to fit inside the pot.{I just cut the foam with a steak knife.}
  • Insert the branches to make the ‘tree’.
  • Next, use white school glue to glue the cinnamon hearts to the base of the tree to cover the floral foam.
  • Let dry for a few minutes.
  • Next, trim and mat the small pictures with white cardstock and embellish as desired. I used dollar store Valentine stickers I already had in my stash of supplies. I also found adorable red mini clothespins at the dollar store. But plain mini clothespins would work as well, or ribbon.
  •  Then pin your decorated photos to the branches.
Now enjoy a wonderful centerpiece for your table…
or a sweet decoration for your living room.
Wishing you all a terrific Valentine’s day with those near and dear to you!
I hope you take joy in whatever it is that you create!!
Angie xo
Thanks Angie — what a sweet idea!! 

Angie has all sorts of great ideas over at Echoes of Laughter:

 {Love this idea — create an Oatmeal Breakfast Bar}
Be sure to check out Echoes of Laughter – you will be glad you did!! 
Have a Terrific Day!! 


  1. I want to make the tree of love for a ‘Vow Renewal” that is taking place in my back yard, how fun!!!!

  2. I have a question with te love tree does it last or do u have to throw it away after awhile?

  3. Rachel @momshenanigans says:

    I loved this and can't wait to make one of my own!! I'm just waiting on my spray painted branches to dry!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Paper-Charmed says:

    Thanks for the neat idea (the tree of love, cupcake liner wreath, etc.). I've featured this on my blog. :)

  5. ~The Bargain Babe says:

    adorable! I am making a money tree as an end of year gift for my son's teacher and am going to use little CLOTHESPINS to attach the money. It will be so cute!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. cyle.lewis says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I had found your burlap wreath tutorial last year and I just got around to making some. I wanted to let you know that I had linked to your site!

  7. Swanky Baby's Mom says:

    Really cute! Great blog and I am now follower!

    Swanky Baby

  8. This is soooo cute! I never decorate for valentine's day, but you have just inspired me…I so want to make one of these!!!

  9. northwesthospitality.org says:

    So cute! Just when I thought I was done with V-day projects and crafting up a storm to post my SuperBowl centerpiece blog, I see this. You're stirring up my A.D.D.!….focus Sarah, focus :-) Just love it! Keep it up! xox Sarah

  10. Eva Marie Harp says:

    cute and easy the best kind of project.

  11. Bellenza Wedding Bistro says:

    Wonderful DIY project…so easy to do, yet such a darling result! Thanks for sharing Angie's lovely work.

  12. Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top says:

    Angie, this is too cute!!! I love it!

  13. Old Barn Crafts says:

    Love this so much! I'm heading out for supplies tomorrow! Thanks for sharing *heart*


  14. Oh my…I think I might try this!

    I can't wait to glue the candies on…and then watch the kids trying to grab one…LOL!

  15. Great idea! Very cute!

  16. Super-cute! I'm trying to convince my Hubby that I need to make this! LOL.

  17. Linda Chapman says:

    Really cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Molly Smith says:

    Angie, the tree of love is awesome. I love how you did the base, it looks full of candy. And your kids' pictures are adorable! Thanks for sharing! ~Molly

  19. Love you stuff! I am a new follower!

  20. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    Such a cute project! I love the red hots covering the foam….adorable!

  21. Handy Man, Crafty Woman says:

    so cute, I just love projects that use photos. i love her blog, too!

  22. Angie@Echoes of Laughter says:

    Thanks Jen for featuring my project!! I am so very grateful and just so very thrilled!!! You have been nothing but kind and sweet to me!! Angie xo
    Ladies, I got the tree trunk candle holders at HomeSense {Home Goods in the US} 2 years ago and they were marked down to $2 and $3 each!

  23. That is so sweet with all the baby pictures–very cute idea!

  24. Christina says:

    I now need to make a tree of love…that is TOO CUTE for words!

  25. Heidi Wendland says:

    I love it! It is so cute. But, I have to ask where did you get those white tree trunk candle holders? I need those or maybe two sets!


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