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Weekend Wrap Up Party — and See Kate Sew giveaway!!

It’s Friday — my favorite day of the week.
Today’s party giveaway is from:

Hi! I’m Kate! I blog at see kate sew
My blog is mostly about sewing but I also throw in some silkscreening, mod podging, and papercrafts!
Some of my recent tutorials include toy cameras:
teething necklaces:
and tiny gift bags:
I’ve also been known to re-do a pair of shoes on occasion:
And sometimes I just blog about my cute baby.
Stop by and have a look!
Today’s giveaway comes from my etsy shop, seekatesew!
My shop is full of little owls, hedgehogs, quilts, and pinafores.
I’m giving away THREE little owls to one lucky winner.
They make a great gift for someone you love
The front is a quirky little owl and the back says:
“owl love you forever”.
The owl says it all- you don’t even need card!
Perfect for Valentine’s Day!
How to enter:
Here’s how YOU can win:

  • Go over to see kate sew — what is The Name of your favorite item? one entry.


  • Follow see kate sew’s blog. one entry.
  • Link up to the Weekend Wrap Up Party — each project = 1 entry.

A few other reminders:

Please link up the Wrap Up button {a text link is great too}
so everyone can join in the fun!
Please comment on 2 posts above you and 2 posts below you —
in addition to any others that you want to visit. 
That way everyone gets some comments — we all love comments!!

I can’t wait to see what YOU have been working on!

I‘ll be doing a Feature Post  in the morning!!


  1. Laurelann says:

    I love the Little Bird in Branches quilt in brights. It's perfect for a baby's room or for my craft room!


  2. hearted her shop!


  3. i like the owl love you forever – the preppy duo! so cute!


  4. I hearted her shop!

  5. I am a follower of her blog!

  6. I love the blanket with the birds- so beautiful and would go amazing in the nursery I am imagining for my little one to arrive this summer!

  7. Love the kissing hedgehogs! My husband and I in hedgehog form. Can you imagine his face when he'd open the box?!

  8. I follow seekatesew's blog now!

  9. I HEART seekatesew on Etsy

  10. I LOVE the kissing hedgehogs in that houndstooth! SO freaking cute! I might need those. :)

  11. I linked my 'My Love Has Wings' card.

  12. I posted my shimmering Valentine.

  13. I heart Kate's shop! (Jinglescraps)

  14. My favorite is the houndstooth hedgehog!!!

  15. I am now following her blog!

  16. I hearted her shop of course!

  17. The owl pinafore is perfect!!! Love!

  18. I am in love with the circus elephant toy!

  19. I'm following her blog.

  20. I hearted the shop as njphotorgrapher.

  21. My favorite is the circus elephant toy!

  22. taylormadenews says:

    see kate sew is now one of my etsy favorites!

  23. taylormadenews says:

    those turquoise flower hedgehogs are to DIE for! love them!

  24. Love See Kate Sew's blog!!!

  25. Hands down: little birds in branches quilt- brights….Such a creative quilt!

  26. I hearted her etsy site! How cute!!

  27. Love the sweet polka dot applique dress!

  28. the circus elephant
    susanerios at hotmail.com

  29. i hearted her etsy site.

  30. i love the little birds in branches quilt in brights. it would be perfect for the nursery.

  31. I linked up my homemade wine stoppers…

  32. I'm a new blog follower of See Kate Sew! Thanks for directing me toward some great inspiration!

  33. just added "See Kate Sew" as a favorite shop. I just love owls!

  34. the pink and green owl pinafore is just too cute!

  35. Added her shop to my Etsy favorites

  36. Linked up:
    Entry is the Paper Valentine's Banner

  37. Such adorable things! I'm smitten with her designs and the fabric choices.

    Favorite item: Kissing Hedgehogs!

  38. I follow her blog now.

  39. I hearted her shop.

  40. I LOVE the kissing hedgehogs set – designer prints. So cute!

  41. Linked up.

  42. Heart See Kate Sew etsy.

  43. I love the .black and cream ruffle front pinafore with vintage buttons, so pretty!

  44. Following her blog

  45. I <3 her shop!

  46. I like the Circus Elephant. He's cute 😉

  47. i linked up my Valentine's decor!

  48. I follow her blog!

  49. I hearted her shop.

  50. I love her kissing hedgehogs!

  51. Jayna Rae says:

    Added her shop to my favorites.

  52. ginaboyce says:

    i follow your blog now too. love it and such cute ideas!

  53. Jayna Rae says:

    I follow Kate's blog!!! and forgot to put in my last comment, excitement can be blinding, that I absolutely adore her new hedgehogs.

  54. ginaboyce says:

    I added you to my fav on etsy 2!

  55. ginaboyce says:

    i love owls, yours are all so cute! but esp love the circus elephant toy!

  56. Jayna Rae says:

    I am SOOOOOO excited about this giveaway.

  57. I am now following Kate's blog. =]

  58. I <3'ed her shop =]

  59. Everything is cute but I really love the birds in branches quilt, too cute!

  60. how adorable are those owls! and the hedgehogs omg :) love it ~Cara Lee

  61. following, hearted on etsy ….
    See Kate Sew- Kate's a girl after my own heart. Nothing is better than owls and hedgehogs. I especially love the houndstooth hedgehog.

  62. I am following her blog as hypersky5

  63. I love the little birds on branches quilt

  64. Nike@ChooseToThrive says:

    I "heart" See Kate Sew on Etsy. So cute!

  65. Nike@ChooseToThrive says:

    I love the single houndstooth hedgehog *swoon*

  66. Gina @ MoneywiseMoms says:

    I love the flowered Owls!

  67. Gina @ MoneywiseMoms says:

    I hearted her on Etsy!

  68. Abbey Hughes says:

    Followed, hearted, and my favorite item is the pink and green owl pinafore, which I think would look fantastic on my baby girl! =)

  69. Hi again! I linked my window with galvanized metal to your party!

  70. Hi Jen~

    She is ultra talented! I LOVE all of her shoe makeovers, too. :) My favorite thing at her Etsy site is the pink blankets with the birds on a telephone wire. So cute! :)

    I hope you are having a fun weekend! :)


  71. I heart in Etsy.
    Lisa P

  72. I love the large owls. I just LOVE owls!

  73. Ali Richardson says:

    I love the kissing hedgehog set with designer prints. SO adorable!

  74. Rick and Angelia says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little birds in branches quilt- spumoni. Beautiful stuff!! angfaireyc (at) hotmail dot com.

  75. I love the Circus Elephant Toy. So adorable!

  76. The voodoo pin cushion is too funny, LOL! Cute idea!

  77. That Valentine's dessert looks just sinful!!

  78. Taylor Bartik says:

    i just LOVE the little owls and the quilt with the birds! soo cute!

  79. I love the little birds in branches quilt-spumoni AND the pink birds on a telephone line blanket.

  80. Real Life Reslers says:

    I'm now following Kate's blog!

  81. Real Life Reslers says:

    the circus elephant is adorable!!

    reallifereslers at gmail dot com

  82. I'm now a follower of See Kate Sew.

  83. I have to say, I'm a sucker for kissing hedgehogs. I also adore the birds on a wire quilt.

  84. I heart her shop!!

  85. I love the large owl flower – it's adorable.

  86. I love the kissing hedgehogs!

  87. Elizabeth says:

    oh my gosh those hedgehogs are too cute!

  88. I linked up the throw pillow covers!

  89. I love the owls! They are my favorite:)

  90. Kristen (Creative Stash) says:

    I heart etsy shop

  91. Kristen (Creative Stash) says:

    i love the owls! they are so sweet. my favorite is the preppy duo

  92. christina says:

    i heart the etsy shop.

  93. christina says:

    i follow the blog.

  94. christina says:

    i love the kissing hedgehogs and the birds on branches quilt!

  95. Ashley @ The Hillside Home says:

    I linked up! :)

  96. I love her tutorials–especially the baby items like the teething necklace and burp cloths!

  97. She is very talented! Love it!

  98. new follower of See Kate Sew.

  99. Sewing-Chick says:

    the "pink birds on a telephone line" throw blanket is my favorite! How cute! My hubby's cousin is pregnant with a girl right now too!

  100. I now follow her blog!

  101. I hearted the Etsy shop!

  102. I really love the houndstooth hedgehog!

  103. I like the elephant toy very sweet

  104. Denise S. says:

    I like all the items in your etsy shop but I love the bird on a wire quilts and blankets :o)

  105. Denise S. says:

    I am now a follower for Sew Kate Sew

  106. Denise S. says:

    I have the shop down as a favorite now.

  107. I'm also following her blog now. There's some really great things on there!

  108. I hearted Kate's etsy shop.

  109. I those birdie quilts so much! Love, love, love them!

  110. I think my favorite thing is the
    pink and green owl pinafore dress it is adorable!

  111. I heart seekatesew on Etsy (my etsy name is jessicaNdesigns)

  112. Love those kissing hedgehogs! what a fun idea!

  113. Katie Greenlaw says:

    I <3 Sew Kate Sew on Etsy!! Adorable stuff!

  114. Katie Greenlaw says:

    I am following See Kate Sew!

  115. Katie Greenlaw says:

    My favorite item is the little birds in branches quilt- brights….ADORABLE!

  116. Thanks for hosting the party. I love finding new blogs to read through parties like yours.

  117. Sourkraut says:

    My favorite item's the houndstooth hedgehog.

  118. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    i linked up – primary quilt

  119. linked up #297

  120. A Pretty Life in the Suburbs says:

    Hi! Thanks for hosting! I apologize I linked up twice, but my first link is empty – had a little problem! Jo-Anna (Valentine Garland)

  121. i really like the kissing hedgehog!!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  122. i heart her etsy shop!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  123. Life In The Thrifty Lane says:

    Linking I {Heart} Felt V Day Decor

  124. Life In The Thrifty Lane says:

    Like the owl love you forever no. 3 – classic plaid no eyelashes

  125. Emily - faliLV says:

    I am following her on her blog

  126. Emily - faliLV says:

    I hearted her on etsy!

  127. Emily - faliLV says:

    I love the hedgehogs they are so cute kissing!
    The owls are adorable too – shoot I love them all

  128. Kate in Austin says:

    I heart Kate's etsy shop.


  129. Kate in Austin says:

    I love the kissing hedgehogs with the designer prints. Super cute.


  130. Following sew kate sew

  131. "hearted" the etsy shop!

  132. I'm torn between the bird quilt and the pink and blue kissing hedgehogs! What a cute shop.

  133. I linked up the Monkey See Monkey Do mosaic.

  134. I'm following Kate's blog! It's so fantastic!

  135. Happily hearted the Etsy shop!

  136. Oh gosh…the little birds in branches quilt- spumoni is just too lovely. I'd love to hang that in my daughter's room.

  137. The Windy City Duo says:

    Following the blog!

  138. The Windy City Duo says:

    I actually liked this Etsy shop a couple of days ago. Love it!

  139. The Windy City Duo says:

    I was just looking at the Etsy shop the other day. So in love! With everything… but if I had to choose I would say your quilts are divine.

  140. I am her newest blog follower


  141. little birds on branches is my fave!


  142. I hearted her shop.

  143. I love the kissing hedgehogs! So adorable!

  144. I follow Kate's blog. It's so cute!

  145. I'm totally loving the little circus elephant toy! A-DORABLE!

  146. I follow her blog now!

  147. I hearted her shop!

  148. Love her stuff. I like polka dot flower applique pinafore.

  149. I just hearted her.

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  150. Such cute stuff! I like the 2 pink birds on the telephone line blanket, too sweet.

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  151. Dixie Mom says:

    I'm not going to wait and see if I can win these…I'm buying them for Valentines for my girls!!!

  152. Brooke Anna says:

    I already follow her blog :)

  153. Brooke Anna says:

    I hearted the shop as mommydoes.

  154. Brooke Anna says:

    I do love the pink birds on a telephone line throw blanket.

  155. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    I am linking up my clean/dirty dishwasher sign.

  156. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    I "hearted" Kate Sew's etsy shop.

  157. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    I love her large owl pillows!

  158. I hearted her etsy shop.

  159. I love the kissing hedgehogs!

  160. Audrey @ the audzipan anthology says:

    I hearted kate's shop on etsy.

  161. Audrey @ the audzipan anthology says:

    I love the little birds in branches quilts!

  162. Audrey @ the audzipan anthology says:

    I linked up #187.

  163. Audrey @ the audzipan anthology says:

    I followed see kate sew's blog!

  164. Kelly, Carrie, Kylie and Zachary says:

    I am loving the little girls pinafore dresses.

  165. The Loops says:

    I hearted your Etsy shop!


  166. The Loops says:

    I love the quilt with the little birds! You are really talented!


  167. I follow her blog now too!


  168. I hearted on etsy!


  169. I love the houndstooth hedgehog! So cute!! :)


  170. Jacqueline says:

    What cute owls. Thanks for having a great party, looks like tons of fun posts to keep me busy tonight!

  171. SUCH cute owls!
    I really like that candy cane wreath for Valentine's. What a perfect way to carry over leftover Christmas stuff!

  172. I follow the see kate sew blog using my google reader! Hooray!

  173. I :heart: see kate sew on Etsy!

  174. My favorite item is the "Little Birds in Branches Quilt – Brights". I love it!

  175. elisekayem says:

    I follow Kate's blog too!

    elisegeorgoussis at gmail dot com

  176. elisekayem says:

    I heart see kate sew on etsy!

    elisegeorgoussis at gmail dot com

  177. elisekayem says:

    LOVE the turquoise flower hedgehogs!

    elisegeorgoussis at gmail dot com

  178. I love the little birds on branches quilt. It is adorable and I love the colors.

  179. I'm now a follower of See Kate Sew. Such cute stuff!!! I love the hedge hog….we've been reading a lot of Jan Brett this month and she has a hedge hog obsession so they've been on my mind.

  180. I follow see Kate sew!

  181. I like the owls the best! They are so sweet.

  182. all linked up! Whoot! :)

  183. I love, love, love the owls! Those are absolutely adorable!

  184. cjameliamom says:

    I also follow her!

  185. cjameliamom says:

    I heart See Kate Sew!

  186. cjameliamom says:

    awww, the hedgehogs are super cute! but love the owls also!

  187. added her shop to my favorites

  188. love the little hedgehogs but the pink birds on a wire is my favorite!

  189. All lnked up!

  190. I love the owls!

  191. Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden says:

    I LOVE the hedgehogs! They are just adorable.

  192. And I linked up #120

  193. I linked up #119

  194. I "heart" see kate sew

  195. LOVE the little birds in branches quilt

  196. I am super loving the little birds on branches quilt!

  197. I now follow see kate sew!

  198. Book Smart Mom says:

    I love the little bird in branches quilt. The owls are so cute, I can't wait to give them a good home if I win.

  199. Rosemariee says:

    ooh i want the little hedgehog pattern!!

  200. I love the Large owls with turquoise flowers! I have a minor obession for turquoise and lime. 😉

  201. Thanks for hosting each week Jen!!! so many fabulous ideas!!

  202. That blanket is beautiful. Thanks for hosting this fun party again. Have a great weekend.

  203. ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com says:

    Her stuff is all so cute but I'd love the houdstooth hedgehog for my teenage daughter!!


  204. ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com says:

    Yay for Friday! I just linked up!


  205. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    I linked up my Valentine Hula Hoop Wreath:) Thanks for hosting Jen!

  206. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    I love the circus elephant toy!!

  207. Amy @ Positively Splendid says:

    Yay – it's Friday! Thanks so much for having us over, Jen!

  208. Michael - Innkeeper says:

    Super amazing stuff!

    i love fridays too!!

  209. i <3 see kate sew.

  210. The birdie on a telephone line pinafore is so cute and love the ruffled nursing cover.

  211. Owl love you forever–that's got to be my favorite–so clever and so cute!

  212. I'm a see kate sew follower!

  213. I heart her shop!

  214. kissing hedgehogs set – designer prints is my favorite!

  215. I linked up my magazine mirror! Love this linky party :)

  216. Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya says:

    I linked up my Fireplace Paintover!

  217. Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya says:

    I linked up my Valentines Wreath!

  218. Thanks for hosting another great party Jen! I love Kate's shoe makeovers :) Have a great weekend!

  219. 2littlehooligans says:

    i like the owls the best! i kinda have a thing for owls:)