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Dinner Dilemmas: Part 5

How did dinner go at your house last week? Ours was hit and miss. I am still loving my new Food Nanny system. The kids love making picking out their dinners and making them. I love it because I get more help and everyone seems to like the meals much more when they can pick them out.
I have a guest blogger that is going to talk about Meal Swapping next week! I am excited to hear more about that. It sounds like it would save tons of time! I will be lining up some more guest posters to share their great ideas. If you have an idea you would like to share, let me know!
Today I would like to share a quick recipe from 
Diane @ Created by Diane.
Created by Diane
Diane has a wonderful food blog and was recently named one of the Top Mom Food Blogs – congratulations Diane! This is a great way to use left over meat from another meal during the week. (you can substitute chicken instead of steak)
I chopped the steak up and gave it a quick toss in a hot pan to heat it,
placed it on heated corn tortillas with lettuce, tomato, Cotija cheese and lime juice squeezed on top.
Heated up some black beans and made Mexican rice.
I think I finally made Mexican rice I like. I always like everyones and can’t seem to get it right, 
but this time….
this time I did it.
I took One cup white rice, and heated it in two tablespoons oil
 then added two cups water
One 8 oz can tomato sauce
3 scallions diced
dried cilantro (I prefer fresh but was out of luck today)
Chicken bullion (I use the powdered Knorr brand)
Powdered tomato (Knorr brand)
brought it to a boil with the lid on and then turned it onto low for 30 minutes.
YIPPEE! It was so good! 
She also has a wonderful recipe for vegetable pizza, I think I am going to try it this week!
Thanks Diane!
I also had a few people ask me to share the crepe recipe that we made last night. HERE is the link to that! We had some fun recipes we tried last week. Here’s one of the hits: German Pancakes:
And speaking of making meal-time fun, have you seen these Birthday Dinner Boards from How Does She?? So cute! I am going on Studio 5 tomorrow to show this awesome project for them, and the How Does She girls {I just love them!} have given me an extra one to give away to YOU! I will be doing a post about it this week with the giveaway!
It’s getting warm and I am getting excited to grill! 
Do you have any great grilling recipes that you can share? 
How did your dinners go this week? 
Do you have any ideas or recipes to share?? 
Please comment here and link them up to the Dinner Dilemma Forum! There are great ideas over there to help us make Dinner Time easier! Let’s help each make meal time less stressful!
Have a great night!

PS — I have a great giveaway starting in the morning. I will be announcing the winners of the Cardigan Empire giveaway and the Crimson Clover giveaway at midnight.

PPS — And stay tuned this week, I have a bunch of new crafts to share, the How Does She birthday board giveaway, a guest blogger with a great project and giveaway, another installment of Wenderful’s Photography series, and a new and improved Weekend Wrap Up Party! Whew – should be a fun week!


  1. Connie Weiss says:

    I love quick and easy recipes!

    Dang it! I didn't record Studio 5 because the kids were watching a movie.


    ALL of those recipes looks DELISH! I need to try all of them… :)

  3. Those steak tacos look yum – and the german pancake looks even BETTER! And the vegetable pizza – ok now I'm hungry!

  4. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    Our dinners this week weren't so great…we had something pizza related like four times:) I did make a new mexican pizza that was SUPER yummy though.

  5. mrs. pitts says:

    Jennifer–Great recipes! I have been in a meal swapping group with some friends for 2 years now. We have a great collection of recipes and I'd love to share how we work during your meal swapping focus next week. Shoot me an email and I can tell you more. Thanks!

  6. Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful says:

    That veggie pizza is making drool!!! yum, yum, yum. I think I will make that this week. Too bad I'll be the only one who will want to eat it. Can you tell I'm actually happy about that?


  7. Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden says:

    Hi Jen,
    I checked out the Food Nanny book from our library and some idiot had torn several sections out! What I could read I liked though! I haven't implemented anything yet, but I'm working on it.

    We grill much of the time when the weather is good. I just posted a yummy rub recipe for grilled chicken: http://mybackyardeden.blogspot.com/2010/04/whos-ready-to-grill-easy-rub-recipe.html

    Have a great week!

  8. Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com} says:

    Thanks so much Jen for featuring my blog, I am honored. I love your blog and can never seem to get enough of you amazing ideas!

  9. HoosierHomemade says:

    First of all, I love Diane! She has a great blog and beautiful cookies!
    Second, The gals over at How Does She? are super! I could spend hours on their blog!
    Now…onto the meals, our favorite dinner for the grill is the Chicken Phillies
    It's an old post, that I need to enter new pictures into, but the recipe is just awesome!
    Our meals last week were a breeze thanks to my Make-Ahead Meal Cooking Day!
    You must give it a try :-)

  10. OMGosh, all of those recipes and stuff look SOOOO good.
    PS. I want that board that you're giving away…please let me win….purrrrrty please! LOL!
    My birthday's coming up! I need it!

  11. Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife says:

    Oooh! These look SO tasty!

  12. The Girl Creative says:

    That pizza looks soooo yummy! I could use the food nanny at my house! I'm in such a rut with dinner. Same old, same old. lol

  13. can you share the recipe you used for your German Pancakes?

  14. I am cooking my meals for the next three months starting Friday. I am excited to try out some new recipies. Those crepes look yummy!
    I hope to try to remember to take pictures and document my process this time around. Ialways get so busy cooking I forget!

  15. ~3 Sides of Crazy~ says:

    Those steak tacos look an awful lot like some I like at my local BBQ joint except they add a homemade ranch dressing.

    We have a grill master (Chriss from http://www.nibblemethis.com/ starting next Friday over at http://www.thekrazykitchen.blogspot.com/. He promises some great new grill recipes.