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20-Minute Spring Sweater Redo

I had some leftover supplies from a few projects and decided to redo one of my Spring sweaters. 
I used some buttons covers from my Spring Ring Project, some fabric scraps from my Spring Burlap Wreath and some ric rac from a project that’s being posted tomorrow.

I hardly ever wore this sweater before because it was always kind of — BLAH… So — if you want a quick, easy way to add some pizazz to a sweater — try this!
  1. First I covered the buttons with fabric. Very easy — use a pencil eraser to push the prongs through the material and then snap on the back.
  2. Then I cut off the existing buttons. 
  3. Next,  I took a piece of big ric rac I had laying around and stitched it onto the sweater — right over where the buttons were. {If you don’t have a machine, you could use fabric glue or Stitch Witchery} I tucked the ends of the ric rac under the top and bottom of the sweater and they were secure when I stitched it into place.
  4. Then  I used a needle and thread to attach the new buttons to the sweater. 

I like the way the ric rac peeks through from under the edge of the sweater. Very fun! I am going to look around for a pink or blue sweater to do it with next!
Have a great day!

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  1. Susan Ramsay says:

    I was going to ask how you button it, then looked at one of the pictures and I see how.
    DUH! One puts the buttons back where they were on top of the rick rack.
    Very cute–and I love the giant rick rack, too, Erin.

  2. Great idea and one I may use – but even as a competent sewer and everything laid out first, I could not get this top altered in 20 mins. You are awesome.

  3. Thanks for sharing your idea, Jan it was wonderful and fairly quick. I can’t wait to try it.

  4. Jen, I finally got around to recreating your sweater–I've had it in my favorites folder for ages! :) Thanks for the inspiration–I love my new sweater!


  5. What a great idea! I've had sweaters that I no longer wanted to wear cause they were so dull but now instead of tossing them I'll liven them up!

  6. SummersDesigns says:

    This is so cute. I love clothes makeovers.

  7. SO SWEET!! I am def going to try this one out for myself!! Thank you!!

  8. Just found your blog, and I LOVE this sweater! I've never known what to do with that huge rick-rack. Great idea!

  9. Wonderful idea…thanks for sharing!!

  10. Super super cute! I love your work and your blog!

  11. absolutely fab. brilliant!

  12. kirstin & jordan says:

    LOVE this… look how cute and spring-y you look. :)
    We have a friday fun finds party- we'd love it if you'd link up!

  13. sewtara says:

    soooo cute!
    i'll have to try this for sure, i'm a sucker for ric rac!

  14. Great idea, may I link to this on my site, under Fav Tutorials? let me know, thanks!
    sandy at http://the4rsRamblings.blogspot.com

  15. Rachel@oneprettything.com says:

    That i so, SO cute! I'm a huge fan of ric-rac and I love this! Thanks for sharing, I'll be linking to this.

  16. it's adorable!

  17. Very very cute :) and the sweater is lovely too…

  18. Fleur de Bee says:

    DARLING!! And look how BEAUTIFUL you look in it!

    xo Molly

  19. M.L. @ The House of Whimsy says:

    Genius…as usual!!! : )

  20. Meet Virginia says:

    Oh my goodness this turned out so stinking cute!! I love the colors! Thanks for the awesome post!!

    Check out my AWESOME giveaway tomorrow!!



  21. Infarrantly Creative says:

    I love all the different colored buttons. That is so fun! I think you inspired me.

  22. Country Dreaming says:

    Love the ric rac and the buttons
    so springy looking!


  23. courtney says:

    super cute idea. i am going to go dig thru my closet now!

  24. Mommy of Two 24/7 says:

    This is very cute! I love this idea and will do this for my daughter's cardigan from this winter! :)


  25. Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    J'adore! Tres magnifique!

  26. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm happy to discover your blog. What a great idea for a sweater. I've always loved wide ric rac, but never know what to do with it. Thanks for the idea.

  27. You're killing me Jen! That is too cute.

  28. Staci Danford says:

    That is just darling.. WHAT a great idea… Loved it lots.. Gonna go look for some ric rac..

  29. southerninspiration says:

    You are so clever!! That's adorable!


  30. Connie Weiss says:

    That is seriously adorable!

  31. Michelle Whitlow says:

    Cute, cute, cute!!!

  32. Jen…you do realize that I'm starting to run out of words that describe how I feel about all of your cute projects, so I think this one is AMAZING and FANTASTIC a million times over!


    Very cute and so creative! Great idea! :) Love the buttons…

  34. That's so cute! I'm definitely bookmarking this one to try later.

  35. Chase and McKell says:

    DARLING as always! Gonna have to do this too!! My hubby is going to feel neglected with all the projects I'm doing….poor guy.
    Thanks for sharing!

  36. So very cute! I think it helps that you're cute too….you can totlally pull it off!! :) Maybe I can fashion something cute for easter??

  37. ♥Amber Filkins♥ says:

    You are seriously just so stinkin cute!! I love that sweater, and I love it on you. So cute.

  38. The Blonde Duck says:

    How cute!

  39. Cute! I LOVE the giant ricrac!

  40. shut up! SO CUTE! do you have someone on etsy that you buy your ricrac from? i don't live anywhere near a craft store so just wondering :)

  41. Little Miss Sassy Pants says:

    What a great idea! Target has really reasonably priced sweaters and this is a great way to individualize one! Love it!

  42. I love it!

  43. michelle says:

    very cute and creative

  44. sara's art house says:

    This is SOOO cute!

  45. Stumbled across your blog the other day and I absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing.

  46. Oh my heck! That is so cute. You amaze me.

  47. Claudia Ayotte says:

    SO CUTE I love the big ric rac and buttons. I love FAST and EASY projects. I really Like your blog, I just started my own last month. Still working on the look of it all but I'm getting there. THX for sharing such COOL ideas :0)

  48. Great idea! So cute!

  49. This is the perfect example of why I need to read blogs like yours — I would have never thought to do that! So cute — you did a great job!

  50. Brassy Apple says:

    the sweater is darling but the first thing I noticed is how tan you looked! :) LOL

  51. PeaceLoveApplesauce says:

    Love, Love, Love this idea!!

  52. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Trés cute!!! :) I love rick rack. :) The button covers add a little extra oomph!

  53. So stinkin' cute! How do you come up with these great ideas?!! Love it!

  54. Michelle M. says:

    Super cute! I love all of your sweater re-dos!

    And I have to thank you. Since I started reading your blog, I am becoming more daring in trying new crafts and I've even started thinking up my own projects! I'm so proud of myself (I usually just copy other's projects!). And you are the one who has inspired me!

  55. The Mann Fam says:

    This turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing. It makes me happy looking at it.

  56. Nicely done – I really like thhe buttons.

  57. Jen, I think it is so cute! I love the buttons. Looks like you are ready for Spring! Anymore snow?

  58. AM from White House, Black Shutters says:

    So cute and springy! Love the colors you picked!

    Praying for Hayley that all goes well!

    -Ann Marie

  59. Jenglamgirl says:

    So cute!! I just wore my plain boring white cardigan yesterday… can you make mine cute??? ;( I also have a cute cropped oatmeal cardi, and a teal one…. HMMMM, wish I had a sewing machine, I think this is one I could handle. It looks so darling, love love it! HUGS, JGG

  60. lucky knitter says:

    So cute and clever – I love it!

  61. Kami @ Sweet Charli... says:

    What a fun idea, very springy! Thanks for sharing!

  62. Rachel @ CrazyTown says:

    Super cute!! I never thought of recovering buttons before.

  63. Laurel @ Ducks in a Row says:

    This is my favorite refashion by far – it is so cute!

  64. ~Lavender Dreamer~ says:

    And you look so cute! I love this idea…it's one I might try! Thanks! Happy Spring to you! Have fun! ♥

  65. The No Money Mama says:

    Your sweater looks wonderful! Very springy. Giant ric rac could be my new favorite thing ever.

  66. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    Very cute! I love the big rick rack! I have some that I bought a while back, but never really used!

  67. You are so talented. I love how you add the perfect touch to your outfits,

  68. Ruby Red Slippers says:

    This is GREAT, Jen!
    I love it!!!

  69. Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} says:

    Very cute! And that may be the largest ric rac I've ever seen. Love those buttons. Inspires me to make my own! Thanks for sharing!

    – Michele

  70. Amy @ Positively Splendid says:

    I am one of your newest followers, and I have to say I am absolutely blown away with each and every one of the projects you've posted. Amazing! Thanks so much!


    Awesome redo! Love the buttons!

  72. Talk about cute! OMGoodness, this is so darling. You are so ingenious!
    Peace & Love,

  73. CosmoGirl Carla says:

    Brilliant! Love it! Going to do it!

    Thanks so much for sharing this great idea.

  74. That looks great Jen Jen. I love to use fabric covered buttons. They add such a nice touch!

  75. Those buttons are so fun. Great redo with the bright colors that we all need right now. Hugs!


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