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Guest Project — Make a $70 J. Crew-inspired necklace for $10

Jcrew Knock off Necklace Tutorial By LOVE STITCHED Ok lets get started....  Here is the $70 (ouch) original necklace Now here is how to make one for only $10 SUPPLIES: Chains (I chose gold because I wear it a lot but silver would look awesome too) *please note all the chain was originally purchased at JOANNS on a 40% jewelery clearance - there will be left over chain from this … [Read more...]

Guest Project — How to Make the Easiest Project Ever!

Hi all you Tatertot and Jello readers! I am Katie from Impatiently praying for patience.   I am so excited to be here today to show you how to make the easiest project EVER!!! Seriously, all you people out there that are too scared to do a DIY project... This is the one to start you out. Here is all you need. A glue gun spray paint a butter knife picture frame with … [Read more...]