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Five Ways to Help Your Kids Keep their Bathroom Clean!

I love Springtime! The warm weather. The flowers. And of course Spring Cleaning. NOT. Actually I do love getting my home all cleaned out after the winter and letting fresh air in. But after all of these springs of getting my home cleaner, I have found out something a little mind-blowing. If you keep your home semi-organized, it's not such a HUGE deal to do Spring Cleaning. My mom always said "A … [Read more...]

Organizing with Photos – Tween Look Book Printables

Sometimes it's hard to be a girl! Have you ever felt like that?? Especially when you are a tween or teen. I have a daughter who had the hardest time finding outfits to wear that she loved. And it made her late for school almost every single day. So we came up with this idea - a Look Book. Organizing with Photos - Tween Look Book Printables. I think this idea would be great for anyone … [Read more...]

27 Ways to Organize Your Teen’s Life

One thing I've learned from being a mom to older kids is that organizing comes a lot more naturally to some of my kids than to others. And helping them get organized is an important life skill! It definitely requires tools, tricks, and smart ideas like these! Here are the best tools, tricks, and ideas to help you help you organize your teen's life! DIY Command Station @ Tatertots and … [Read more...]

DIY Recipe Box Birthday Calendar!

Hello! It's Jen and Jodie from Eighteen25 back to share another fun project today. Now you are probably thinking this must be a really difficult thing for us since, this is our second project that is supposed to help you remember everyone's birthday. Please tell us you are in the same boat? I actually love this project because it's super easy and really cute. DIY Recipe Box Birthday … [Read more...]

22 DIY Organizing Ideas For Your Home

What is it about a new year that always has me excited to tackle organization projects? I'm always looking for new DIY organizing projects. It just feels good to start a new year with a clean, fresh look. Even if it is in just one room of your house! I always love to find new ways to organize and am so inspired by these pretty ideas. Whether you need to tackle a large organizing project or a … [Read more...]

Great Ideas — 16 New Year’s Organization Ideas!

Happy New Year! This time of year always gets me so excited to organize my home! Here are some ways to get organized for the coming year --  16 New Year's Organization Ideas! Command Central Station @ The Happy Housie   Anthro Inspired Gold Desk Organizer @ View from the Fridge  Organizational Printables (Daily & Weekly) @ Dawn Nicole Creating a Colorful Room @ Mabey She Made It  … [Read more...]

Getting Organized – My Bedroom Work Space

When I was dreaming up the 1905 Cottage addition, I had some goals in mind for my bedroom. I wanted a space that had a few different functions. I wanted a big closet, a little area to do laundry and a work nook where I could check email in the morning and start my day. It has helped me in getting organized - my bedroom work space is just what I hoped! And since this is the first winter that … [Read more...]

DIY Dry Erase Birthday Calendar!

If there is one thing we have a hard time staying on top of, it's remembering birthdays! They just sneak up on you so quickly, right?! So, when we saw this 12 x 12 scrapbook paper calendar, we knew just what we wanted to do with it. Plus, it'll take you just a few minutes to put together! DIY Dry Erase Birthday Calendar. Here's what you need: … [Read more...]

Turn a $10 Garden Trellis into a Kitchen Pot Rack!

https://instagram.com/p/9HjdfwJlDG/?taken-by=tatertotsandjello Turn a $10 garden trellis into a kitchen pot rack! Turning the 1905 Cottage into our home has been a dream come true. I am so in love with this little home. The kitchen turned out great but when I designed it I was thinking of it in terms of a studio or a house for 2 people. So it really has 4 drawers and a few cupboards. … [Read more...]

Home Office Organization Corkboard

Welcome to the Summer of Paper series - where we've invited fabulous guests to create projects using supplies from my Home + Made paper decor line. Hi! I’m Laura Bray and I’m so excited to share a creative way to get your business organized. I'm a professional craft designer, writer, and illustrator. I inspire creative women to live a life of balance & simplicity by sharing my … [Read more...]