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Make Coaster & Ornament Initial Gift Tags [And Win a $100 Shutterfly Gift Certificate]!

This post is brought to you from Shutterfly. It’s been so much fun being a Shutterfly Blog Ambassador this year. This month we were given the theme of Holiday Gifting Ideas. And I immediately thought of Shutterfly’s  photo coasters. I used them in my neighbor’s Baby Nook.

diy gifting ideas at tatertots and jello

I thought they would make fun packaging tags AND something that the recipient could use after – a custom coaster. For kids, maybe it’s a great place to put their glass of water at night.

I also created gift tags using Shutterfly’s ceramic ornaments — I love both styles!



gift wrapping station at tatertts and jello


So to help you make your own style of gift tags, I’ve included two full alphabets for either the coasters or the ornaments. Just download the letters you need and then upload them to Shutterfly when you create your own photo coasters or ornaments!

I’m calling them “Printables” since they’re really being “printed” at Shutterfly. However, you can download the coaster initials and just print on cardstock, like I did, to make festive white and gold banners/bunting!

gold and white alphabet printables

joy to the world printable banner at tatertots and jello

Coaster Alphabet

These feature a modern font with a simple layout — created in gold and white (my favorite colors this year!)


Simply right click on the letter file you want to download and choose “save as.” Each file is a high-resolution JPG file suitable for printing as a Shutterfly coaster (or printing on cardstock for bunting).

A  /  B  /  C  /  D  /  E  /  F  /  G  /  H  /  I  /  J  /  K  /  L  /  M  /  N  /  O  /  P  /  Q  /  R  /  S  /  T  /  U  /  V  /  W  /  X  /  Y  /  Z

Ornament Alphabet

These feature a more traditional font, with white letters on a gold background.


Simply right click on the letter file you want to download and choose “save as.” Each file is a high-resolution JPG file suitable for printing as a Shutterfly ceramic ornament.

tatertots and jello metallic stockings

A  /  B  /  C  /  D  /  E  /  F  /  G  /  H  /  I  /  J  /  K  /  L  /  M  /  N  /  O  /  P  /  Q  /  R  /  S  /  T  /  U  /  V  /  W  /  X  /  Y  /  Z

 All printable files are for personal use only.


* * * * * * *

And now … here’s how you can enter to win a

$100 Gift Certificate to Shutterfly!

Will you use it for some of these projects? Your Christmas or holiday cards? Gifts?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* * * * * * *


You will love Shutterfly’s Home Decor Items!

Shutterfly on Pinterest (Be sure to follow them on Pinterest — awesome ideas here!)

Shutterfly Home Decor on the Web

Shutterfly on Twitter (@shutterfly)

Shutterfly on Facebook

 Have a Creative Day!! 


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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Shutterfly and as part of the Mom it Forward Blogger Network. I love Shutterfly and am excited to be a Shutterfly blog ambassador. See my disclosures.


  1. Sandy dekker says:

    Love the tri fold cards! So cute!

  2. I like the From The Beginning Religious Christmas Card.

  3. I love the Just Peace cards

  4. I love the 4×6 postcard style.

  5. 5×7 trifolds!

  6. Laura Henderson says:

    I love the 5×7 trifold cards :)

  7. Melinda Myrick says:

    Shared on pinterest.

  8. Melinda Myrick says:

    I like the live, laugh love card!

  9. I shared in fb.

  10. I love 5×7 cards that have space on the back to have additional pictures. :)

  11. I love the wrapped in dots!

  12. I love all their Christmas card styles…I haven’t decided yet! I love making photo books!

  13. S

  14. I’m using dots and stripes for this year’s Christmas cards. Taking pics this week for it. I shared this on google plus.

  15. I really like the Beautiful Season card :)

  16. Jennifer O says:

    Live laugh love card

  17. Leslie Kiley says:

    I like the simple clean style of the
    Simple Elegance
    Holiday Card

  18. Ooh I love the ceramic ornaments you made through shutterfly!

  19. Whimsy Flakes Christmas Card. One of my favorite! I usually stress mega ocer the right card :)

  20. I wasn’t going to do cards this year…but I totally will if I win! I love the It’s that time card!
    Nat :) recently posted…Minecraft Creeper Nails!

  21. Laurie Hoffman says:

    Crafted with Love!

  22. Regina Sugg says:

    I like all of the cards. Depends on what I need them for!!

  23. I love the “live,laugh, love” card…but the black and white snowflake one is awesome too.

  24. I love the “tis the season” 5×7 card

  25. I love all the cards; but especially the “Live, Laugh, Love ” card.

  26. Cindy Ralston says:

    Hard to choose but I think the vibrant lettering card is my fav.

  27. Already ordered the 5×7 stationary cards!

  28. TracieJeanne says:

    Shared on Facebook & liked too!!!

    Love everything!!

    Must have custom calendars every year!!!

  29. Cassandra Manning says:

    Love the trifold cards! :)

  30. I like Fancy Frame Cheer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. Glittery Ornaments

  32. Cindy Katuin says:

    The Blessing cards

  33. Lisa Nagrone says:

    I love all of the trifold stationary cards:)

  34. Love them all. Taking pics next week for our shutterfly card.

  35. Vibrant Lettering

  36. Postcard styles

  37. I love the 5×7 stationary cards. I get them every Christmas

  38. I loves shutterfly’s trifold cards! So cute!

  39. Emilee k. says:

    Love the intricate snowflake card!

  40. The “Just Peace” cards are so cute! love Shutterfly!!

  41. Lisa Leach says:

    I love the Wonderful Life Flurries card!

  42. I like the simple elegance card…I really like quite a few this year.

  43. Kathryn Dowell says:

    I ordered the styles, Cheerful Bubbles w the pink color option, Bright Fun Frames, Share The Memories, It’s That Time, and Starry Happiness. I think the Cheerful Bubbles was my favorite pick; even got matching address lables!

  44. I love all of them!! But I think my favorite is the Joyful Wreath Christmas Card.

  45. Mara Yager says:

    I really like the Peace card! TY so much!

  46. Mara Yager says:
  47. I love 5×7 cards with my family’s photo on it. I have mad coaster, calendars, and mugs!

  48. liz mcdowell says:

    I like the peace one but I really like them all

  49. Kelly Brown says:
  50. I like the Intricate Flakes cards…festive and classy!

  51. Colleen Boudreau says:
  52. Amanda Buccieri says:
  53. Sallie Fitzpatrick says:

    I shared with Pinterest :)

  54. Sallie Fitzpatrick says:

    There are so many good ones, but I like the fun filled greetings and beyond measure :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. I love the Cheery Wishes card on shutterfly!

  56. I like the Peace card!

  57. I shared using Twitter
    Carmen recently posted…30 Days of Gratitude – Day 30

  58. I really like Simple Elegance
    Carmen recently posted…30 Days of Gratitude – Day 30

  59. shared on twitter!

  60. Terri Hughes says:

    Exploding flakes Christmas card is very pretty.

  61. Holly Rice says:

    Married and Merry would be nice to send out late Wedding Thank yous!

  62. Terri Hughes says:

    I shared it on facebook.

  63. Love the rustic burlap cards!

  64. Ashley Denton says:

    Glitter dots…love polka dots and glitter! It’s the perfect card!

  65. Vicki Thompson says:

    I love Shutterfly. With 4 kids, 1 granddaughter~ I take a LOT of pictures. I order from Shutterfly often. I love GORGEOUS GLITTER

  66. I love the Happy Stars card!

  67. I shared this on pinterest!

  68. My favorite would have to be Scattered Snowflakes

  69. Karibeth Soto says:

    I like the Faith Family Love card

  70. Karibeth Soto says:

    Shared on twitter… @kbmama

  71. I really like the Wonderful Life Flurries.

  72. Amanda Buccieri says:
  73. Mary Happymommy says:

    I like the Simple Elegance card design.

  74. Shining Cheer!

  75. Stephanie Quinn says:

    Fun framed memories

  76. I like the Special Holidays card because we’re going with a gold and silver theme this year!
    mitchypoo recently posted…wpid-facebook_16176441051.jpg

  77. The “so much joy” design is colorful and cute!

  78. Pinterest

  79. I shared on Facebook

  80. I really like the so much joy card.

  81. I really like the so much joy card

  82. Colleen Boudreau says:
  83. Love snowflakes so – Intricate Flakes and Cheery Wishes!
    Kristin recently posted…I’m thankful for…

  84. Love the tree triangle cards.
    Ashley Suzanne recently posted…Diapers.com Cyber Weekend Deals!

  85. Visited the site and I really like the Whimsy Flakes design

  86. I live the chalkboard “Happiest Holidays” flat card.

  87. I love the Tree Triangles cards :)

  88. Amanda Buccieri says:
  89. Love the Wrapped In Burlap cards. It suits the Texas Rustic Country theme on our main tree.

  90. I love the Simple Elegance card!

  91. My favorite thing about shutterfly is that I can design my own cards and have shutterfly print them. So I don’t have a favorite style of theirs, but I love the blank design that I can fill.

  92. tweeted this again :)

  93. I like the Sparkling Chevron Stripes and the Merry Everything cards.

  94. There are a few that I have in mind so far… ;~) The Wishing You Falala is just adorable, then the Sending Sparkles is just sweet & simple, Bubbles of Snowflakes has a dramatic flair, and the Berry Merry frame is cute & simple….

  95. I like Happiness And Cheer Holiday cards

  96. I like the circus chic birthday invitation cards from shutterfly

  97. We are getting the cheerful bubbles in red for our holiday card this year.
    Stephanie @ One Mile Home Style recently posted…Monday Pinspirations

  98. Amanda Buccieri says:
  99. My favorite is the joy card.

  100. I really like the intricate flakes design.

  101. I love the fun filled greetings.

  102. i absolutely adore shutterfly! They have the greatest products especially during Christmastime! Love the Vibrant Lettering Holiday Card! Crossing my fingers! xo

  103. I love the Cheerful Bubbles card!

  104. I like the Joy holiday card.

  105. My favorite is the Merry & Magical

  106. I love the Country texture Holiday Card

  107. I’m liking the ‘Wrapped in Burlap’ card. So cute!

  108. I love the Married & Merry!! We just got married and this suits us perfectly.. 😀

  109. I shared on Pinterest :)

  110. I forgot to mention…I love the tri-fold christmas cards!! Pretty much every series :)
    Ashley recently posted…Star Surround Quilt – Star Centers

  111. I would love to get some ornaments made from Shutterfly. We are going to celebrate our first wedding anniversary in December and it would be great to make one ornament for each year we’ve been together!
    Ashley recently posted…Star Surround Quilt – Star Centers

  112. Jennifer B says:

    Fun filled greetings!

  113. Cintia Scanlan says:

    I like the Bright Fun Frames Holiday Card because it can stand alone.

  114. Cathy Johnson says:
  115. Cathy Johnson says:

    Love the Tree Triangle cards!

  116. I love the “It’s a Wonderful Life” card!!
    Monica recently posted…Happy Halloween 2013!

  117. Cheerful Bubbles

  118. I like the Year of Blessings card.

  119. I really like the Happiest Memories card. Very elegant!

  120. I really like Intricate Flakes

  121. Amanda Buccieri says:
  122. I love Vintage Vision
    Melissa recently posted…Giveaway Winner and A Few Sales

  123. Jessica w. says:

    Everything is merry holiday card

  124. Ooooh, LOVE these – thx for sharing them, Jen! XO

  125. Bright Merry Bubbles!

  126. shared on facebook!

  127. Shutterfly Card: bubbles

  128. Joyful Wreath is cute!

  129. I love “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

  130. Shared it on Pinterest

  131. It’s a wonderful life!

  132. Chrissy J. says:
  133. So many great cards! I loved the taped memories but there are so many to choose from I am not sure what i will use!

  134. I really like the Live Every Moment card as well as the bright fun frames card.

  135. Kathie Craig says:

    I like the card “Glistening Snowflakes.”

  136. Kathie Craig says:

    Shared on Google +

  137. I love the Whimsy Wishes card!

  138. Wonderful Life Flurries

  139. I love Merry and Magical!

  140. Love the
    Cheerful Bubbles
    Holiday Card

  141. Shared on Pinterest

  142. I love the tri-fold Colorful Flurries!

  143. AK DockeryNickels says:

    Shared o facebook

  144. AK DockeryNickels says:

    Fav card Faith Family Love

  145. I love almost any of the styles with the shimmer cardstock :) I’ve already ordered: Peekaboo Snowflakes, Blocks of Joy, & one with a string of Christmas lights that I no longer see on their website!

  146. as a newlywed, i love the married and merry :)
    Cathy recently posted…Caterpillar Hunting

  147. I love the simplicity of “It’s that time” card =)

  148. I after making 10 different cards, I chose Taped Snaphot for our Christmas cards this year! I

  149. I shared the giveaway on Facebook and Twitter! #FavThingsHop

  150. I LOVE the Wishes Dreams Love Holiday cards!!

  151. Loving the tri-fold cards! Great way to get in a few extra pics especially for the family we don’t get to see often.

  152. Chrissy J. says:

    Shared, but forgot to add the hashtag. Sorry: https://twitter.com/falistina/status/405153871229505536

  153. I love the So Much Joy card!

  154. I shared on Facebook and Pinterest! :)

  155. I love the Happiest Memories style!

  156. Brushed snowflakes is my favorite.

  157. Audrey Crisp says:

    I love the merry and bright one!

  158. Wonderful life!

  159. Anne Marie says:

    Love the Be Merry frame.

  160. Wishes dreams love card!

  161. Michelle Thayer says:

    Simple elegance.

  162. I love the “wrapped in burlap” card!

  163. Lori Thomas says:

    It’s a wonderful life card

  164. nikki ashley says:

    i love love the
    Wishes Dreams Love card!

  165. I like the It’s a Wonderful Life card.

  166. Susan Murphy says:

    The brushed snowflake is cute!

  167. Chrissy J. says:

    Magic & Wonder Tri-fold

  168. I <3 the Crafted With Love Christmas Card!!
    Jennay recently posted…Absent

  169. Special Joys!

  170. I like the Be Merry Frame.

  171. I love the Wonderful Life flurries!!

  172. I shared on FB!

  173. I really love all of them. Glittery snowflakes is my favorite.

  174. Shayna Russo says:

    Love the just peace cards!

  175. the snowflake card

  176. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    I like the Merriest of Colors folded card.

  177. I love the sparkling snowflakes!

  178. Erika Johanntges says:

    I instagramed it!!

  179. Erika Johanntges says:

    I love the one that simply says Merry Christmas. Just got mine in the mail too!!

  180. Glittery ornament cards

  181. Love the simplest of joys card

  182. Sparkling snowflakes
    thanks for the giveaway

  183. Valerie Womack says:

    I like the Glittery Ornaments CARDS.

  184. These are so fun and festive! I would love to decorate my tree like that!
    Aimee @ Irresistible Pets recently posted…Better Homes and Gardens Gift Guide for Pets

  185. I like simply ornamental. But there are so many good ones to choose from!

  186. The Holly Scribble card is great!

  187. I love the Wrapped In Burlap Holiday Card !!!!

  188. Love the Glistening Snowflake card and shared on FB! I am itching to start the Christmas decorations in my home! Thx

  189. Love the Simple Elegance card!

  190. I like the It’s a Wonderful Life card.

  191. Love this Jen! So so cute! You are so creative!

  192. I love the Preppy Snowflakes Christmas Card the best

  193. The Wonderful Life Flurries cards are nice

  194. Shannon Kaeding says:

    I love the Sparkling Snowflakes!

  195. I LOVE the sparkling snow flakes.

  196. I pinned it!

  197. Vibrant Lettering Holiday Card

  198. I shared on Twitter :) my favorite style of cards on Shutterfly are the Sparkle and Shine ones. Thanks!

  199. I love the Darling Snowflakes design…too cute!
    Ericka recently posted…Weekend Recap

  200. I think “Happiest Memories” is simple, classy, and sweet.

  201. I like
    Bright Fun Frames

  202. I shared on Twitter! @WhitneyDupuis
    Whitney Dupuis recently posted…Tiny Horses and Easy Living

  203. I love the Shiny and Bright Christmas card!
    Whitney Dupuis recently posted…Tiny Horses and Easy Living

  204. Amanda Buccieri says:

    Merry And Magical Christmas Card!

  205. Crushing on the intricate snowflakes!

  206. Amanda Buccieri says:
  207. I always prefer the picture in landscape or picture in portrait plain cards. That way, the recipients can put the whole card in a frame if they want. I know I love getting photo cards that I can use beyond the holidays.

  208. Super cute my friend… You are amazing!
    Desiree @ The36thAvenue recently posted…Chocolate Turnovers Recipe ~ Two Ingredients

  209. I love the country texture card. I love this idea of coasters and gift tags – so cute! Shared it on twitter.
    Alecia recently posted…Beef Meatballs

  210. I shared via G+

  211. I love all the 5×7 stationary cards. they are my favorite!!
    Jenny recently posted…Meet Tiffany!!

  212. I like Happiest Memories Christmas Card!

  213. I like Vibrant Lettering, so cute!

  214. I like Happiest Memories

  215. Lindsay patterson says:

    Sparkling snowflakes!

  216. McKaye Day says:

    My favorite card style is Holly Scribble! That’s the ones I’m ordering this year :).

  217. Love the Year In Photos card 😉

  218. I like the intricate flakes card!

  219. I shared on Facebook

  220. I like the Merry Everything card

  221. Mary-Margaret says:

    I love the Blessed Beyond Words card.

  222. I love Snowflake Sophisticate Christmas Card

  223. Stacey Iadevito says:

    Colorful Holidays

  224. BrieAnn S. says:

    I love the best wishes card, I love the tri-fold cards!

  225. Lisa Crowe says:

    LOVE the Sparkling snowflakes!

  226. Allison Dredge says:

    I love the preppy snowflakes card style :)

  227. I love “classy flakes”. Actually, I love most of them but picked just one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  228. I like Cheerful Bubbles Holiday Card.
    Allison recently posted…30×30: Days 13-18

  229. I like the colorful Holidays

  230. I love the Blue Christmas card!

  231. Tracy Park says:

    I love the ornament shaped ones.

  232. I like the Wonderful Life Flurries

  233. Brushed Snowflakes!!!!

  234. I,love the Simple and Solid cards!

  235. I love just peace.

  236. So many styles…I had no idea! I like the Enchanted Frame style the best.

  237. I love the Cheerful Bubbles, Colorful Holiday, and Glistening Snowflakes! Thanks for hosting! :)

  238. Kelly Brown says:
  239. Kelly Brown says:

    I love the Live Every Moment card!


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