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You are invited to the 2nd Annual TT&J Cookie Exchange!!

I’d love to invite you to the second annual TT&J Cookie Exchange. I loved the one last year.

It was a fun event where we met, chatted and had a great time!!  Plus, this year there will be more excitement. But I can’t talk about that yet. Let’s just say that Scentsy is on board for some fun prizes!!!

So — if you want to come, send me an email @ Jen@TatertotsandJello.com — and I will send you my address and get you on my list. And I will send you directions too if you need them. You will go home with as many cookies as you bring. So if you want to come without cookies, that’s fine :) But it will be so much for fun if you bring your favorite cookies — its a great way to get a variety of cookies for the Holiday Season. You can take yours and freeze them — then bring them out when you need them!

Please RSVP so I know how many people are coming and I will send you my address — jennifer@tatertotsandjello.com

I hope you can come!!!

{the amazing invitation was made by my friend Lara at Announced Design — you will love her designs}




  1. Sounds so fun to meet so many fun bloggers and eat yummy cookies, but alas I work. Have fun without me. :)

  2. I am SO EXCITED to meet you in person!! You are such an inspiration to me and I so thankful that I do live close enough to come.

  3. Hope you and everyone who joins you has so much fun. Its a shame you live so far off from us. But have so much fun! {{hugs}}

  4. Love the invitation Laura made! Too bad I am 1300 miles from you! Have fun!!

  5. I.Wish.

    That would be amazing! Hope you have a great time!!

  6. Oh goody! I’m only half an hour away. Off to shoot you an e-mail!! :)

  7. I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo wish I could be there! It sounds amazingly FUN!!!

  8. I used to live in Sandy! I wish I still did- because I *so* would want to go!! Have fun! :)

  9. Oh mylanta! That sounds like so much fun. Too bad Florida is like ions away from Utah! :-( Booooo!! Have so much fun though and eat some cookies for me!!!! xoxo

  10. Oh Jen!!! How I’d love to come over for a cookie exchange and see your beautiful decorations. I only wish we lived closer! I love and enjoy your blog soooo much. Blessings! Lisa

  11. Sounds like fun! I just got to Utah, for our Christmas vacation. If I can figure my schedule out, I would absolutely love to come! I’ll send you an email if it’s a go!

  12. Aw man! I just looked to see how many miles apart I am from you.. Oh, only 2,200! Boo! I so wish I could come!!

  13. paula robinson says:

    I just found your website and love everything on it! Can’t wait to get started.

  14. I think it’s amazing that you just invited 16 thousand of your friends to your house! <3

  15. I would love to come! :(

  16. Is this open only to “friends” of yours or can newcomers join in??

    • It’s open to everyone!! I’d love to have you come Juli. Send me an email if you want to come :)


  17. I wish I lived in Utah so I could go! I agree a virtual cookie recipe exchange would be great! Have a fun party! =

    • It seems all my favorite bloggers and photographers live in Utah! Must be the place w/ the nicest people!

  18. I wish I lived in Utah so I could come! Have a great party. =)

  19. bummer! I would LOVE to come but I don’t get off til 5pm. Thanks for offering though, it sounds like SO much fun!

  20. I have to work also otherwise I would love to participate. I like the idea of a virtual cookie exchange with pics and recipes.

  21. Melissa Hulsey says:

    Well California is a little far to travel, but it would be great if you did a virtual cookie exchange that included pics of the cookies and recipes.

  22. Sadly, it’s too far to travel from AL to UT for a cookie exchange. But how about hosting an online cookie recipe exchange sometime? I love baking cookies, especially around the holidays, and am always on the lookout for new recipe ideas. Would love to share some of my favorites and pick up some new recipes as well.

  23. If I weren’t in NC I would totally be there!

  24. I’m having my cookie exchange this weekend and am SO looking forward to it! Such a fun and festive time with friends, and it’s become a holiday tradition that I really treasure. Have fun! I wish I lived closer! :-)

  25. Wow! You are one brave lady to invite 30,000 women to your house. Good thing you have a big one! I would love to come, but i get the blessing of working everyday so i won’t be there. I could eat 4 dozen by myself!!!!! Have so much fun!

    • Michelle!! I wish you could come. I would love to meet you IRL. I think you are just so sweet!!