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Great Ideas — 17 Halloween Costumes!

Can you believe she make this Davy Crockett outfit in 30 minutes? Amazing! @ In Between Laundry
Too cute — find out how to make this Pink Owl Costume @ Following Phubie
 Make an adorable Train Costume for your little guy @ Today’s Fabulous Finds
You must check out all of the Family Costume Theme Ideas @ This Mommy Loves
 Your dog deserves a little Halloween Festivity too – make him a colorful no-sew costume @ madigan made
Create a Flower Costume this year @ Ladybug Blessings
Or make an Adorable Owl Cape @ {dot} {dot} {dot}
Find out the 411 on how to make this Awesome Lady Bug Costume @ 7 All Together
This costume makes me smile. Remember the Yip Yips from Sesame Street?? Love them! Make a Yip Yip Costume @ Dragonfly Designs
Or how about a Sweet Bumble Bee? @ Fowl Single File
Find out how to make these Bat Masks @ Dukes’ and Duchesses
Or how about recycling old Telephone Directories into costumes. Wow! @ shared from way over here
I adore this Homemade Snow White Outfit @ I Make Stuff
How about this Fabulous Princess Costume @ Wanna Be Crafty
Find out where to get the pattern for this Crocheted Crown @ Fine Craft Guild
Make your baby into Pebbles from Flintstones @ Naptime Crafters
Every boy needs his own Cool Cape. Find out how to make one @ Wingledings
Thank you everyone who linked up and those who came over to see the fun ideas!! I love the weekends because I get to see what YOU are working on and feature YOU!!! It’s my favorite time of the week!!
And now for some winners!!
Giraffe Growth Chart
The TWO winners of the $25

Designed Beginnings Vinyl
#62 — Mea @ Oops-a-Daisy Creations 

#11 — Tabitha @ Klucking Bear
Last Name in Vinyl


Tree Growth Chart
Congratulations ladies!!
in mind for great, affordable vinyl creations!!
And the winner of the Deluxe Shadow Box
from  ShadowCase!!!


#483 — Domestic Adventure — who showed us her Modern Baby Quilt. Beautiful!!
Remember ShadowCase is the place to go when you want to preserve special memories!
 And, one more!!! 
SUPER lil diva pink STAR green blue paisley cape tee size 2-4S
#108 — Lee @ Creative 2X Mom
Keep  lilsteinstyles  in mind for fabulous Children’s Clothes!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!!
PSa Really Fabulous Decorating Project coming up in the morning!!!


  1. These are such great ideas! I found a really cute DIY family costume on Pinterest. Cotton Candy, Cracker Jacks, and a peanut for the baby! She just dyed quilt batting pink and stuffed it into a clear garbage bag, printed out a cotton candy label, and used a poster board for the stick hat. The cracker Jacks box was just a blown up picture of cracker jacks glued onto a box, and a fresh caramel popcorn glued onto a plate for his hat. The peanut costume was purchased last minute at a costume store but would be so simple to make. Just thought I’d share. Here’s a link to the costume: http://teiganandtaylor.blogspot.com/search/label/Halloweeeeeeen

  2. Kristen @ ladybug-blessings.com says:

    I was gone Thursday-Sunday but so glad I am catching up! Thanks for featuring my flower! Wish I would have taken a better picture and such! haha.

  3. Madigan at madiganmade says:

    Thank you for spotlighting my dog collar! (love the pink owl and BLT, too)

  4. Thanks so much Jen for including the telephone page costume idea! I think I'm loving the BLT family though!

  5. The family BLT has got to be my favorite!

  6. The dog collar is so, so cute. *Almost* makes me wish I had a dog. 😉

    It's crunch time. I haven't even started my kids' halloween costumes. EEK!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Oh these are so cute and creative! We don't get trick or treaters where I live, so this is a perfect way for me to see cute costumes that I would otherwise never see.

  8. Love the yip yip yip costume! Those are some crafty mommas.

  9. Thanks for including my Davy Crockett costume! That totally made my day! LOve, Erin at inbetweenlaundry.blogspot.com

  10. Sue (Someone's Mom) says:

    That was fun! I can't believe what they did with phone books!

  11. Thanks for the feature! I am loving all of the costumes, especially the bee costume, how cute!

  12. Wow, what a fun list of Halloween costumes! Thanks so much for including my train!

  13. wow!! great costumes!! i love the BLT family!! super cute!!

  14. Christine @ Following Phubie says:

    Wahoo! My pink owl costume made it on Tatertots and Jello! Thanks so much for the featuring it, Jen.

  15. how fun! I love all of the costumes and congrats to your winners;)

  16. I love dressing up the family! Thanks for sharing these great posts and featuring my "family themed" post as well! You're the best, Jen! Jenn from ThisMommyLoves.com

  17. Dyche Designs says:

    Fun costume ideas, love the yip, yip, made me smile too.

  18. Those costumes could not be cuter. That pink owl is awesome. Thanks for linking my masks!

  19. Thank you so much for featuring my daughter's lady bug costume!! My heart dropped when I saw it and I'm so excited (aaahhh, I'm on Tatertots and Jello!!!)-my girls too-they love seeing their sister on your site!! You made their morning (and mine)!

  20. Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top says:

    These are all so cute. I think the pink owl is my favorite. :)

  21. Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish says:

    Love these – hubby and I are headed to a costume party and we are still trying to figure out what to be.

    I am leaning towards spy as I have all the basics (trench coat, black turtleneck, skirt, boots, sunglasses) but I need a hat. Actually – I just want the hat and think this is an awesome way to "have" to pick it up! :)