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Summertime Fun — Flip Flop Exchange

We are having such a great time this Summer! One of the first things we’ve done is participated in a really cool  Flip Flop Exchange. My friend Becca from The Texas Darlings set it up — it’s her second year doing it.

The Texas Darlings

She matched everyone who signed up with a partner. I signed up my girls and they were so excited to have a pen pal. We were asked to find flip flops for our partner and include things in the package that would be fun for Summer and/or from where we lived.
So we purchased some flip flops and spent one afternoon embellishing them for our pen pals. And then a few days later our packages started to arrive. You should have seen my girls’ faces when they opened their packages!! What a cool experience. And boy did we get some cool things!!
Hannah’s adorable flip flop friend is Georgia,  a 9-year old girl who is from Virginia — which is funny because Hannah just did her state report this year on Virginia! She has been wearing her flowered pink flip flops non-stop! they are so pretty! She put the bear right on top of her bed. And her mom blogs at www.amycoose.blogspot.com.
Ella was shrieking she was so excited to open her package. She hardly ever gets mail. And what treasures she found inside!!! She loves her flip flops and immediately started coloring in her new book.  Ella’s sweet flip flop friend is a little 5-year old friend from Texas, whose mom blogs at  http://niki-itsjustus.blogspot.com/.
I look a little crazed — but I’m crazed with excitement about how fun my package was! I scored big time. Ruffled flip flops – could they be any cuter – NO! And really cute Red, White & Blue cookie cutters. Plus personalized cards. My cute flip flop friend is Shannon @ http://theshortmom.blogspot.com/.
And they are so excited to keep in touch with their pen pals. It’s such a great experience for them to get to know someone else who lives all the way across the country. What a fantastic idea. Thanks Becca!!!
You should join in the Flip Flop Exchange next year at Becca’s. it is such a fun thing to do. And your kids will love making a new pen pal friend!!


  1. Love all the flip flops!! Thanks for participating in the funthis year- and thinks for putting it on your sidebar too!!


  2. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    I have those ruffled flip flops!! :) I love 'em. :)

    What a fun activity for you guys!

  3. Connie Weiss says:

    This exchange was a great way to start the summer!

  4. How fun!!! I wish I could think of something fun like this for the boys….

  5. So...Look What I Made says:

    I am so glad you liked your flip flops! I saw those and thought they would be so perfect for you. 😀 I loved my package as well and had a lot of fun doing it. I changed my blog name and didn't realize it would mess up links to it!

  6. Such a great idea – can't wait to join in next year!

  7. Jennifer says:

    what a great idea! who doesn't love getting something in the mail. it's one of my most favorite things. seriously. :) i'll have to remember this for next year.


  8. ellie g says:

    What an awesome idea and experience! I wouldn't be brave enough to participate in something like that. Wait. Brave isn't the right word. Let's just say that, as a kid, EVERY time there was some sort of secret gift exchange, I spent oodles of time making some perfect and way over the top gift…and I received….

    something someone purchased in line at the gas station on the way to the party, when they realized that they forgot to get something.

    It never fails. And now I'm bitter.

    Maybe you've inspired me to try again. But maybe not, since I thrive on being bitter :)

    (L-O-V-E all the mickey mouse stuff!!)

  9. Jessica Radick says:

    Oh I absolutely love this idea!!!! Its something I would like to participate in maybe next this is going on. What a fun way to meet new people. And plus…. what woman or girl doesn't love a great pair of flip flops!


  10. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    Those flip flops you made are adorable, and so are the ones you and your girls got in the mail!

  11. Oh my gosh, what a super cute idea! I love it!

  12. theUngourmet says:

    Such a fun exchange! I bet my daughter would love this too! :)