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Creative Fridays and Twilight


I'm running a little slow today. I took my two oldest kids to see the Twilight movie at midnight last night. The theater we saw it at had all 12 screens showing the movie at midnight and it was PACKED. When the main characters came onscreen the entire audience cheered and whistled. We had a fun time. I had really low expectations of the movie going in because I generally don't like movies based on … [Read more...]

Creative Fridays: Thanksgiving Placecards


I was looking for some good ideas for Thanksgiving place cards and of course Martha Stewart has some great ones. These are my favorites. This one is more sophisticated. I like that it is a place card and a favor. The template is available on Martha's website. This one would be great for everyone and especially kids. It lets everyone write down specific things that they are grateful for. … [Read more...]

Creative Fridays: Quick, Fast and Easy Halloween Project


This is an Halloween idea I found at the Joys Of Home site. Here's what you need: a 3-frame picture frame, newspaper, computer, scissors, a copier and glue. It's fast and simple. Get your 3-frame picture frame. On the Joys of Home blog she got hers from the dollar store. I went to 3 dollar stores and couldn't find one. I ended up getting one at Walmart on clearance for $6. If you can find one … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


Recently while waiting around at the orthodontist's office I stumbled upon my now favorite magazine: Cottage Living. How did I not know about this magazine before? It is so cute. This month they have some really fun pumpkin decorating ideas. Here are my favorites: No Carve Pumpkins Aren't these cool? Here is how you make them: 1. Use a pencil to to mark your desired pattern. … [Read more...]

Creative Fridays: Spooky Halloween Clothespins


craftsI am still on my decoupaged clips kick. I made 8 of them yesterday! Here are my favorite Halloween clips: Have a Scary weekend! … [Read more...]

Creative Fridays: Giant Decoupaged Clothespins


Here's a littleproject. These are giant clothespins that I decoupaged and embellished. I found them at a little store near my house but I think they might sell them at IKEA too. They are great to put on your counter and leave a note for your kids or use as a picture frame by clipping a picture to them . They also have a hole in the back that you can hang them upside down on your wall and display … [Read more...]

Creative Fridays: Cookie Sheet Calendars


I have been trying to come up with crafts/activities for our Super Saturday (for those of you that haven't heard of this -- it's a day filled with crafts, classes and humanitarian projects) at church. I heard about something called Cookie Sheet Advent calendars. It's a calendar on the back of a cookie sheet -- with magnets for each day of the month. This is what I came up with: Then I also … [Read more...]

New Project: Pillow Covers


I'm so excited. I ordered some Amy Butler fabric in anticipation of recovering my family room pillows. It came and I can't wait to get started. Remember that zebra rug that I put in my Favorite Things blog a couple of weeks ago? Well, my darling Jeff has ordered it for my birthday! So, I thought it would be fun to add a little color to the room with these different fabrics. I will keep you updated … [Read more...]

Creative Fridays: Vintage Button Earrings!


I am having so much fun exploring so many creative blogs. It has really inspired me to get some of my projects out and work on them! Here's what my work table looks like right now. :-) One of the things I really like is going garage sale-ing. At one of the garage sales I found a little old lady who was selling three jars of her grandmother's old buttons -- so I think some of them are really old. … [Read more...]