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What I was doing this weekend and my first Christmas Giveaway!

   I had a few big projects that I was working on this weekend (a big one I will unveil tomorrow). Another was a custom order for one of my cookie sheet advent calendars. And I thought since I was making one, I might as well make a few. And to start spreading the Christmas cheer, I made one to give away to you!  {the 24th has a silver star ornament that you can have your kids … [Read more...]

More Burlap Projects: make a Holiday Card Holder using a tomato cage?

I know the title of this project sounds weird. My sister Wenderful actually gave me this idea. She had heard that you can turn your garden tomato cages into card holders. So I looked around and I found this picture from Lowe's.   Well of course I wanted to see if I could incorporate some burlap into the project - lol. Last night I stayed up way too late experimenting and this is what I came … [Read more...]

Are you wondering what to give your best friend, sister or mom for Christmas???

Are you wondering what to give your best friend, mom or sister for Christmas??? Here's a cute, inexpensive, stylish gift you can make that they will love! Interchangeable watches -- they are fun, fashionable and you can match the bands to your outfit!   First of all, order some stylish watch faces. I found a great website -- www.ewatchwholesale.com. The faces average about $5.50 each plus … [Read more...]

Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar

My kids love playing with this calendar. My 4 year old loves to put the new magnet on each day. This is a fun project to make because you can use your imagination to make up the magnets. Some things I used were: little mirrors dominos  small ornaments like sleds, stars and drums that are meant to go on miniature trees die cuts poker chips   glass disks vintage buttons … [Read more...]

I Can Make That — Burlap Magnet Boards

  Just A Girl is having a really fun party today. She has asked people to come up with fun, handmade ideas for gift giving this year.   I made these burlap magnet boards. You can make them in any size or shape.  If you would like to make one, this is how: Go down to Home Depot or your local hardware store. Pick out some plywood. I had the guys down there cut it to the lengths … [Read more...]