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Guest Project: Bandanna Dress Tutorial


First I want to thank Jennifer for this nice opportunity! It is so kind of her to help the blogsphere like that! So most of you doesn't know me or my little model yet; My name is Andréann and I'm a stay-at-home mommy of a little monster energetic 2 year old, expecting a new human being for mid-august. I have many passions but they pretty much all resolve around craft and creating. With me being … [Read more...]

Guest Project: Accordion-style Bracelet Tutorial


     This is one of those pinch-me-I'm-dreaming moments.  Am I really guest posting on Tatertots and Jello?  Cue panic . . . Okay, I'm back.  I had to go to my happy place for a brief moment because right now I feel like the new kid in school . . . if you've ever been the new kid, you know what I'm talking about.  That moment when you walk into the classroom and everyone stares … [Read more...]

Guest Project: DIY Custom Headbands


Hello everyone! You all, probably don't know who I am. Right? I thought so. My name is Ashley, and I have a humble blog called, Bramblewood Fashion, which I share with one of my younger sisters, Gabrielle. Our blog is full of sewing projects, daily (or rather weekly) outfit posts, and some tutorials thrown in.  I must also mention, that I am so excited to do a post on Jen's blog!   And in … [Read more...]

I Finally Made One!!


Do you know how long I have been lusting after a Camera Strap Cover? I have tried to win one so many times. So when I saw that Kari @ Ucreate's Craft Challenge this month was -- Char @ Crap I've Made's Camera strap -- I was all over it! Of course, I waited until the last second to actually make mine -- surprise, surprise! You probably know that I have really just started learning to sew. I … [Read more...]

Guest Project: Fluffy Ruffly Tote Tutorial

Hello Tatertots and Jello Readers! First off, can you see me hyperventilating over here? Anyone have a paper sack I can borrow? This is my first guest post, and it's at Jen's place. Jen's place! I talk about her so much that I now refer to her blog as T & J. Isn't that some kind of lock jaw disorder? Oh wait, that's TMJ. See how distracted I get? Okay, pullin' it together. Let me take a quick … [Read more...]

20-minute Flip Flop Project


Here's a fun project to do this Summer. My kids loved being able to pick out the fabric and embellishments so their flip flops were 100% their own creation. I bought cheap flip flops from Old Navy. They have flip flops in almost any color you can imagine. Two pair = $5 and they are even $1/pair when they are on sale! Here's what you need: Flip flops Fabric scraps Button covers … [Read more...]

Guest Project: Flowered Wipes Container


Hello Tatertots & Jello readers! Let me introduce myself....my name is Ellie g. Well, really it's not. My name is Lara. But I go by Ellie g on my blog. Why? I don't know. Maybe it's because I always wanted a nickname...and no one would call me T-Bone. (oops...blatant Seinfeld reference. If you don't get it...skip)Anyway, I have this little blog called Less Cake {more frosting}. I … [Read more...]

Guest Project: Hand Towel Tote Tutorial


Hey all you Tatertot & Jello eaters readers!! It is such an honor to be part of Jen's fabulous blog this today...she truly is such an inspiration to me! My name is Kami, from Sweet Charli Boutique & Blog. I love crafting anything from accessories, to home decor, to refashioning clothes, and baking/cooking! Come over and visit when you get a chance - I always love new lookers!I have … [Read more...]

Anthro-inspired T-Shirt for $4


I am always on the lookout for stylish, cute t-shirts for the Summer. One of my favorite stores -- Anthropologie, recently had a great t-shirt they were selling. But for almost $80 I wondered if I could find a way to make something similar for a fraction of the cost. I bought two t-shirts on clearance for $2 each. I bought one for the t-shirt and one to cut up for embellishments. Materials … [Read more...]

Guest Project — Striped Bias-Cut Ruffle Dress Tutorial


Hello Tatertots and Jello readers!! I'm Michelle and i blog about just about everything over at every little thing! I am a lucky mom to two fabulous, and if i might say gorgeous little boys, Gavin and Cole! When I'm not blogging about these guys, I love to restore and revive home furnishings, sew, cook, paint, recover and try to create or recreate just about … [Read more...]