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Christmas Subway Art Pillow Tutorial & a few winners!


You know how much I love Subway Art. I just had to try my hand at a Subway Art Pillow. {Click on the Read More button for the full tutorial and to see the giveaway winners}  … [Read more...]

Guest Project — Make an Asymmetrical Toddler Jacket!


The perfect little jacket for sitting back and enjoying lifeHi Tater Tot and Jello readers!! I am a secret stalker of Jen's amazing blog and all the amazingly creative projects shared here. Which is why it is such an honor to be here today. (I think it made my year) A little introduction, my name is Shauna and I am Shwin W behind shwin & shwin. I LOVE to sew and create, my sister and I … [Read more...]

Guest Project — Reversible Family Photo Placemats PLUS Silhouette Ornaments!


Hands up if you love Christmas.  Hands up if you have a big old stash of fabric.  Hands up if you like to make very personalised, handmade Christmas presents.  Don't know about you, but I'm all out of hands.  I'm Colleen Babcock from the Magic Bean. Crafter, sewer, art doll maker, designer, teacher and blogger. … [Read more...]

Guest Project – Make a Stylish J. Crew-Inspired Pin for Fall


Hi there! I'm Kate from Oh Write, and it's a delightful day for me. I am thrilled to be a guest here at Jen's place. Since this is a debut of sorts for me (it's my first time 'away' from my blog home!), I wanted to share something fabulous. First impressions can only happen once, you know? Have you seen this little beauty? I fell in love the last time I was perusing the racks at J.Crew. I … [Read more...]

$4 Tee + $1 Dollar Store Towel = Fabulous Anthro-inspired Shirt!!


Here's a little project I made the other night. Do you have any Charlotte Russe stores near you? I was in ours and found some great, really basic tees for $4. I really liked the neckline and weight of the fabric. I brought them home and I had this picture of a Anthropologie "Tutu" shirt that I had printed off awhile ago to see if I could recreate. I also had a Dollar Store Flour Sack Tea Towel … [Read more...]

Guest Project — Applique Tote Bag!


Hi! I am Missy from The little Green Bean. Jennifer from Tatertots and Jello has allowed me to do a guest post today and I am so excited! Thank you Jennifer!   I like to do about any type of craft. I scrapbook, sew, paper craft, and I also have a small photography business. I love to re-decorate my home using things someone else might just throw away. I am very happily married to a man who … [Read more...]

Guest Project — Quick, No-Sew Headband Idea


 Hi! I'm Mique from 30days and when Jen put out the call for willing people to guest post, I jumped on it. I have been an admirer of Tatertots and Jello and even got Jen to post for my Funner in the Summer series. In real life I'm a stay at home mom to 3 crazy kids and when I have down time I post my ideas and those that I've found online at 30days. Today I wanted to share a … [Read more...]

Guest Project: Upholstered Window Pane Headboard


Wow... am I really posting one of my projects on Tatertots & Jello? After months of stalking this awesome blog (not in a creepy way of course) I am so excited to be spot lighted! So just a little about me, since most have probably never heard of me or my little blog. My name is Robyn and I stumbled in to the crafting/blogging world after my hubby and I purchased our new home. I needed … [Read more...]

Guest Project: Bandanna Dress Tutorial


First I want to thank Jennifer for this nice opportunity! It is so kind of her to help the blogsphere like that! So most of you doesn't know me or my little model yet; My name is Andréann and I'm a stay-at-home mommy of a little monster energetic 2 year old, expecting a new human being for mid-august. I have many passions but they pretty much all resolve around craft and creating. With me being … [Read more...]

Guest Project: Accordion-style Bracelet Tutorial


     This is one of those pinch-me-I'm-dreaming moments.  Am I really guest posting on Tatertots and Jello?  Cue panic . . . Okay, I'm back.  I had to go to my happy place for a brief moment because right now I feel like the new kid in school . . . if you've ever been the new kid, you know what I'm talking about.  That moment when you walk into the classroom and everyone stares … [Read more...]