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Ways to Use Vinegar in DIY Projects!!

Happy Wednesday Tatertot & Jello readers!

I always look forward to getting to hang out with you!  This month over at Ask Anna I have started a new series: Vinegar Tips & Tricks,  40 Ways in 10 Days, so in the spirit of the new series I thought I’d share a few additional tips with you!
Because you’re here at Jen’s fabulous blog, I know you are a DIY-er! 

So today I’m going to give you a few tricks for how to use vinegar for some of your DIY projects.

#1 Prepping for Painting

To end up with the best results possible when you paint it’s important to start with a clean surface.  To clean the item you’re going to paint, moisten a rag with a mixture of 1 part white vinegar with 3 parts water.  Wipe the item with the solution and then allow it to dry.  The solution will clear your item of any dust and grime and give you a “clean slate” to paint!

#2 Removing Paint from Glass

Restoring old windows and doors are all the rage right now in the crafting & blogging community but so often when you get an old window it has old paint crusted to it.  To get the old paint off the window here’s what to do: heat up undiluted white vinegar in the microwave and once it’s hot use a rag or sponge to wipe the hot vinegar onto the paint {wear gloves so you don’t burn your hands}.  Let the vinegar sit on the paint for a few minutes {to break it down} and then wipe it off.  If the window has multiple layers of paint you might have to repeat this process until all the paint is gone.

#3 Getting Rid of Paint Fumes

I don’t actually mind the smell of paint because to me it smells like a finished, beautiful project; however my husband is not such a fan.  A great way to get rid of the paint fumes is to place undiluted vinegar in a few bowls and set them around the room.  It will quickly absorb the smell and have your freshly painted room looking and smelling beautiful!

#4 Staining Wood

Did you know that you can use vinegar to stain wood?  Not only does it create a beautiful stain but it’s also a very cool science experiment you can do with the kids!
Place a piece of steel wool in a glass bowl, the more you use the darker the stain will be.  Next pour white vinegar into the bowl, just enough to cover the steel wool.  Cover it with plastic wrap and let it sit for 24 hours.  After 24 hours use the steel wool to stain your wood item.  Here’s a project I did with my vinegar stain.

Isn’t vinegar the coolest!?

I feel like everyday I learn something new and totally awesome that I can use vinegar for!  Thanks for letting me hang here with you all today!  I hope these DIY vinegar tricks will help you out with your upcoming projects!
I learned these tips from this great book: 1001 Practical Household Uses


Thanks Anna — wow, so many great ideas for vinegar!!

I also love that using vinegar can save you money and is better for the environment than other cleaning products.

Here are some other cool uses that Anna has covered this month:

And be sure to find even more great cleaning, organizing and DIY tutorials at

Ask Anna!!!

Have a Wonderful Day!!



  1. oops! I forgot to include our link.


    Cheers- Neko

  2. Thanks for all the great ideas. Just wanted to share some ecoart projects created by
    my first grade students. Let us know what you think. The children love the feedback.
    Cheers – Neko

  3. I am a big vinegar fan and I’m always looking for new ways to use it. Thanks so much for featuring it and sharing the knowledge. :)

  4. wow, it looks like i have learned some more great tips today. thanks.

  5. Great uses for vinegar! I love it and use it clean and disinfect, but for DIY projects?? Love this! Thanks for sharing!

    Barbara @chase-thestar.blogspot.com

  6. These are all great!! Thank you!

  7. Isn’t vinegar just the best for cleaning?! I try to use less “chemical” based cleaners wherever I can and vinegar is such a go to! I can’t wait to try out the wood stain – what an awesome and cheap idea.

  8. Funny you just posted this…I am currently using vinegar to clean PEE out of my mattress that I woke up in this morning thanks to my little man crawling in bed with us last night . gotta love that :)

  9. evelania says:

    Great uses, thanks. You can also use vinegar in bowls to get rid of dog urine smells. We learned this the hard way after moving into our house.

  10. I don’t know whether to thank you or fuss at you for introducing me to Anna. I just clicked over and absolutely love her blog but I’m 30 blog posts behind in my reader already. #first world problems

  11. Oooo, thanks for sharing all of these fabulous tips on how to use vinegar around the house. :o) Smiles, Paula

  12. I’m totally checking out the cleaning kitchen appliances!