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Sweet 16 Party (reveal)!!

Here’s the secret project I was working on last week. Sweet 16 Party (reveal)!!

A SURPRISE Sweet 16 Party for my daughter!!

A little mom moment — {I am so proud of my Hayley. The teenage years seemed so scary to me when my kids were young. And we did have a couple bumpy years when she was about 12 or 13. But it is so fun to have this beautiful girl in my life. She has been working so hard. She has been trying to get healthier over the past year by eating well and working out and has lost about 30 pounds. She also is doing great in school and is so dedicated to her lacrosse team. She went on her first date this weekend — I cried just a little bit.}

And while she was gone on her date, our family went into over-drive getting a SURPRISE party set up. It was so fun!!! She had NO idea.

My friend Amy from Living Locurto made a custom party package for this party – including those awesome 3-d numbers. Amy is SO talented!!! I love the hearts and bright colors — it’s so Hayley!!

Check out the cute Heart Birthday Banner. And the Cupcake Toppers. And the Straw Flags. Everything is so fun. Amy will be selling a version of this party soon in her Living Locurto Printable Shop. She can personalize it for you too!

We made all kinds of treats for the festivities. Plus, tons of chips and dips and appetizers.

We also set up a Photo Booth.

For the background I used plastic tablecloths. And then hung paper fans of different colors and sizes, overlapping. It was so bright and pretty!!

It was such a fun night. And the best part?? She had NO idea. She was so surprised!!

I also made a paper chandelier out of paper lanterns. I just attached them together and hung them with twine from the ceiling. I used battery-operated lights to illuminate them with no wires.

She was so surprised!!

I love these kinds of moments.

Thanks again to Amy at Living Locurto for the printables for the party!!

xoxoPS — I’m linking to these fun parties:

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  1. Party decoration with lantern,really superb and awesome!!

  2. I too am organising a surprise party for daughter who is turning 16. I love the idea of the photo booth, but am not sure how to organise the camera. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  3. You idea about paper lanterns is awesome !! you are really a Genius.

  4. Love the colors and always a great idea with the photobooth for a sweet 16 party! Everything is very clean, colorful and vibrant. It feels girly without being too girly! Love how everything turned out!

  5. kim kotars says:

    Hi, I just diownloaded these for my daughter’s 16th next month, but can you please tell me where you got the foam numbers? They are really hard to find. Thanks!

  6. I wished my parents would do something like this. They never seem to care about stuffs like this. Makes me feel like I don’t deserve it ..

  7. Thanks so much for the ideas! I love the photo booth! I’ve been searching for some affordable ideas to make this day for my daughter special. Thanks again!

  8. very cute ideas, thank you so much!

  9. Jen, Haley is beautiful!! Happy Birthday to her!! I also love your son, he cracks me up with his expressions. 😀

    • Thanks Amy!!

      Hayley had a great time. My son is a funny kid. He likes to make me laugh :)


  10. Happy Birthday Hayley you do look amazing. I, too am so proud of you. Losing weight is HARD work and you did it which is a HUDE accomplishment. Happy Sweet 16!

  11. This was such an adorable party. Your daughter looks so sweet and happy – I love the bright colors and the wreath is awesome.

  12. you are too cool for school! what a great mom your are!

    my mom did a surprise party for my sweet 16 – waaaaaay back in the day. i remember it like it was yesterday. i am sure she will cherish everything you did & all those special touches. i love the paper laterns from the ceiling & the fun fans in your photo booth.

    so fun!

  13. Thanks for linking up Jen! I featured your post in my wrap up http://tidymom.net/2012/st-patricks-day-ideas/

    Have a great weekend!

  14. You have a beautiful daughter. Love the backdrops. What a lucky to have such a talented and loveing mom. Great job mom! ;o)

  15. What a great party! LOVE your decorations and creativity!

  16. Such beautiful ideas. Love the bright colors and such fun ideas.

  17. LOVE it!!! I must say, everything looks fantastic! I’m sure it was a great night!!! (good job at the surprise part – it’s hard to keep those things secret!)

  18. Jen you get the BEST MOM EVER award!! This party looked so FUN! You pulled it off great! Love the fun colors! Amy is so talented with her printables and shop! :)

  19. What a heartfelt surprise party. Everything looked great. I’m sure your daughter had a great time.

  20. This is such a cute party. I LOVE the wreath that you made. Do you have a tutorial? What material did you use? Felt? I want to make a rainbow wreath like it for St. Patricks Day. If you could just point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it!

  21. Your daughter looks FANTASTIC! Happy 16th birthday to her! I am terrified of the teenage years, myself! I’m already noticing a tiny bit of attitude coming from my 9 1/2 year old, and I don’t like it one bit! :)

  22. the party looks amazing! You are so great Jen!

  23. What a beautiful party! You created magic that she will never forget. You scored major Mom points. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

    : 0 ) Theresa

  24. Very cute!! So fun, colorful and exciting!! :)

  25. momofmamnyinca says:

    Very cute!!!!! Loved that she had no idea she was having a party. My Kayla just turned 16 Jan 13. It goes so fast enjoy it while you can. :)

  26. Oh my gosh Jen. So fun! Seriously makes me jealous that a) I have no girls b) I have no teenagers (for the moment, one is desperately trying).

    You are such a great mom and a WONDERFUL friend.

    Love you!

  27. Your daughter is gorgeous! And the decorations all were beautiful. Fun colors. Great attention to detail. Love the paper lanterns. And most importantly, I’m sure your daughter could feel all the love you put into everything. Fabulous job.

    • Thanks Laura!!

      It was so fun to put together. She was really happy and that made everything perfect!


  28. Jen, you are such a good and strong Mama. Your daughter is so pretty! The party looks fantastic. Hopefully you keep your sanity close to you as she grows older 😉 {{hugs}}

    • Ah, thanks!! We will see about my sanity. I have two younger girls too that haven’t hit the teenage years LOL!!!

      Thanks for your comment – it means a lot to me!


  29. What a fun party!! I just love the colors and the photo backdrop! Great job and congrats on raising a happy, beautiful daughter!

    • Thanks Natalie!!

      I love the bright colors and they fit in with her personality. She is a sweet girl :)

      Thanks for the nice comment – I appreciate it!


  30. Wow! This is so awesome- what a great momma you are! Your daughter is so pretty! It looks like she had a super sweet 16 indeed!

    • Thanks Kendall!!

      She had a fun time and that made me so happy!!

      Thanks for the comment – I appreciate you taking the time to leave one!


  31. Your daughter is beautiful! Looks like she and her friends had a great time. The decorations looked great. The chandelier really came out nice :)

    • Thanks Jessica!

      the chandelier was really fun to make. It was fun to see how happy she was!


  32. Oh yay!!! Happy 16th to your daughter!!! This party rocks! Love the bright colors and the yummy treats! What a lucky girl!!!

    • Thanks Kassi!!!

      It was a fun night. I think they had a great time.

      Thanks for the comment – it was so nice of you to stop by!


  33. How beautiful and fun!

  34. I wanna be your 16 year old daughter!

  35. This is fabulous. I love the photo booth idea!! So fun and would be great for a graduation too. I was just at a wedding that had one….love it.

  36. Beautiful party! Can you provide a link or recipe for the Dipped Brownie Pops? Thanks.

  37. It looks SO beautiful! Seriously, she HAS lost weight, you can see in her face and everything. I never thought she needed to! She looks so grown up now.

  38. That turned out so cute! A lot of nice ideas.

  39. Wow Jen- It all looks fabulous! So glad you pulled it off. Thanks for making my designs look amazing:-)

  40. Oh’ and I forgot to mention… (how could I) WHAT A SUPER FANTASTIC MOM YOU ARE. Love that you made it a surprise, I can’t wait to do that one day when my kids are older.

  41. CUTEST PARTY EVER! I LOVE COLOR! so I just adore all the fun happy color. Hayley looks great congrats to her on her weight loss success. She is a beauty. She had a great turn out too. LOVE IT ALL. xo, jen

  42. Lisa Williams says:

    WOW!!!! Everything looked perfect and it looked like she had a great time!!!! My girls are still fairly young (10 and 6) but I can’t wait to have fun birthday parties like that for them! I just love your blog, such an inspiration to me! Thanks for sharing!

  43. Wow…so nice. I wish I had Pinterest and blogging when I threw my girl her 16th party. I remember it was so hard having it a surprise. I had to have her girlfriend do the inviting cuz I didn’t know the friends she’d want to invite. I knew a few…but not enough for a party. For center pieces I wrapped various empty boxes in brown butcher paper (of which I had a huge roll on hand) and tied big bows out of bright colored netting. The netting is cheap and makes a big statement … I actually am still reusing the netting on my Christmas tree. When in doubt I enlarge baby and toddler pictures to display and have the kids sign. Did your guests eat much? I realized, after several kids’ teenaged parties, that I could throw out a bag of chips and one bowl of dip and still have stuff left over. They seem to be embarassed to eat in front of one another. They do drink tons of soda though. sorry this is so long…you just brought back some memories for me….Happy times.

  44. This is adorable and what a great way to surprise to a 16 year old as well!

  45. Happy 16th Birthday to your beautiful daughter!!!

  46. This party is absolutely ADORABLE!!! LOVE all of those bright decorations!! Where in the world do you get your beautiful paper for all of your projects? I have looked through all of the scrapbook paper and it just isn’t pretty like the stuff I see on your blog. Would love some tips!! Your daughter is a lucky gal!

  47. Hi Jen,
    I love the paper fans that you used for your backdrop. We are having a Girl Scout dance and I would like to do a similar. Would you share where you purchased yours. They are so bright and cheerful and I love the different styles. Thanks for your help and great job on your daughter’s party!

  48. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    What a great party – so bright and happy! Love that photo booth!

  49. i love your 16th birthday surprise party. I will be saving this post so I can use the ideas when my daughter turns 16, which isn’t too far away. Don’t they grow up so fast. Enjoy her while she is still home with you! Thanks for the ideas, fabulous!!!

  50. How fun!! Love all of the decorations!! Happy 16th to your beautiful daughter!!

  51. Looks like a wonderful evening with so many memories made!

  52. Love these ideas! I will definitely have to remember the photo booth for future birthday parties. I have a son turning 16 this fall, man-thanks for making me realize that! I don’t know if we’ll do much for it not because I wouldn’t want to, but he’s a bit shy and it’s harder for boys. He should also get his Eagle Scout this summer though so we’ll go big for that! That, he’ll let me do. :)

    • Thanks Michele!!

      How fun that your son is turning 16 soon. I threw a surprise party for my son when he turned 16 and he had always said he didn’t want one. But I think he was happy that we did it. He had a fun time. He’s super shy.

      My son just got his Eagle too. that’ s great that your son is doing that!!


  53. This is awesome, Jen!! What a wonderful mom you are. :) I love the color scheme. Its so bright and fun!! I’m in awe of the number’s Amy made. Fabulous!

    • Thanks Michele!! It was really fun!!

      Amy is just amazing. And she was so sweet to make a party package for the party.

      Thanks for the sweet comment!!


  54. What a cute party!! Love the colorful decorations and the fun food. :) Your daughter looks like she had a blast. The photo booth was a genius idea!

    Oh, Jen, this post totally took me back to my sweet 16. It wasn’t a surprise, but my parents planned a fun cookout and we had a bunch of my guy and girl friends over. It was one of my best and most memorable parties. Not even close to a feature on that old MTV “My Sweet 16” show, but it was special to me, and that’s what’s important. 😉

    • Hi Amanda!!

      Your sweet 16 party sounds like it was so fun. My parents threw me a sweet 16 too and it wasn’t a huge thing but it’s something that I will always remember too. I was hoping to create that same feeling for my daughter. I think she will really love looking back on the party.

      Thanks for the sweet comment. You are the best!


  55. What a great party Jen! I love all the decorations and the photo booth is an awesome idea! She is one lucky girl to have you as a mom:)

  56. What a lucky girl! I am totally stealing some of these ideas for Kate’s party in April…especially the photo booth!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  57. this is so awesome!!! what a fab party, you and amy did a great job!!!

  58. A very sweet 16 package your imagination a true blessing…striking everything

  59. Hello Jenn,
    You are so blessed with a beautiful daughter. Being a Mom of two girls, I know what a God sent girls are in our lives. Awesome job on putting together a successful party.
    Smiles, Paula

  60. Wow!! What an awesome Mommy you are!! I’m so not ready for the teenage years! I have two daughters and one son. Your daughter is beautiful- Happy Sweet 16 to her.


  61. I love this Jen! You’re such a great Mom!! My youngest turns 16 this summer….I need to talk to Amy and start planning!

    Haley is BEAUTIFUL just like her mom!!

    • Thanks Cheryl!!

      How fun that your daughter is turning 16 this year too!! It’s so crazy how fast the time flies by. Thanks for sharing the party on your FB page too. You are so sweet!


  62. Still not buying that you have a 16 year old! You look 16 yourself. Great party! She’ll remember forever.
    My girls are 7,7,6,3. I’m already worried about teen years!!

    • LOL – I wish!! I hope she remembers it. I still remember mine and that’s what I was hoping when I planned it. The teen years aren’t as bad as you might imagine. We have a fun time together :)

      Wow – how fun that you have so many girls. What a fun house you must have!!


  63. So fun!! what a beautiful girl and what a fabulous party!!

  64. Oh what a fun looking party! Reminds me of my own sweet 16 party which was also a surprise! Your daughter is a lucky girl!

  65. Look at all those girls!! What a great mom you are to go to all that work to make her feel loved and celebrate her life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYLEY!!


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