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Share YOUR Holiday Moments here to Win a $100 prize plus a Hawaiian Trip!!

One of my newest Holiday Memories is the Tatertots & Jello Cookie Exchange that I have hosted the last two years.

It has been a treat to meet so many wonderful ladies PLUS exchange the most delicious cookies!!

Kodak has created a way to create Albums — so moments like these at my Cookie Exchange are captured and accessible.

I created a Tatertots & Jello Cookie Exchange album. That way I can share all of my pictures PLUS any of my Facebook friends can add their pictures to the album — they can add photos from their computer, or even their PHONES.

SO fun!!

My friends can share and comment on the pictures that are added to the album.

Plus, sometimes I forget to bring my “good” camera,  and I have to count on other people to share their photos. Kodak’s Albums are a great way to collect pictures from all of your friends at the same event.

Once you get all of the pictures, you can also make your own book! These books also make wonderful gifts. I made one of our family Christmas memories and my kids LOVE looking through it. You can customize the photo books to fit your style – even change any of the backgrounds with just a click.

Kodak’s albums are also great  to create for other occasions — like  weddings, birthdays, trips, and parties too.

To celebrate their first holiday season with Group Albums, Kodak has created their  ‘Holiday Moments’ Sweepstakes.

All you have to do is share YOUR favorite moment on their Facebook Holiday Moments tab, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win airfare for two to Hawaii, $500 cash and other fabulous prizes!!


Also, if you start a Group Album for your holiday party – or any other event – by January 3rd, Kodak will give you an extra sweepstakes entry when you email them about it!!

Be sure to enter the Holiday Moments contest. It ends on Jan. 3rd.

The grand prize winner will win Airfare for 2 to Hawaii from Continental US, courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines.


$500 in cash and a Kodak EASYSHARE Camera (z5101)


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PLUS, Kodak is giving a Tatertots & Jello reader a $100 prize!!

Here’s how YOU can win:

  • Share YOUR own Favorite Holiday moment in the comments. one entry.

  • Link up that Holiday memory at Kodak’s Holiday Sweepstakes Contest. (this will also enter you in for all of the other prizes including a Trip to Hawaii, $500 cash and other fabulous prizes!!). one entry.

  • Share this giveaway – let me know how you do. one entry each.

I wish you and your family happy holidays filled with lots of wonderful moments!!

Happy Christmas Eve!!!


This giveaway will end on Dec. 31st at midnight. A random winner will be drawn on Jan. 1, 2012.

This post is sponsored by Kodak. All opinions are 100% mine.



  1. Renee Latour says:

    My favorite holiday moment was when the turkey exploded in the oven! LOL Well, the guts in the bag exploded, cause no one told me there was a bag of guts in there. We ate Chinese food that year! LOL

  2. My favorite holiday moment this season was when the whole group of us was sitting around playing video games and being loud, crazy, and fun.

  3. This year my hubby and I went to cut down our own tree…they bundled it up and threw it in the back of our truck and home we went….

    we carried the tree into our apartment and then cut the strings off only to find that it was 3 times the size of the tree we chose.

    My husband proceeded to saw it in half in the apartment.

  4. Google + this post

  5. I entered at Kodak’s Facebook page

  6. My sister’s children have all grown up and left home. This was the first Christmas for her when there were no children in the house. I knew she would be depressed and lonely so I spent the night. We stayed up nearly all night Christmas Eve drinking hot cocoa, playing cards and board games, giving each other manicures, just hanging out. It was a wonderful time and one neither of us will forget.

  7. How do you choose a favorite holiday moment? Growing up it was always doing the Christmas nativity with all the cousins. I was always an angel because that’s the costume that fit me from the figure skating carnival. The pictures of those nativities are priceless! As we got older and couldn’t get together with cousins, it was seeing my own children dress up and do the nativity, as tiny shepherds with dishtowels on their heads holding paper towel rolls as their staffs and the donkey that carried in Mary was a giant plush “Donkey” from Shrek. Priceless! Now that we’ve moved away from family, we’ve created our own holiday moments…from appetizer Christmas Eves to Prime Rib dinner on Christmas day! If I had more time I’d go through each and every holiday, but I believe Christmas is the most special!

  8. My favorite part of this year’s Christmas was that my family did a homemade gift name exchange! There was so much anticipation for 3 months leading up to it and everyone wanted to open those gifts before we got to the bought gifts! And they didn’t disappoint at all! Even the guys got into it! The kids had their own homemade gift exchange between themselves and it was so cool seeing what they were making for a cousin and seeing how excited they got about it! Absolutely loved it and we will cherish these gifts forever!

  9. Annette Heffernan says:

    Seeing my three grown children, spouses and grandchildren all together at home for Christmas. Lots of talking, laughing, bonding and sharing memories. I also entered Holiday Moments Sweepstakes on Kodak’s FB page.

  10. My favorite holiday moment was giving my husband his Christmas present. He loved his new camera!

  11. I shared another special moment that included more Kodak moments on their FB page. I love the memory of bringing my newborn baby daughter home on Christmas Eve from the hospital in a Christmas stocking. I sat by the tree that night with her in my arms and thought a little bit more of Mary and how she must have felt the night her baby – Jesus – was born. :) I still put her gifts in it and each year I would have her stand in it, so I could take photos. That lasted until she got married.

  12. My youngest child’s reaction when she saw that Santa made her a bunk bed for her American Girl dolls is my favorite memory this holiday. It just goes to show that homemade really is better!

  13. Robyn Hyde says:

    My favorite Christmas moment in my lifetime, was bringing my first baby home from the hospital on Christmas Eve. I can still see the way his tiny face looked with the glow of the christmas tree lights, as I rocked him to sleep in the dark house, just the two of us. Absolutely unforgettable, even 34 years later. I will treasure that moment for the rest of my life.

  14. I always have a party with my grandchildren the night before Christmas Eve. As they were gathering, my one granddaughter realized the elf (Miss Jingles) had come to visit. She hadn’t shown up until she new the kids were coming to grandmas. She was so excited and had to tell me that Miss Jingles came. The next morning the elf hadn’t moved (they are supposed to move each night – especially that night they move to the Christmas tree and stay there all day on Christmas Eve so they can go home with Santa.) Grandma was extremely tired that night and didn’t get that done.) I felt bad when I heard my granddaughter announce to everyone that Miss Jingles hadn’t moved that night, because they must have all been naughty. (Her mom told her they don’t move if they are naughty.) I felt bad, but it was so cute that she had made that deduction…..since the older ones were arguing the night before it fit right in. I didn’t really want her to think they were ALL naughty though. The first thing my five year old grandson said with anticipation – as soon as he opened his eyes that morning was – It’s Christmas Eve. His 9 year old brother said – I am going to have such a hard time sleeping tonight and their 12 year old sister said – ‘I am going to run around all day, so I can sleep tonight. I LOVE to see their excitement that morning. It is how I get to see and feel of their excitement right before Santa comes. It makes my Christmas to have them for that special sleepover. :)

  15. I entered in Kodak’s Holiday Sweepstakes contest on Facebook.

  16. My favorite holiday moment from this year was my two-year-old daughter stripping off her Christmas pajamas in order to put on her new Christmas socks. She stayed that way all morning through unwrapping of all her presents! I took tons of great photos of this priceless moment!

  17. My favorite holiday moment this year . . . my husband and MIL surprised me by planning a trip to San Diego for all six of us, in February. With money being so tight the last couple of years, I was beginning to think that my youngest two may never get to go on a big family trip. I still cannot believe that we will be enjoying some sun in a couple short months! We are truly blessed!

  18. Haley Grossman says:

    This morning my 5 yr old son asked me if I see Santa at the mall or pet store if I could have his sister tell Santa thanks so much for the LEGOS you got my brother for xmas! How precious….love that boy!

  19. Seeing my 3 year old daughter participate in the church Christmas pageant last night is my new favorite holiday memory. Seeing the true meaning of Christmas come alive in her eyes was worth a million gifts. Truly meaningful!

  20. One of my favorite holiday moments happened when I was very little, and my parents brought my little sister home (she was born on December 22). I was so happy to have such a pretty new dolly!

  21. Aimee Bennett says:

    My favorite holiday moment is decorating the tree as a family every year. We have received an ornament each year since we were born and I love getting them all out during Christmas time and re-living all of the memories that go along with each ornament! I can’t wait to carry this tradition on in my own family and to be able to look back at my old ornaments years from now like my parents do.

  22. I entered in Kodak’s Holiday Sweepstakes contest on fb.

  23. One of my all time favorite holiday memories is one of my grandmother teaching my then 4-year old daughter to count using her fingers. There is a picture of the two of them with my grandmother’s hands that are old and have cared for so many children and grandchildren, and of my daughter’s hands that are plump and have so much to learn.

  24. Getting see my boys’ faces Christmas morning!!

  25. Favorite holiday moments are too many to list so I will pick one, my husband and I sit together in front of the tree and we each open one gift. We snuggle and reminisce and look forward to Christmas morning together. Merry Christmas my friend.I hope your holiday is as sweet as you are xo

  26. My favorite holiday moment: My son, upon seeing the plate of cookies we left out for Santa just had some crumbs left, jumped up and down, laughed and pointed at the plate yelling “Santa came! Santa came!”

  27. i shared my CHRISTMAS memory with all of FB on the kodak wall! ;)

  28. the holiday moment i look forward to every year is the annual Nerf gun fight after opening all the presents

  29. My favorite holiday memory is when we received the special gift of snow on Christmas Eve. Because we live in Dallas, snow is something that we rarely get to experience. On Christmas morning, we were thrilled to go outside with my two young daughters and play in the snow. It was such a special memory for us as a family. There is nothing like throwing snowballs at each other on Christmas morning!!!

  30. Last Christmas, I woke up super early in the morning out of excitement. A little while later, my older brother came into my room and we hung out for a while. It was fun to be with my brother, and special.

  31. MIne was when I was 7 years old. A few weeks before Xmas someone had swiped my banana bike from the backyard. Devastated. You wouldn’t even believe. Fast forward Xmas morning. Sitting in the living room was a brand new banana seat bike with blue glitter streamers and seat! Santa was teary eyed watching me scream and jump up and down :)

  32. Kristi Meneau says:

    My most memorable holiday memory is of when my family was at my uncle’s house on Christmas day. Grandma had passed away that year to my uncle wanted to remember her by trying to cook and bake all the things she used to for our holiday meal. First on the list was cheesey hashbrown potatoes. When we started eating them, we knew something wasn’t quite right! He used FROSTED FLAKES on top instead of corn flakes!! Then uncle made a version of grandma’s famous layered jello (my favorite)!! Well…. He put the jello mold in hot water too loosen it. Problem being, he left it in the hot water for the whole meal! When he tried to flip in onto a platter melty jello flew all over the kitchen! It was a sad Christmas without grandma that year, but boy, I will NEVER forget it!!

    Sadly, no pictures. Only the ones in my head!

  33. My favorite moment every year is when our three giant dogs unwrap their presents. We wrap up new toys and treats and they tear off the paper like a toddler, they know exactly what to do! It’s hilarious, and they get so happy. No pics as of yet, but I’ll have some after the holiday. :)

  34. I linked up my answer onto Kodak’s FB page :)

  35. My favorite holiday moment: Last year was our first Christmas as a family of three! Seeing Christmas thru my baby girl’s eyes was magic in itself! All the “firsts” were definitely captured thru photos! This year we have TWO baby girls and the magic and the Christmas spirit is overflowing!! Bring on Christmas and the photos :) Thanks for the chance!!

    • Oh wow!! how fun Kristine!! You are going to have such a fun Christmas with your two little girls :)

      Merry Christmas!!